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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: John H. Mercer, John Herndon Mercer, John Mercer
"Here Come The Waves" ChorHere Come The Waves Music/Lyrics
"Li'l Abner" EnsembleA Typical Day1956Music/Lyrics
"Li'l Abner" EnsembleRag Offen The Bush1956Music/Lyrics
"Li'l Abner" OrchestraOverture And A Typical Day1956Music/Lyrics
"St. Louis Woman" Choral Group and OrchestraLeavin' Time1946Music/Lyrics
"Star Spangled Rhythm" OrchestraMain Title1942Music/Lyrics
"You Were Never Lovelier" OrchestraYou Were Never Lovelier / Finale1943Music/Lyrics
2Cellos / London Symphony OrchestraMoon River2017Music/Lyrics
A$AP Ferg x Elle FanningMoon River2018Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Abbey LincolnSkylark2003Music/Lyrics
Acker Bilk & The Paramount Jazz BandI'm An Old Cow Hand1972Music/Lyrics
Adam FaithHit The Road To Dreamland1960Music/Lyrics
Ahmad JamalEmily1968Music/Lyrics
Al Cohn & Zoot SimsEmily1975Music/Lyrics
Al HibblerTrav'lin' Light1951Music/Lyrics
Al Hibbler With Leroy Lovett And His OrchestraEvery Hour On The Hour1954Music/Lyrics
Al HirtAnd The Angel Sings1958Music/Lyrics
Al HirtAutumn Leaves1965Music/Lyrics
Al HirtEasy Street1962Music/Lyrics
Al HirtFools Rush In1962Music/Lyrics
Al HirtTailgate Ramble1958Music/Lyrics
Al HirtWhile We Danced At The Mardi Gras1957Music/Lyrics
Al JarreauAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive2004Music/Lyrics
Al JarreauMidnight Sun2004Music/Lyrics
Al MartinoAutumn Leaves1966Music/Lyrics
Alexander StewartOne For My Baby2014Music/Lyrics
Alexander's Discotime BandI Remember You1976Music/Lyrics
André KostelanetzThat Old Black Magic1973Music/Lyrics
Andrea BocelliMoon River2015Music/Lyrics
Andrea MotisI Remember You2017Music/Lyrics
Andy RussellDearly Beloved1948Music/Lyrics
Andy RussellToo Marvelous For Words1948Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsAutumn Leaves1959Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsCharade1963Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsDream1965Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsEmily1964Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsI'm Old Fashioned1961Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsLaura1964Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsThe Bilbao Song1960Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsWhistling Away The Darkness1970Music/Lyrics
Angelika MilsterFür immer1998Music/Lyrics
Anita EllisA Bride's Wedding-Day Song (Thank You Mister Currier, Thank You Mister Ives)1952Music/Lyrics
Anita EllisNaughty But Nice1952Music/Lyrics
Anita O'DayEarly Autumn1958Music/Lyrics
Anita O'DayI'm With You1956Music/Lyrics
Anita O'Day & The Three SoundsWhen The World Was Young1962Music/Lyrics
Ann Hampton CallawayThat Old Black Magic1996Music/Lyrics
Anna Maria KaufmannMoon River2012Music/Lyrics
Anne DucrosI Thought About You2006Music/Lyrics
Anne SheltonBlues In The Night1977Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive1962Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinDrinking Again1964Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinI Wanna Be Around1963Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinSkylark1963Music/Lyrics
Art Blakey And The Jazz MessengersMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Art GarfunkelI Remember You2006Music/Lyrics
Art TatumCome Rain Or Come Shine1953Music/Lyrics
Art TatumDixieland Band1953Music/Lyrics
Art TatumToo Marvelous For Words1953Music/Lyrics
Art TatumWhen A Woman Loves A Man1953Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive1944Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawDay In – Day Out1939Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawLet's Take the Long Way Home1945Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawMister Meadowlark1940Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawNot Mine1942Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawSay It With A Kiss1939Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawThis Time The Dream's On Me1941Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawYou Grow Sweeter As The Years Go By1939Music/Lyrics
Artie Shaw & His OrchestraBlues In The Night1941Music/Lyrics
Audrey HepburnMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
B.B. King & Eric ClaptonCome Rain Or Come Shine2000Music/Lyrics
Baja Marimba BandDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandAutumn Leaves1966Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandCome Rain Or Come Shine1979Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandEmily2003Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandI Had Myself A True Love1964Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandLes feuilles mortes (Autumn Leaves)1966Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandMoon River2003Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandOnce Upon A Summertime1966Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand with John MayerCome Rain Or Come Shine2014Music/Lyrics
Barney KesselBlues In The Night1963Music/Lyrics
Barney KesselDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive2014Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowAnd The Angels Sing1994Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowI Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks1992Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowI Guess There Ain't No Santa Claus1990Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowI'm Old Fashioned2020Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowSummer Wind1998Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowWhen October Goes1984Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowWhen The Meadow Was Bloomin'1990Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow with Andy WilliamsMoon River2014Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow with Frankie LymonGoody Goody2014Music/Lyrics
Bea WainBlue Rain1943Music/Lyrics
Bell Boys QuartettThese Orchids If You Please1943Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Benjamin HermanNamely You2013Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Tommy KörbergMoon River2006Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanBob White1937Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanCan't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks1937Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanEeny Meeny Miney Mo1935Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanGoody Goody1956Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanI've Hitched My Wagon To A Star1937Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanLet That Be A Lesson To You1937Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanMister Meadowlark1940Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanPeter Piper1936Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanSilhouetted In The Moonlight1937Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanThe Dixieland Band1935Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanWhat'll They Think Of Next1940Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman & His OrchestraRiffin' The Scotch1933Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman And His OrchestraI Thought About You1939Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman And His OrchestraMake With The Kisses1939Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman And His OrchestraSanta Claus Came In The Spring1935Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman And Peggy LeeNot Mine1942Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman with Peggy Lee And Lou McGarrityBlues In The Night1942Music/Lyrics
Bernadette PetersThe Weekend Of A Private Secretary1981Music/Lyrics
Bert Kaempfert & His OrchestraLaura1970Music/Lyrics
Bertie BlackmanPeek-A-Boo2010Music/Lyrics
Beryl Davis with Geraldo & His OrchestraI'm Old Fashioned1943Music/Lyrics
Beryl Davis with the Geraldo StringsSkylark Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerCome Rain Or Come Shine1991Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerDrinking Again1973Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerI Remember You1991Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening2003Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1993Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerP.S. I Love You1991Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerSkylark1973Music/Lyrics
Betty Grable & Roy WebbBoys Will Be Boys1997Music/Lyrics
Betty HuttonArthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry1998Music/Lyrics
Betty HuttonIf You Built A Better Mousetrap1998Music/Lyrics
Betty HuttonI'm Doing It For Defense1942Music/Lyrics
Betty HuttonJoin The Navy Music/Lyrics
Betty HuttonThere's A Fellow Waiting In Poughkeepsie Music/Lyrics
Betty Jane RhodesThe Fleet's In1942Music/Lyrics
Biddu OrchestraI Could Have Danced All Night1975Music/Lyrics
Biddu OrchestraLaura1976Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboAccentuate The Positive (Ac-cent-tchu-ate)1959Music/Lyrics
Bill EvansDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Bill Evans / Toots ThielemansThe Days Of Wine And Roses1979Music/Lyrics
Bill FrisellMoon River2016Music/Lyrics
Bill Mays & Ray DrummondI Thought About You1991Music/Lyrics
Bill Mays & Ray DrummondSkylark1991Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayCome Rain Or Come Shine1955Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayDay In, Day Out1957Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayI Thought About You1954Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayIf You Were Mine1935Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayJeepers Creepers1938Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayMandy Is Two1942Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1957Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayTrav'lin' Light1942Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayWhen A Woman Loves A Man1938Music/Lyrics
Billy Dee WilliamsI Wonder What Became Of Me1961Music/Lyrics
Billy EckstineMoon River1963Music/Lyrics
Billy MayMoon River1992Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnAutumn Leaves1956Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnDream1957Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnLaura1957Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyAnd The Angels Sing1939Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyAutumn Leaves1950Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyBlues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me)1942Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyDearly Beloved1946Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyI'd Know You Anywhere1941Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening1957Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyMandy Is Two1942Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyOld Glory1942Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbySentimental And Melancholy1937Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbySummer Wind1977Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyToo Marvelous For Words1937Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyWhen The World Was Young1951Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyYou And I1941Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & Connie BoswellBob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight)1952Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & Fred AstaireIn The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening1951Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & Jane WymanIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening1951Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & Johnny MercerMr Meadowlark Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & Sonny TuftsAccentuate the Positive1944Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive1945Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & The Andrews SistersThere's A Fellow Waiting In Poughkeepsie1945Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby And Betty HuttonI Promise You Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby And Connie BoswellBob White (Watcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)1937Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby And Johnny MercerMister Meadowlark1941Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby And Johnny MercerOn Behalf Of The Visiting Firemen1941Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby And Johnny MercerThe Pleasure Of Your Company1975Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Betty HuttonLet's Take The Long Way Home Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Bob Crosby And His OrchestraYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby1938Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraJeepers Creepers1956Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraI'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande)1936Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraI Promise You1945Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraJune Comes Around Every Year1945Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraLegend Of Old California1940Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraLet's Take The Long Way Home1945Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraOut Of This World1945Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraSkylark1942Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Six Hits And A Miss And John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraOn The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe1945Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, Jack TeagardenThe Waiter And The Porter And The Upstairs Maid1941Music/Lyrics
Biréli LagrèneDays Of Wine And Roses1992Music/Lyrics
Bob BrookmeyerSkylark1964Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraDay In - Day Out1939Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1940Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraGoody Goody1936Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraI'd Know You Anywhere1940Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraYou And Your Love1939Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanAutumn Leaves2015Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanCome Rain Or Come Shine2016Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanDay In, Day Out2017Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanP.S. I Love You2017Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanSkylark2016Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanThat Old Black Magic2016Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanWhen The World Was Young2017Music/Lyrics
Bob Hope, William Bendix, Mary MartinWife, Husband And Wolf1942Music/Lyrics
Bobbejaan SchoepenBernadine1957Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinHave You Got Any Castles, Baby1960Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinSkylark1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinThe Days Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer with Billy May And His OrchestraBob White1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer with Billy May And His OrchestraIf I Had My Druthers1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer with Billy May And His OrchestraLonesome Polecat1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer with Billy May And His OrchestraTwo Of A Kind1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby GoldsboroI'll Remember You1971Music/Lyrics
Bobby HackettEmily1967Music/Lyrics
Bobby HackettLaura1967Music/Lyrics
Bobby McFerrin / Chick CoreaAutumn Leaves1992Music/Lyrics
Bobby Timmons TrioNamely You1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby TroupOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1955Music/Lyrics
Bobby TroupThat Old Black Magic1955Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeMoon River / Crying In The Rain / Sukiyaki / Sealed With A Kiss / My Dad1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonAutumn Leaves1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonMoon River1965Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonP.S. I Love You1967Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowFools Rush In1980Music/Lyrics
Boz ScaggsSkylark2008Music/Lyrics
Boz ScaggsThis Time The Dream's On Me2008Music/Lyrics
Bradley Walsh feat. Barney WalshOne For My Baby2017Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeFools Rush In (Were Angels Fear To Tread)1961Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeI Wanna Be Around1963Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonBlues In The Night1962Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonFools Rush In1960Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Bruce ForsythEmily2011Music/Lyrics
Bruce Johnson - Sébastien LemoineTwo Of A Kind2014Music/Lyrics
(John Herndon Mercer)
Bruce LowDie Wolkenschau1977Music/Lyrics
Bruno MartinoLaura1973Music/Lyrics
Buddy GrecoCome Rain Or Come Shine1962Music/Lyrics
Cab CallowayBlues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me)1941Music/Lyrics
Cab CallowayLet's Take The Long Way Home1945Music/Lyrics
Cab CallowayOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1951Music/Lyrics
Cab CallowaySays Who? Says You, Says I!1941Music/Lyrics
Café MondialCharade2003Music/Lyrics
Cal TjaderBlues In The Night1960Music/Lyrics
Cal TjaderCome Rain Or Come Shine1960Music/Lyrics
Cal TjaderOut Of This World1960Music/Lyrics
Cal Tjader QuintetJeepers Creepers1955Music/Lyrics
Cal Tjader's Modern Mambo QuintetMidnight Sun1954Music/Lyrics
Camillo FelgenBye Bye1973Music/Lyrics
Cannonball Adderley / Miles Davis / Hank Jones / Sam Jones / Art BlakeyAutumn Leaves1958Music/Lyrics
Captain & TennilleDream1978Music/Lyrics
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneMoon River2005Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Carla BruniMoon River2017Music/Lyrics
(John Herndon Mercer)
Carmen Alvarez / Pat Creighton / Lillian D'Honau / Boinnie Evans / Hope Holiday / Deedee WoodPut 'Em Back1956Music/Lyrics
Carmen McRaeTrav'lin' Light1962Music/Lyrics
Cass DaleyHe Loved Me Till The All-Clear Came Music/Lyrics
Charlie Byrd with Orchestra & ChorusMoment To Moment1967Music/Lyrics
Charlie Haden / Quartet West feat. Cassandra WilsonMy Love And I2010Music/Lyrics
Charlie ParkerLaura1950Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsAutumn Leaves1968Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsCharade1975Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsEmily1975Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsGuitar Country1964Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsI Remember You1964Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsThe Glow Worm1957Music/Lyrics
Chet Atkins C.G.P.Dream1994Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerAutumn Leaves1974Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerCome Rain Or Come Shine1957Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerI Remember You1955Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerI'm Old Fashioned1958Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerTangerine1974Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerTrav'lin' Light1995Music/Lyrics
ChicagoBlues In The Night1995Music/Lyrics
ChicagoGoody Goody1995Music/Lyrics
Chick BullockFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1940Music/Lyrics
Chris BottiOne For My Baby2004Music/Lyrics
Chris ConnorCome Rain Or Come Shine1959Music/Lyrics
Chris ConnorFancy Free1958Music/Lyrics
Chris ConnorMy Shining Hour1958Music/Lyrics
Christina JaccardBlues In The Night2008Music/Lyrics
Christoph SpendelDays Of Wine And Roses2001Music/Lyrics
Clark TerrySounds Of The Night1963Music/Lyrics
Clark Terry QuintetThat Old Black Magic1957Music/Lyrics
Claudia JungFür immer [2015]2015Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineEarly Autumn1973Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineTalk To Me Baby1973Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardAccentuate The Positive2010Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsDream1961Music/Lyrics
Clifford "Brownie" Brown QuartetCome Rain Or Come Shine1954Music/Lyrics
ColdcutAutumn Leaves1993Music/Lyrics
Coleman HawkinsLove Song From Apache1963Music/Lyrics
Coleman Hawkins & Ben WebsterTangerine1957Music/Lyrics
Colin ThackeryMoon River2019Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisCome Rain Or Come Shine1959Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisFür immer1966Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisYou Know You Don't Want Me (So Why Don't You Leave Me Alone)1964Music/Lyrics
Connie StevensHave You Got Any Castles, Baby1962Music/Lyrics
Connie StevensThe Girl Friend Of The Whirling Dervish1962Music/Lyrics
Count BasieYou And Your Love1939Music/Lyrics
Count Basie And His Orchestra / Tony BennettJeepers Creepers1959Music/Lyrics
Curtis StigersDays Of Wine And Roses2002Music/Lyrics
Dami ImAutumn Leaves2018Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Danilo PerezSkylark1993Music/Lyrics
Danny MirrorI Remember You1977Music/Lyrics
Danny WilliamsMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Dave BrubeckJeepers Creepers1955Music/Lyrics
Dave Brubeck TrioLaura1956Music/Lyrics
Dave Brubeck TrioThat Old Black Magic1956Music/Lyrics
Dave Brubeck TrioToo Marvelous For Words1950Music/Lyrics
Dave Brubeck with Tony BennettThat Old Black Magic1971Music/Lyrics
Dave DudleyFools Rush In1971Music/Lyrics
Dave Koz feat. Barry ManilowMoon River2007Music/Lyrics
David 'Fathead' NewmanOne For My Baby2013Music/Lyrics
David RaksinLaura1944Music/Lyrics
David SanbornBlues In The Night2010Music/Lyrics
David SanbornCome Rain Or Come Shine1995Music/Lyrics
De LunaMoon River1995Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinBaby-O1962Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinDream1959Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinFools Rush In1964Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Dean MartinHit The Road To Dreamland1959Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening1951Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinTangerine1962Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinThe Glow Worm1958Music/Lyrics
Deborah SassonMoon River2015Music/Lyrics
Dee Dee BridgewaterMidnight Sun1997Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseAnd The Angels Sing1960Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseGoody Goody1960Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseOne For My Baby1956Music/Lyrics
Denise JannahDearly Beloved1999Music/Lyrics
Denise JannahEarly Autumn2015Music/Lyrics
Denise JannahThat Old Black Magic2015Music/Lyrics
Der Botho Lucas-ChorTräum' wenn du einsam bist1964Music/Lyrics
Dexter GordonDays Of Wine And Roses1975Music/Lyrics
Dexter GordonTangerine1975Music/Lyrics
Diahann CarrollI Wonder What Became Of Me1967Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallDay In Day Out2006Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallDream2017Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallI Remember You2001Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallToo Marvelous For Words2009Music/Lyrics
Diane SchuurI Thought About You1993Music/Lyrics
Diane SchuurSouthwind2003Music/Lyrics
Diane SchuurWhen October Goes2003Music/Lyrics
Dianne ReevesMidnight Sun2008Music/Lyrics
Dick HaymesCome Rain Or Come Shine1955Music/Lyrics
Dick Powell & Mary MartinHit The Road To Dreamland1942Music/Lyrics
Die Geschwister PfisterAccentuate The Positive2009Music/Lyrics
Die Ricky BoysMuss das sein1963Music/Lyrics
Die Ricky BoysMy Sunny Baby1963Music/Lyrics
Diggin' The BluesCome Rain Or Come Shine2014Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Dinah ShoreBlues In The Night1942Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreI Thought About You2000Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreI'm Old Fashioned1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreSkylark1960Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonDream1954Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonDrinking Again1962Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonI Remember You1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonI Thought About You1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonI Wanna Be Around1963Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonJeepers Creepers1962Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonSomething's Gotta Give1964Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonWhen A Woman Loves A Man1946Music/Lyrics
DionFools Rush In1961Music/Lyrics
DionOne For My Baby1961Music/Lyrics
DionP.S. I Love You1961Music/Lyrics
Dizzy GillespieDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtJeepers Creepers1939Music/Lyrics
Don Byas QuartetLaura1952Music/Lyrics
Don EstelleToo Marvellous For Words1984Music/Lyrics
Don ShirleyOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1962Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondMoon River2014Music/Lyrics
Doris Day(I Ain't Hep To That Step But I'll) Dig It Music/Lyrics
Doris DayAutumn Leaves1956Music/Lyrics
Doris DayBaby Doll1952Music/Lyrics
Doris DayFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1962Music/Lyrics
Doris DayHooray For Hollywood1958Music/Lyrics
Doris DayI Remember You1956Music/Lyrics
Doris DayLove In A Home1956Music/Lyrics
Doris DayOops!1952Music/Lyrics
Doris DaySorry1967Music/Lyrics
Doris DayThat Old Black Magic1958Music/Lyrics
Doris Day and Harry JamesToo Marvelous For Words1950Music/Lyrics
Doris Day with Frank De Vol & His OrchestraBlues In The Night1958Music/Lyrics
Dorothy LamourI Remember You1942Music/Lyrics
Dorothy Lamour & Betty HuttonNot Mine1998Music/Lyrics
Dorothy SquiresAutumn Leaves1969Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnBlues In The Night2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnCome Rain Or Come Shine2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnDream2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnHit The Road To Dreamland2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnI'm An Old Cow Hand2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnLazy Bones2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnMoon River2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnPersonality2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnSatin Doll1999Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnTangerine2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnThat Old Black Magic2006Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby2006Music/Lyrics
Duane EddyMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Duke EllingtonCharade1966Music/Lyrics
Duke EllingtonDays Of Wine And Roses1966Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington And His Famous OrchestraSatin Doll1953Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraAutumn Leaves1958Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraThings Ain't What They Used To Be1942Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington's SpacemenMidnight Sun1958Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticAutumn Leaves1959Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticDream1956Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticThat Old Black Magic1960Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantDream1957Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantI Wanna Be Around1963Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantSatin Doll1964Music/Lyrics
Earl Hines And His Orchestra / Billy EckstineSkylark1942Music/Lyrics
Eddie Anderson, Katherine Dunham & Slim + SlamSmart As A Tack1942Music/Lyrics
Eddie Bracken / William Holden / Dorothy Lamour / Betty Hutton / Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraFinale1998Music/Lyrics
Eddy ArnoldJust Across The Mountain1968Music/Lyrics
Eddy ArnoldThe Summer Wind1968Music/Lyrics
Eddy Duchin And His OrchestraWhen A Woman Loves A Man1934Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellCe diable noir1963Music/Lyrics
Eden KaneCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Edith Adams / Peter PalmerLove In A Home1956Music/Lyrics
Edith Adams / Peter PalmerNamely You1956Music/Lyrics
Edith Adams / Peter Palmer / "Li'l Abner" EnsembleUnnecessary Town1956Music/Lyrics
Edith Adams / Stubby KayeI'm Past My Prime1956Music/Lyrics
Edmund HockridgeMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Elaine StritchAnd The Angels Sing1956Music/Lyrics
Eliane EliasI Thought About You2013Music/Lyrics
Elke SommerYou Know You Don't Want Me1965Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive1961Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldAnd The Angels Sing1965Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBaby Don't You Quit Now1990Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBlues In The Night1958Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldCome Rain Or Come Shine1961Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldDay In - Day Out1964Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldDays Of Wine And Roses1970Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldDream1964Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldEarly Autumn1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI Remember You1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI Thought About You1957Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI'm Old Fashioned1963Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldLaura1964Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMidnight Sun1957Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMy Shining Hour1961Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road) 1960Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldOut Of This World1958Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSatin Doll1956Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSingle 'O1964Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSkylark1964Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSomething's Gotta Give1964Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThat Old Black Magic1955Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThis Time The Dream's On Me1961Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldToo Marvelous For Words1964Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldTravlin' Light1958Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldWhen A Woman Loves A Man1964Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Frank DeVol & His OrchestraGoody Goody1957Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong With Dave Barbour And His OrchestraOops!1952Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Sonny Burke And His OrchestraBaby Doll1951Music/Lyrics
Ella Mae MorseAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive1957Music/Lyrics
Ella Mae MorseDay In - Day Out1957Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1971Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonAutumn Leaves2010Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Ernie WattsSkylark1991Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerAutumn Leaves1969Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerLaura2016Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerSkylark1949Music/Lyrics
Esther PhillipsFools Rush In1976Music/Lyrics
Ethel Waters With Edward Mallory And His OrchestraJeepers Creepers1938Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesCome Rain Or Come Shine2001Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesDream1961Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesOne For My Baby (And One More for the Road)1961Music/Lyrics
Eva CassidyAutumn Leaves1996Music/Lyrics
Father Tom VaughnAutumn Leaves1967Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherAutumn Leaves1961Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherOut Of This World1957Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherThat Old Black Magic1953Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerMoon River1964Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerThe Summer Wind1966Music/Lyrics
Foster SylversGoody Goody1978Music/Lyrics
Four PrepsDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Four PrepsMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Frank IfieldI Remember You1961Music/Lyrics
Frank OceanMoon River2018Music/Lyrics
Frank RosolinoCome Rain Or Come Shine1961Music/Lyrics
Frank RosolinoThat Old Black Magic1961Music/Lyrics
Frank RosolinoToo Marvelous For Words1961Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraAutumn Leaves1957Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraBlues In The Night1958Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraCome Rain Or Come Shine1946Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDay In Day Out1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDream (When You're Feeling Blue)1945Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDrinking Again1967Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraEmily1964Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraEmpty Tables1975Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraFools Rush In1940Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraGoody Goody1962Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI Thought About You1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI Wanna Be Around1964Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening1964Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraJeepers Creepers1954Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraLaura1949Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMoment To Moment1965Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMoon River1964Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMy Shining Hour1944Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1947Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Frank SinatraP.S. I Love You1957Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraSomething's Gotta Give1959Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraSummer Wind1966Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraTalk To Me Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraTangerine1962Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThat Old Black Magic1947Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraToo Marvelous For Words1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraTwo Hearts Are Better Than One1946Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraWhen The World Was Young1962Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Gloria EstefanCome Rain Or Come Shine1993Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Julio IglesiasSummer Wind1993Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Kenny G.All The Way / One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1993Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Tom ScottOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)2013Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra / Tommy Dorsey & His OrchestraFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) Music/Lyrics
Frankie LaineIf You Were Mine1955Music/Lyrics
Frankie Laine & Jo Stafford With Paul Weston & His OrchestraIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening1951Music/Lyrics
Frankie Lymon & The TeenagersGoody Goody1957Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire(I Ain't Hep To That Step, But I'll) Dig It1940Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire(I'm) Building Up To An Awful Letdown 1976Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireBaby Doll1952Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireBachelor Dinner Song1952Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireDearly Beloved1942Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireDoing The 'Shorty George'1992Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireI Wanna Be A Dancin' Man1951Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireI'm Building Up To An Awful Let-Down1936Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireI'm Old Fashioned1942Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireLove Of My Live1940Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireMe And The Ghost Upstairs1940Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireOn The Beam1943Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1943Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireOops!1952Music/Lyrics
Fred AstairePoor Mister Chisholm1940Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireSeeing's Believing1952Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireSluefoot1955Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireSomething's Gotta Give1955Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireThe "Shorty George"1943Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireThe Afterbeat1959Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireWedding In The Spring1943Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireWhen I'm Out With The Belle Of New York1952Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireYou Were Never Lovelier1942Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Joan LeslieI've Got A Lot In Common With You1997Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Joan LeslieMy Shining Hour1997Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Nan WynnDearly Beloved1943Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Nan WynnI'm Old Fashioned1942Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Nan WynnThe Shorty George1943Music/Lyrics
Fred BertelmannDer alte Zauber zwischen dir und mir1971Music/Lyrics
Fred Waring's SingersDay In, Day Out1944Music/Lyrics
Fred Weyrich / Walter Dobschinski mit seinen SolistenWolkenschau1951Music/Lyrics
Freda PayneOut Of This World1964Music/Lyrics
Freddie Slack & His OrchestraMy Shining Hour1997Music/Lyrics
Freddie Slack And His Orchestra, Ella Mae MorseOld Rob Roy1942Music/Lyrics
Friend 'N FellowSkylark2005Music/Lyrics
Garry HaggerThe Summerwind1998Music/Lyrics
Gary BurtonMidnight Sun2001Music/Lyrics
Gary Crosby And Louis ArmstrongLazybones1956Music/Lyrics
Gene AmmonsI Remember You1961Music/Lyrics
Gene AmmonsSkylark1962Music/Lyrics
Gene Ammons / Etta Jones / Jack McDuffToo Marvelous For Words1963Music/Lyrics
Gene Krupa & His OrchestraSkylark1942Music/Lyrics
Gene Krupa, His Orchestra And Anita O'Day feat. Roy EldridgeSkylark1941Music/Lyrics
Gene McDanielsAutumn Leaves1960Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyAutumn Leaves1963Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyFoglie morte1964Music/Lyrics
Geoff & Maria MuldaurLazy Bones1972Music/Lyrics
George Benson feat. The Count Basie OrchestraSkylark1990Music/Lyrics
George MichaelI Remember You1999Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
George Shearing / Mel TorméHere's To My Lady1983Music/Lyrics
George Shearing / Mel TorméHow Do You Say Auf Wiedersehen?1983Music/Lyrics
Georgia GibbsCome Rain Or Come Shine1955Music/Lyrics
Georgie Fame And Annie RossThe Old Music Master1981Music/Lyrics
Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet BakerTrav'lin Light1957Music/Lyrics
Gerry RaffertyLonesome Polecat1994Music/Lyrics
Gil VenturaDays Of Wine And Roses1974Music/Lyrics
GillaThe Summerwind1979Music/Lyrics
GitteOut Of This World1969Music/Lyrics
Gitte HænningCome Rain, Come Shine2007Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Glen CampbellI Remember You1987Music/Lyrics
Glen Gray And The Casa Loma OrchestraMy Shining Hour1944Music/Lyrics
Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra With Louis Armstrong And Pee Wee HuntLazy Bones1939Music/Lyrics
Glenn FreyI Wanna Be Around2012Music/Lyrics
Glenn MillerBlue Rain1939Music/Lyrics
Glenn MillerG.I. Jive1972Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1940Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraSkylark1942Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraThat Old Black Magic1943Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller & His Orchestra, Ray Eberle & The ModernairesBlues In The Night Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller And His OrchestraDearly Beloved1942Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller And His OrchestraI'm Old Fashioned1942Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller And His OrchestraThe Rumba Jumps!1940Music/Lyrics
Goody GoodyGoody Goody1978Music/Lyrics
Götz AlsmannDer alte Zauber2014Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Grace JonesAutumn Leaves1978Music/Lyrics
Gracie FieldsMoon River Music/Lyrics
GreyhoundMoon River1971Music/Lyrics
Hal KempLost2000Music/Lyrics
Hampton HawesI Remember You1956Music/Lyrics
Harold ArlenAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive1966Music/Lyrics
Harold ArlenBlues In The Night1966Music/Lyrics
Harold ArlenHit The Road To Dreamland1966Music/Lyrics
Harold ArlenMy Shining Hour1966Music/Lyrics
Harold AshbyDays Of Wine And Roses1981Music/Lyrics
Harold AshbyI'm Old Fashioned1991Music/Lyrics
Harold AshbySatin Doll1993Music/Lyrics
Harold Nicholas with "St. Louis Woman" Choral Group and OrchestraRidin' On The Moon1946Music/Lyrics
Harrison CraigIt Had Better Be Tonight2013Music/Lyrics
Harry BelafonteOne For My Baby1958Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick Jr.Charade1999Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick Jr.Lazy Bones2007Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Harry Connick, Jr.I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande)1992Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick, Jr.Lazybones1992Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick, Jr.On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe1992Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick, Jr.Tangerine1992Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick, Jr.This Time The Dream's On Me1992Music/Lyrics
Heinz-Becker-BarquintettJeepers Creepers1949Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroBlues In The Night1962Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroGoody Goody1961Music/Lyrics
Helge Schneider & Pete YorkOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)2017Music/Lyrics
Helmut LottiMoon River2006Music/Lyrics
Henry Allen And His OrchestraLost1936Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniDarling Lili1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniIt Had Better Be Tonight1963Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMoment To Moment1969Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMoon River Cha Cha1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniPhone Call To The Past1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Girl In No Man's Land1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Sweetheart Tree1965Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraCharade1963Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraDays Of Wine And Roses1962Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraJust For Tonight1962Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraThe Pink Panther Theme1963Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassIn An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande)1969Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassMoon River1969Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana BrassAnd The Angels Sing1965Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert's Tijuana BrassTangerine1965Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannCome Rain Or Come Shine1968Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannLazy Bones1957Music/Lyrics
Hildegard KnefIch dachte an dich1975Music/Lyrics
Hildegard KnefNoch einen Drink auf die Liebe1975Music/Lyrics
HilltoppersP.S. I Love You1953Music/Lyrics
Hi-Lo'sYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby1961Music/Lyrics
Holly ColeCharade2006Music/Lyrics
Holly ColeThat Old Black Magic2000Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Holly ColeThe Midnight Sun2003Music/Lyrics
Hollywood Studio OrchestraBreakfast At Tiffany's / Moonriver Music/Lyrics
Horst JankowskiDays Of Wine And Roses1967Music/Lyrics
Horst JankowskiMoon River1967Music/Lyrics
Hot OwlsJeepers Creepers1975Music/Lyrics
Hotcha TrioGoody, Goody1995Music/Lyrics
Howard KeelBless Your Beautiful Hide1984Music/Lyrics
Howard St. JohnProgress Is The Root Of All Evil1956Music/Lyrics
Hugh LaurieOne For My Baby2013Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Ibernice MacBeanMoonriver2013Music/Lyrics
Iggy PopOne For My Baby1995Music/Lyrics
Ilja Glusgal / Heinz-Becker-BarquintettI'm An Old Cow-Hand Music/Lyrics
Inge BrandenburgGoody Goody1959Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraGotta Get Some Shut-Eye1939Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraLazy Bones1933Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraYou Grow Sweeter As The Years Go By1939Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesBaby, Don't You Quit Now1968Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesDixieand Band1961Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesEmily1964Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesI'm Old Fashioned1963Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesLove With The Proper Stranger1963Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisBlues In The Night (My Mamma Done Tol' Me)1963Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisCentral Park1957Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisI've Hitched My Wagon To A Star1958Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisJubilation T. Cornpone1958Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisMidnight Sun1963Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisOne For My Baby (And One For The Road)1963Music/Lyrics
Jackie GleasonDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Jackie GleasonWhen A Woman Loves A Man1952Music/Lyrics
Jackie Gleason And His OrchestraAutumn Leaves1955Music/Lyrics
Jackie LeeLazy Bones1971Music/Lyrics
Jackie WilsonI Wanna Be Around1965Music/Lyrics
James BrownI Wanna Be Around1964Music/Lyrics
James DarrenP.S. I Love You1960Music/Lyrics
James DarrenSatin Doll1999Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
James DarrenThat Old Black Magic1999Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
James LastSole, Sole, Sole / Ich möcht' so gern mit dir nach Hause geh'n / Goody-Goody1965Music/Lyrics
James LastTrue Love / Moon River1965Music/Lyrics
James TaylorMoon River2020Music/Lyrics
Jamie CullumOut Of This World2014Music/Lyrics
Jay Wilbur & His BandYour Heart And Mine1936Music/Lyrics
Jazz Club TrioAutumn Leaves2005Music/Lyrics
Jean StoutLe roi de mauvais aloi1972Music/Lyrics
Jeanne Lee & Ran BlakeLaura1972Music/Lyrics
Jeanne Lee with Ran BlakeLaura1962Music/Lyrics
Jerri WintersThis Time The Dream's On Me1955Music/Lyrics
Jerry ButlerMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Jess RodenDrinking Again1977Music/Lyrics
Jim NaborsYou Know You Don't Want Me1967Music/Lyrics
Jimmie LuncefordBlues In The Night1941Music/Lyrics
Jimmie RowlesSkylark1977Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey & His OrchestraTangerine1942Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra(Love's Got Me In A) Lazy Mood1947Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraArthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry1942Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraDream1945Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraI Remember You1942Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraIf You Build A Better Mousetrap1942Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraLove Is Where You Find It1938Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraNot Mine1942Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraThe Bad Humor Man1940Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraThe Week End Of A Private Secretary1938Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraTomorrow You Belong To Uncle Sammy1998Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraWelcome Stranger1936Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraYou've Got Me This Way1940Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Lunceford & OrchestraBlues In The Night Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Scott feat. Monica Mancini & Arturo SandovalI Remember You2017Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Jimmy SmithI'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande)1962Music/Lyrics
Jo StaffordAny Place I Hang My Hat Is Home1958Music/Lyrics
Jo StaffordAutumn Leaves1950Music/Lyrics
Jo StaffordFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1950Music/Lyrics
Jo StaffordMidnight Sun1960Music/Lyrics
Jo StaffordToo Marvelous For Words1944Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford and Johnny Mercer with Paul Weston And His Orchestra(Yodel Blues) They Talk A Different Language1949Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford and Johnny Mercer with Paul Weston And His OrchestraIt's Great To Be Alive1949Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford and The Starlighter with Paul Weston And His OrchestraBlues In The Night2003Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraCome Rain Or Come Shine1953Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraEarly Autumn1952Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraI Promise You1944Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraI Remember You1944Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraLet's Take The Long Way Home1944Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston And His OrchestraOut Of This World1945Music/Lyrics
Jo Stafford with The Art Van Damme QuintetOne For My Baby1957Music/Lyrics
Joan BaezAutumn Leaves2003Music/Lyrics
Joan LeslieMy Shining Hour1997Music/Lyrics
Jochen Brauer SextettJeeper Creepers1959Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanAutumn Leaves2007Music/Lyrics
Joe FarrellCome Rain Or Come Shine1978Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Joe Jackson / Lilian VieiraPerdido / Satin Doll2012Music/Lyrics
John AltmanMoon River2004Music/Lyrics
John ColtraneCome Rain Or Shine1965Music/Lyrics
John ColtraneI'm Old Fashioned1957Music/Lyrics
John Coltrane & Sonny ClarkCome Rain Or Come Shine1957Music/Lyrics
John DenverI Remember You1986Music/Lyrics
John DenverOn The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe1997Music/Lyrics
John GaryOnce Upon A Summertime1967Music/Lyrics
John ScofieldI'm An Old Cowhand2016Music/Lyrics
John WalkerCome Rain Or Come Shine1966Music/Lyrics
John WilliamsMoon River1996Music/Lyrics
Johnnie JohnstonThat Old Black Magic1942Music/Lyrics
Johnnie Johnston with Paul Baron And His OrchestraLaura1945Music/Lyrics
Johnnie Ray With The Bill Taylor QuartettToo Marvellous For Words1958Music/Lyrics
Johnnie TaylorBlues In The Night1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny & The HurricanesSatin Doll1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny FarnhamJubilation T. Cornpone1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny HartmanCharade1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisDarling Lili1970Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisDay In, Day Out1957Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisEarly Autumn1957Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisLife Is What You Make It1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisMoon River1968Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisThat Black Old Magic1957Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisThe Sweetheart Tree1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisWhen The World Was Young1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny MercerGI Jive1944Music/Lyrics
Johnny Mercer And Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His OrchestraConversation While Dancing1945Music/Lyrics
Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers with Paul Weston And His OrchestraAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive1944Music/Lyrics
Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraDixieland Band1944Music/Lyrics
Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraJamboree Jones1944Music/Lyrics
Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraOn The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe1945Music/Lyrics
Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraOn The Nodaway Road1944Music/Lyrics
Johnny Mercer, Jo Stafford And The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraBlues In The Night1944Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashAnd The Angels Sing1959Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashJeepers Creepers1959Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashOne For My Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversDays Of Wine And Roses1966Music/Lyrics
Jonathan KingLazybones1971Music/Lyrics
Joni JamesWait And See1959Music/Lyrics
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with John CaleI Wanna Be Around2001Music/Lyrics
Jørgen IngmannJeepers Creepers1977Music/Lyrics
José FelicianoGoody Goody1966Music/Lyrics
José FelicianoYou Know You Don't Want Me1966Music/Lyrics
José JamesI Thought About You2015Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingCome Rain Or Come Shine1993Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingThat Old Black Magic1993Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandAny Place I Hang My Hat Is Home1956Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandBlues In The Night (My Mom Done Tol' Me)1941Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandCome Rain Or Come Shine1956Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandDay In, Day Out1958Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandOn The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe1945Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandThat Old Black Magic1943Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland & Bing CrosbyYou've Got Me Where You Want Me1945Music/Lyrics
Julian Lage GroupAutumn Leaves2011Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsEmily1964Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonBlues In The Night1957Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonDream1966Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonFools Rush In1956Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonGoody Goody1958Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City1956Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI Remember You1963Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI Wanna Be Around1963Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI'll Cry Tomorrow1955Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonLaura1955Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonOne For My Baby1959Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonTrav'lin' Light1961Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonWhen The World Was Young1962Music/Lyrics
Julie RogersSomething's Gotta Give1965Music/Lyrics
Jumpin' SevenThe Days Of Wines And Roses1982Music/Lyrics
June ChristyI Remember You Music/Lyrics
June Hawkins with "St. Louis Woman" OrchestraI Had Myself A True Love1946Music/Lyrics
June Hawkins with "St. Louis Woman" OrchestraSleep Peaceful (Mr. Used-To-Be)1946Music/Lyrics
June Hutton and The Pied Pipers with Paul Weston And His OrchestraThere's A Fellow Waiting In Poughkeepsie1944Music/Lyrics
Kai Warner's Salsoul SensationTangerine1975Music/Lyrics
Karel GottMěsíční řeka1965Music/Lyrics
Karel GottMoon River1968Music/Lyrics
Karen LanoSkylark2009Music/Lyrics
Katie MeluaBlues In The Night2005Music/Lyrics
Keely SmithAutumn Leaves1957Music/Lyrics
Ken DoddFools Rush In1962Music/Lyrics
Kenny BurrellThis Time The Dream's On Me1956Music/Lyrics
Kenny RogersI Remember You1994Music/Lyrics
King PleasureThat Old Black Magic1972Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichJeepers Creepers1974Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichThe Last Waltz / Moon River Music/Lyrics
Kurt Elling feat. Stu MindemanSkylark2018Music/Lyrics
Kyle BielfieldAutumn Leaves2018Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Lana CantrellWhen The World Was Young (Ah, The Apple Trees)1969Music/Lyrics
Larry Clinton And His OrchestraJeepers Creepers1938Music/Lyrics
Lars GullinJeepers Creepers1958Music/Lyrics
Lawrence WelkMoon River1967Music/Lyrics
Lee AndrewsP.S. I Love You1961Music/Lyrics
Len BarryCome Rain Or Shine1967Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneAny Place I Hang My Hat Is Home1957Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneDay In - Day Out1957Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneI Wanna Be Around1965Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneI Wonder What Became Of Me1957Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneIt Had Better Be Tonight1965Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneOut Of This World1957Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneRidin' On The Moon1957Music/Lyrics
Leo WrightSkylark1970Music/Lyrics
Leon RedboneLazybones1975Music/Lyrics
Les BaxterOut Of This World1956Music/Lyrics
Les Brown And His Band Of RenownSomething's Gotta Give1955Music/Lyrics
Les Chaussettes NoiresCe diable noir1963Music/Lyrics
Les McCannJeepers Creepers1961Music/Lyrics
Les McCannOut Of This World1962Music/Lyrics
LiberaceMoon River1979Music/Lyrics
Liesbeth ListNou drink ik alweer1996Music/Lyrics
Lillian BriggsBlues In The Night1959Music/Lyrics
Lillian RothGoody Goody1957Music/Lyrics
Lina RomayWedding In The Spring1943Music/Lyrics
Lincoln Mayorga & Amanda McBroomHooray For Hollywood / Growing Up In Hollywood Town1980Music/Lyrics
Linda DavisCome Rain Or Come Shine2007Music/Lyrics
Linda EderOne For My Baby1999Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtSkylark1984Music/Lyrics
Linda ScottGoody Goody1962Music/Lyrics
Little MiltonBlues In The Night1964Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliMy Shining Hour1965Music/Lyrics
Lloyd PriceBlues In The Night1961Music/Lyrics
Lloyd PriceJeepers Creepers1960Music/Lyrics
LoboP.S. I Love You1997Music/Lyrics
Lois LaneShobby Dooin'1968Music/Lyrics
Lothar LöfflerI'll Walk Alone / Say It With A Kiss / I Left My Heart In San Francisco /Alone1981Music/Lyrics
Lou RawlsAutumn Leaves1965Music/Lyrics
Lou RawlsOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1968Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongAnd The Angels Sing1957Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1957Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongMoon River1964Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongRosie1967Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong / Oscar PetersonBlues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me)1957Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraAs Long As You Live You'll Be Dead If You Die1938Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraJeepers Creepers1939Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraLet That Be A Lesson To You1938Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraSomething Tells Me1938Music/Lyrics
Louis JordanG.I. Jive1944Music/Lyrics
Louis PrimaCome Rain Or Come Shine1946Music/Lyrics
Louis PrimaI'm An Old Cowhand1976Music/Lyrics
Louis PrimaLet's Take The Long Way Home1944Music/Lyrics
Louis Prima & Keely SmithAnd The Angels Sing1959Music/Lyrics
Louis Prima & Keely Smith with Sam Butera & The WitnessesThat Old Black Magic1958Music/Lyrics
Louis Prima with Sam Butera And The WitnessesGlow-Worm1961Music/Lyrics
Louis van Dyke / Rogier van OtterlooEmily1973Music/Lyrics
Lucky BlondoIsabelle1962Music/Lyrics
Lucky BlondoVous souvenez-vous1963Music/Lyrics
Luiz BonfáThat Old Black Magic1965Music/Lyrics
Lys AssiaFür immer1961Music/Lyrics
Mabel ToddSays Who? Says You, Says I Music/Lyrics
Macy GrayOne For Me2007Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxThe Summer Wind2006Music/Lyrics
Magos & LimónSkylark2014Music/Lyrics
Mal Waldron TrioAutumn Leaves1981Music/Lyrics
Manfred Krug & Charles BrauerGoody Goody1997Music/Lyrics
Manfred MannAutumn Leaves1966Music/Lyrics
MantovaniMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Manuel & His Music Of The MountainsFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1969Music/Lyrics
Manuel & His Music Of The MountainsMoon River1969Music/Lyrics
Marc Breaux / Ralph Linn / George Reeder / Stanly SimmondsOh, Happy Day1956Music/Lyrics
Marc Tanner BandHollywood Star (Hooray For Hollywood)1979Music/Lyrics
Margaret WhitingCome Rain Or Come Shine1946Music/Lyrics
Margaret Whiting with Freddie Slack and his OrchestraThat Old Black Magic Music/Lyrics
Marianne FaithfullBibao-Song1998Music/Lyrics
Marie GreeneIt's A Woman's Prerogative1946Music/Lyrics
Marilyn MonroeThat Old Black Magic2002Music/Lyrics
Mario LanzaSong Of India1953Music/Lyrics
Marion RyanJeepers Creepers1959Music/Lyrics
Marjorie Reynolds, Betty Rhodes & Donna DrakeOn The Swing Shift1942Music/Lyrics
Mark LaneganAutumn Leaves2013Music/Lyrics
Marlene DietrichCome Rain Or Come Shine1952Music/Lyrics
Martin Böttcher & sein OrchesterCharade1970Music/Lyrics
Martin Böttcher & sein OrchesterLaura1968Music/Lyrics
Martin Böttcher & sein OrchesterMoon River1967Music/Lyrics
Marvin GayeDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Marvin GayeOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1966Music/Lyrics
Mary CoughlanOne For My Baby2002Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeDon't Go1994Music/Lyrics
Mary WellsGoody Goody 1963Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroAutumn Leaves1968Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroDays Of Wine And Roses1968Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroFools Rush In1964Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroMoment To Moment1967Music/Lyrics
Mavis RiversDay In, Day Out1961Music/Lyrics
Mavis RiversIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening1992Music/Lyrics
Max GregerGoody-Goody1974Music/Lyrics
Mel TorméBlues In The Night1959Music/Lyrics
Mel TorméP.S. I Love You Music/Lyrics
Mel Tormé - Rob McConnell And The Boss BrassDuke Ellington Medley1986Music/Lyrics
Mel Tormé with Billy MayThe Rhumba Jumps1966Music/Lyrics
Michael BallSummer Wind2011Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléDream2007Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléI Wanna Be Around2016Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléIt Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio stasera)2007Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléSummer Wind2003Music/Lyrics
Michael FeinsteinAnd So To Bed1995Music/Lyrics
Michael FeinsteinFools Rush In2008Music/Lyrics
Michael HirteMoon River2009Music/Lyrics
Michael HollidaySkylark1960Music/Lyrics
Michael von der HeideEin Drink auf die Liebe2001Music/Lyrics
Michel LeebUn dernier pour la route2014Music/Lyrics
Michel LegrandAutumn Leaves1974Music/Lyrics
Michel LegrandLaura1974Music/Lyrics
Michel LegrandMoon River1974Music/Lyrics
Michel PetruccianiSatin Doll1993Music/Lyrics
Michelle WilliamsThat Old Black Magic2011Music/Lyrics
Mike Auldridge - Jerry Douglas - Rob IckesTill There Was You / Moon River2014Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisI Thought About You1961Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisMoon Dreams1950Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisOnce Upon A Summertime1962Music/Lyrics
Mills BrothersAnd The Angels Sing1939Music/Lyrics
Mills BrothersGlow Worm1974Music/Lyrics
Mills BrothersJeepers Creepers1939Music/Lyrics
MilvaGoody Goody1962Music/Lyrics
Monica Lewis and her V-Disc FriendsI'm An Old Cow-Hand1945Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniAt Last2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniIt Had Better Be Tonight (meglio stasera)2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniJust Remember2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniLove Is Where You Find It2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniOn The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniSkylark2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniSomething Tells Me2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniThe Days Of Wine And Roses1998Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniThe Weekend Of A Private Secretary2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniWhen October Goes2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniWhen The Meadow Was Bloomin'2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniWith My Lover Beside Me2000Music/Lyrics
Morton GouldThat Old Black Magic1957Music/Lyrics
Mr. Benny Goodman / Helen WardGoody Goody1936Music/Lyrics
Mr. Benny Goodman feat. Martha TiltonAnd The Angels Sing1939Music/Lyrics
Mrs. MillerMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Nan WynnPalsy Walsy Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriAutumn Leaves1979Music/Lyrics
Nana Mouskouri feat. Bud ShankLaura1993Music/Lyrics
(John Herndon Mercer)
Nancy WilsonHave A Heart1966Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonHeart Of Mine, Cry On1988Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonI Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks1988Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonJust Remember1988Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonLook At You / Something Tells Me I'm Falling In Love1988Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonLove Is Where You Find It / At Last1988Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonMidnight Sun1967Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonThe Last Dream Home1988Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonThis Time The Dream's On Me1960Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonWhen A Woman Loves A Man1962Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonWhen October Goes1991Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonWhen The Meadow Was Bloomin'1988Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonWhen The World Was Young1967Music/Lyrics
Nancy WilsonWith My Lover Beside Me1988Music/Lyrics
Nancy Wilson with Barry ManilowEpilogue1988Music/Lyrics
Narvel FeltsI Remember You1975Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" Cole(Ah The Apple Trees) When The World Was Young1963Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeAutumn Leaves1955Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeDay In, Day Out1964Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeI Remember You1961Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeLaura1952Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeThe Old Music Master Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" Cole feat. Cut ChemistDay In - Day Out2009Music/Lyrics
Nat GonellaJeepers Creepers1960Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondLove With The Proper Stranger1998Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondMoon River1998Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondSuite Sinatra: I've Got You Under My Skin / One For My Baby1998Music/Lyrics
Neil ReidThe Sweetheart Tree1971Music/Lyrics
Nellie McKayP.S. I Love You2008Music/Lyrics
Nikki YanofskyJeepers Creepers 2.02014Music/Lyrics
Nini RossoMoon River1977Music/Lyrics
Nino BravoLaura1973Music/Lyrics
Nnenna FreelonSkylark1992Music/Lyrics
Orchester Kai WarnerSatin Doll1981Music/Lyrics
Oscar Harris & The Twinkle StarsTwinke Stars Boo Galoo/Moon River1970Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonOnce Upon A Summertime1970Music/Lyrics
Pablo Beltrán Ruiz Y Su OrquestaSol de media noche (Midnight Sun)1962Music/Lyrics
Paolo Fresu / Lars DanielssonAutumn Leaves2018Music/Lyrics
Parov Stelar feat. Mildred BaileyCuba libre2017Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneAutumn Leaves1958Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneBernardine1957Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneTechnique1957Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneThat Old Black Magic1962Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneThe Days Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Patricia KaasAutumn Leaves2002Music/Lyrics
Patti LuponeEarly Autumn2006Music/Lyrics
Patti LuponeI Wanna Be Around2006Music/Lyrics
Patti PageDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Patti PageI Wanna Be Around1963Music/Lyrics
Patti PageMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Paul Adam & His Mayfair MusicThe Old Music Master Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaAutumn Leaves1959Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1960Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaP.S. I Love You1960Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaSatin Doll2014Music/Lyrics
Paul Carrack with the Royal Philharmonic OrchestraMoon River2010Music/Lyrics
Paul DesmondAutumn Leaves1962Music/Lyrics
Paul McCartneyAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive2012Music/Lyrics
Paul PottsMoon River2010Music/Lyrics
Paul RobesonLazy Bones Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraTrav'lin' Light1942Music/Lyrics
Paulette Goddard, Dorothy Lamour, Veronica Lake, Walter Catlett, Arthur Treacher, Sterling HollowayA Sweater, A Sarong And A Peek-A-Boo Bang1942Music/Lyrics
Pearl Bailey with "St. Louis Woman" OrchestraIt's A Woman Prerogative1946Music/Lyrics
Pearl Bailey with "St. Louis Woman" OrchestraLegalize My Name1946Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeCome Rain Or Come Shine1963Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeDay In - Day Out1961Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeI Remember You1960Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeNine Thorny Tickets1957Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeStar Sounds1977Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeTalk To Me Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeTrav'lin Light1998Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeWhen A Woman Loves A Man1959Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeWhen The World Was Young1953Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby1967Music/Lyrics
Peggy Lee & Art Lund with Benny Goodman And His OrchestraIf You Build A Better Mousetrap1942Music/Lyrics
Peggy Lee & George ShearingSatin Doll1959Music/Lyrics
Pepe Lienhard Big BandLaura2009Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Percy FaithMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithThat Old Black Magic1969Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith And His OrchestraOut Of This World1956Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoAccentuate The Positive1958Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Perry ComoCome Rain Or Come Shine1958Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoI Wanna Be Around1963Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoLove In A Home1968Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoOne For My Baby And One More For The Road1955Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoWhen You're In Love1968Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Peter AlexanderTräum, wenn du einsam bist1968Music/Lyrics
Peter BeilFür immer1964Music/Lyrics
Peter IgelhoffWenn ich ein Cowboy wär'1937Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausVerzeih mir2019Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Peter Kraus und die SWR Big BandVerzeih mir2009Music/Lyrics
(John Herndon Mercer)
Peter Palmer / Marc Breaux / Ralph Linn / Jack Mathew / Rbert McClure / George ReederIf I Had My Druthers1956Music/Lyrics
Peter Palmer / Stubby KayeThe Country's In The Very Best Of Hands1956Music/Lyrics
Peter SkellernSkylark1980Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkCome Rain Or Come Shine1966Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkDay In, Day Out1959Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkOn The Atchinson, Topeka And The Santa Fe1962Music/Lyrics
Phil HarrisThe Phony King Of England1973Music/Lyrics
Pierre KartnerOh Bernadine1986Music/Lyrics
Pilots On DopeMelhor esta noite (meglia stasera)2014Music/Lyrics
Pink Martini feat. Gus Van SantMoon River2011Music/Lyrics
Pointer SistersI Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues1975Music/Lyrics
Polly Bergen / Frank DeVol And His OrchestraAutumn Leaves1960Music/Lyrics
Priscilla LaneHang On To Your Lids, Kids Music/Lyrics
Priscilla LaneThis Time The Dream's On Me1941Music/Lyrics
Quincy JonesMoon River1964Music/Lyrics
Rachael MacFarlaneOut Of This World2012Music/Lyrics
Ray Brown With The All-Star Big Band / Cannonball AdderleyDay In, Day Out1962Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesCome Rain Or Come Shine1959Music/Lyrics
Ray ConniffMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff & Billy ButterfieldYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby1959Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And His OrchestraLaura1959Music/Lyrics
Ray Milland, Fred MacMurray, Franchot Tone, Lynne OvermanIf Men Played Cards As Women Do 1942Music/Lyrics
Rebecca FergusonI Thought About You2015Music/Lyrics
Red Norvo And His OrchestraThe Week End Of A Private Secretary1938Music/Lyrics
Regina CarterAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive2017Music/Lyrics
Renee OlsteadSkylark2009Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Renée ZellwegerCome Rain Or Come Shine2019Music/Lyrics
Ricardo Sanz & The Swan Big BandMoon River2015Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Richard AnthonyAutumn Leaves1965Music/Lyrics
Richard TauberDearly Beloved Music/Lyrics
Rick NelsonFools Rush In1963Music/Lyrics
Ringo StarrDream1970Music/Lyrics
Rita CoolidgeCome Rain Or Come Shine2005Music/Lyrics
Rita CoolidgeI Thought About You2005Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysOnce Upon A Summertime1976Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysToo Marvelous For Words1979Music/Lyrics
Rob de NijsAls een dwaas1964Music/Lyrics
Robbie WilliamsOne For My Baby2001Music/Lyrics
Robert GouletSomething's Gotta Give1962Music/Lyrics
Robert Pope with "St. Louis Woman" Choral GroupCakewalk Your Lady1946Music/Lyrics
Robert Pope with "St. Louis Woman" Choral GroupLi'l Augie Is A Natural Man1946Music/Lyrics
Roberta GambariniDay In Day Out2009Music/Lyrics
Roberta GambariniThat Old Black Magic2009Music/Lyrics
Roberto BlancoThat Old Black Magic2013Music/Lyrics
Rod McKuenMoon River1979Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartMoon River2010Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartThat Old Black Magic2010Music/Lyrics
Roger WilliamsAutumn Leaves1955Music/Lyrics
Ronnell Bright TrioThings Ain't What They Used To Be1958Music/Lyrics
Rosemary ClooneyBlues In The Night1952Music/Lyrics
Rosemary ClooneyIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening1952Music/Lyrics
Rosy SingersDer Wind singt ein Lied1965Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive1959Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonOne For My Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonSomething's Gotta Give1958Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonDream1963Music/Lyrics
Royal Romantic OrchestraMoon River1997Music/Lyrics
Ruby Hill And Harold Nicholas with "St. Louis Woman" OrchestraCome Rain Or Come Shine1946Music/Lyrics
Ruby Hill with "St. Louis Woman" Choral Group and OrchestraAny Place I Hang My Hat Is Home1946Music/Lyrics
Ruby Hill with "St. Louis Woman" OrchestraLullaby1946Music/Lyrics
Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut YankeesPS I Love You1934Music/Lyrics
Rufus HarleyMoon River1970Music/Lyrics
RumerAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive2012Music/Lyrics
Rusty DraperIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening1956Music/Lyrics
Rusty DraperLazy Bones1956Music/Lyrics
Rusty DraperMoon Country1956Music/Lyrics
Rusty DraperOne For My Baby1964Music/Lyrics
Rusty DraperSkylark1955Music/Lyrics
Rusty DraperTangerine1955Music/Lyrics
Sacha DistelI Thought About You1976Music/Lyrics
Sacha DistelJ'aimerais être là1963Music/Lyrics
Sacha DistelTangerine1976Music/Lyrics
Sajid KhanDream1968Music/Lyrics
Salena JonesAutumn Leaves1991Music/Lyrics
Salena JonesDearly Beloved1991Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeAccentuate The Positive1958Music/Lyrics
Sam GendelSatin Doll2020Music/Lyrics
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsThat Old Black Magic1965Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home1967Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Blues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me)1959Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Come Rain Or Come Shine1955Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Days Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Fools Rush In1964Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Hooray For Hollywood1960Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.I Wanna Be Around1964Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.One For My Baby (And One For The Road)1967Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Out Of This World1961Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Something's Gotta Give1955Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.That Old Black Magic1955Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr. & The Count Basie OrchestraMy Shing Hour1965Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyAutumn Leaves1966Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Sarah McKenzieDay In Day Out2017Music/Lyrics
Sarah McKenzieI'm Old Fashioned2017Music/Lyrics
Sarah McKenzieMoon River2015Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanCome Rain Or Come Shine1955Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanDays Of Wine And Roses1965Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanThat Old Black Magic1957Music/Lyrics
Scott HamiltonEmily1989Music/Lyrics
Scott Hamilton QuartetI Thought About You1979Music/Lyrics
Scott WalkerWhen The World Was Young1969Music/Lyrics
SealAutumn Leaves2017Music/Lyrics
Seth MacFarlaneI Remember You2019Music/Lyrics
Seth MacFarlaneLaura2011Music/Lyrics
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm OrchestraJust A Quiet Evening1937Music/Lyrics
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm OrchestraToo Marvelous For Words1937Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyBlues In The Night1957Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyCharade1968Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1961Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyMoon River1968Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseySummer Wind1967Music/Lyrics
ShowaddywaddyGoody Goody1982Music/Lyrics
Sidney BechetLaura1948Music/Lyrics
Sinatra Tribute BandOne For My Baby2006Music/Lyrics
Solomon BurkeCome Rain Or Come Shine1975Music/Lyrics
Sonny RollinsI'm An Old Cowhand1957Music/Lyrics
Sonny RollinsNamely You1975Music/Lyrics
Soul FlutesEarly Autumn1968Music/Lyrics
Sounds Of SunshineMidnight Sun1975Music/Lyrics
Spike Jones And His City SlickersLaura1946Music/Lyrics
Spike Jones And His City SlickersThat Old Black Magic1945Music/Lyrics
Spyder TurnerMoon River1967Music/Lyrics
Stacey Kent feat. Roberto MenescalTangerine2015Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzAutumn Leaves1952Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzEarly Autumn1960Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzTangerine1953Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Stan RidgwayOne For My Baby1998Music/Lyrics
Steve Allen [US]I Thought About You1956Music/Lyrics
Steve Allen And His OrchestraAutumn Leaves1955Music/Lyrics
Steve YoungMoon River1979Music/Lyrics
Stubby Kaye / "Li'l Abner" EnsembleJubilation T. Cornpone1956Music/Lyrics
Stubby Kaye / "Li'l Abner" EnsembleThe Matrimonial Stomp1956Music/Lyrics
Studio Orchester Mladen GuteshaTangerine1986Music/Lyrics
Studio OrchestraStar Spangled Rhythm - Main Title1942Music/Lyrics
Sue RaneyI Remember You1959Music/Lyrics
Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity ArkestraEarly Autumn1970Music/Lyrics
Susan Hayward & Ernest TruexPriorities1942Music/Lyrics
Susan MaughanDearly Beloved1964Music/Lyrics
Sylvia SymsMy Shining Hour1976Music/Lyrics
Sylvia SymsSkylark1976Music/Lyrics
Tab HunterYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby1959Music/Lyrics
Ted HeroldReady Teddy1982Music/Lyrics
Ted Wallace And His Swing KingsGoody-Goody1936Music/Lyrics
Teddy Stauffer and his Original TeddiesGoody Goody1936Music/Lyrics
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraEeny Meeny Miney Mo1936Music/Lyrics
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraIf You Were Mine1935Music/Lyrics
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraSay It With A Kiss1938Music/Lyrics
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraSentimental And Melancholy1937Music/Lyrics
Telly Savalas(Ah The Apple Trees) When The World Was Young1975Music/Lyrics
Teresa BrewerI Guess It Was You All The Time1953Music/Lyrics
Tex Beneke And His OrchestraLazy Bones1949Music/Lyrics
The Ames BrothersAutumn Leaves1956Music/Lyrics
The Andrews SistersSatin Doll1967Music/Lyrics
The Andrews SistersStrip Polka1942Music/Lyrics
The ArborsJeepers Creepers1962Music/Lyrics
The Art Farmer Quartet feat. Jim HallDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
The AvalanchesTonight2000Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysI Wanna Be Around / Workshop2011Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesI Remember You1962Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesRemember You1962Music/Lyrics
The Brothers FourThe Ballad Of Alvarez Kelly1966Music/Lyrics
The Charles Lloyd QuartetAutumn Sequence1966Music/Lyrics
The CloversSkylark1951Music/Lyrics
The CoastersAutumn Leaves1960Music/Lyrics
The Danny Gottlieb Trio feat. Mark Soskin / Charles "Chip" JacksonSkylark2004Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FiveYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby1967Music/Lyrics
The Deep River QuartetSwing Is The Thing1983Music/Lyrics
The Everly BrothersAutumn Leaves1962Music/Lyrics
The FleetwoodsSkylark1960Music/Lyrics
The Fontane SistersDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
The Fontane SistersMoon River1963Music/Lyrics
The Four LadsAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive1956Music/Lyrics
The Four LadsMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsThe Sweetheart Tree1968Music/Lyrics
The Frank Barber OrchestraHooked On Big Bands: Duke Ellington Medley1982Music/Lyrics
The Funny BunniesMidnight Sun1960Music/Lyrics
The Gatlin BrothersSomething's Gotta Give1994Music/Lyrics
The George Duke QuartetDays Of Wine And Roses1966Music/Lyrics
The Gerald Wilson OrchestraOut Of This World1968Music/Lyrics
The Green Book Copacabana Orchestra / Von LewisThat Old Black Magic2018Music/Lyrics
The Herbie Mann NonetAutumn Leaves1960Music/Lyrics
The Herbie Mann NonetDearly Beloved1960Music/Lyrics
The Hi-Lo'sI Thought About You1955Music/Lyrics
The Hi-Lo'sJeepers Creepers1955Music/Lyrics
The ImpressionsI Wanna Be Around1965Music/Lyrics
The ImpressionsSatin Doll1964Music/Lyrics
The Jimmy Giuffre 3Trav'lin' Light1959Music/Lyrics
The John Wilson OrchestraMGM Jubilee Overture2012Music/Lyrics
The Johnny Coles QuartetCome Rain Or Come Shine1961Music/Lyrics
The King Cole TrioToo Marvelous For Words1947Music/Lyrics
The LettermenDearly Beloved1963Music/Lyrics
The LettermenDream1963Music/Lyrics
The LettermenI Remember You1975Music/Lyrics
The LettermenMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
The Lewisham And Greenwich NHS ChoirAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive2016Music/Lyrics
The Mantovani OrchestraAutumn Leaves1975Music/Lyrics
The Mantovani OrchestraThe Days Of Wine And Roses1968Music/Lyrics
The MarcelsThat Black Old Magic1963Music/Lyrics
The McGuire SistersSomething's Gotta Give1955Music/Lyrics
The Mills BrothersLazy Bones1934Music/Lyrics
The Oscar Peterson TrioAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive1955Music/Lyrics
The OvertonesMoon River2013Music/Lyrics
The PeddlersDay In Day Out1969Music/Lyrics
The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraDream1945Music/Lyrics
The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraYou And Your Love1944Music/Lyrics
The Pied Pipers With Paul Weston And His OrchestraYou Grow Sweeter (As The Years Go By)1944Music/Lyrics
The PlattersThat Old Black Magic1961Music/Lyrics
The Puppini SistersJeepers Creepers2006Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
The Puppini SistersMoon River2011Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
The RegentsAutumn Leaves1961Music/Lyrics
The Roger Ram TrioThis Time The Dream's On Me1967Music/Lyrics
The Salsa '78 OrchestraTangerine1977Music/Lyrics
The Salsoul OrchestraTangerine1975Music/Lyrics
The SoftonesThat Old Black Magic1975Music/Lyrics
The Star SistersHooray For Hollywood1984Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsSatin Doll1976Music/Lyrics
The SupremesLazy Bones1965Music/Lyrics
The Three SoundsOut Of This World1962Music/Lyrics
The Time JumpersYodel Blues2012Music/Lyrics
The Toni Carpenter GroupGoody Goody / Dear Katja / I'll See You In My Dreams1970Music/Lyrics
The TymesAutumn Leaves1963Music/Lyrics
The TymesThat Old Black Magic1963Music/Lyrics
The VelairesDream1961Music/Lyrics
The VoguesP.S. I Love You1969Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersOnce Upon A Summertime1967Music/Lyrics
Thierry Lang & Heiri KänzigEmily2020Music/Lyrics
Thomas Biasotto Big Band feat. Thomas GanschAnd The Angels Sing2013Music/Lyrics
Thomas Quasthoff / NDR Big BandI Remember You2018Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerI Wanna Be Around2010Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerMoon River2014Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerOnce Upon A Summertime2012Music/Lyrics
Tim FischerMoon River1994Music/Lyrics
Tim ReynoldsFools Rush In1963Music/Lyrics
Tiny GrimesThat Old Black Magic1947Music/Lyrics
Titus TurnerDay In, Day Out Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesThat Old Black Magic1966Music/Lyrics
Tom SullivanFool's Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)1976Music/Lyrics
Tom T. HallP.S. I Love You1984Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive1998Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettBaby Don't You Quit Now1969Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettBlues In The Night1957Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettCome Rain Or Come Shine1960Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettDay In, Day Out1992Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettDays Of Wine And Roses1966Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettDream1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettEmily1966Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettHarlem Butterfly1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettHow Do You Say Auf Wiedersehen1967Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettHow Little We Know1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI Remember You2004Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI Thought About You1992Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI Wanna Be Around1962Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettIf You Were Mine1963Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettMy Inamorata1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettOnce Upon A Summertime1963Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettSkylark2013Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettTangerine1995Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThe Midnight Sun1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThis Time The Dream's On Me1960Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettTime To Smile2004Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettTrav'lin' Light1997Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettTwilight World1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettWhen A Woman Loves A Man1997Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & John MayerOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)2011Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Lady GagaGoody Goody2014Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Tony Bennett / Bill EvansDays Of Wine And Roses1975Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioDearly Beloved2015Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Tony Bennett with Bill Charlap TrioI'm Old Fashioned2015Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Tony Bennett with BonoI Wanna Be Around2006Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraAutumn Leaves1960Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraFools Rush In1958Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraLaura1960Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraOut Of This World1960Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Ray ConniffOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1957Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Ray Conniff And His OrchesterOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1957Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Ricardo ArjonaI Wanna Be Around2012Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Sid Feller And His OrchestraSomething's Gotta Give1955Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1992Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieMoon River2006Music/Lyrics
Toots ThielemansDays Of Wine And Roses1974Music/Lyrics
Toots ThielemansSkylark1955Music/Lyrics
Toots ThielemansThat Old Black Magic2006Music/Lyrics
Toots Thielemans feat. Shirley HornLa valse des lilas (Once Upon A Summertime)1998Music/Lyrics
Toots Thielemans with Jamie CullumOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)2006Music/Lyrics
Toots Thielemans with Laura FygiIt's Only A Paper Moon2006Music/Lyrics
Toots Thielemans with Lizz WrightCome Rain Or Come Shine2006Music/Lyrics
Toots Thielemans with Till BrönnerThis Time The Dream's On Me2006Music/Lyrics
Toots Thielemans with Trijntje OosterhuisI Wonder What Became Of Me2006Music/Lyrics
Trini LopezGoody Goody1963Music/Lyrics
Tuxedo JunctionThat Old Black Magic1979Music/Lyrics
Udo JürgensAutumn Leaves1967Music/Lyrics
Ulla WiesnerCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Urbie Green And His 6-TetTangerine1963Music/Lyrics
Van McCoyMoon River / Over The Rainbow / Gone With The Wind / Somewhere1977Music/Lyrics
Van MorrisonThat Old Black Magic1995Music/Lyrics
Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancescoTravelin' Light2018Music/Lyrics
Van Morrison with Georgie FameBlues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me)1995Music/Lyrics
Vanessa CalcagnoMoon River2010Music/Lyrics
(John H. Mercer)
Vanessa RubinMidnight Sun1994Music/Lyrics
Vera LynnDream2016Music/Lyrics
Vera LynnFools Rush In1961Music/Lyrics
Vera LynnI Promise You Music/Lyrics
Vic DamoneFools Rush In1985Music/Lyrics
Vico TorrianiSchön und kaffeebraun1958Music/Lyrics
Vikki CarrAc-cent-tschu-ate The Positive1963Music/Lyrics
Vince Giordano & The NighthawksJeepers Creepers2016Music/Lyrics
Vince GuaraldiAutumn Leaves1964Music/Lyrics
Vince GuaraldiMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Vince GuaraldiThe Days Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Vince HillMoon River1978Music/Lyrics
Voice MaleMoon River2009Music/Lyrics
Walter Dobschinski mit seinen SolistenWenn die Engel singen1948Music/Lyrics
Way Out WestThe Fall2001Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonMedley: Red Roses For A Blue Lady / Summer Wind / Danke schoen / Mack The Knife / Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast1974Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonSummer Wind1965Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonThe Days Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Wes MontgomeryDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Wes MontgomeryDearly Beloved1963Music/Lyrics
Wes Montgomery with Hank Jones, Ray Barretto, Ron Carter, Lex HumphriesOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)1961Music/Lyrics
WestlifeMoon River2004Music/Lyrics
WestlifeSummer Wind2004Music/Lyrics
Wild Bill DavisAutumn Leaves1956Music/Lyrics
Wild Bill Davis TrioLaura1956Music/Lyrics
William Francis JonesSummerwind2008Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonAc-cent-tchu-ate The Positive1988Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonAutumn Leaves1982Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonCome Rain Or Shine2009Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonMoon River1988Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonOne For My Baby (And One More For The Road)2018Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonSummer Wind2018Music/Lyrics
Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah JonesCome Rain Or Come Shine2011Music/Lyrics
Woody HermanLaura2005Music/Lyrics
Woody Herman & His OrchestraOut Of This World1945Music/Lyrics
Woody Herman And His OrchestraBlues In The Night1942Music/Lyrics
Wyatt / Atzmon / StephenLaura2010Music/Lyrics
Wynton Kelly TrioAutumn Leaves1967Music/Lyrics
Wynton MarsalisAutumn Leaves1987Music/Lyrics
Xavier Cugat / Lina RomayChiu Chiu1942Music/Lyrics
Xavier Cugat And His OrchestraMain Title "You Were Never Lovelier"1943Music/Lyrics
Yannick BovyI Wanna Be Around2012Music/Lyrics
(John Mercer)
Youn Sun NahFools Rush In2017Music/Lyrics
Yvan GuiliniMoon River1976Music/Lyrics
Zoot SimsTrav'lin' Light1991Music/Lyrics

I Remember You (Frank Ifield)33/196247
Autumn Leaves (Nat "King" Cole)75.43
The Pink Panther Theme (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)885.36
Goody Goody (Mr. Benny Goodman / Helen Ward)145.14
Moon River (Audrey Hepburn)85.12
Moon River (Andy Williams)325.09
Moon River (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)545.07
Blues In The Night (My Mom Done Tol' Me) (Judy Garland)55
Moon River (Barbra Streisand)124.92
I'm Old Fashioned (John Coltrane)94.89
Midnight Sun (Ella Fitzgerald)64.83
Satin Doll (Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra)54.8
Moon River (Louis Armstrong)84.75
Tangerine (The Salsoul Orchestra)84.75
Autumn Leaves (Eva Cassidy)174.71
Goody Goody (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers)124.67
Autumn Leaves (Cannonball Adderley / Miles Davis / Hank Jones / Sam Jones / Art Blakey)64.67
Come Rain Or Come Shine (B.B. King & Eric Clapton)84.62
Moon River (Frank Sinatra)264.62
Come Rain Or Come Shine (Ray Charles)134.62
Moon River (Danny Williams)234.57
The Pink Panther Theme (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)885.36
Moon River (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)545.07
Blues In The Night (Katie Melua)364.08
I Remember You (Frank Ifield)364
Summer Wind (Frank Sinatra)334.3
Moon River (Andy Williams)325.09
Moon River (Frank Sinatra)264.62
Moon River (Danny Williams)234.57
Bernardine (Pat Boone)214.14
Moon River (Jerry Butler)204.1
One For My Baby (Robbie Williams)203.95
Autumn Leaves (Eva Cassidy)174.71
One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (Frank Sinatra)174.53
Hooray For Hollywood (The Star Sisters)153.67
Goody Goody (Mr. Benny Goodman / Helen Ward)145.14
Come Rain Or Come Shine (Ray Charles)134.62
Fools Rush In (Rick Nelson)134.54
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby (Bobby Darin)133.92
It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio stasera) (Michael Bublé)133.92
Schön und kaffeebraun (Vico Torriani)133.77

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