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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: B-Real, Louis Freeze, Louis M. Freeze
A$AP Ferg feat. B-Real, Onyx & Aston MatthewsF**k Out My Face2013Music/Lyrics
A$AP RockyBetter Things2015Music/Lyrics
(Louis Freeze)
B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method ManHit 'Em High (The Monstars' Anthem)1996Music/Lyrics
B-RealDude Vs. Homie2009Music/Lyrics
B-RealStack'n Paper2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Babydoll RefreshGet That Dough2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Babydoll RefreshWhen They Hate You2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Bo RocGangssta Music2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Bo RocSmoke N Mirrors2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. BuckshotEverything U Want2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Damian MarleyFire2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Sen Dog and Mal Verde1 Life2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Sick JackenPsycho Realm Revolution2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Snoop Dogg, Young De & Trace MidesDr. Hyphenstein2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Too Short. Kurupt and Young DeWhen We're F*****g2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Xzibit and Young DeDon't Ya Dare Laugh2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Young De & Tekneek10 Steps Behind2009Music/Lyrics
B-Real feat. Young De & Tekneek6 Minutes2009Music/Lyrics
Cypress & RuskoLez Go2012Music/Lyrics
Cypress & RuskoRoll It, Light It2012Music/Lyrics
Cypress & RuskoShots Go Off2012Music/Lyrics
Cypress & Rusko feat. Damian MarleyCan't Keep Me Down2012Music/Lyrics
Cypress & Rusko feat. Young De aka DemrickMedicated2012Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill(Rap) Superstar2000Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill(Rock) Superstar2000Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill3 Lil' Putos1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillA To The K1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillAmplified2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillAnother Body Drops2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillArmed & Dangerous2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillBang Bang2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillBitter2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillBoom Biddy Bye Bye1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillBreak 'Em Off Some1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillBusted In The Hood2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillCan't Get The Best Of Me2000Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillCatastrophe2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillCock The Hammer1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillDr. Greenthumb1998Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillEulogy2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillEverybody Must Get Stoned1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillEz Come Ez Go2005Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillFunk Freakers1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillGet 'Em Up2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillGet It Anyway2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillHand On The Glock1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillHand On The Pump1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillHighlife2000Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillHits From The Bong1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillHole In The Head1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillHow I Could Just Kill A Man1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillI Ain't Goin' Out Like That1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillI Unlimited2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillI Wanna Get High1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillIllusions1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillInsane In The Brain1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillIt Ain't Easy2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillK.U.S.H.2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillKilla Hill Niggas1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillKillafornia1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLatin Lingo1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLegalize It1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLet It Rain1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLick A Shot1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLight Another1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLight It Up2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLock Down1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLocotes1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillLowrider2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillMake A Move1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillMemories2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillMoney2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillNever Know2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillNo Rest For The Wicked1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillOnce Again2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillOne Last Cigarette2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillPigs1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillPsychobetabuckdown1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillPsychodelic Vision2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillReady To Die2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillReal Estate1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillRed Light Visions1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillRoll It Up Again2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillRoll It Up, Light It Up1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillScooby Doo1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillShoot Em Up1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillSmuggler's Blues1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillSpark Another Owl1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillStank A** H**2000Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillStoned Is The Way Of The Walk1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillStoned Raiders1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillStreet Wars2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillStrictly Hip Hop1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillTequila Sunrise1998Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillTequila Sunrise (Spanish Version)1998Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillThe Funky Cypress Hill Shit1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillThe Only Way2005Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillThe Phuncky Feel One1991Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillThrow Your Set In The Air1995Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillTill Death Comes2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillTill Death Do Us Part2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillTrouble2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillWhat Go Around Come Around, Kid1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillWhat's Your Number?2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress HillWhen The Shit Goes Down1993Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Barron RicksAudio X1998Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Barron RicksTequila Sunrise1998Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Damian MarleyGanja Bus2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Daron MalakianTrouble Seeker2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. EverlastTake My Pain2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Evidence & The AlchemistPass The Dutch2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. KokaneL.I.F.E.2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. KuruptHere Is Something You Can't Understand2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. KuruptKronologik2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. M.C. Ren & King TeeSouthland Killers2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Mike ShinodaCarry Me Away2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Pitbull & Marc AnthonyArmada Latina2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. PMDChampions1998Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Prodigy and TwinLast Laugh2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Redman & Method ManRed, Meth & B2001Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Tego CalderonLatin Thugs2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. The FugeesBomm Biddy Bye Bye1996Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Tim ArmstrongWhat's Your Number?2004Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Tom MorelloRise Up2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Tom MorelloShut 'Em Down2010Music/Lyrics
Cypress Hill feat. Young DeIt Ain't Nothin'2010Music/Lyrics
D12 feat. B-RealAmerican Psycho 22004Music/Lyrics
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley feat. Stephen MarleyMedication2017Music/Lyrics
(Louis Freeze)
Danny Brown feat. B-RealGet Hi2016Music/Lyrics
(Louis Freeze)
Das Sound Machine, Tone Hangers, The Barden Bellas, Green Bay Packers and The TreblemakersRiff Off2015Music/Lyrics
(Louis M. Freeze)
Everlast2 Pieces Of Drama2004Music/Lyrics
Everlast feat. B-RealDeadly Assassins2000Music/Lyrics
House Of PainPut Your Head Out1992Music/Lyrics
Jason Nevins vs. Cypress HillInsane In The Brain1999Music/Lyrics
La Coka Nostra feat. B-RealI'm An American2009Music/Lyrics
La Coka Nostra feat. Sick Jacken & B-RealF*** Tony Montana2009Music/Lyrics
Mac MillerIn The Bag2015Music/Lyrics
(Louis Freeze)
Omik K feat. B-Real & Sen DogPuff Puff2018Music/Lyrics
Outkast feat. B-RealXplosion2000Music/Lyrics
Pixie LottKill A Man2014Music/Lyrics
(Louis M. Freeze)
Prophets Of RageFired A Shot2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageHail To The Chief2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageHands Up2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageLegalize Me2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageLiving On The 1102017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageProphets Of Rage2016Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageRadical Eyes2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageSmashit2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageStrength In Numbers2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageTake Me Higher2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageThe Counteroffensive2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageThe Party's Over2016Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageUnfuck The World2017Music/Lyrics
Prophets Of RageWho Owns Who2017Music/Lyrics
Rage Against The MachineHow I Could Just Kill A Man2000Music/Lyrics
Roni Size & Cypress HillChild Of The Wild West2002Music/Lyrics
Slaine feat. B Real & JaysaunCrazy2011Music/Lyrics
Sonic Youth & Cypress HillI Love You Mary Jane1993Music/Lyrics
Tony Touch feat. Nina Sky and B-RealPlay That Song2005Music/Lyrics
Transplants feat. B.RealKillafornia2005Music/Lyrics
Travis Barker feat. Cypress HillBeat Goes On2011Music/Lyrics
Warren G feat. B Real, Side EffectGet U Down2005Music/Lyrics
(Louis Freeze)
Warren G feat. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube & B-RealGet U Down2005Music/Lyrics
(Louis Freeze)

Throw Your Set In The Air (Cypress Hill)41/19951116
Hit 'Em High (The Monstars' Anthem) (B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method Man)11/1997113
Tequila Sunrise (Cypress Hill)40/199887
Can't Get The Best Of Me (Cypress Hill)54.8
Insane In The Brain (Cypress Hill)734.6
When The Shit Goes Down (Cypress Hill)104.6
Pigs (Cypress Hill)54.6
Hits From The Bong (Cypress Hill)234.52
Illusions (Cypress Hill)74.43
Lick A Shot (Cypress Hill)54.4
(Rock) Superstar (Cypress Hill)214.33
(Rap) Superstar (Cypress Hill)354.23
I Wanna Get High (Cypress Hill)94.22
What's Your Number? (Cypress Hill)644.14
Latin Thugs (Cypress Hill feat. Tego Calderon)94.11
Cock The Hammer (Cypress Hill)104.1
Tequila Sunrise (Cypress Hill)254
Play That Song (Tony Touch feat. Nina Sky and B-Real)54
Lowrider (Cypress Hill)233.91
I Ain't Goin' Out Like That (Cypress Hill)213.9
Rise Up (Cypress Hill feat. Tom Morello)103.9
How I Could Just Kill A Man (Rage Against The Machine)113.82
Hand On The Pump (Cypress Hill)113.82
Insane In The Brain (Cypress Hill)734.6
What's Your Number? (Cypress Hill)644.14
Hit 'Em High (The Monstars' Anthem) (B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method Man)543.72
Insane In The Brain (Jason Nevins vs. Cypress Hill)462.89
(Rap) Superstar (Cypress Hill)354.23
Tequila Sunrise (Cypress Hill)254
Hits From The Bong (Cypress Hill)234.52
Lowrider (Cypress Hill)233.91
(Rock) Superstar (Cypress Hill)214.33
I Ain't Goin' Out Like That (Cypress Hill)213.9
How I Could Just Kill A Man (Cypress Hill)193.63
Trouble (Cypress Hill)183.78
Child Of The Wild West (Roni Size & Cypress Hill)173.35
Armada Latina (Cypress Hill feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony)163.44
Throw Your Set In The Air (Cypress Hill)143.71
Dr. Greenthumb (Cypress Hill)133.54
How I Could Just Kill A Man (Rage Against The Machine)113.82
Hand On The Pump (Cypress Hill)113.82
When The Shit Goes Down (Cypress Hill)104.6
Cock The Hammer (Cypress Hill)104.1

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