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Andy WilliamsMoon River1962Producer
Barbra StreisandA Sleepin' Bee1963Producer
Barbra StreisandA Taste Of Honey1963Producer
Barbra StreisandAny Place I Hang My Hat Is Home1963Producer
Barbra StreisandAs Time Goes By1964Producer
Barbra StreisandBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1964Producer
Barbra StreisandCome To The Supermarket1963Producer
Barbra StreisandCry Me A River1963Producer
Barbra StreisandDown With Love1963Producer
Barbra StreisandDraw Me a Circle1964Producer
Barbra StreisandGotta Move1963Producer
Barbra StreisandHappy Days Are Here Again1962Producer
Barbra StreisandI Am Woman1964Producer
Barbra StreisandI Don't Care Much1963Producer
Barbra StreisandI Had Myself A True Love1964Producer
Barbra StreisandI Stayed Too Long At The Fair1963Producer
Barbra StreisandI'll Tell The Man In The Street1963Producer
Barbra StreisandIt Had To Be You1964Producer
Barbra StreisandJust In Time1964Producer
Barbra StreisandKeepin' Out Of Mischief Now1963Producer
Barbra StreisandLike A Straw In The Wind1963Producer
Barbra StreisandLover, Come Back To Me1962Producer
Barbra StreisandMake Believe1964Producer
Barbra StreisandMuch More1963Producer
Barbra StreisandMy Coloring Book1962Producer
Barbra StreisandMy Honey's Loving Arms1963Producer
Barbra StreisandMy Melancholy Baby1964Producer
Barbra StreisandNever Will I Marry1964Producer
Barbra StreisandPeople1964Producer
Barbra StreisandRight As The Rain1963Producer
Barbra StreisandSoon It's Gonna Rain1963Producer
Barbra StreisandTaking A Chance On Love1964Producer
Barbra StreisandWhen The Sun Comes Out1962Producer
Barbra StreisandWho Will Buy?1963Producer
Barbra StreisandWho's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf1963Producer
Bob MorrisonHey Puppet Man1965Producer
Bob MorrisonI Looked In The Mirror1965Producer
Brenda LeeBring Me Sunshine1969Producer
Brenda LeeI Must Have Been Out Of My Mind1968Producer
Brenda LeeJohnny One Time1968Producer
Brenda LeeLet It Be Me1965Producer
Brenda LeeYou Better Move On1969Producer
Brenda LeeYou Don't Need Me Anymore1969Producer
Cleo LaineA Beautiful Thing1974Producer
Cleo LaineAll In Love Is Fair1974Producer
Cleo LaineI Love You, Porgy1974Producer
Cleo LaineLike A Wheel1974Producer
Cleo LaineSend In The Clowns1974Producer
Cleo LaineSkip-A-Long Same1974Producer
Cleo LaineThe Least You Can Do Is The Best You Can1974Producer
Cleo LaineThe Summer Knows1974Producer
Cleo LaineThey Needed Each Other1974Producer
Cleo LaineUntil It's Time For You To Go1974Producer
Cy ColemanBring Back Those Good Old Days1975Producer
Cy ColemanChloe1975Producer
Frank D'RoneToo Good To Be Forgotten1966Producer
Frank D'RoneWho's Afraid?1966Producer
Georgie FameFire And Rain1970Producer
Georgie FameSomeday Man1970Producer
Jack JonesAfter The Lovin'1975Producer
Jack JonesDon't Mention Love1975Producer
Jack JonesEmpty Chairs1975Producer
Jack JonesHome Thoughts From Abroad1975Producer
Jack JonesIf That's The Way You Want It1975Producer
Jack JonesOver To You Now1975Producer
Jack JonesPlease Just Go1975Producer
Jack JonesShe1975Producer
Jack JonesThat's What Lovin Means1975Producer
Jack JonesWhat I Did For Love1975Producer
Jack JonesYou Turn Me Around1975Producer
Jerry ValeOn And On1964Producer
Kui LeeI'll Remember You1966Producer
Kui LeeRain, Rain Go Away1966Producer
Lana CantrellAll The Things You Are1970Producer
Lana CantrellDeep Purple1970Producer
Lana CantrellDidn't We1969Producer
Lana CantrellDon't Tell Mama1969Producer
Lana CantrellFalling In Love Again (Can't Help It)1969Producer
Lana CantrellGoodnight Sweetheart1969Producer
Lana CantrellI Didn't Like Liking You1969Producer
Lana CantrellIf I Say No1970Producer
Lana CantrellIf You Go1970Producer
Lana CantrellMr. Bojangles1969Producer
Lana CantrellMy Way1970Producer
Lana CantrellSpeak Low1970Producer
Lana CantrellSpring Is Here1970Producer
Lana CantrellThat's All1970Producer
Lana CantrellThe Man I Love1969Producer
Lana CantrellThere Will Never Be Another You1970Producer
Lana CantrellThose Were The Days1969Producer
Lana CantrellWhen The World Was Young (Ah, The Apple Trees)1969Producer
Lana CantrellYou Don't Know What Love Is1970Producer
Lana CantrellYou Stepped Out Of A Dream1970Producer
Lana CantrellYour Mother Should Know1969Producer
Oscar Brown jr.A Young Girl1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.All Blues1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.If I Only Had1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.Jeannine1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.Man, Ernest Boy1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.One Foot In The Gutter1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.Sing Hallelujah1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.So Help Me (A Little 3/4 For God And Co.)1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.Tall Like Pine1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.The Snake1963Producer
Oscar Brown jr.The Tree And Me1963Producer
Perry ComoAs My Love For You1983Producer
Perry ComoDays Of Wine And Roses1963Producer
Perry ComoFancy Dancer1983Producer
Perry ComoGoodbye For Now1983Producer
Perry ComoHere Comes That Song Again1983Producer
Perry ComoHow To Handle A Woman1968Producer
Perry ComoJason1983Producer
Perry ComoLove1980Producer
Perry ComoMedley: All I Do Is Dream Of You / Gigi / The Way You Look Tonight1983Producer
Perry ComoMoon River1962Producer
Perry ComoNot While I'm Around1980Producer
Perry ComoRegrets1980Producer
Perry ComoSave Me The Dance1980Producer
Perry ComoSo It Goes1983Producer
Perry ComoSomeone Is Waiting1980Producer
Perry ComoSong On The Sand (La Da Da Da)1983Producer
Perry ComoThe Best Of Times1983Producer
Perry ComoThe Colors Of My Life1980Producer
Perry ComoThe Second Time1983Producer
Perry ComoThere'll Never Be Another Night Like This1980Producer
Perry ComoTry To Remember1958Producer
Perry ComoWhat's One More Time1983Producer
Perry ComoWhen1980Producer
Perry ComoWhen She Smiles1980Producer
Perry ComoYou Are My World1980Producer
Perry ComoYou Are So Beautiful1983Producer
Rex Garvin And The Mighty CraversEmulsified1961Producer
Rex Garvin And The Mighty CraversGo Little Willie1961Producer
The Dave Bailey SextetOne Foot In The Gutter1960Producer
The Dave Bailey SextetSandu1960Producer
The Dave Bailey SextetWell You Needn't1960Producer
The Dave Pike QuartetBesame mucho1962Producer
The Dave Pike QuartetIn A Sentimental Mood1962Producer
The Dave Pike QuartetVierd Blues1962Producer
The Dave Pike QuartetWhy Not1962Producer
The Dave Pike QuartetWild Is The Wind1962Producer
The DruidsA Man Should Never Cry1965Producer
The DruidsIt's A Day1965Producer
The Johnny Coles QuartetBabe's Blues2016Producer
The Johnny Coles QuartetCome Rain Or Come Shine1961Producer
The Johnny Coles QuartetHi-Fly1961Producer
The Johnny Coles QuartetIf I Should Lose You1961Producer
The Johnny Coles QuartetPretty Strange1961Producer
The Johnny Coles QuartetRoom 31961Producer
The Johnny Coles QuartetWhere1961Producer
Gotta Move (Barbra Streisand)85.25
Moon River (Andy Williams)325.09
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Barbra Streisand)55
Come To The Supermarket (Barbra Streisand)94.78
Much More (Barbra Streisand)74.71
People (Barbra Streisand)304.7
When The Sun Comes Out (Barbra Streisand)64.67
Johnny One Time (Brenda Lee)104.6
My Honey's Loving Arms (Barbra Streisand)74.57
A Taste Of Honey (Barbra Streisand)114.55
Right As The Rain (Barbra Streisand)64.5
Down With Love (Barbra Streisand)64.5
Happy Days Are Here Again (Barbra Streisand)194.47
Lover, Come Back To Me (Barbra Streisand)154.47
Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now (Barbra Streisand)74.43
My Melancholy Baby (Barbra Streisand)54.4
Draw Me a Circle (Barbra Streisand)54.4
As Time Goes By (Barbra Streisand)84.38
Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home (Barbra Streisand)74.29
I Don't Care Much (Barbra Streisand)74.29
Moon River (Andy Williams)325.09
People (Barbra Streisand)304.7
Happy Days Are Here Again (Barbra Streisand)194.47
Cry Me A River (Barbra Streisand)194.16
A Sleepin' Bee (Barbra Streisand)163.94
Lover, Come Back To Me (Barbra Streisand)154.47
I Stayed Too Long At The Fair (Barbra Streisand)144.21
A Taste Of Honey (Barbra Streisand)114.55
Johnny One Time (Brenda Lee)104.6
Come To The Supermarket (Barbra Streisand)94.78
I'll Tell The Man In The Street (Barbra Streisand)94.11
Who Will Buy? (Barbra Streisand)94.11
Soon It's Gonna Rain (Barbra Streisand)93.89
Gotta Move (Barbra Streisand)85.25
As Time Goes By (Barbra Streisand)84.38
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (Barbra Streisand)84.25
My Coloring Book (Barbra Streisand)84.12
Much More (Barbra Streisand)74.71
My Honey's Loving Arms (Barbra Streisand)74.57
Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now (Barbra Streisand)74.43

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