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Archie Bronson OutfitCherry Lips2006Producer
Archie Bronson OutfitDart For My Sweetheart2007Producer
Archie Bronson OutfitDead Funny2006Producer
Archie Bronson OutfitFire Horse2006Producer
Archie Bronson OutfitGot To Get (Your Eyes)2006Producer
Archie Bronson OutfitShark For My Sweetheart2006Producer
Chase RiceAmen2018Producer
Chase RiceOne Love, One Kiss, One Drink, One Song2018Producer
Chase RiceSaved Me2018Producer
Chuck ProphetApology1999Producer
Chuck ProphetDiamond Jim1999Producer
Chuck ProphetDyin' All Young1999Producer
Chuck ProphetGod's Arms1999Producer
Chuck ProphetI Couldn't Be Happier1999Producer
Chuck ProphetIt Won't Be Long1999Producer
Chuck ProphetLa Paloma1999Producer
Chuck ProphetLucky1999Producer
Chuck ProphetRise1999Producer
Chuck ProphetShore Patrol1999Producer
Chuck ProphetStatehouse (Burning In The Rain)1999Producer
Chuck ProphetThe Hurting Business1999Producer
Chuck ProphetToo Late1999Producer
Cold War KidsBroken Open2011Producer
Cold War KidsBulldozer2011Producer
Cold War KidsCold Toes On The Cold Floor2011Producer
Cold War KidsFinally Begin2011Producer
Cold War KidsFlying Upside Down2011Producer
Cold War KidsLouder Than Ever2010Producer
Cold War KidsMine Is Yours2011Producer
Cold War KidsOut Of The Wilderness2011Producer
Cold War KidsRomance Languages2014Music/Lyrics
Cold War KidsRoyal Blue2011Producer
Cold War KidsSensitive Kid2011Producer
Cold War KidsSkip The Charades2011Producer
Current SwellIt Ain't Right2017Producer
Current SwellLike I Fight For You2017Producer
Current SwellMarsha2017Producer
Current SwellStaying Up All Night2017Producer
Current SwellThe Time And The Weight2017Producer
Current SwellThief Of Joy2017Producer
Current SwellUse Me Like You Do2017Producer
Current SwellWhen To Talk And When To Listen2017Producer
Current SwellWoman In White2017Producer
Current SwellYou Got It Easy2017Producer
DaughtryAs You Are2018Producer
DaughtryBack In Time2018Producer
DaughtryBad Habits2018Producer
DaughtryDeath Of Me2018Producer
DaughtryDeep End2018Producer
DaughtryJust Found Heaven2018Producer
DaughtryStuff Of Legends2018Producer
DaughtryWhite Flag2018Producer
DawesBear Witness2013Producer
DawesFrom A Window Seat2013Producer
DawesFrom The Right Angle2013Producer
DawesHey Lover2013Producer
DawesJust Beneath The Surface2013Producer
DawesJust My Luck2013Producer
DawesMost People2013Producer
DawesSide Effects2013Producer
DawesSomeone Will2013Producer
DawesSomething In Common2013Producer
DawesStories Don't End2013Producer
Della MaeBoston Town2015Producer
Della MaeCan't Go Back2015Producer
Della MaeFor The Sake Of My Heart2015Producer
Della MaeGood Blood2015Producer
Della MaeHigh Away Gone2015Producer
Della MaeLong Shadow2015Producer
Della MaeNo Expectations2015Producer
Della MaeRude Awakening2015Producer
Della MaeShambles2015Producer
Della MaeTake One Day2015Producer
Della MaeTo Ohio2015Producer
EditorsA Ton Of Love2013Producer
EditorsBird Of Prey2013Producer
EditorsThe Phone Book2013Producer
EditorsThe Sting2013Producer
EditorsThe Weight2013Producer
EditorsTwo Hearted Spider2013Producer
EditorsWhat Is This Thing Called Love2013Producer
Eliza And The BearCruel2016Producer
Eliza And The BearFriends2016Producer
Eliza And The BearI Hope You Know2016Producer
Eliza And The BearI'm On Your Side2016Producer
Eliza And The BearLion's Heart2016Producer
Eliza And The BearMake It On My Own2016Producer
Eliza And The BearNatives2016Producer
Eliza And The BearOxygen2016Producer
Eliza And The BearThief2016Producer
Eliza And The BearUpon The North2016Producer
Eliza And The BearWhere Have You Been2016Producer
FencesDogs At The Table2014Producer
FencesDusty Beds2014Producer
Foy VanceBangor Town2016Producer
Foy VanceBe Like You Belong2016Producer
Foy VanceBurden2016Producer
Foy VanceCasanova2016Producer
Foy VanceCoco2016Producer
Foy VanceFire It Up (The Silver Spear)2016Producer
Foy VanceNoam Chomsky Is A Soft Revolution2016Producer
Foy VanceShe Burns2016Producer
Foy VanceThe Wild Swans On The Lake2016Producer
Foy VanceUnlike Any Other2016Producer
Foy VanceUpbeat Feelgood2016Producer
Foy VanceZiggy Looked Me In The Eye2016Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonAfterlife2014Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonTime Machine2014Producer
James BayBest Fake Smile2015Producer
James BayCollide2015Producer
James BayCraving2015Producer
James BayGet Out While You Can2015Producer
James BayHold Back The River2014Producer
James BayIf You Ever Want To Be In Love2015Producer
James BayIncomplete2015Producer
James BayLet It Go2014Producer
James BayMove Together2013Producer
James BayNeed The Sun To Break2013Producer
James BayScars2015Producer
James BayWhen We Were On Fire2013Producer
Jon Bon JoviNot Running Anymore2012Producer
Jon Bon JoviOld Habits Die Hard2012Music/Lyrics
KaleoGlass House2016Producer
KaleoHot Blood2016Producer
KaleoI Can't Go On Without You2016Producer
KaleoNo Good2015Producer
KaleoSave Yourself2016Producer
Kings Of Leon172008Producer
Kings Of LeonBack Down South2010Producer
Kings Of LeonBe Somebody2008Producer
Kings Of LeonBeach Side2010Producer
Kings Of LeonBeneath The Surface2008Producer
Kings Of LeonBirthday2010Producer
Kings Of LeonCelebration2010Producer
Kings Of LeonCloser2008Producer
Kings Of LeonCold Desert2008Producer
Kings Of LeonCrawl2008Producer
Kings Of LeonFrontier City2008Producer
Kings Of LeonI Want You2008Producer
Kings Of LeonManhattan2008Producer
Kings Of LeonMary2010Producer
Kings Of LeonMi amigo2010Producer
Kings Of LeonNo Money2010Producer
Kings Of LeonNotion2008Producer
Kings Of LeonPickup Truck2010Producer
Kings Of LeonPony Up2010Producer
Kings Of LeonPyro2010Producer
Kings Of LeonRadioactive2010Producer
Kings Of LeonRevelry2008Producer
Kings Of LeonSex On Fire2008Producer
Kings Of LeonThe End2010Producer
Kings Of LeonThe Face2010Producer
Kings Of LeonThe Immortals2010Producer
Kings Of LeonUse Somebody2008Producer
Landon PiggA Ghost2009Producer
Landon PiggBlue Skies2009Producer
Landon PiggIf I'm Saying Nothing2009Producer
Landon PiggLook So Tired2009Producer
Landon PiggRooftops2009Producer
Landon PiggSpeak To The Keys2009Producer
Landon PiggThe Boy Who Never2009Producer
Landon PiggThis Far2009Producer
LissieIn Sleep2010Producer
LissieLook Away2010Producer
LissieRecord Collector2010Producer
LissieWhen I'm Alone2010Producer
LissieWorried About2010Producer
Louis BerryNicole2016Producer
Melissa EtheridgeA Disaster2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeA Sacred Heart2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeBe Real2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeEnough Rain2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeFalling Up2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeI Can Wait2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeKansas City2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeRock And Roll Me2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeShout Now2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeSympathy2012Producer
Melissa EtheridgeThe Shadow Of A Black Crow2012Producer
Niall HoranFlicker2017Producer
Niall HoranPaper Houses2017Producer
Niall HoranThe Tide2017Producer
Niall HoranYou And Me2017Producer
Niall Horan & Maren MorrisSeeing Blind2017Producer
Norah JonesBack To Manhattan2009Producer
Norah JonesChasing Pirates2009Producer
Norah JonesDecember2009Producer
Norah JonesEven Though2009Producer
Norah JonesI Wouldn't Need You2009Producer
Norah JonesIt's Gonna Be2009Producer
Norah JonesLight As A Feather2009Producer
Norah JonesMan Of The Hour2009Producer
Norah JonesStuck2009Producer
Norah JonesTell Yer Mama2009Producer
Norah JonesThat's What I Said2009Producer
Norah JonesWaiting2009Producer
Norah JonesYoung Blood2009Producer
Norah JonesYou've Ruined Me2009Producer
Of Monsters And MenSilhouettes2013Producer
Picture This952017Producer
Picture ThisAddicted To You2017Producer
Picture ThisCarry On2017Producer
Picture ThisDifference2017Producer
Picture ThisDream2017Producer
Picture ThisEverything I Need2017Producer
Picture ThisJane2017Producer
Picture ThisNever Change2017Producer
Picture ThisSaviour2017Producer
Picture ThisSmell Like Him2017Producer
Picture ThisTake My Hand2016Producer
Punch BrothersClara2012Producer
Punch BrothersDon't Get Married Without Me2012Producer
Punch BrothersFlippen (The Flip)2012Producer
Punch BrothersHundred Dollars2012Producer
Punch BrothersKid A2012Producer
Punch BrothersMovement And Location2012Producer
Punch BrothersNew York City2012Producer
Punch BrothersNo Concern Of Yours2012Producer
Punch BrothersPatchwork Girlfriend2012Producer
Punch BrothersSoon As Never2012Producer
Punch BrothersThis Girl2012Producer
Punch BrothersWho's Feeling Young Now?2012Producer
Robert EllisBottle Of Wine2014Producer
Robert EllisChemical Plant2014Producer
Robert EllisGood Intentions2014Producer
Robert EllisHouston2014Producer
Robert EllisOnly Lies2014Producer
Robert EllisPride2014Producer
Robert EllisSing Along2014Producer
Robert EllisSteady As The Rising Sun2014Producer
Robert EllisStill Crazy After All These Years2014Producer
Robert EllisTour Song2014Producer
Robert EllisTV Song2014Producer
Shania TwainAll In All2017Producer
Shania TwainMore Fun2017Producer
Shania TwainSoldier2017Producer
Shania TwainWe Got Something They Don't2017Producer
Shawn MendesAct Like You Love Me2015Producer
Shawn MendesMemories2015Producer
Smith & BurrowsAll The Best Moves2020Music/Lyrics
Smith & BurrowsI Want You Back In My Life2021Music/Lyrics
Smith & BurrowsOld TV Shows2020Music/Lyrics
Smith & BurrowsParliament Hill2020Music/Lyrics
The Parlor MobAngry Young Girl2009Producer
The Parlor MobBullet2009Producer
The Parlor MobCan't Keep No Good Boy Down2009Producer
The Parlor MobCarnival Of Crows2009Producer
The Parlor MobDead Wrong2009Producer
The Parlor MobEverything You're Breathing For2009Producer
The Parlor MobHard Times2009Producer
The Parlor MobMy Favorite Heart To Brake2009Producer
The Parlor MobReal Hard Headed2009Producer
The Parlor MobThe Kids2009Producer
The Parlor MobTide Of Tears2009Producer
The Parlor MobWhen I Was An Orphan2009Producer
You Me At SixBrand New2017Producer
You Me At SixCan't Hold Back2017Producer
You Me At SixGive2017Producer
You Me At SixHeavy Soul2017Producer
You Me At SixMake Your Move2017Producer
You Me At SixNight People2016Producer
You Me At SixPlus One2017Producer
You Me At SixSpell It Out2017Producer
You Me At SixSwear2016Producer
You Me At SixTake On The World2017Producer

Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon)31/200954
Sex On Fire (Kings Of Leon)43/2010201
When I'm Alone (Lissie)46/201029
Hold Back The River (James Bay)11/20152413
Nothing (Editors)55.2
Record Collector (Lissie)134.92
Seeing Blind (Niall Horan & Maren Morris)114.82
Bird Of Prey (Editors)54.8
No Good (Kaleo)94.78
We Got Something They Don't (Shania Twain)94.78
Sugar (Editors)134.77
Craving (James Bay)144.64
What Is This Thing Called Love (Editors)114.64
Flicker (Niall Horan)114.64
All In All (Shania Twain)84.62
Paper Houses (Niall Horan)104.6
Backbone (Daughtry)54.6
Afterlife (Ingrid Michaelson)194.58
The Weight (Editors)74.57
In Sleep (Lissie)204.55
A Ton Of Love (Editors)204.55
The End (Kings Of Leon)194.53
Soldier (Shania Twain)114.45
Silhouettes (Of Monsters And Men)124.42
Sex On Fire (Kings Of Leon)2103.95
Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon)1913.91
Hold Back The River (James Bay)984.06
Radioactive (Kings Of Leon)883.68
Chasing Pirates (Norah Jones)804.01
Pyro (Kings Of Leon)774.09
Notion (Kings Of Leon)603.72
Let It Go (James Bay)583.78
When I'm Alone (Lissie)554.13
Closer (Kings Of Leon)464.28
Revelry (Kings Of Leon)444.18
Crawl (Kings Of Leon)434.16
Manhattan (Kings Of Leon)374.35
Cold Desert (Kings Of Leon)333.91
Be Somebody (Kings Of Leon)324.09
17 (Kings Of Leon)313.77
I Want You (Kings Of Leon)303.77
Back Down South (Kings Of Leon)294.41
The Immortals (Kings Of Leon)223.86
In Sleep (Lissie)204.55

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