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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Robert Lance Quinn
Al DowningI'll Be Holding On1974Music/Lyrics
Alan SorrentiLook Out1979Producer
Alan SorrentiLove Fever2005Producer
Alan SorrentiTake A Chance1979Producer
April WineAll It Will Ever Be1985Producer
April WineAnejo1986Producer
April WineBeg For Your Love1986Producer
April WineHold On1986Producer
April WineLove Has Remembered Me1986Producer
April WineOpen Soul Surgery1986Producer
April WineRock Myself To Sleep1985Producer
April WineWait Any More1986Producer
April WineWanted Dead Or Alive1986Producer
April WineYou Don't Have To Act That Way1986Producer
B. Baker Chocolate Co.Carousel1979Music/Lyrics
B. Baker Chocolate Co.Snow Blower1979Music/Lyrics
B. Baker Chocolate Co.Spirit Level1979Music/Lyrics
Bon JoviAlways Run To You1985Producer
Bon JoviBreakout1983Producer
Bon JoviBurning For Love1983Producer
Bon JoviCome Back1983Producer
Bon JoviGet Ready1983Producer
Bon JoviHardest Part Is The Night1985Producer
Bon JoviIn And Out Of Love1985Producer
Bon JoviKing Of The Mountain1985Producer
Bon JoviLove Lies1983Producer
Bon JoviOnly Lonely1985Producer
Bon JoviPrice Of Love1985Producer
Bon JoviRoulette1983Producer
Bon JoviRunaway1983Producer
Bon JoviSecret Dreams1985Producer
Bon JoviShe Don't Know Me1984Producer
Bon JoviShot Through The Heart1983Producer
Bon JoviSilent Night1984Producer
Bon JoviTo The Fire1985Producer
Bon JoviWe Rule The Night1985Producer
Carlene CarterDo It In A Heartbeat1979Producer
Carlene CarterSwap-Meat Rag1980Producer
Cindy BullensAnxious Heart1978Producer
Cindy BullensDesire Wire1978Producer
Cindy BullensFinally Rockin'1978Producer
Cindy BullensHigh School History1978Producer
Cindy BullensHottears1978Producer
Cindy BullensKnee Deep In Love1978Producer
Cindy BullensMean In Your Heart1978Producer
Cindy BullensSurvivor1978Producer
Cindy BullensTime 'N Charges1978Producer
Don DowningDoctor Boogie1978Producer
Don DowningHalf Past Love1978Producer
Don DowningI Don't Love You Like I Used To1978Music/Lyrics
(Robert Lance Quinn)
Don DowningLove Doctor1978Music/Lyrics
(Robert Lance Quinn)
Don DowningPlaymate1978Music/Lyrics
(Robert Lance Quinn)
Don DowningSugar And Spice1978Music/Lyrics
(Robert Lance Quinn)
Donnie MillerBlind Man's Bluff1989Producer
Donnie MillerI Can't Stop Flying1989Producer
Donnie MillerMe And You1989Producer
Donnie MillerNo Time For Running1989Producer
Donnie MillerNormal Guy (I Want Sex)1989Producer
Donnie MillerOne Of The Boys1989Producer
Donnie MillerThe Devil Wears Lingerie1989Producer
Donnie MillerThe Man Said No1989Producer
Donnie MillerWelcome Home1989Producer
Donnie MillerYou Can't Stop Emotion1989Producer
Joe ThomasGet In The Wind1978Music/Lyrics
Joe ThomasMake Your Move1979Music/Lyrics
Joe ThomasMr. Mumbles1978Music/Lyrics
Joe ThomasPlato's Retreat1978Music/Lyrics
Joe ThomasPolarizer1976Music/Lyrics
Jorge SantanaDarling I Love You1978Producer
Jorge SantanaLove The Way1978Producer
Jorge SantanaLove You, Love You1978Producer
Jorge SantanaNobody's Perfect1978Producer
Jorge SantanaOh! Tengo suerte1978Producer
Jorge SantanaSandy1978Producer
Jorge SantanaTonight You're Mine1978Producer
Jorge SantanaWe Were There1978Producer
Lita FordDancing On The Edge1984Producer
Lita FordDon't Let Me Down Tonight1984Producer
Lita FordDressed To Kill1984Producer
Lita FordFire In My Heart1984Producer
Lita FordGotta Let Go1984Producer
Lita FordHit And Run1984Producer
Lita FordLady Killer1984Producer
Lita FordRun With The $1984Producer
Lita FordStill Waitin'1984Producer
Lonnie SmithDo It1979Producer
MecoThe Empire Strikes Back1980Producer
MecoThe Force Theme1980Producer
MecoWerewolf (Loose In London)1981Producer
Nils LofgrenBig Tears Fall1985Producer
Nils LofgrenDelivery Night1985Producer
Nils LofgrenDreams Die Hard1985Producer
Nils LofgrenFlip Ya Flip1985Producer
Nils LofgrenFrom The Heart1985Producer
Nils LofgrenKing Of The Rock1985Producer
Nils LofgrenNew Holes In Old Shoes1985Producer
Nils LofgrenSecrets In The Street1985Producer
Nils LofgrenSweet Midnight1985Producer
Rezillos2000 AD1978Producer
RezillosBad Guy Reaction1978Producer
RezillosCold Wars1978Producer
RezillosGetting Me Down1978Producer
RezillosGlad All Over1978Producer
RezillosI Like It1978Producer
RezillosIt Gets Me1978Producer
RezillosSomebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight1978Producer
Robert GordonDrivin' Wheel1981Producer
Robert GordonSomeday, Someway1981Producer
Talking HeadsDon't Worry About The Government1977Producer
Talking HeadsFirst Week/Last Week...Carefree1977Producer
Talking HeadsHappy Day1977Producer
Talking HeadsI Feel It In My Heart1977Producer
Talking HeadsI Wish You Wouldn't Say That1977Producer
Talking HeadsNew Feeling1977Producer
Talking HeadsNo Compassion1977Producer
Talking HeadsPsycho Killer1977Producer
Talking HeadsPulled Up1977Producer
Talking HeadsTentative Decisions1977Producer
Talking HeadsThe Book I Read1977Producer
Talking HeadsUh-Oh, Love Comes To Town1977Producer
Talking HeadsWho Is It?1977Producer
The Elvis BrothersFull Speed Straight Ahead1983Producer
The Elvis BrothersHidden In A Heartbeat1983Producer
The Rezillos20,000 Rezillos Under The Sea1978Producer
The RezillosI Can't Stand My Baby1977Producer
Tuff DartsAll For The Love Of Rock 'N' Roll1978Producer
Runaway (Bon Jovi)1615.29
Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)705.01
Shot Through The Heart (Bon Jovi)225
She Don't Know Me (Bon Jovi)215
Roulette (Bon Jovi)224.95
Breakout (Bon Jovi)174.88
Come Back (Bon Jovi)224.86
Burning For Love (Bon Jovi)204.85
Only Lonely (Bon Jovi)154.73
Secrets In The Street (Nils Lofgren)74.71
Love Lies (Bon Jovi)174.71
Get Ready (Bon Jovi)164.69
Secret Dreams (Bon Jovi)134.62
Pulled Up (Talking Heads)74.57
King Of The Mountain (Bon Jovi)164.5
New Feeling (Talking Heads)64.5
Price Of Love (Bon Jovi)144.43
To The Fire (Bon Jovi)124.33
Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town (Talking Heads)124.33
I'll Be Holding On (Al Downing)64.33
Runaway (Bon Jovi)1615.29
Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)705.01
In And Out Of Love (Bon Jovi)424.17
Shot Through The Heart (Bon Jovi)225
Roulette (Bon Jovi)224.95
Come Back (Bon Jovi)224.86
Silent Night (Bon Jovi)224.18
She Don't Know Me (Bon Jovi)215
Burning For Love (Bon Jovi)204.85
Hardest Part Is The Night (Bon Jovi)194.26
Breakout (Bon Jovi)174.88
Love Lies (Bon Jovi)174.71
Get Ready (Bon Jovi)164.69
King Of The Mountain (Bon Jovi)164.5
Only Lonely (Bon Jovi)154.73
Price Of Love (Bon Jovi)144.43
Always Run To You (Bon Jovi)144.21
Secret Dreams (Bon Jovi)134.62
Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town (Talking Heads)124.33
To The Fire (Bon Jovi)124.33

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