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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Pete Solley
1AMTalking In Your Sleep2002Music/Lyrics
Bucks FizzTalking In Your Sleep1984Music/Lyrics
ComateensAsk Yourself1984Producer
ComateensDeal With It1984Producer
ComateensDon't Come Back1984Producer
ComateensLove Will Follow You1984Producer
ComateensResist Her1984Producer
ComateensSatin Hop1984Producer
ComateensWalking, Watching1984Producer
Hit Kids [70's]Lucky Three1976Music/Lyrics
John ParrDon't Leave Your Mark On Me1984Producer
John ParrHeartbreaker1984Producer
John ParrLove Grammar1984Producer
John ParrMagical1984Producer
John ParrNaughty Naughty1984Producer
John ParrRevenge1984Producer
John ParrShe's Gonna Love You To Death1984Producer
John ParrSomebody Stole My Thunder1984Producer
John ParrTreat Me Like An Animal1984Producer
KixBody Talk1983Producer
KixBurning Love1983Producer
KixCool Kids1983Producer
KixFor Shame1983Producer
KixGet Your Monkeys Out1983Producer
KixLove Pollution1983Producer
KixMighty Mouth1983Producer
KixNice On Ice1983Producer
KixRestless Blood1983Producer
Kris KrossDa Streets Ain't Right1995Music/Lyrics
Mickey JuppDown At The Doctors1977Producer
Mickey JuppNature's Radio1977Producer
MotörheadAngel City1991Producer
MotörheadAsylum Choir1992Producer
MotörheadBad Religion1992Producer
MotörheadCat Scratch Fever1992Producer
MotörheadDead Man's Hand1990Producer
MotörheadEagle Rock1991Producer
MotörheadI Ain't No Nice Guy1992Producer
MotörheadI'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)1991Producer
MotörheadJack The Ripper1992Producer
MotörheadMake My Day1991Producer
MotörheadMarch Ör Die1992Producer
MotörheadName In Vain1992Producer
MotörheadNightmare / The Dreamtime1991Producer
MotörheadNo Voices In The Sky1991Producer
MotörheadShut You Down1991Producer
MotörheadThe One To Sing The Blues1990Producer
MotörheadToo Good To Be True1992Producer
MotörheadYou Better Run1992Producer
PaladinBad Times1971Music/Lyrics
PaladinFill Up Your Heart1971Music/Lyrics
PaladinFlying High1971Music/Lyrics
PaladinGive Me Your Hand1972Music/Lyrics
PaladinMix Your Mind With The Moonbeams1972Music/Lyrics
PaladinSweet Sweet Music1972Music/Lyrics
PaladinThird World1971Music/Lyrics
PaladinWell We Might1971Music/Lyrics
Peter FramptonAll Eyes On You1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonCall Of The Wild1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonHiding From A Heartache1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonInto View1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonLying1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonMoving A Mountain1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonNothing At All2015Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonPremonition1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonSo Far Away2015Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonStop1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Peter FramptonYou Know So Well1985Producer
(Pete Solley)
Rachel SweetBilly And The Gun1981Producer
Rachel SweetFool's Story1981Producer
(Pete Solley)
Rachel SweetLittle Darlin'1981Producer
(Pete Solley)
Rachel SweetStreetheart1981Producer
(Pete Solley)
Sea LevelMake You Feel Love Again1982Producer
(Pete Solley)
SnafuBig Dog Lusty1974Music/Lyrics
SnafuBrown Eyed Beauty And The Blue Assed Fly1974Music/Lyrics
SnafuJessie Lee1974Music/Lyrics
SnafuLock And Key1974Music/Lyrics
SnafuNo More1974Music/Lyrics
SnafuPlayboy Blues1974Music/Lyrics
SnafuRagtime Roll1974Music/Lyrics
Snoop Dogg feat. KokaneSecrets2009Music/Lyrics
Steve ForbertA Visitor1980Producer
Steve ForbertCellophane City1980Producer
Steve ForbertGet Well Soon1980Producer
Steve ForbertIf You've Gotta Ask You'll Never Know1980Producer
Steve ForbertI'm An Automobile1980Producer
Steve ForbertLaughter Lou (Who Needs You)1980Producer
Steve ForbertLonely Girl1980Producer
Steve ForbertLucky1980Producer
Steve ForbertOne More Glass Of Beer1980Producer
Steve ForbertRain1980Producer
Steve ForbertSchoolgirl1980Producer
Steve ForbertSong For Carmelita1980Producer
Steve ForbertSong For Katrina1980Producer
The FoolsDon't Tell Me1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsEasy For You1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsFine With Me1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsI Won't Grow Up1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsIt's A Night For Beautiful Girls1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsMutual Of Omaha1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsNight Out1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsPsycho Chicken1980Producer
The FoolsSad Story1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsSold Out1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsSpent The Rent1980Producer
(Pete Solley)
The FoolsTalk To Loretta1981Producer
The Romantics21 And Over1980Producer
The RomanticsA Night Like This1980Producer
The RomanticsBe My Everything1985Producer
The RomanticsBetter Make A Move1985Producer
The RomanticsDiggin' On You1983Producer
The RomanticsDo Me Anyway You Wanna1983Producer
The RomanticsFirst In Line1978Producer
The RomanticsForever Yours1980Producer
The RomanticsFriday At The Hideout1980Producer
The RomanticsGimme One More Chance1979Producer
The RomanticsGirl Next Door1979Producer
The RomanticsGot Me Where You Want Me1983Producer
The RomanticsHung On You1979Producer
The RomanticsI Got It If You Want It1985Producer
The RomanticsI'm Hip1983Producer
The RomanticsKeep In Touch1979Producer
The RomanticsLet's Get Started1985Producer
The RomanticsLove Me To The Max1983Producer
The RomanticsMake It Last1985Producer
The RomanticsMystified1985Producer
The RomanticsNational Breakout1980Producer
The RomanticsNever Thought It Would Be Like This1985Producer
The RomanticsNew Cover Story1980Producer
The RomanticsOne In A Million1983Producer
The RomanticsOpen Up Your Door1983Producer
The RomanticsPoison Ivy1985Producer
The RomanticsPoor Little Rich Girl1980Producer
The RomanticsRhythm Romance1985Producer
The RomanticsRock You Up1983Producer
The RomanticsShake A Tail Feather1983Producer
The RomanticsShe's Got Everything1979Producer
The RomanticsStone Pony1980Producer
The RomanticsTake Me Out Of The Rain1980Producer
The RomanticsTalking In Your Sleep1983Music/Lyrics
The RomanticsTalking In Your Sleep [Remix]1988Music/Lyrics
The RomanticsTest Of Time1985Producer
The RomanticsTill I See You Again1979Producer
The RomanticsTomboy1980Producer
The RomanticsWhat I Like About You1979Producer
The RomanticsWhen I Look In Your Eyes1979Producer
The SportsWho Listens To The Radio1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
The WeekndSecrets2016Music/Lyrics
Wreckless EricCrying, Waiting, Hoping1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricDizzy1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricGirlfriend1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricI Wish It Would Rain1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricLet's Go To The Pictures1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricRoll Over Rock-Ola1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricTake The Cash1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricThe Final Taxi1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricVeronica1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
Wreckless EricWalking On The Surface Of The Moon1978Producer
(Pete Solley)
1916 (Motörhead)295.14
You Better Run (Motörhead)75
Secrets (The Weeknd)274.93
Stand (Motörhead)84.75
Angel City (Motörhead)114.73
Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics)1194.71
Asylum Choir (Motörhead)74.71
Too Good To Be True (Motörhead)74.71
Name In Vain (Motörhead)64.67
R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Motörhead)144.64
No Voices In The Sky (Motörhead)134.62
I Ain't No Nice Guy (Motörhead)174.59
Psycho Chicken (The Fools)224.55
Shut You Down (Motörhead)114.55
Naughty Naughty (John Parr)114.55
Jack The Ripper (Motörhead)84.5
What I Like About You (The Romantics)604.47
I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care) (Motörhead)94.44
The One To Sing The Blues (Motörhead)104.4
Somebody Stole My Thunder (John Parr)54.4
Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics)1194.71
What I Like About You (The Romantics)604.47
1916 (Motörhead)295.14
Secrets (The Weeknd)274.93
Talking In Your Sleep (Bucks Fizz)243.67
Psycho Chicken (The Fools)224.55
I Ain't No Nice Guy (Motörhead)174.59
R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Motörhead)144.64
No Voices In The Sky (Motörhead)134.62
Cat Scratch Fever (Motörhead)133.77
Angel City (Motörhead)114.73
Shut You Down (Motörhead)114.55
Naughty Naughty (John Parr)114.55
The One To Sing The Blues (Motörhead)104.4
Make My Day (Motörhead)104.3
I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care) (Motörhead)94.44
Nightmare / The Dreamtime (Motörhead)93.89
Stand (Motörhead)84.75
Jack The Ripper (Motörhead)84.5
Bad Religion (Motörhead)84.12

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