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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: M. Hayef, Michael Hayes, Michael Peter Hayes
ArrowsBroken Down Heart1975Producer
ArrowsDiesel Locomotive Dancer1974Producer
ArrowsHard Hearted1975Producer
ArrowsI Love Rock 'N Roll1975Producer
ArrowsMovin' Next Door To You1975Producer
ArrowsMy Last Night With You1975Producer
ArrowsMy World's Turning On Love1975Producer
ArrowsTouch Too Much1974Producer
ArrowsToughen Up1974Producer
ArrowsWe Can Make It Together1974Producer
Art School and The Mighty Motor GangEmotion Explosion1982Producer
Barry St. JohnBread And Butter1964Producer
Barry St. JohnCome Away Melinda1965Producer
Barry St. JohnGotta Brand New Man1965Producer
Beck Group With Rod StewartPlynth (Water Down The Drain)1969Producer
BossLive Fast , Die Laughing1980Producer
BossRude Boys Are Back In Town1980Producer
BossWhen The Chips Are Down1980Producer
Brenda LeeIs It True1964Producer
Brenda LeeWhat'd I Say1964Producer
Butthole SurfersThe Hurdy Gurdy Man Producer
C.C.S.Save The World1971Producer
C.C.S.Tap Turns On The Water1971Producer
C.C.S.Whole Lotta Love1970Producer
CCS(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction1970Producer
CCS100 Highways1973Producer
CCSBlack Dog1972Producer
CCSBoom Boom1970Producer
CCSCannibal Sheep1973Producer
CCSChaos / Can't We Ever Get It Back1972Producer
CCSDos Cantos1970Producer
(Michael Hayes)
CCSHang It On Me1973Producer
CCSHurricane Coming1974Producer
CCSI Want You Back1971Producer
CCSIf I Never Sing Another Song1971Producer
CCSLiving In The Past1970Producer
CCSLookin' For Fun1970Producer
CCSMaggie's Song1972Producer
CCSMister, What You Can't Have I Can Get1972Producer
CCSOur Man In London1973Producer
CCSPrimitive Love1973Producer
CCSRunning Out Of Sky (Sky Diver)1972Producer
CCSShakin' All Over1973Producer
CCSSixteen Tons1972Producer
CCSSunshine Of Your Love1973Producer
CCSThe Band Played The Boogie1972Producer
CCSThis Is My Life1972Producer
CCSWade In The Water1970Producer
CCSWaiting Song1970Producer
CCSWhole Lotta Rock 'N' Roll1972Producer
CCSWild Witch Lady1973Producer
Chris SpeddingA Shot Of Rhythm And Blues1980Producer
Chris SpeddingBedsit Girl1975Producer
Chris SpeddingBoogie City1976Producer
Chris SpeddingBox Number1980Producer
Chris SpeddingCatch That Train1975Producer
Chris SpeddingContract1980Producer
Chris SpeddingCounterfeilt1980Producer
Chris SpeddingDepravitie1980Producer
Chris SpeddingGuitar Jamboree1975Producer
Chris SpeddingHungry Man1975Producer
Chris SpeddingI Got A Feeling1980Producer
Chris SpeddingI'm Not Like Everybody Else1980Producer
Chris SpeddingJump In My Car1975Producer
Chris SpeddingMama Coca1980Producer
Chris SpeddingMotor Bikin'1975Producer
Chris SpeddingMusical Press1980Producer
Chris SpeddingNervous1975Producer
Chris SpeddingNew Girl In The Neighbourhood1975Producer
Chris SpeddingRunning Round1975Producer
Chris SpeddingSchool Days1975Producer
Chris SpeddingSweet Disposition1975Producer
Chris SpeddingThe Crying Game1980Producer
Chris SpeddingTruck Drivin' Man1976Producer
Chris SpeddingWorking For The Union1975Producer
Chris Spedding & The VibratorsPogo Dancing1976Producer
Chris Spedding & The VibratorsThe Pose1977Producer
Clark DatchlerI Don't Want You1984Producer
Cozy PowellAfter Dark1974Music/Lyrics
(Michael Peter Hayes)
Cozy PowellAnd Then There Was Skin1973Music/Lyrics
(Michael Hayes)
Cozy PowellDance With The Devil1973Music/Lyrics
(Michael Hayes)
Cozy PowellMistral1974Music/Lyrics
(Michael Peter Hayes)
Cozy PowellNa Na Na1974Producer
Cozy PowellThe Man In Black1974Music/Lyrics
(Michael Peter Hayes)
David GarrickLike To Get To Know You Better1969Music/Lyrics
DonovanA Funny Man1971Producer
DonovanA Sunny Day1968Producer
DonovanAs I Recall It1968Producer
DonovanAstral Angel1977Producer
DonovanAye My Love1968Producer
DonovanBert's Blues1966Producer
DonovanBleak City Woman1966Producer
DonovanBrave New World1977Producer
DonovanCan Ye Dance1965Producer
DonovanCatch The Wind1964Producer
DonovanCelia Of The Seals1968Producer
DonovanCosmic Wheels1972Producer
DonovanCoulter's Candy1971Producer
DonovanDare To Be Different1977Producer
DonovanEarth Sign Man1973Producer
DonovanEpistle To Derroll1967Producer
DonovanEpistle To Dippy1966Producer
DonovanFerris Wheel1965Producer
DonovanFishes In Love1971Producer
DonovanGet Thy Bearings1968Producer
DonovanHampstead Incident1966Producer
DonovanHappiness Runs1969Producer
DonovanHenry Martin1971Producer
DonovanHi, It's Been A Long Time1968Producer
DonovanHouse Of Jansch1966Producer
DonovanI Like You1973Producer
DonovanI Love My Shirt1968Producer
DonovanIn An Old-Fashioned Picturebook1971Producer
DonovanInternational Man1977Producer
DonovanIsle Of Islay1967Producer
DonovanJennifer Juniper1967Music/Lyrics
DonovanKalifornia Kiddies1977Producer
DonovanLa Moora1971Producer
DonovanLady Of The Stars1977Producer
DonovanLay Of The Last Tinker1967Producer
DonovanLegend Of A Girl Child Linda1966Producer
DonovanLittle Ben1971Producer
DonovanLittle Boy In Corduroy1967Producer
DonovanLocal Boy Chops Wood1977Producer
DonovanLord Of The Dance1971Producer
DonovanLord Of The Reedy River1971Producer
DonovanLost Time1971Producer
DonovanMad John's Escape1967Producer
DonovanMaria Magenta1967Producer
DonovanMaya's Dance1977Producer
DonovanMellow Yellow1966Producer
DonovanMr. Wind1971Producer
DonovanOh Gosh1967Producer
DonovanOnly The Blues1973Producer
DonovanPamela Jo1969Producer
DonovanPoor Cow1967Producer
DonovanPreachin' Love1966Producer
DonovanQueen Mab1971Producer
DonovanSand And Foam1966Producer
DonovanSeason Of The Witch1966Producer
DonovanSing My Song1977Producer
DonovanSkip-A-Long Sam1967Producer
DonovanSomeone Singing1967Producer
DonovanSong Of Naturalist's Wife1967Producer
DonovanStarfish On The Toast1967Producer
DonovanSunny South Kensington1966Producer
DonovanSunshine Superman1966Producer
DonovanSuperlungs (My Supergirl)1969Producer
DonovanTeen Angel1968Producer
DonovanThe Enchanted Gypsy1967Producer
DonovanThe Entertaining Of A Shy Girl1968Producer
DonovanThe Fat Angel1966Producer
DonovanThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968Producer
DonovanThe Intergalactic Laxatin1972Producer
DonovanThe Land Of Doesn't Have To Be1967Producer
DonovanThe Light1977Producer
DonovanThe Little White Road1971Producer
DonovanThe Love Song1969Producer
DonovanThe Lullaby Of Spring1967Producer
DonovanThe Magpie1967Producer
DonovanThe Mandolin And His Secret1967Producer
DonovanThe Music Makers1973Producer
DonovanThe Observation1966Producer
DonovanThe Owl And The Pussycat1971Producer
DonovanThe Pee Song1971Producer
DonovanThe River Song1968Producer
DonovanThe Road1971Producer
DonovanThe Seller Of The Stars1971Producer
DonovanThe Song Of The Wandering Aengus1968Producer
DonovanThe Star1971Producer
DonovanThe Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow1968Producer
DonovanThe Tinker And The Crab1967Producer
DonovanThe Trip1966Producer
DonovanThe Unicorn1971Producer
DonovanThe Voyage Of The Moon1971Producer
DonovanThe Walrus And The Carpenter1971Producer
DonovanThere Is A Mountain1967Producer
DonovanThere Was A Time1967Producer
DonovanThings To Wear1971Producer
DonovanThree King Fishers1966Producer
DonovanTo Sing For You1965Producer
DonovanTo Susan On The West Coast Waiting1968Producer
DonovanUnder The Greenwood Tree1967Producer
DonovanVoyage Into The Golden Screen1967Producer
DonovanWear Your Love Like Heaven1967Producer
DonovanWest Indian Lady1968Producer
DonovanWhat A Beautiful Creature You Are Producer
DonovanWhere Is She1968Producer
DonovanWhy Do You Treat Me Like You Do1965Producer
DonovanWidow With Shawl1967Producer
DonovanWild Witch Lady1973Producer
DonovanWriter In The Sun1966Producer
DonovanWynken, Blynken And Nod1971Producer
DonovanYoung Girl Blues1966Producer
Donovan with The Jeff Beck GroupBarabajagal (Love Is Hot)1969Producer
Duncan BrowneBabe Rainbow1973Producer
Duncan BrowneCast No Shadow1973Producer
Duncan BrowneChloe In The Garden1968Producer
Duncan BrowneCountry Song1973Producer
Duncan BrowneDwarf In A Tree (A Cautionary Tale)1968Producer
Duncan BrowneGabilan1968Producer
Duncan BrowneGive Me Take You1968Producer
Duncan BrowneI Was You Weren't1968Producer
Duncan BrowneIn A Mist1972Producer
Duncan BrowneJourney1972Producer
Duncan BrowneLast Time Around1973Producer
Duncan BrowneMy Old Friends1973Producer
Duncan BrowneMy Only Son1973Producer
Duncan BrowneNinepence Worth Of Walking1968Producer
Duncan BrowneOver The Reef1973Producer
Duncan BrowneRagged Rain Life1973Producer
Duncan BrowneSend Me The Bill For Your Friendship1973Producer
Duncan BrowneThe Death Of Neil1968Producer
Duncan BrowneThe Ghost Walks1968Producer
Duncan BrowneThe Martlet1973Producer
Duncan BrowneWaking You (Part 1)1968Producer
Eric Clapton With The YardbirdsPounds And Stomps1966Producer
Freddie & The DreamersGabardine Mac1968Producer
Freddie & The DreamersIt's Great1968Producer
George HowellDance With The Devil1974Music/Lyrics
(Michael Hayes)
Heavy Metal KidsChelsea Kids1976Producer
Heavy Metal KidsCry For Me1976Producer
Heavy Metal KidsDelirious1977Producer
Heavy Metal KidsDocking In1976Producer
Heavy Metal KidsDocking On1977Producer
Heavy Metal KidsFrom Heaven To Hell1976Producer
Heavy Metal KidsHey Little Girl1976Producer
Heavy Metal KidsJackie The Lad1976Producer
Heavy Metal KidsOverture1976Producer
Heavy Metal KidsShe's No Angel1976Producer
Heavy Metal KidsSqualliday1976Producer
Herman's HermitsA Must To Avoid1965Producer
Herman's HermitsAce, King, Queen, Jack1967Producer
Herman's HermitsAll The Things I Do For You1965Producer
Herman's HermitsBet Yer Life I Do1970Producer
Herman's HermitsBiding My Time2001Producer
Herman's HermitsBus Stop1966Producer
Herman's HermitsBusy Line1967Producer
Herman's HermitsCan't You Hear My Heartbeat1964Producer
Herman's HermitsDaisy Chain1967Producer
Herman's HermitsDandy1966Producer
Herman's HermitsDial My Number1966Producer
Herman's HermitsDon't Go Out Into The Rain1966Producer
Herman's HermitsDon't Try To Hurt Me2001Producer
Herman's HermitsEast West1966Producer
Herman's HermitsFor Love1966Producer
Herman's HermitsGaslite Street1967Producer
Herman's HermitsGeorge And The Dragon1966Producer
Herman's HermitsGot A Feeling1966Producer
Herman's HermitsGotta Get Away1966Producer
Herman's HermitsGreen Street Green1967Producer
Herman's HermitsHold On1966Producer
Herman's HermitsHoliday In1967Producer
Herman's HermitsI Call Out Her Name1967Producer
Herman's HermitsI Can Take Or Leave Your Loving1968Producer
Herman's HermitsI Gotta Dream On1965Producer
Herman's HermitsIf You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin'1967Producer
Herman's HermitsI'm Henry The Eighth, I Am1965Producer
Herman's HermitsI'm Into Something Good1964Producer
Herman's HermitsIt's Nice To Be Out In The Morning1967Producer
Herman's HermitsJezebel1967Producer
Herman's HermitsJust A Little Bit Better1965Producer
Herman's HermitsLast Bus Home1967Producer
Herman's HermitsL'autre jour1966Producer
Herman's HermitsLeaning On A Lamp Post1965Producer
Herman's HermitsLemon And Lime1967Producer
Herman's HermitsListen People1965Producer
Herman's HermitsLittle Boy Sad1966Producer
Herman's HermitsLittle Miss Sorrow, Child Of Tomorrow1967Producer
Herman's HermitsMake Me Happy2001Producer
Herman's HermitsMarcel's1968Producer
Herman's HermitsMoonshine Man1967Producer
Herman's HermitsMrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter1965Producer
Herman's HermitsMuseum1967Producer
Herman's HermitsMy Old Dutch1966Producer
Herman's HermitsMy Reservation's Been Confirmed1966Producer
Herman's HermitsMy Sentimental Friend1969Producer
Herman's HermitsNo Milk Today1966Producer
Herman's HermitsOh Mr. Porter1966Producer
Herman's HermitsOne Little Packet Of Cigarettes1967Producer
Herman's HermitsOoh, She's Done It Again1967Producer
Herman's HermitsRattler1967Producer
Herman's HermitsSaturday's Child1967Producer
Herman's HermitsSearching For The Southern Sun1970Producer
Herman's HermitsShow Me Girl1964Producer
Herman's HermitsSilhouettes1964Producer
Herman's HermitsSomething's Happening1968Producer
Herman's HermitsTake Love Give Love1965Producer
Herman's HermitsThe Future Mrs. 'Awkins1966Producer
Herman's HermitsThe George And The Dragon2001Producer
Herman's HermitsThe Man With The Cigar1965Producer
Herman's HermitsThe Most Beautiful Thing In My Life1967Producer
Herman's HermitsThe World Is For The Young1967Producer
Herman's HermitsThere's A Kind Of Hush1966Producer
Herman's HermitsThis Door Swings Both Ways1966Producer
Herman's HermitsTwo Lovely Black Eyes1966Producer
Herman's HermitsUpstairs, Downstairs1967Producer
Herman's HermitsWhere Were You When I Needed You1965Producer
Herman's HermitsWild Love1966Producer
Herman's HermitsWonderful World1965Producer
Herman's HermitsYou Won't Be Leaving1966Producer
Hot ChocolateA Child's Prayer1975Producer
Hot ChocolateA Love Like Yours1974Producer
Hot ChocolateA Night To Remember1982Producer
Hot ChocolateA Part Of Being With You1977Producer
Hot ChocolateA Warm Smile1975Producer
Hot ChocolateAmazing Skin Song1975Producer
Hot ChocolateAre You Getting Enough Of What Makes You Happy?1980Producer
Hot ChocolateBeautiful Lady1976Producer
Hot ChocolateBed Games1982Producer
Hot ChocolateBlue Night1975Producer
Hot ChocolateBrand New Christmas1980Producer
Hot ChocolateBrother Louie1973Producer
Hot ChocolateBump And Dilly Down1974Producer
Hot ChocolateCall The Police1975Producer
Hot ChocolateCaveman Billy1971Producer
Hot ChocolateChances1982Producer
Hot ChocolateChanging World1974Producer
Hot ChocolateCheri Babe1974Producer
Hot ChocolateChildren Of Spacemen1980Producer
Hot ChocolateCicero Park1974Producer
Hot ChocolateConfetti Day1978Producer
Hot ChocolateCongas Man1979Producer
Hot ChocolateCould Have Been Born In The Ghetto1974Producer
Hot ChocolateDance (Get Down To It)1979Producer
Hot ChocolateDisco Queen1974Producer
Hot ChocolateDollar Sign1975Producer
Hot ChocolateDon't Stop It Now1976Producer
Hot ChocolateDon't Turn It Off1979Producer
Hot ChocolateDreaming Of You1979Producer
Hot ChocolateEmma1974Producer
Hot ChocolateEmotion Explosion1982Producer
Hot ChocolateEvery 1's A Winner1978Producer
Hot ChocolateEvery 1's A Winner [Groove Mix]1987Producer
Hot ChocolateEverybody's Laughing1970Producer
Hot ChocolateEverything Should Be Funky1975Producer
Hot ChocolateEyes Of A Growing Child1976Producer
Hot ChocolateFriend Of Mine1983Producer
Hot ChocolateFunky Rock'N'Roll1974Producer
Hot ChocolateGimme Some Of Your Lovin'1980Producer
Hot ChocolateGirl Crazy1982Producer
Hot ChocolateGive Peace A Chance1969Producer
Hot ChocolateGoing Through The Motions1979Producer
Hot ChocolateGot To Get To Work1983Producer
Hot ChocolateGotta Give Up Your Love1980Producer
Hot ChocolateGreen Shirt1980Producer
Hot ChocolateHarry1976Producer
Hot ChocolateHeaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac1976Producer
Hot ChocolateHello America1975Producer
Hot ChocolateI Believe (In Love)1971Producer
Hot ChocolateI Gave You My Heart (Didn't I)1983Producer
Hot ChocolateI Just Love What You're Doing1979Producer
Hot ChocolateI Want To Be Free1973Producer
Hot ChocolateI'll Put You Together Again1978Producer
Hot ChocolateI'm Going To Make You Feel Like A Woman1978Producer
Hot ChocolateI'm Losing You1980Producer
Hot ChocolateI'm Sorry1983Producer
Hot ChocolateIt Started With A Kiss1982Producer
Hot ChocolateIt's My Birthday1983Producer
Hot ChocolateI've Got You On My Mind1980Producer
Hot ChocolateJeanie1983Producer
Hot ChocolateJeannie1983Producer
Hot ChocolateLay Me Down1975Producer
Hot ChocolateLet Them Be The Judge1977Producer
Hot ChocolateLet's Try Again1983Producer
Hot ChocolateLiving On A Shoe String1976Producer
Hot ChocolateLiving Without Tomorrow1969Producer
Hot ChocolateLove Is A Good Thing1983Producer
Hot ChocolateLove Is Life1970Producer
Hot ChocolateLove Is The Answer One More Time1978Producer
Hot ChocolateLove Me To Sleep1980Producer
Hot ChocolateLove's Coming On Strong1975Producer
Hot ChocolateMakin' Music1974Producer
Hot ChocolateMan To Man1976Producer
Hot ChocolateMary-Anne1972Producer
Hot ChocolateMindless Boogie1979Producer
Hot ChocolateMystery1982Producer
Hot ChocolateNight Ride1979Producer
Hot ChocolateNo Doubt About It1980Producer
Hot ChocolateNo Doubt About It (Little Tequila-Mix)1987Producer
Hot ChocolateNo Tears1982Producer
Hot ChocolateOne Night's Not Enough1982Producer
Hot ChocolatePower Of Love1978Producer
Hot ChocolatePut Your Love In Me1977Producer
Hot ChocolateRobot Love1981Producer
Hot ChocolateRumours1973Producer
Hot ChocolateRunaway Girl1978Producer
Hot ChocolateRuth1972Producer
Hot ChocolateSecret Hideaway1983Producer
Hot ChocolateSeventeen Years Of Age1976Producer
Hot ChocolateSex Appeal1976Producer
Hot ChocolateSexy Caribbean Girl1983Producer
Hot ChocolateSexy Lady1974Producer
Hot ChocolateSo You Win Again1977Producer
Hot ChocolateSometimes It Hurts To Be A Friend1978Producer
Hot ChocolateStay With Me1978Producer
Hot ChocolateSugar Daddy1976Producer
Hot ChocolateTears On The Telephone1983Producer
Hot ChocolateThe Girl Is A Fox1980Producer
Hot ChocolateThe Street1975Producer
Hot ChocolateTouch The Night1983Producer
Hot ChocolateWalking On The Moon1980Producer
Hot ChocolateWest End Of Park Lane1978Producer
Hot ChocolateWhat Kinda Boy You're Lookin' For (Girl)1983Producer
Hot ChocolateYou Could've Been A Lady1970Producer
Hot ChocolateYou Could've Been A Lady [Version '76]1976Producer
Hot ChocolateYou Sexy Thing1975Producer
Hot ChocolateYou'll Never Be So Wrong1981Producer
Hot ChocolateYou're A Natural High1974Producer
Jeff BeckBeck's Bolero1967Producer
Jeff BeckBlues DeLuxe1968Producer
Jeff BeckGreensleeves1968Producer
Jeff BeckHangman's Knee1969Producer
Jeff BeckHi Ho Silver Lining1967Producer
Jeff BeckLet Me Love You1968Producer
Jeff BeckOl' Man River1968Producer
Jeff BeckPlynth (Water Down The Drain)1969Producer
Jeff BeckShapes Of Things1968Producer
Jeff BeckTallyman1967Producer
Jeff Beck And Rod StewartI've Been Drinking1968Producer
Jeff Beck GroupGirl From Mill Valley1969Producer
Jeff Beck GroupGot The Feeling1971Producer
Jeff Beck GroupI've Been Used1971Producer
Jeff Beck GroupJody1971Producer
Jeff Beck GroupNew Ways1971Producer
Jeff Beck GroupRaynes Park Blues1971Producer
Jeff Beck GroupRice Pudding1969Producer
Jeff Beck GroupShort Business1971Producer
Jeff Beck GroupSituation1971Producer
Jeff Beck Group with Rod StewartAll Shook Up1969Producer
Jeff Beck Group with Rod StewartI Ain't Superstitious1968Producer
Jeff Beck Group With Rod StewartJailhouse Rock1969Producer
Jeff Beck Group With Rod StewartMorning Dew1968Producer
Jeff Beck Group With Rod StewartRock My Plimsoul1967Producer
Jeff Beck Group With Rod StewartSpanish Boots1969Producer
Jeff Beck Group With Rod StewartYou Shook Me1968Producer
Julie FelixBeside The Still Fjord1972Producer
Julie FelixClickety Clack1972Producer
Julie FelixClotho's Web1972Producer
Julie FelixFire, Water, Earth And Air1972Producer
Julie FelixHappiness1972Producer
Julie FelixHeaven Is Here1970Producer
Julie FelixHills Of May1972Producer
Julie FelixIf I Could (El condor pasa)1970Producer
Julie FelixLady1972Producer
Julie FelixMoonlight1971Producer
Julie FelixPortrait Of A Mistress As A Young Girl1971Producer
Julie FelixSnakeskin1970Producer
Julie FelixSoon1970Producer
Julie FelixSummer On Fire1972Producer
Julie FelixThe Ballad Of San Andreas1972Producer
Julie FelixThe Lean Years1972Producer
Julie FelixWatching, Waiting1970Producer
Julie FelixWindy Morning1972Producer
Kandidate(I'd Like To Be) Closer1978Producer
KandidateDon't Wanna Say Goodnight1978Producer
KandidateGo To Work On You1980Producer
KandidateI Don't Wanna Lose You1979Producer
KandidateI'm Young1980Producer
KandidateLet Me Rock You1980Producer
KandidateWhat Are You Gonna Do1979Producer
LuluA House Is Not A Home1970Producer
LuluAre You Ready For Love1969Producer
LuluBest Of Both Worlds1967Producer
LuluBoom Bang-A-Bang1969Producer
LuluCome September1969Producer
LuluCry Like A Baby1970Producer
LuluDay Tripper1967Producer
LuluDreary Days And Nights1967Producer
LuluGimme Some Lovin'1970Producer
LuluI Can't Go On Living Without Your Love1969Producer
LuluI Keep Forgettin'2005Producer
LuluI Started A Joke1969Producer
LuluI'm A Tiger1968Producer
LuluLet's Pretend1967Producer
LuluLook Out1968Producer
LuluLove Loves, To Love, Love1967Producer
LuluMe, The Peaceful Heart1968Producer
LuluMighty Quinn1969Producer
LuluMorning Dew1967Producer
LuluMy Ain Folk1970Producer
LuluSad Memories1968Producer
LuluShow Me1970Producer
LuluTake Me In Your Arms And Love Me1967Producer
LuluThe Boat That I Row1967Producer
LuluThe Boy Next Door1970Producer
LuluThis Time2005Producer
LuluTo Love Somebody1967Producer
LuluTo Sir With Love1967Producer
LuluWhere Did You Come For1970Producer
LuluWhy Did I Choose You1970Producer
LuluWithout Him1969Producer
LuluYou And I1967Producer
Mary HopkinHeritage1970Producer
Mary HopkinI'm Going To Fall In Love Again1970Producer
Mary HopkinKnock, Knock Who's There1970Producer
Mary HopkinQue sera sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)1969Producer
Mary HopkinTemma Harbour1969Producer
Mary HopkinThink About Your Children1970Producer
Nancy SinatraThe Highway Song1969Producer
New WorldAin't Nobody Ever Gonna Wonder Why1970Producer
New WorldBut Not Afraid To Dream1975Producer
New WorldDo It Again1974Producer
New WorldDo You Wanna Dance1973Producer
New WorldFirst Steps1972Producer
New WorldForever Lady1976Producer
New WorldGreen Rocky Road1973Music/Lyrics
New WorldGuitar Happy1974Producer
New WorldHappiness Is You1974Producer
New WorldHomemade Sunshine1976Producer
New WorldI Am A Clown1974Producer
New WorldI Do Believe In Music1973Producer
New WorldIf You Could Read My Mind1973Producer
New WorldJolson1973Producer
New WorldKara Kara1971Producer
New WorldKilling Me Softly With His Song1973Producer
New WorldLady Sunshine1973Producer
New WorldLay Me Down1971Producer
New WorldLiving Next Door To Alice1972Producer
New WorldLord Of The Dance1971Producer
New WorldMorning Has Broken1973Producer
New WorldOld Shep1973Producer
New WorldOld Soldier1974Producer
New WorldOnly The Blues1973Producer
New WorldRooftop Singing1972Producer
New WorldRose Garden1970Producer
New WorldSally's A Lady1973Producer
New WorldSister Jane1972Producer
New WorldSitting In The Sun1974Producer
New WorldSleep In The Sun1975Producer
New WorldSomething To Say1972Producer
New WorldSweet Dreams1974Producer
New WorldTom-Tom Turnaround1971Producer
New WorldYesterday's Gone1974Producer
Peter NooneBecause You're There1972Producer
Peter NooneEach And Every Minute1972Producer
Peter NooneOh You Pretty Things1971Producer
Peter NooneRight On Mother1971Producer
Peter NooneShoo Be Doo Ah1972Producer
Peter NooneShould I1972Producer
Peter NooneTogether Forever1971Producer
Peter NooneWalnut Whirl1971Producer
RaceyBaby It's You1978Producer
RaceyBoy Oh Boy1979Producer
RaceyFighting Chance1979Producer
RaceyI Believed You1978Producer
RaceyLay Your Cards On The Table1979Producer
RaceyLay Your Love On Me1978Producer
RaceyLet Me Take You Home Tonight1981Producer
RaceyLittle Darlin'1981Producer
RaceyLove's A Riot1979Producer
RaceyRah Stateway1979Producer
RaceyRest Of My Life1980Producer
RaceyRock It1981Producer
RaceyRunaround Sue1980Producer
RaceySensational Buzz1979Producer
RaceyShe's A Winner1979Producer
RaceySome Girls1979Producer
RaceySuch A Night1979Producer
RaceyThere's A Party Going On1979Producer
RaceyWe Are Racey1979Producer
Shelley Fabares & Herman's HermitsMake Me Happy1966Producer
SmokieThe Book1986Producer
Steve HarleyHeartbeat Like Thunder1986Producer
Steve HarleyRain In Venice1992Producer
Steve HarleyStar For A Week (Dino)1992Producer
Steve HarleyWarm My Cold Heart1986Producer
Steve Harley & Cockney RebelIrresistible1985Producer
Steve Harley & Cockney RebelLucky Man1985Producer
Steve Harley & Cockney RebelSuch Is Life1985Producer
Suzi QuatroAin't Got No Home1973Producer
Suzi QuatroAin't Ya Somethin' Honey1973Producer
Suzi QuatroAmerican Lady1976Producer
Suzi QuatroBrain Confusion (For All The Lonely People)1972Producer
Suzi QuatroClose The Door1976Producer
Suzi QuatroDon't Break My Heart1976Producer
Suzi QuatroHalf As Much As Me1976Producer
Suzi QuatroHeartbreak Hotel1976Producer
Suzi QuatroMake Me Smile1976Producer
Suzi QuatroRolling Stone1972Producer
Suzi QuatroSame As I Do1976Producer
Suzi QuatroTear Me Apart1976Producer
Suzi QuatroThe Honky Tonk Downstairs1976Producer
Suzi QuatroWake Up Little Susie1976Producer
Tam WhiteAfter All We've Been Through1974Producer
Tam WhitePlease Mr. Please1975Producer
Tam WhiteRed Eye Special1975Producer
Tam WhiteWhat In The World's Come Over You1974Producer
Terry ReidBang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)1968Producer
Terry ReidErica1968Producer
Terry ReidHighway 61 Revisited / Friends1969Producer
Terry ReidJuly1969Producer
Terry ReidLoving Time1968Producer
Terry ReidMarking Time1969Producer
Terry ReidMayfly1969Producer
Terry ReidRich Kid Blues1969Producer
Terry ReidSeason Of The Witch1968Producer
Terry ReidSilver White Light1969Producer
Terry ReidSomething's Gotten Hold Of My Head1968Producer
Terry ReidSpeak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace1969Producer
Terry ReidStay With Me, Baby1969Producer
Terry ReidSuperlungs1969Producer
Terry ReidSweater1968Producer
Terry ReidTinker Tailor1968Producer
Terry ReidWhen You Get Home1968Producer
Terry ReidWithout Expression1968Producer
Terry ReidWriting On The Wall / Summertime Blues1968Producer
The AnimalsAin't Got You1965Producer
The AnimalsAround And Around1964Producer
The AnimalsBaby Let Me Take You Home1964Producer
The AnimalsBlue Feeling1964Producer
The AnimalsBoom Boom1964Producer
The AnimalsBright Lights, Big City1965Producer
The AnimalsBring It On Home To Me1965Producer
The AnimalsBury My Body1964Producer
The AnimalsBye-Bye Sonny, Bye-Bye1963Producer
The AnimalsC Jam Blues1963Producer
The AnimalsClub-A-Gogo1965Producer
The AnimalsDimples1963Producer
The AnimalsDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood1964Producer
The AnimalsFor Miss Caulker1965Producer
The AnimalsGonna Send You Back To Walker1964Producer
The AnimalsGotta Find My Baby1963Producer
The AnimalsHallelujah, I Love Her So1965Producer
The AnimalsHow You've Changed1965Producer
The AnimalsI Ain't Got You1965Producer
The AnimalsI Believe To My Soul1965Producer
The AnimalsI Can't Believe It1965Producer
The AnimalsI'm Almost Grown1963Producer
The AnimalsI'm Crying1964Producer
The AnimalsI'm Going To Change The World1965Producer
The AnimalsI'm In Love Again1964Producer
The AnimalsI'm Mad Again1964Producer
The AnimalsIt's My Life1965Producer
The AnimalsI've Been Around1964Producer
The AnimalsLet It Rock1963Producer
The AnimalsLet The Good Times Roll1965Producer
The AnimalsMemphis Tennessee1964Producer
The AnimalsMess Around1965Producer
The AnimalsNight Time Is The Right Time1963Producer
The AnimalsNobody But You1963Producer
The AnimalsRoad Runner1965Producer
The AnimalsRoberta1965Producer
The AnimalsShe Said Yeah1964Producer
The AnimalsStory Of Bo Diddley1963Producer
The AnimalsTake It Easy1964Producer
The AnimalsTalkin' 'Bout You1964Producer
The AnimalsThe Girl Can't Help It1964Producer
The AnimalsThe House Of The Rising Sun1964Producer
The AnimalsWe've Gotta Get Out Of This Place1965Producer
The AnimalsWorried Life Blues1965Producer
The Nashville TeensAll Along The Watchtower1968Producer
The Nashville TeensBorn To Be Wild1984Producer
The Nashville TeensBread And Butter Man1964Producer
The Nashville TeensGoogle Eye1964Producer
The Nashville TeensHootchie Kootchie Man1964Producer
The Nashville TeensHow Deep Is The Ocean1964Producer
The Nashville TeensHurting Inside1964Producer
The Nashville TeensLa Bamba1964Producer
The Nashville TeensLawdy Miss Clawdy1964Producer
The Nashville TeensMona (I Need You Baby)1964Producer
The Nashville TeensNeed You1964Producer
The Nashville TeensParchman Farm1964Producer
The Nashville TeensSun Dog1968Producer
The Nashville TeensT.N.T.1964Producer
The Nashville TeensToo Much1964Producer
The Pack [1960s]Do You Believe In Magic1965Producer
The Pack [1960s]Things That Bring Me Down1965Producer
The SymbolsDon't Go1964Producer
The SymbolsOne Fine Girl1964Producer
The SymbolsWhy Do Fools Fall In Love1965Producer
The SymbolsYou're My Girl1965Producer
The YardbirdsDrinking Muddy Water1967Producer
The YardbirdsGlimpses1967Producer
The YardbirdsGoodnight Sweet Josephine1968Producer
The YardbirdsHa Ha Said The Clown1967Producer
The YardbirdsHeart Full Of Soul1965Producer
The YardbirdsI'm A Man1965Producer
The YardbirdsLet It Rock1964Producer
The YardbirdsLittle Games1967Producer
The YardbirdsLittle Soldier Boy1967Producer
The YardbirdsNo Excess Baggage1967Producer
The YardbirdsOnly The Black Rose1967Producer
The YardbirdsPuzzles1967Producer
The YardbirdsShapes Of Things1966Producer
The YardbirdsSmile On Me1967Producer
The YardbirdsSmokestack Lightning1964Producer
The YardbirdsStealin', Stealin'1967Producer
The YardbirdsSteeled Blues1965Producer
The YardbirdsTalkin' About You1964Producer
The YardbirdsTen Little Indians1967Producer
The YardbirdsThe Train Kept A-Rollin'1965Producer
The YardbirdsThink About It1968Producer
The YardbirdsTinker Tailor Soldier Sailor1967Producer
The YardbirdsToo Much Monkey Business1964Producer
The YardbirdsWhite Summer1967Producer
The YardbirdsYou Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover1964Producer
Toby [1970s]Lester Klaw1976Producer
Toby [1970s]So Good (I Had To Come Back For More)1975Producer
Toby [1970s]We Just Wanna Dance1975Producer
Trance. Atlantic. Air. Waves.Dance With The Devil1998Music/Lyrics
(M. Hayef)

I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits)42/196465
Heart Full Of Soul (The Yardbirds)31/1965102
It's My Life (The Animals)51/196558
A Must To Avoid (Herman's Hermits)05/196658
No Milk Today (Herman's Hermits)45/1966119
Mellow Yellow (Donovan)08/196773
Something's Happening (Herman's Hermits)05/196948
Boom Bang-A-Bang (Lulu)15/1969110
Walking (CCS)20/197174
Sister Jane (New World)38/197266
You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate)08/1976101
So You Win Again (Hot Chocolate)30/1977613
Put Your Love In Me (Hot Chocolate)03/197871
The House Of The Rising Sun (The Animals)1795.4
No Milk Today (Herman's Hermits)2095.29
Whole Lotta Love (C.C.S.)355.29
I Believe To My Soul (The Animals)55.2
Every 1's A Winner (Hot Chocolate)1514.9
It's My Life (The Animals)374.89
Get Thy Bearings (Donovan)84.88
Power Of Love (Hot Chocolate)74.86
Beck's Bolero (Jeff Beck)154.8
Only The Black Rose (The Yardbirds)54.8
Heartbreak Hotel (Suzi Quatro)54.8
There's A Kind Of Hush (Herman's Hermits)494.8
You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate)1464.79
Lord Of The Dance (New World)94.78
So You Win Again (Hot Chocolate)944.77
I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits)614.75
I'll Put You Together Again (Hot Chocolate)854.75
Sister Jane (New World)204.75
I'm Mad Again (The Animals)124.75
Is It True (Brenda Lee)114.73
No Milk Today (Herman's Hermits)2095.29
The House Of The Rising Sun (The Animals)1795.4
Every 1's A Winner (Hot Chocolate)1514.9
You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate)1464.79
It Started With A Kiss (Hot Chocolate)1434.41
Atlantis (Donovan)1384.51
Some Girls (Racey)1344.29
No Doubt About It (Hot Chocolate)1174.44
So You Win Again (Hot Chocolate)944.77
Emma (Hot Chocolate)904.68
Boom Bang-A-Bang (Lulu)884.1
I'll Put You Together Again (Hot Chocolate)854.75
Girl Crazy (Hot Chocolate)784.09
Lay Your Love On Me (Racey)774.31
Boy Oh Boy (Racey)763.8
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (The Animals)674.64
Mellow Yellow (Donovan)674.43
The Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovan)644.08
Something's Happening (Herman's Hermits)624.47
I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits)614.75

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