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"Pal Joey" OrchestraOverture1940Music/Lyrics
Abbey LincolnThis Can't Be Love1956Music/Lyrics
Al HaigIsn't It Romantic1957Music/Lyrics
Al HibblerWhere Or When1956Music/Lyrics
Al HirtYou Took Advantage Of Me1964Music/Lyrics
Al SharpBewitched1978Music/Lyrics
Alexander's Discotime BandBlue Moon1976Music/Lyrics
Alfie BoeMy Funny Valentine2018Music/Lyrics
Alice BabsI Could Write A Book1959Music/Lyrics
Alma CoganFalling In Love With You1961Music/Lyrics
Alma CoganMy Heart Stood Still1961Music/Lyrics
Andre KostelanetzFalling In Love With You1973Music/Lyrics
André Manoukian avec TétéMy Funny Valentine2010Music/Lyrics
André Previn, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Shelly ManneIt's Easy To Remember1963Music/Lyrics
André Previn, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Shelly ManneOh What A Beautiful Morning1963Music/Lyrics
Andrew HillSpring Is Here1960Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsFalling In Love With Love1963Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsMy Funny Valentine1986Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsWhere Or When1964Music/Lyrics
Anita BakerMy Funny Valentine1994Music/Lyrics
Anita O'DayI Didn't Know What Time It Was1954Music/Lyrics
Anita O'DayMy Funny Valentine1958Music/Lyrics
Anita O'Day & The Three SoundsMy Heart Stood Still1962Music/Lyrics
Ann Hampton CallawayLittle Girl Blue1996Music/Lyrics
Anna KarinaBlue Moon1986Music/Lyrics
Anne RogersBlue Moon1960Music/Lyrics
Anne SheltonWhere Or When1945Music/Lyrics
Antonella RuggieroLuna malinconica (Blue Moon)2005Music/Lyrics
Art Blakey And The Jazz MessengersMy Heart Stood Still1957Music/Lyrics
Art Simmons QuartetMy Funny Valentine1956Music/Lyrics
Art TatumBlue Moon1954Music/Lyrics
Art TatumHave You Met Miss Jones?1956Music/Lyrics
Art TatumI Didn't Know What Time It Was1958Music/Lyrics
Art TatumIsn't It Romantic?1954Music/Lyrics
Art TatumLover1946Music/Lyrics
Art TatumThere's A Small Hotel1954Music/Lyrics
Art TatumThis Can't Be Love1953Music/Lyrics
Art TatumWhere Or When1944Music/Lyrics
Art TatumYou Took Advantage Of Me1953Music/Lyrics
Art Tatum & Ben WebsterHave You Met Miss Jones1953Music/Lyrics
Art Tatum & Ben WebsterWhere Or When1961Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawI Could Write A Book1946Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawI Didn't Know What Time It Was1939Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawMy Heart Stood Still1939Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawThou Swell1936Music/Lyrics
Aziza Mustafa ZadehMy Funny Valentine1997Music/Lyrics
Barbara AshleyThat Terrific Rainbow1940Music/Lyrics
Barbara Ashley / Ken RemoPlant You Now, Dig You Later1940Music/Lyrics
Barbara SchönebergerIch glaub, ne Dame werd ich nie2007Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1964Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandI Didn't Know What Time It Was2016Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandMy Funny Valentine1967Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandQuiet Night1965Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWhere Or When1966Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWhere's That Rainbow?1965Music/Lyrics
Barry HarrisI Didn't Know What Time It Was1961Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowLittle Girl Blue2020Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowMy Funny Valentine2020Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowNYC Medley2017Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowShe Was Too Good To Me2020Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowWhere Or When1991Music/Lyrics
Ben Webster & Harry "Sweets" EdisonMy Romance1962Music/Lyrics
Bengt HallbergWhere Or When1957Music/Lyrics
Benny Golson QuartetMy Romance1962Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanBewitched1941Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanBlue Moon1935Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanEv'rything I've Got1958Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanHave You Met Miss Jones1952Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanIt Never Entered My Mind1940Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanLove Never Went To College1939Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanSing For Your Supper1938Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanThe Blue Room1938Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanThere's A Small Hotel1936Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanThis Can't Be Love1938Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman & His OrchestraI Didn't Know What Time It Was1939Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman And Peggy LeeWhere Or When1942Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman TrioWhere Or When1937Music/Lyrics
Bernadette CarrollMy Heart Stood Still1962Music/Lyrics
Bert KaempfertLover1967Music/Lyrics
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraWhere Or When1962Music/Lyrics
Beryl Booker TrioMy Funny Valentine1955Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerHe Was Too Good To Me / Since You Stayed Here1990Music/Lyrics
Betty CarterI Could Write A Book1970Music/Lyrics
Betty CarterI Didn't Know What Time It Was1970Music/Lyrics
Betty CarterIsn't It Romantic?1965Music/Lyrics
Betty Carter & Ray BryantI Could Write A Book1956Music/Lyrics
Betty Smith GroupBewitched1958Music/Lyrics
Bill Charlap TrioThere's A Small Hotel2017Music/Lyrics
Bill EvansMy Romance1957Music/Lyrics
Bill Evans TrioMy Romance1962Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayBlue Moon1952Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayGlad To Be Unhappy1958Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayI Didn't Know What Time It Was1957Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayIt's Easy To Remember1958Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayYou Took Advantage Of Me1959Music/Lyrics
Billy EckstineBlue Moon1948Music/Lyrics
Billy PaulThere's A Small Hotel1971Music/Lyrics
Billy Porter feat. Zaire ParkLady Is A Tramp2017Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnBewitched1956Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnIt's Easy To Remember1965Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyIt's Easy To Remember1935Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyMy Funny Valentine1988Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyThe Bombardier Song1942Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyThere's A Small Hotel1946Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyYours Sincerly1976Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & Fred AstaireIt's Easy To Remember1976Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraBlue Room1956Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraHave You Met Miss Jones?1956Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraI've Got Five Dollars1956Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraMountain Greenery1956Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Georgie Stoll And His OrchestraDown By The River1935Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with Georgie Stoll And His OrchestraSoon1935Music/Lyrics
Bix Beiderbecke & His GangThou Swell1928Music/Lyrics
Blossom DearieManhattan1961Music/Lyrics
Blue HazeBlue Moon1972Music/Lyrics
Bob Brookmeyer QuartetHave You Met Miss Jones1955Music/Lyrics
Bob Brookmeyer QuartetIsn't It Romantic1955Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanBlue Moon1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinI Didn't Know What Time It Was1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinSpring Is Here1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby HackettYou Are Too Beautiful1956Music/Lyrics
Bobby JasparYou Took Advantage Of me1955Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonBlue Moon1963Music/Lyrics
Boz ScaggsBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered2003Music/Lyrics
Boz ScaggsMy Funny Valentine2003Music/Lyrics
Boz ScaggsShe Was Too Good To Me2008Music/Lyrics
Brad MehldauBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1998Music/Lyrics
Brad MehldauI Didn't Know What Time It Was1997Music/Lyrics
Brandon Victor Dixon & Joshua HenryWith A Song In My Heart2017Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonBlue Moon1966Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonI Didn't Know What Time It Was1962Music/Lyrics
Bruno MartinoBlue Moon1972Music/Lyrics
Bruno MartinoDove e quando1972Music/Lyrics
Bryan FerryWhere Or When1999Music/Lyrics
Bud FreemanBlue Moon1954Music/Lyrics
Bud ShankThou Swell1960Music/Lyrics
Buddy GrecoThe Lady Is A Tramp1960Music/Lyrics
Caetano VelosoManhattan2004Music/Lyrics
Cal Tjader QuintetThe Lady Is A Tramp1959Music/Lyrics
Carlo ButiLuna malinconica Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonBewitched1990Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonHe Was Too Good To Me1990Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonLittle Girl Blue1990Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonMy Funny Valentine1990Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonMy Romance1990Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonSpring Is Here1981Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonWhere Or When2005Music/Lyrics
Carmen McRaeBlue Moon1956Music/Lyrics
CarpentersKaren - Ella Medley1980Music/Lyrics
CarpentersLittle Girl Blue1989Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteBlue Moon1964Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteFalling In Love With Love1961Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteMy Funny Valentine1963Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteWhere Or When1957Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteWith A Song In My Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Catherine Russell / Vince Giordano And The NighthawksThe Blue Room2014Music/Lyrics
Chaka KhanMy Funny Valentine1995Music/Lyrics
Charles McPhersonLover1975Music/Lyrics
Charles McPhersonThis Can't Be Love1975Music/Lyrics
Charles Mingus & Spaulding GivensBlue Moon1953Music/Lyrics
Charlie MarianoMy Funny Valentine2006Music/Lyrics
Charlie Parker String EnsembleI Didn't Know What Time It Was1950Music/Lyrics
CherSing For A Supper1967Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerIsn't It Romantic1953Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerLittle Girl Blue1995Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerMy Funny Valentine1954Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerShe Was Too Good To Me1974Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerWith A Song In My Heart1974Music/Lyrics
Chet Baker & Stan GetzMy Funny Valentine1953Music/Lyrics
Chris BottiMy Funny Valentine2003Music/Lyrics
Chris BottiMy Romance2004Music/Lyrics
Chris Botti feat. John MayerGlad To Be Unhappy2009Music/Lyrics
Chris ConnorEverything I've Got1958Music/Lyrics
Chris ConnorHe Was Too Good To Me1956Music/Lyrics
Chris ConnorJohnny One Note1958Music/Lyrics
Chris IsaakBlue Moon1994Music/Lyrics
Chris MontezI Didn't Know What Time It Was1967Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineI Could Write A Book1971Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardBewitched, Bothered & Bewildered2010Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardI Didn't Know What Time It Was2010Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsBlue Moon1961Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsFalling In Love With Love (Boys From Syracus)1961Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsLover1961Music/Lyrics
Coleman HawkinsBlue Room1965Music/Lyrics
Coleman Hawkins And His OrchestraThere's A Small Hotel1949Music/Lyrics
Coleman Hawkins with Billy Byers and his OrchestraHave You Met Miss Jones1956Music/Lyrics
Coleman Hawkins with Billy Byers and his OrchestraLittle Girl Blue1956Music/Lyrics
Conal FowkesThis Can't Be Love2016Music/Lyrics
Connee BoswellThis Can't Be Love1957Music/Lyrics
Connie BoswellBlue Moon1935Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyBlue Moon1960Music/Lyrics
CorneilleToujours le męme2005Music/Lyrics
Cowboy JunkiesBlue Moon Revisited (A Song For Elvis)1989Music/Lyrics
Cybill ShepherdBlue Moon1987Music/Lyrics
Cynthia ErivoMy Funny Valentine2017Music/Lyrics
Dami ImMy Funny Valentine2018Music/Lyrics
Daniel BooneBewitched1977Music/Lyrics
Dave Brubeck TrioBlue Moon1950Music/Lyrics
Dave Brubeck TrioSpring Is Here1950Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsWhere Or When1976Music/Lyrics
David Rose & His OrchestraBewitched (Bothered And Bewildered)1951Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinBlue Moon1964Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinIt's Easy To Remember1957Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinMimi1962Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseThe Lady Is A Tramp1959Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseThou Swell1960Music/Lyrics
Diahann CarrollLittle Girl Blue1967Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallIsn't It Romantic2017Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallLittle Girl Blue2006Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallThis Can't Be Love1993Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallWhere Or When2009Music/Lyrics
Diana RossLittle Girl Blue1973Music/Lyrics
Diana RossThe Lady Is A Tramp1974Music/Lyrics
Dianne ReevesMy Funny Valentine1996Music/Lyrics
Dick Haymes with Gordon Jenkins OrchestraWhere Or When1944Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreFalling In Love With You1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreMy Funny Valentine1960Music/Lyrics
Dinah Shore & Andre PrevinMy Funny Valentine1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah Shore feat. Frank SinatraMy Romance1946Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonBewitched1962Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonI Could Write A Book1955Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonManhattan1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonThis Can't Be Love1955Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonWith A Song In My Heart1961Music/Lyrics
Dion & The BelmontsWhere Or When1959Music/Lyrics
Dizzy Gillespie QuartetBlue Moon1952Music/Lyrics
DJ Koze vs. Hildegard KnefIch schreib' dir ein Buch 20132013Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtBlue Moon1935Music/Lyrics
Dominique Blanc-Francard / Stephan EicherMy Funny Valentine2016Music/Lyrics
Don EstelleIt's So Easy To Remember1984Music/Lyrics
Don EstelleWith A Song In My Heart1984Music/Lyrics
Donna HightowerMy Funny Valentine1972Music/Lyrics
Doris DayI Could Write A Book1986Music/Lyrics
Doris DayI Didn't Know What Time It Was1955Music/Lyrics
Doris DayLittle Girl Blue1962Music/Lyrics
Doris DayMy Romance1962Music/Lyrics
Doris DayNobody's Heart1962Music/Lyrics
Doris DayOver And Over Again1962Music/Lyrics
Doris DayTen Cents A Dance1950Music/Lyrics
Doris DayThis Can't Be Love1962Music/Lyrics
Doris DayWait Till You See Him1962Music/Lyrics
Doris DayWhy Can't I?1962Music/Lyrics
Doris Day And Harry JamesWith A Song In My Heart1950Music/Lyrics
Doris Day with Axel Stordahl And His OrchestraHere In My Arms1950Music/Lyrics
Doris Day with Frank De Vol & His OrchestraIt's Easy To Remember1958Music/Lyrics
Doris Day with Frank De Vol & His OrchestraSoon1958Music/Lyrics
Doris Day With The MellomenBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1949Music/Lyrics
Doris Day, Martha Raye & Jimmy DuranteThe Circus On Parade1962Music/Lyrics
Doris Day, Stephen Boyd, Martha Raye & Jimmy DuranteSawdust, Spangle And Dreams1962Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington And His Famous OrchestraBlue Moon1954Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraWhere Or When1958Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticBlue Moon1956Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticWhere Or When1956Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantBewitched1961Music/Lyrics
Eartha KittMy Funny Valentine1991Music/Lyrics
Eddie Barclay / Quincy JonesUn p'tit bout de femme [Manhattan]1958Music/Lyrics
Eddie CalvertFalling In Love With Love1956Music/Lyrics
Edgar FairchildAll At Once2003Music/Lyrics
Edgar FairchildBabes In Arms / I Wish I Were In Love Again2003Music/Lyrics
Elaine StritchYou Took Advantage Of Me1956Music/Lyrics
Eliane EliasBlue Room2013Music/Lyrics
Eliane EliasThis Can't Be Love2013Music/Lyrics
Elkie BrooksBlue Moon1984Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldA Ship Without A Sail1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBewitched1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBlue Moon1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBlue Moon (Live)1961Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBlue Room Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldDancing On The Ceiling1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldEverything I've Got1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldEv'rything I've Got1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldGive It Back To The Indians1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldHave You Met Miss Jones?1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldHere In My Arms1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI Could Write A Book1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI Didn't Know What Time It Was1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI Wish I Were In Love Again1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldIsn't It Romantic1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldIt Never Entered My Mind1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI've Got Five Dollars1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldJohnny One Note1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldLittle Girl Blue1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldLover1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldManhattan1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMountain Greenery1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMy Funny Valentine1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMy Heart Stood Still1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMy Romance1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSpring Is Here1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldTen Cents A Dance1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThe Blue Room1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThe Lady Is A Tramp1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThe Lady Is A Tramp [Live]1960Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThere's A Small Hotel1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThis Can't Be Love1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThou Swell1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldTo Keep My Love Alive1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldWait Till You See Her1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldWhere Or When1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldWith A Song In My Heart1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldYou Took Advantage Of Me1956Music/Lyrics
Ella Mae MorseMy Funny Valentine1957Music/Lyrics
Elvin JonesMy Romance1991Music/Lyrics
Elvis CostelloMy Funny Valentine1979Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyBlue Moon1954Music/Lyrics
Enoch Light & The Light BrigadeLady Is A Tramp1960Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerIt's Easy To Remember1949Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerMy Heart Stood Still Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerSpring Is Here Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerThere's A Small Hotel1954Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesMy Funny Valentine1995Music/Lyrics
Etta JonesWhere Or When1960Music/Lyrics
Eva MattesMy Funny Valentine2006Music/Lyrics
Evelyn KünnekeSing weiter Frankie Boy1981Music/Lyrics
Evergreen-Band-RohrbachBlue Moon1999Music/Lyrics
Fats WallerThou Swell1928Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherBlue Moon1953Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherFalling In Love With Love1953Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherI Wish I Were In Love Again1968Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerMy Funny Valentine1962Music/Lyrics
Francine JordiThe Lady Is A Tramp2005Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraBewitched1954Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraBlue Moon1961Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDancing On The Ceiling1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraFalling In Love With Love1945Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraGlad To Be Unhappy1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraHave You Met Miss Jones?1961Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI Could Write A Book1952Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI Didn't Know What Time It Was1954Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI Wish I Didn't Love You So1956Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI Wish I Were In Love Again1956Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraIt Never Entered My Mind1948Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraIt's Easy To Remember1957Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraLittle Girl Blue1953Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraLover1950Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMy Funny Valentine1953Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMy Heart Stood Still1963Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraSpring Is Here1949Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThe Gal That Got Away/It Never Entered My Mind1981Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThe Lady Is A Tramp1957Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1966Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThere's A Small Hotel1954Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThis Can't Be Love Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraWait Till You See Her1987Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraWhere Or When1949Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraYou Are Too Beautiful1946Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Lorrie MorganHow Do You Keep The Music Playing? / My Funny Valentine1994Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Luther VandrossThe Lady Is A Tramp1993Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Patti LaBelleBewitched1994Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Steve Lawrence And Eydie GorméWhere Or When1994Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & The Morris Stoloff OrchestraDream Sequence And Finale1954Music/Lyrics
Frankie ValliMy Funny Valentine1967Music/Lyrics
Freddie EllisMy Romance1963Music/Lyrics
Gary BurtonMy Funny Valentine1966Music/Lyrics
Gene AmmonsLittle Girl Blue1961Music/Lyrics
Gene AmmonsMy Romance1987Music/Lyrics
Gene Krupa And His OrchestraLover1946Music/Lyrics
George DukeSpring Is Here2006Music/Lyrics
George MichaelWhere Or When1999Music/Lyrics
Georgie AuldI Didn't Know What Time It Was1955Music/Lyrics
Gerard KennyMy Romance2005Music/Lyrics
Gerry Mulligan & Chet BakerMy Funny Valentine1974Music/Lyrics
Gilles Lellouche - SinclairThe Lady Is A Tramp2013Music/Lyrics
Gitte HćnningBewitched2007Music/Lyrics
Gitte HćnningMy Funny Valentine2007Music/Lyrics
Glee CastLady Is A Tramp2010Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraSentimental Me1974Music/Lyrics
Gloria Grafton & Donald NovisThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1935Music/Lyrics
Gloria Grafton and Donald NovisMy Romance1934Music/Lyrics
Gordon MacRaeMy Funny Valentine Music/Lyrics
Götz AlsmannMondnacht am Meer2014Music/Lyrics
Götz AlsmannTraumvision2014Music/Lyrics
Günther NeefsThe Lady Is A Tramp2015Music/Lyrics
Guy Lombardo & His Royal CanadiansWhere Or When1955Music/Lyrics
Hal KempThere's A Small Hotel2000Music/Lyrics
Hal KempWhere Or When2000Music/Lyrics
Hank JonesHave You Met Miss Jones1956Music/Lyrics
Hank JonesI Didn't Know What Time It Was1978Music/Lyrics
Hank WilsonSix Pack To Go1973Music/Lyrics
Harald JuhnkeIch glaub', die Lady schaff ich nie1992Music/Lyrics
Harold LangHappy Hunting Horn1940Music/Lyrics
Harold LangWhat Do I Care For A Dame And Ballet1940Music/Lyrics
Harold LangYou Mustn't Kick It Around1940Music/Lyrics
Harold Lang / Beverly FiteI Could Write A Book1940Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick, Jr.I Could Write A Book1989Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick, Jr.Where Or When1989Music/Lyrics
Harry Davidson And His OrchestraMountain Greenery1964Music/Lyrics
Harry GlückBlue Moon1961Music/Lyrics
Helen MerrillFalling In Love With Love1954Music/Lyrics
Helen SchneiderWhere Or When2008Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroWhere Or When1983Music/Lyrics
Helmut LottiBlue Moon2006Music/Lyrics
Herbie Mann With The Wessel Ilcker TrioFalling In Love With You1956Music/Lyrics
Herbie Mann With The Wessel Ilcker TrioThe Lady Is A Tramp1956Music/Lyrics
Hildegard KnefIch schreib' dir ein Buch1975Music/Lyrics
Hildegard Knef / Hans NieswandtIch schreib dir ein Buch2012Music/Lyrics
Holly ColeIt Never Entered My Mind2003Music/Lyrics
Holly ColeManhattan2003Music/Lyrics
Honor BlackmanDen Of Iniquity1964Music/Lyrics
Honor BlackmanEverthing I've Got1964Music/Lyrics
Honor BlackmanTo Keep My Love Alive1964Music/Lyrics
Humphrey LyttletonBewitched1961Music/Lyrics
Iris WilliamsBewitched1982Music/Lyrics
Isabelle AubretBlue Moon1991Music/Lyrics
Ivory Joe HunterBlue Moon1957Music/Lyrics
J.A.L.N. BandIt's Uncanny / Blue Moon1977Music/Lyrics
J.D. SoutherLittle Girl Blue2016Music/Lyrics
Jack CassidyBabes In Arms2003Music/Lyrics
Jack CassidyYou Are So Fair2003Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraDancing On The Ceiling1932Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraOn Your Toes1937Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraWith A Song In My Heart1930Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesBewitched1963Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesDancing On The Ceiling1961Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesIt Never Entered My Mind1964Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesIt's Easy To Remember1967Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesMy Romance1961Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisFalling In Love With You1959Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisIsn't It Romantic1958Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisThis Can't Be Love1959Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisThou Swell1960Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisYou Took Advantage Of Me1960Music/Lyrics
Jackie EdwardsBlue Moon1965Music/Lyrics
Jackie GleasonMy Funny Valentine1952Music/Lyrics
Jackie GleasonMy Romance1963Music/Lyrics
Jackie WilsonBlue Moon1962Music/Lyrics
James IngramMy Funny Valentine1999Music/Lyrics
James LastDu, du, du / Blue Moon / Makin' Whoopee1965Music/Lyrics
James TaylorI Didn't Know What Time It Was1992Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMy Heart Stood Still2020Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMy Romance1985Music/Lyrics
Jan & DeanManhattan1963Music/Lyrics
Jan JohanssonWhere Or When1972Music/Lyrics
Jane BirkinThere's A Small Hotel1975Music/Lyrics
Jane BirkinWhere Or When1975Music/Lyrics
Janelle MonáeNeon Valley Street2010Music/Lyrics
Janis Joplin & Kozmic Blues BandLittle Girl Blue1969Music/Lyrics
Jaye P. MorganThere's A Small Hotel1958Music/Lyrics
Jean-Claude PascalLa vie mondaine1961Music/Lyrics
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Till BrönnerIt Never Entered My Mind2018Music/Lyrics
Jeff LynneBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered2012Music/Lyrics
Jerri WintersI Could Write A Book1955Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BowenBlue Moon1958Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraI Didn't Know What Time It Was1939Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraLove Never Went To College1939Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraLover1946Music/Lyrics
Jimmy DuranteThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1962Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Giuffre / Bob Cooper / Dave Pell / Maury Berman / Ralph PenaMy Funny Valentine1956Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Jones feat. Roy Haynes & Joe BenjaminLittle Girl Blue1954Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Jones feat. Roy Haynes & Joe BenjaminMy Funny Valentine1954Music/Lyrics
Jo HurtZip1940Music/Lyrics
Jo StaffordBlue Moon1952Music/Lyrics
Jo StaffordIt Never Entered My Mind1958Music/Lyrics
Jo StaffordSpring Is Here1954Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford And Teddy JohnsonThere's A Small Hotel1951Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraMy Romance1953Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford with The Art Van Damme QuintetThe Lady Is A Tramp1957Music/Lyrics
Jochen Brauer SextettBlue Moon1961Music/Lyrics
Joe BushkinHere In My Arms1950Music/Lyrics
Joe BushkinMy Romance1957Music/Lyrics
Joe BushkinThe Lady Is A Tramp1950Music/Lyrics
Joe DassinMy Funny Valentine1967Music/Lyrics
Joe Venuti's Blue FourThe Blue Room1928Music/Lyrics
John ColtraneLover1965Music/Lyrics
John Coltrane QuartetIt's Easy To Remember1961Music/Lyrics
John LewisIt Never Entered My Mind1957Music/Lyrics
John LewisLittle Girl Blue1957Music/Lyrics
John RaverBlue Moon1981Music/Lyrics
Johnny De LittleLover1962Music/Lyrics
Johnny HartmanIt Never Entered My Mind1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny Mann With The JordanairesBlue Moon1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisDancing On The Ceiling1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisI Married An Angel1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisI Wish I Were In Love Again1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisIsn't It Romantic2005Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisJohnny One Note1962Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisMy Funny Valentine1959Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisMy Romance1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisSpring Is Here1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisThis Can't Be Love2005Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisWhere Or When1978Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashSpring Is Here1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny SmithLover1957Music/Lyrics
Jon Bon JoviMy Funny Valentine Music/Lyrics
Joni JamesIt Never Entered My Mind1959Music/Lyrics
Joni MitchellI Wish I Were In Love Again2000Music/Lyrics
Joy [DE]Blue Moon On Reggae1977Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingBewitched1993Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingMy Funny Valentine1993Music/Lyrics
Joyce DiDonatoWith A Song In My Heart2019Music/Lyrics
Judy CollinsWhere Or When1979Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandI Wish I Were In Love Again2003Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandJohnny One Note1948Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandMedley: Almost Like Being In Love / This Can't Be Love1961Music/Lyrics
Julia MigenesMy Funny Valentine1979Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsBewitched1994Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsI Wish I Were In Love Again1994Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsIt Never Entered My Mind - Spring Is Here1994Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsMy Funny Valentine1994Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsThis Can't Be Love - Thou Swell1994Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsWhere Or When1987Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1962Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonBlue Moon1958Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI Didn't Know Which Time Is Was1967Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonIt Never Entered My Mind1955Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonNobody's Heart1958Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonSpring Is Here1958Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonThis Can't Be Love1968Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonWhere Or When1956Music/Lyrics
Kanye WestAddiction2005Music/Lyrics
Karel GottMy Funny Valentine1968Music/Lyrics
Karen MokMy Funny Valentine2013Music/Lyrics
Kat Edmonson, Vince Giordano & The NighthawksMountain Greenery2016Music/Lyrics
Katja EbsteinFunny Valentine2005Music/Lyrics
Katja EbsteinMy Funny Valentine1994Music/Lyrics
Keith CanvasDancing On The Ceiling2015Music/Lyrics
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteFalling In Love With Love1987Music/Lyrics
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteIt Never Entered My Mind1983Music/Lyrics
Ken RemoDo It The Hard Way1940Music/Lyrics
Kenny RogersMy Funny Valentine1994Music/Lyrics
Kenny RogersMy Romance1994Music/Lyrics
Kenny RogersWhere Or When1994Music/Lyrics
Kim NovakBewitched1954Music/Lyrics
Kim NovakMy Funny Valentine1973Music/Lyrics
Kim NovakZip1954Music/Lyrics
Klaus DoldingerI Didn't Know What Time It Was1963Music/Lyrics
Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher And The Coffee Club OrchestraI'll Tell The Man In The Street2001Music/Lyrics
Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher And The Coffee Club OrchestraMy Funny Valentine2001Music/Lyrics
Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher And The Coffee Club OrchestraNobody's Heart Belongs To Me / Why Can't I?2001Music/Lyrics
Lale AndersenBlue Moon1942Music/Lyrics
Lalo Schifrin / Bob BrookmeyerMy Funny Valentine1963Music/Lyrics
Lana CantrellSpring Is Here1970Music/Lyrics
Lara FabianBewitched2009Music/Lyrics
Larry Clinton And His OrchestraI Married An Angel1938Music/Lyrics
Laura MvulaLittle Girl Blue2013Music/Lyrics
Laura NyroHe Was Too Good To Me1994Music/Lyrics
Ledisi feat. Zaire ParkBewitched2017Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneGlad To Be Unhappy1947Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneLittle Girl Blue1947Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneThe Lady Is A Tramp1952Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneWhere Or When1942Music/Lyrics
Lena JunoffThe Lady Is A Tramp1967Music/Lyrics
Lene AlexandraMy Funny Valentine2012Music/Lyrics
Leontyne Price / André PrevinIt Never Entered My Mind1967Music/Lyrics
Leontyne Price / André PrevinNobody's Heart1967Music/Lyrics
Les McCannLittle Girl Blue1961Music/Lyrics
Les McCannThis Can't Be Love1960Music/Lyrics
Les PaulLover (When You're Near Me)1949Music/Lyrics
Les Paul & Mary FordLover1960Music/Lyrics
Leslie Odom Jr.My Romance2017Music/Lyrics
Libby Holman With Gerald CookA Ship Without A Sail1966Music/Lyrics
Lily Rose CooperThe Lady Is A Tramp2008Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtIt Never Entered My Mind1984Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtYou Took Advantage Of Me1984Music/Lyrics
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraBewitched, Bothered & Bewildered1986Music/Lyrics
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLittle Girl Blue1986Music/Lyrics
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraMy Funny Valentine1986Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliBlue Moon1964Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliWait Till You See Him1965Music/Lyrics
Lou Koe en de koeienHet koeienlied (Blue Moon)1991Music/Lyrics
Lou RawlsIt Never Entered My Mind1986Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongHave You Met Miss Jones1958Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongI Married An Angel1957Music/Lyrics
Louis JordanI Didn't Know What Time It Was1954Music/Lyrics
Louis PrimaBlue Moon1961Music/Lyrics
LyambikoLittle Girl Blue2007Music/Lyrics
Manfred Krug + Fanny KrugWhere Or When2003Music/Lyrics
Marcelle BordasLa nuit1935Music/Lyrics
Mardi BayneImagine2003Music/Lyrics
Mardi BayneWay Out West2003Music/Lyrics
Mardi Bayne & Jack CassidyAll At Once2003Music/Lyrics
Mardi Bayne & Jack CassidyI Wish I Were In Love Again2003Music/Lyrics
Marian McPartland & Lee KonitzLittle Girl Blue1991Music/Lyrics
Marie GreeneBewitched1946Music/Lyrics
Mario Fernandez PortaWith A Song In My Heart2012Music/Lyrics
Marion Mann accomp. by Bob Haggart And OrchestraYou Took Advantage Of Me1946Music/Lyrics
Martial SolalMy Funny Valentine1955Music/Lyrics
Martial Solal / Dave DouglasHave You Met Miss Jones2006Music/Lyrics
Martin LechnerMy Funny Valentine2016Music/Lyrics
Martin TaylorFalling In Love With Love1982Music/Lyrics
Marvin GayeMy Funny Valentine1961Music/Lyrics
Mary Lou WilliamsThere's A Small Hotel1954Music/Lyrics
Mary MartinFinale2003Music/Lyrics
Mary MartinJohnny One Note2003Music/Lyrics
Mary MartinMy Funny Valentine2003Music/Lyrics
Mary MartinThe Lady Is A Tramp2003Music/Lyrics
Mary MartinWhere Or When2003Music/Lyrics
Mathilde SantingYou Took Advantage Of Me1982Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroMy Funny Valentine1957Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroSpring Is Here1966Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernI Didn't Know What Time It Was2001Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernIt Never Entered My Mind2001Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernLover2001Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernManhattan2001Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernMimi2001Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernMy Romance /Isn't It Romantic2001Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernThou Swell / Dancing On The Ceiling2001Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernWhy Can't I?1987Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernWith A Song In My Heart2001Music/Lyrics
Maurice ChevalierMimi1960Music/Lyrics
Max BygravesMeet Me On The Corner1955Music/Lyrics
Max BygravesThe Little Laplander1955Music/Lyrics
Max BygravesTomorrow1955Music/Lyrics
Megan MullallyYou Took Advantage Of Me2009Music/Lyrics
Mel TorméBlue Moon1949Music/Lyrics
Mel TorméManhattan1966Music/Lyrics
Mel TorméNobody's Heart1959Music/Lyrics
Michael AllenI Wish I Were In Love Again1968Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléMy Funny Valentine2004Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléWhere Or When2018Music/Lyrics
Michael FeinsteinIsn't It Romantic1988Music/Lyrics
Michael FeinsteinThere's A Small Hotel2008Music/Lyrics
Michel LegrandMy Funny Valentine1974Music/Lyrics
Michel Legrand Big BandThe Lady Is A Tramp1964Music/Lyrics
Michel Legrand with Ray Brown and Shelly ManneMy Funny Valentine1968Music/Lyrics
Miff Mole's Little MolersYou Took Advantage Of Me1928Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisBlue Room1951Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisIt Never Entered My Mind1954Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisMy Funny Valentine1957Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisWait Till You See Her1962Music/Lyrics
Miles Davis QuintetI Could Write A Book1958Music/Lyrics
MinaBlue Moon2005Music/Lyrics
Mitzi GreenThe Lady Is A Tramp1937Music/Lyrics
Monica Lewis and her V-Disc FriendsMy Heart Stood Still1945Music/Lyrics
MudBlue Moon1974Music/Lyrics
Musical OrchestraOverture2003Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonLittle Girl Blue1962Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeI Didn't Know What Time It Was1956Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeLook No Further1962Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeMy Heart Stood Still1956Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeSpring Is Here1963Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeThis Can't Be Love1953Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeThou Swell1960Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeWhat Does It Take For You To Take To Me1952Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeWhere Or When1960Music/Lyrics
Nat AdderleyMy Heart Stood Still1960Music/Lyrics
Natalie ColeHe Was Too Good To Me1996Music/Lyrics
Neil SedakaYou Took Advantage Of Me1960Music/Lyrics
Nels ClineGlad To Be Unhappy2016Music/Lyrics
New EditionBlue Moon1986Music/Lyrics
New York City Gay Men's ChorusRodgers And Hart's New York1984Music/Lyrics
NicoMy Funny Valentine1985Music/Lyrics
Nico FidencoLuna malinconica1965Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneHe Was Too Good To Me1961Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneLittle Girl Blue1958Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneSpring Is Here1966Music/Lyrics
Nino FerrerMy Funny Valentine1962Music/Lyrics
Nnenna FreelonBewitched1993Music/Lyrics
Norman CandlerWith A Song In My Heart1975Music/Lyrics
O.C. SmithMy Romance1967Music/Lyrics
Orchester Anthony VenturaBlue Moon / One Night1978Music/Lyrics
Orchester Kai WarnerBlue Moon1981Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonDancing On The Ceiling1971Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonI Didn't Know What Time It Was1970Music/Lyrics
Oscar Peterson TrioMy Heart Stood Still Music/Lyrics
Owen WilliamsFallin' In Love With You1968Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneBlue Moon1961Music/Lyrics
Patricia CahillI Didn't Know What Time It Was1970Music/Lyrics
Patti PageMountain Greenery1956Music/Lyrics
Patti PageThe Lady Is A Tramp1956Music/Lyrics
Patti PageWhere Or When1953Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaFalling In Love With Love1962Music/Lyrics
Paul DesmondBewitched1966Music/Lyrics
Paul DesmondMy Funny Valentine1962Music/Lyrics
Paul WestonDancing On The Ceiling (He Dances On My Ceiling)1956Music/Lyrics
Paul WestonYou Are Too Beautiful1956Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraLittle Girl Blue1936Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraMy Romance1936Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeDancing On The Ceiling1957Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeI Could Write A Book1963Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeI Didn't Know What Time It Was1953Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeIt Never Entered My Mind1957Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeLover1952Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeMy Heart Stood Still1957Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeThe Lady Is A Tramp1963Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeThere's A Small Hotel1956Music/Lyrics
Peggy Lee & George ShearingIsn't It Romantic?1959Music/Lyrics
Peggy Lee & George ShearingNobody's Heart1959Music/Lyrics
Peggy MarchFalling In Love With Love1968Music/Lyrics
Pepe Lienhard Big BandHave You Met Miss Jones?2010Music/Lyrics
Pepe Lienhard Orchestra / Kent StetlerHave You Met Miss Jones?2002Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoBlue Room1948Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoIt's Easy To Remember1957Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoMy Funny Valentine1955Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoYou're Nearer1968Music/Lyrics
Peter AlexanderVerliebt1968Music/Lyrics
Peter NeroMountain Greenery1961Music/Lyrics
Peter Nero His Piano And OrchestraMy Funny Valentine1977Music/Lyrics
Peter Petrel & Berry SarluisThe Lady Is A Tramp1979Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkThere's A Small Hotel1959Music/Lyrics
Phil WoodsMimi1976Music/Lyrics
Phoebe SnowWith A Song In My Heart Music/Lyrics
Pia ZadoraThe Lady Is A Tramp1986Music/Lyrics
Pink MartiniBlue Moon2016Music/Lyrics
Pink MartiniShe Was Too Good To Me2013Music/Lyrics
Polly BergenGlad To Be Unhappy1959Music/Lyrics
Polly BergenIt Never Entered My Mind1957Music/Lyrics
Polly BergenIt's Easy To Remember1959Music/Lyrics
Polly BergenSpring Is Here1959Music/Lyrics
Polly BrownBewitched1980Music/Lyrics
Ran BlakeTen Cents A Dance2014Music/Lyrics
Ran BlakeWhy Can't I2014Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesI Didn't Know What Time It Was1972Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And His OrchestraMy Heart Stood Still1959Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And ChorusBlue Moon1962Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff His Orchestra And ChorusAll The Things You Are1960Music/Lyrics
Ray Heatherton & Mitzi GreenWhere Or When1937Music/Lyrics
Ray NanceMimi1970Music/Lyrics
Ray Noble And His OrchestraDown By The River1935Music/Lyrics
Ray Noble And His OrchestraSoon1935Music/Lyrics
Rebecca FergusonBlue Moon2015Music/Lyrics
Rene FrogerWhere Or When2004Music/Lyrics
Rickie Lee JonesMy Funny Valentine1983Music/Lyrics
Rita HayworthBewitched1973Music/Lyrics
Rita HayworthMy Funny Valentine1954Music/Lyrics
Rita HayworthThat Terrific Rainbow1954Music/Lyrics
Rita HovinkIk wil een man uit de Belgique1976Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysIsn't It Romantic1979Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysMy Funny Valentine1965Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysWhere Or When1973Music/Lyrics
Robbie WilliamsHave You Met Miss Jones?2001Music/Lyrics
Robbie WilliamsThe Lady Is A Tramp2002Music/Lyrics
Robert De Niro & Mary Kay PlaceBlue Moon1977Music/Lyrics
Robert Paul't Kan vriezen 't kan dooien1983Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartIsn't It Romantic2004Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartMy Funny Valentine2005Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartMy Heart Stood Still2003Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartWhere Or When2003Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart feat. Bette MidlerManhattan2004Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart feat. Eric ClaptonBlue Moon2004Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart with CherBewitched, Bothered & Bewildered2003Music/Lyrics
Ron CarterMy Funny Valentine2007Music/Lyrics
Ronnie MilsapBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered2004Music/Lyrics
Ronnie MilsapMy Funny Valentine2004Music/Lyrics
Ronnie ToberWith A Song In My Heart2007Music/Lyrics
Rosemary ClooneyIt's Easy To Remember1978Music/Lyrics
Rosemary ClooneyThe Lady Is A Tramp1955Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonI Could Write A Book1958Music/Lyrics
Roy Hargrove Big BandMy Funny Valentine2009Music/Lyrics
Rudi Wilfer TrioThe Lady Is A Tramp1982Music/Lyrics
Ruth BrownBewitched1959Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingIt's Easy To Remember1935Music/Lyrics
Ruth EttingTen Cents A Dance1930Music/Lyrics
SaezMy Funny Valentine1999Music/Lyrics
Salena JonesI Didn't Know What Time It Was1991Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeBlue Moon1958Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeLittle Girl Blue1961Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRaeThere's A Small Hotel1957Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Bewitched1958Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Falling In Love With Love1962Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Glad To Be Unhappy1955Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.I Married An Angel1962Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.It Never Entered My Mind1957Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.My Funny Valentine1955Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.My Romance1961Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Spring Is Here1957Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.The Lady Is A Tramp1960Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Thou Swell1961Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Where Or When1967Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Where's That Rainbow?1957Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.With A Song In My Heart1967Music/Lyrics
Sandra ReemerWhere Or When1989Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyBlue Moon1959Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyManhattan1962Music/Lyrics
Sarah McKenzieLittle Girl Blue2017Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanHave You Met Miss Jones?1961Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanI Could Write A Book1962Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanI Didn't Know What Time It Was1982Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanMy Romance1956Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanThis Can't Be Love1964Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanWhy Can't I1956Music/Lyrics
SealMy Funny Valentine2017Music/Lyrics
Seth MacFarlaneIt's Easy To Remember2011Music/Lyrics
Seth MacFarlaneYou Are Too Beautiful2019Music/Lyrics
Sha Na NaBlue Moon1971Music/Lyrics
Shannon BolinHe Was Too Good To Me1955Music/Lyrics
Shayna Steele, Jordan Ballard, Kamilah MarshallBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered2010Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyJohnny One Note1966Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyMy Funny Valentine1959Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyThe Lady Is A Tramp1965Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyWhere Or When1961Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyYou're Nearer1961Music/Lyrics
Shirley HornMy Funny Valentine1998Music/Lyrics
Shirley HornMy Heart Stood Still2001Music/Lyrics
Shirley Ross [US]The Bad In Every Man1934Music/Lyrics
ShowaddywaddyBlue Moon1979Music/Lyrics
Sinatra Tribute BandThe Lady Is A Tramp2006Music/Lyrics
Sinatra Tribute BandWhere Or When2006Music/Lyrics
Sinatra Tribute Band & Scat Max NeissendorferWhere Or When2010Music/Lyrics
Sinéad O'ConnorBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1992Music/Lyrics
Sonny ClarkWith A Song In My Heart1957Music/Lyrics
Sonny Criss QuartetThis Can't Be Love1963Music/Lyrics
Sonny RollinsI Could Write A Book1963Music/Lyrics
Sonny RollinsManhattan1958Music/Lyrics
Sonny RollinsYou Are Too Beautiful1958Music/Lyrics
Sonny Rollins QuartetThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1956Music/Lyrics
Sonny Rollins with The Modern Jazz QuartetWith A Song In My Heart1956Music/Lyrics
Sophie Tucker With Harry Sosnik And His OrchestraThe Lady Is A Tramp1937Music/Lyrics
Spooky & SueBlue Moon1974Music/Lyrics
Stacey KentLittle Girl Blue2000Music/Lyrics
Stan FreemanDancing On The Ceiling1950Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzHave You Met Miss Jones?1953Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzI Don't Know What Time It Was1953Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzIt Never Entered My Mind Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzLittle Girl Blue1964Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzSpring Is Here1953Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzWhere Or When Music/Lyrics
Stan Getz & Bill EvansMy Heart Stood Still2019Music/Lyrics
Stanley Black And His OrchestraFalling In Love With Love1955Music/Lyrics
Stefan Gwildis & NDR BigbandDas mit dem Glücklichsein2013Music/Lyrics
Stephen BoydThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1962Music/Lyrics
Steve GoodmanMy Funny Valentine1982Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderWith A Song In My Heart1963Music/Lyrics
Susan BarrettBewitched1967Music/Lyrics
Susan MaughanBewitched1964Music/Lyrics
Sylvia SymsMountain Greenery1976Music/Lyrics
The Afghan WhigsLittle Girl Blue1993Music/Lyrics
The Andrews Sisters with Gordon Jenkins and His OrchestraIt Never Entered My Mind1951Music/Lyrics
The ArborsDancing On The Ceiling1962Music/Lyrics
The Chico Hamilton QuintetWhere Or When1959Music/Lyrics
The Count Basie OrchestraThe Lady Is A Tramp1970Music/Lyrics
The CzarsMy Funny Valentine2005Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsThis Can't Be Love1999Music/Lyrics
The IguanasBlue Moon1996Music/Lyrics
The Kingston TrioShe Was Too Good To Me1962Music/Lyrics
The LettermenBlue Moon1964Music/Lyrics
The LettermenMy Funny Valentine1962Music/Lyrics
The LettermenWhere Or When1963Music/Lyrics
The Mamas & The PapasGlad To Be Unhappy1966Music/Lyrics
The Mamas & The PapasMy Heart Stood Still1966Music/Lyrics
The MarcelsBlue Moon1960Music/Lyrics
The MavericksBlue Moon1995Music/Lyrics
The Morris Stoloff OrchestraDo It The Hard Way1954Music/Lyrics
The Morris Stoloff OrchestraGreat Big Town1954Music/Lyrics
The Morris Stoloff OrchestraMain Title1954Music/Lyrics
The Morris Stoloff OrchestraPlant You Now, Dig You Later1954Music/Lyrics
The Morris Stoloff OrchestraStrip Number1954Music/Lyrics
The Morris Stoloff OrchestraYou mustn't Kick It Around1954Music/Lyrics
The New Generation [SE]Blue Moon1967Music/Lyrics
The OriginalsBlue Moon1979Music/Lyrics
The Oscar Peterson TrioIt Never Entered My Mind1970Music/Lyrics
The OvertonesBlue Moon2011Music/Lyrics
The Pasadena Roof OrchestraIsn't It Romantic1976Music/Lyrics
The PeddlersLover1967Music/Lyrics
The PeddlersMy Funny Valentine1970Music/Lyrics
The PlattersBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1956Music/Lyrics
The PlattersYou Are Too Beautiful1957Music/Lyrics
The Roy Meriwether TrioMy Funny Valentine1968Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsMy Funny Valentine1976Music/Lyrics
The SupremesBlue Moon1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesDancing On The Ceiling1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesFalling In Love With Love1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesLover1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesMountain Greenery1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesMy Funny Valentine1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesMy Heart Stood Still1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesMy Romance1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesThe Lady Is A Tramp1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesThis Can't Be Love1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesThou Swell1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesWhere Or When1967Music/Lyrics
The SupremesWith A Song In My Heart1965Music/Lyrics
The UpsettersDark Moon1972Music/Lyrics
The VoguesShe Was Too Good To Me1968Music/Lyrics
The WhispersMy Funny Valentine1995Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerIt Never Entered My Mind2006Music/Lyrics
Timi YuroI Didn't Know What Time It Was1964Music/Lyrics
Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake Seven / Edythe WrightThe Lady Is A Tramp1937Music/Lyrics
Tommy SteeleI Wish I Were In Love Again1964Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettBewitched1961Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettFalling In Love With Love1965Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettHave You Met Miss Jones?1976Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI Could Write A Book1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI Don't Know What Time It Was1961Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI Wish I Were In Love Again1992Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettIsn't It Romantic?1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI've Got Five Dollars1977Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettLover1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettManhattan1976Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettMimi1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettMountain Greenery1977Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettMy Funny Valentine1961Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettMy Heart Stood Still1977Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettMy Romance1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettNobody's Heart Belongs To Me1961Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettSpring Is Here1976Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThe Lady Is A Tramp1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1977Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThere's A Small Hotel1977Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThis Can't Be Love1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThis Funny World1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThou Swell1977Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettWait 'Till You See Her1976Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettWhere Or When1961Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettYou Took Advantage Of Me1961Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Bill EvansYou're Nearer1977Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Lady GagaThe Lady Is A Tramp2011Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraBlue Moon1958Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Frank SinatraThe Lady Is A Tramp2006Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Ralph Sharon And His OrchestraBlue Moon1957Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioMy Funny Valentine1966Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioThe Lady Is A Tramp1992Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetBlue Moon1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetHave You Met Miss Jones?1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetI Could Write A Book1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetI Wish I Were In Love Again1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetIsn't It Romantic?1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetI've Got Five Dollars1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetLover1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetManhattan1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetMountain Greenery1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetMy Heart Stood Still1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetMy Romance1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetSpring Is Here1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetThe Lady Is A Tramp1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetThere's A Small Hotel1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetThis Can't Be Love1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetThis Funny World1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetThou Swell1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetWait Till You See Her1973Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ruby Braff / George Barnes QuartetYou Took Advantage Of Me1973Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieBeautiful1977Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieMy Funny Valentine2006Music/Lyrics
Toots ThielemansMy Funny Valentine1974Music/Lyrics
Tuck & PattiMy Romance1988Music/Lyrics
TwiggyBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered2011Music/Lyrics
TwiggyBlue Moon2011Music/Lyrics
Udo JürgensMy Funny Valentine2011Music/Lyrics
Vaughn Monroe & OrchestraBlue Moon1945Music/Lyrics
Vera LynnIt's Easy To Remember1961Music/Lyrics
Vic DamoneMy Romance1959Music/Lyrics
Vince Giordano & The NighthawksHave You Met Miss Jones?2016Music/Lyrics
Vince Giordano & The NighthawksManhattan2016Music/Lyrics
Vince Giordano & The NighthawksMy Romance2016Music/Lyrics
Vince Giordano & The NighthawksThe Lady Is A Tramp2016Music/Lyrics
Vince Giordano & The NighthawksThere's A Small Hotel2016Music/Lyrics
Vince HillGlad To Be Unhappy1966Music/Lyrics
Vince HillHave You Met Miss Jones?1966Music/Lyrics
Vince HillLittle Girl Blue1966Music/Lyrics
Vince HillWhere Or When1971Music/Lyrics
Vivienne SegalBewitched, Bothered And Bewildered1940Music/Lyrics
Vivienne SegalWhat Is A Man?1940Music/Lyrics
Vivienne Segal / Beverly FiteTake Him1940Music/Lyrics
Vivienne Segal / Harold LangFinale "Pal Joey"1940Music/Lyrics
Vivienne Segal / Harold LangIn Our Little Den Of Iniquity1940Music/Lyrics
Walter JacksonMy Funny Valentine1965Music/Lyrics
William Francis JonesHave You Met Miss Jones2008Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonBlue Moon2018Music/Lyrics
Winston FrancisBlue Moon1972Music/Lyrics
Wynn MurrayWay Out West2003Music/Lyrics
Yael NaimMy Funny Valentine2016Music/Lyrics

Blue Moon (The Marcels)19/196149
Blue Moon (Ella Fitzgerald)75.14
Little Girl Blue (Janis Joplin & Kozmic Blues Band)145.07
't Kan vriezen 't kan dooien (Robert Paul)95
The Lady Is A Tramp (Ella Fitzgerald)65
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Barbra Streisand)55
My Funny Valentine (Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra)74.86
Blue Moon (Bobby Vinton)74.71
Blue Moon Revisited (A Song For Elvis) (Cowboy Junkies)114.64
The Lady Is A Tramp (Frank Sinatra)274.63
Blue Moon (The Marcels)624.63
He Was Too Good To Me / Since You Stayed Here (Bette Midler)84.62
Blue Moon (Elkie Brooks)54.6
My Funny Valentine (Barbra Streisand)54.6
Blue Moon (Billie Holiday)74.57
Neon Valley Street (Janelle Monáe)94.56
Blue Moon (Rod Stewart feat. Eric Clapton)84.5
Little Girl Blue (Diana Ross)64.5
Little Girl Blue (Diana Krall)64.5
Manhattan (Dinah Washington)64.5
Funny Valentine (Katja Ebstein)54.4
Blue Moon (The Marcels)624.63
The Lady Is A Tramp (Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga)393.85
Blue Moon (Elvis Presley)294
The Lady Is A Tramp (Frank Sinatra)274.63
Have You Met Miss Jones? (Robbie Williams)254.36
Blue Moon (Sha Na Na)213.81
Where Or When (Dion & The Belmonts)193.16
My Funny Valentine (Chet Baker)184.33
Blue Moon (Showaddywaddy)174
My Funny Valentine (Frank Sinatra)154.2
Little Girl Blue (Janis Joplin & Kozmic Blues Band)145.07
Lady Is A Tramp (Glee Cast)133.62
Glad To Be Unhappy (The Mamas & The Papas)123.67
Blue Moon Revisited (A Song For Elvis) (Cowboy Junkies)114.64
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Doris Day With The Mellomen)114.18
Ich glaub, ne Dame werd ich nie (Barbara Schöneberger)113.09
Addiction (Kanye West)104
't Kan vriezen 't kan dooien (Robert Paul)95
Neon Valley Street (Janelle Monáe)94.56
Blue Moon (Bob Dylan)94.11

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