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Is part of: The Madden Brothers
5 Seconds Of SummerAmnesia2014Music/Lyrics
5 Seconds Of SummerBroken Home2015Music/Lyrics
5 Seconds Of SummerHey Everybody!2015Music/Lyrics
5 Seconds Of SummerMoney2015Music/Lyrics
5 Seconds Of SummerPermanent Vacation2015Music/Lyrics
5 Seconds Of SummerShe's Kinda Hot2015Music/Lyrics
Alex Kunnari & Heikki L feat. Joel MaddenCity Of Sin2013Music/Lyrics
Andy BlackBroken Pieces2016Music/Lyrics
Andy BlackLove Was Made To Break2016Music/Lyrics
Good Charlotte19792010Music/Lyrics
Good Charlotte40 oz. Dream2016Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteA New Beginning2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteActual Pain2018Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteAlive2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteAll Black2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteAnxiety2008Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteBeautiful Place2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteBetter Demons2018Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteBreak Apart Her Heart2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteBroken Hearts Parade2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteCalifornia (The Way I Say I Love You)2018Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteCardiology2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteCars Full Of People2016Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteChange2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteCold Song2018Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteComplicated2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteCounting The Days2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteDance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want To Be In Love)2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteEast Coast Anthem2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteEmotionless2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteFace The Strange2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteFalling Away2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteFestival Song2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteGeneration Rx2018Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteGhost Of You2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteGirls And Boys2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteGood Morning Revival2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteHarlow's Song (Can't Dream Without You)2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteHold On2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteI Dont Wanna Stop2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteI Heard You2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteI Just Wanna Live2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteIn This World (Murder)2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteIt Wasn't Enough2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteKeep Your Hands Off My Girl2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteLast Night2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteLet Me Go2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteLet The Music Play2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteLife Can't Get Much Better2016Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteLife Changes2016Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteLifestyles Of The Rich And Famous2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteLike It's Her Birthday2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteLittle Things2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteMakeshift Love2016Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteMarch On2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteMeet My Maker2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteMisery2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteMountain2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteMovin' On2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteMoving On [2016]2016Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteMy Bloody Valentine2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteOnce Upon A Time: The Battle Of Life And Death2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlottePrayers2018Music/Lyrics
Good CharlottePredictable2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteRight Where I Belong2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteRiot Girl2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteS.O.S.2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteSay Anything2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteScreamer2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteSeasons2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteSecrets2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteSelf Help2018Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteSex On The Radio2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteShadowboxer2018Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteSilver Screen Romance2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteSomething Else2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteStanding Ovation2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteStray Dogs2016Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Anthem2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Chronicles Of Life And Death2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Click2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Day That I Die2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Motivation Proclamation2001Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Outfield2016Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe River2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Story Of My Old Man2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Truth2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe World Is Black2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThe Young & The Hopeless2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteThere She Goes2010Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteVictims Of Love2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteWaldorfworldwide2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteWalk Away (Maybe)2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteWalk By2000Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteWar2008Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteWe Believe2004Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteWhere Would We Be Now2007Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteWondering2002Music/Lyrics
Good CharlotteWounded2004Music/Lyrics
Good Charlotte feat. Kellin QuinnKeep Swingin'2016Music/Lyrics
Good Charlotte feat. Sam CarterLeech2018Music/Lyrics
Good Charlotte feat. Simon NeilReason To Stay2016Music/Lyrics
MatisyahuDarkness Into Light2009Music/Lyrics
Metro StationI Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)2008Music/Lyrics
Sean Kingston feat. Good CharlotteShoulda Let U Go2009Music/Lyrics
Sleeping With SirensI Need To Know2017Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersBad2014Music/Lyrics
(The Madden Brothers)
The Madden BrothersBrixton2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersBrother2014Music/Lyrics
(The Madden Brothers)
The Madden BrothersCalifornia Rain2014Music/Lyrics
(The Madden Brothers)
The Madden BrothersDear Jane2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersEmpty Spirits2014Music/Lyrics
(The Madden Brothers)
The Madden BrothersGood Gracious Abbey2014Music/Lyrics
(The Madden Brothers)
The Madden BrothersJealousy (All Your Friends In Silverlake)2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersLove Pretenders2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersOut Of My Mind2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersSuddenly2014Music/Lyrics
(The Madden Brothers)
The Madden BrothersU R2014Music/Lyrics
The Madden BrothersWe Are Done2014Music/Lyrics
Say Anything (Good Charlotte)175.24
Change (Good Charlotte)135.23
Waldorfworldwide (Good Charlotte)145.21
East Coast Anthem (Good Charlotte)145.14
Break Apart Her Heart (Good Charlotte)75.14
Movin' On (Good Charlotte)225.14
Emotionless (Good Charlotte)205.1
My Bloody Valentine (Good Charlotte)254.96
The Day That I Die (Good Charlotte)184.94
Riot Girl (Good Charlotte)244.92
I Heard You (Good Charlotte)124.92
The Motivation Proclamation (Good Charlotte)234.91
Wondering (Good Charlotte)164.88
The Truth (Good Charlotte)214.81
Hold On (Good Charlotte)254.8
The Story Of My Old Man (Good Charlotte)154.8
Seasons (Good Charlotte)104.8
Festival Song (Good Charlotte)104.8
Ghost Of You (Good Charlotte)104.8
The Click (Good Charlotte)144.79
I Just Wanna Live (Good Charlotte)1854.18
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Good Charlotte)1013.06
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (Good Charlotte)953.92
Girls And Boys (Good Charlotte)764.17
The Chronicles Of Life And Death (Good Charlotte)584.05
Predictable (Good Charlotte)573.93
We Believe (Good Charlotte)534.57
Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want To Be In Love) (Good Charlotte)494.37
The River (Good Charlotte)454.02
The Anthem (Good Charlotte)444.57
She's Kinda Hot (5 Seconds Of Summer)433.05
Amnesia (5 Seconds Of Summer)412.98
Like It's Her Birthday (Good Charlotte)383.08
We Are Done (The Madden Brothers)374.22
Sex On The Radio (Good Charlotte)283.39
My Bloody Valentine (Good Charlotte)254.96
Hold On (Good Charlotte)254.8
Riot Girl (Good Charlotte)244.92
Hey Everybody! (5 Seconds Of Summer)242.54
The Motivation Proclamation (Good Charlotte)234.91

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