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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Hank Mancini, Henri Mancini, Henry Nicola Mancini
2Cellos / London Symphony OrchestraMoon River2017Music/Lyrics
A$AP Ferg x Elle FanningMoon River2018Music/Lyrics
Al Caiola & Billy MayBaby Elephant Walk / Java (Medley)1997Music/Lyrics
Al JarreauKiller Love1988Music/Lyrics
Albert MangelsdorffPeter Gunn1988Music/Lyrics
Amy DicksonMoon River2014Music/Lyrics
André RieuMoonriver2002Music/Lyrics
André RieuThorn Birds2008Music/Lyrics
Andrea BocelliMoon River2015Music/Lyrics
(Henry Nicola Mancini)
Andreas, der kleine MozartMoon River1981Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsCharade1963Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsDreamsville1960Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsIn The Arms Of Love1966Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsWhistling Away The Darkness1970Music/Lyrics
Angelika MilsterFür immer (Moon River)1998Music/Lyrics
Angy Burri & The ApachesHokahe1990Music/Lyrics
Anne MurraySend A Little Love My Way1973Music/Lyrics
Art Blakey And The Jazz MessengersMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Art Heatlie And The Electric SaxophonePeter Gunn1969Music/Lyrics
Audrey HepburnMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandMoon River2003Music/Lyrics
Barney KesselDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow with Andy WilliamsMoon River2014Music/Lyrics
Ben E. KingMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Benjamin Herman feat. Daniel von PiekartzA Slow Hot Wind2014Music/Lyrics
Benny Anderssons Orkester, Tommy KörbergMoon River2006Music/Lyrics
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraBaby Elephant Walk1976Music/Lyrics
Bill EvansDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Bill Evans / Toots ThielemansThe Days Of Wine And Roses1979Music/Lyrics
Bill FrisellMoon River2016Music/Lyrics
Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and FriendsMoon River / From "Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn"2017Music/Lyrics
Billy EckstineMoon River1963Music/Lyrics
Billy MayMoon River1992Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Biréli LagrèneDays Of Wine And Roses1992Music/Lyrics
Bobbi MartinDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinThe Days Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeMoon River / Crying In The Rain / Sukiyaki / Sealed With A Kiss / My Dad1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonMoon River1965Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Brenda LeeDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Bugge WesseltoftHow High The Moon2011Music/Lyrics
Cal TjaderSally's Tomato1963Music/Lyrics
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneMoon River2005Music/Lyrics
Carla BruniMoon River2017Music/Lyrics
Caroline KiesewetterFür immer2008Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteCome On Caterina1992Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteN'oublie jamais que je t'aime1963Music/Lyrics
Caterina Valente & Silvio FrancescoAmo solo te (Don't You Forget It)1963Music/Lyrics
Chano Domínguez and Niño JoseleTwo For The Road2014Music/Lyrics
Charley PrideAll His Children1972Music/Lyrics
Charlie Byrd with Orchestra & ChorusIn The Arms Of Love1967Music/Lyrics
Charlie Byrd with Orchestra & ChorusMoment To Moment1967Music/Lyrics
Charlie Haden & Pat MethenyTwo For The Road1997Music/Lyrics
Christoph SpendelDays Of Wine And Roses2001Music/Lyrics
Claudia JungFür immer [2015]2015Music/Lyrics
Claudine LongetNothing To Lose1968Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisFür immer1966Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Curtis StigersDays Of Wine And Roses2002Music/Lyrics
DalidaPetit éléphant twist1962Music/Lyrics
Danny Malando OrchesterMoon River2014Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Danny WilliamsMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Das Waldemar Wunderbar SyndikatPeter Gunn1976Music/Lyrics
Dave Baker with Rich KurtzThe Pink Panther2013Music/Lyrics
Dave Grusin feat. Diana KrallDreamsville1997Music/Lyrics
Dave KozThe Pink Panther2007Music/Lyrics
Dave Koz feat. Barry ManilowMoon River2007Music/Lyrics
De LunaMoon River1995Music/Lyrics
Demis [NL]Ik mis je zo1996Music/Lyrics
DeodatoPeter Gunn1976Music/Lyrics
Dexter GordonDays Of Wine And Roses1975Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonSix Bridges To Cross1961Music/Lyrics
Dizzy GillespieDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Don CherryDear Heart1967Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondMoon River2014Music/Lyrics
Dr. JohnMoon River2006Music/Lyrics
Duane EddyMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Duane EddyPeter Gunn1960Music/Lyrics
Duke EllingtonCharade1966Music/Lyrics
Duke EllingtonDays Of Wine And Roses1966Music/Lyrics
Duke EllingtonMoon River1965Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticPink Panther1964Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantMr. Lucky1962Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantSteve's Theme1963Music/Lyrics
Ed AmesIn The Arms Of Love1966Music/Lyrics
Ed AmesTwo For The Road1967Music/Lyrics
Eddy ArnoldDear Heart1968Music/Lyrics
Eden KaneCharade1964Music/Lyrics
El CocoMr. Lucky1976Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldDays Of Wine And Roses1970Music/Lyrics
Elsie BianchiThe Shadow Of Paris1965Music/Lyrics
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPeter Gunn (Live)1979Music/Lyrics
ErdmöbelNichts zu verlieren2005Music/Lyrics
ErnestineDie Dornenvögel1985Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerMoon River1964Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Four PrepsDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Four PrepsMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Fran JeffreysMeglio stasera1963Music/Lyrics
Frank OceanMoon River2018Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMoment To Moment1965Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraMoon River1964Music/Lyrics
Franz K.Peter Gunn1981Music/Lyrics
Gracie FieldsMoon River Music/Lyrics
GreyhoundMoon River1971Music/Lyrics
Guy De Lo And His OrchestraA Touch Of Red1978Music/Lyrics
Guy De Lo And His OrchestraGive Me Some Mo!1978Music/Lyrics
Guy De Lo And His OrchestraSimone1978Music/Lyrics
Guy De Lo And His OrchestraThe Pink Panther (From Philadelphia)1978Music/Lyrics
Guy De Lo And His OrchestraThe Pink Panther '781978Music/Lyrics
Guy De Lo And His OrchestraThe Pink Panther Disco Star1978Music/Lyrics
Hank The Knife And The JetsMedley (Peter Gunn / Ghost Rider In The Sky / Rebel Rouser)2005Music/Lyrics
Harold AshbyDays Of Wine And Roses1981Music/Lyrics
Harrison CraigIt Had Better Be Tonight2013Music/Lyrics
Helmut LottiMoon River2006Music/Lyrics
Henry Arland mit seinen Söhnen Hansi & MaxiDornenvögel (Thema-Musik)1994Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniA Brew With The Boys1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniA Powdered Wig1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniA Profound Gass1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniA Shot In The Dark1964Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniA Suit For Grandpa1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniBaby Elephant Walk1962Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniBagdad On Thames1966Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniBirdie Num-Num1968Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniBlue Mantilla1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniBlue Satin1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniBrief And Breezy1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniChime Time1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniCow Bells And Coffee Beans1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniDarling Lili1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniDisco1974Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniDream Street1966Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniDreamsville1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniEverybody Blow!1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniExperiment In Terror1962Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniFallout!1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniFar East Blues1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniFiddle And Fife1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniFloating Pad1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniFrish Frosh1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniGoofin' At The Coffee House1959Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniHappy Barefoot Boy1967Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniIn The Arms Of Love1966Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniIt Had Better Be Tonight1963Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniJamie And Mary (The Hills Of Yesterday)1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniLightly Latin1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniLujon1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMain Title1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMambo Parisienne1963Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMarch Of The Cue Balls1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMoment To Moment1969Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMoon River Cha Cha1961Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Henry ManciniMr. Lucky1959Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMr. Lucky (Goes Latin)1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMy Friend Andamo1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniMystery Movie Theme1976Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniNight Flower1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniNo-Cal Sugar Loaf1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniNot From Dixie1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniOne Eyed Cat1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniPennywhistle Jig1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniPeter Gunn1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniPie-In-The-Face Polka1965Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniRain Drops In Rio1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniRavel's Bolero1979Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniRoom And Board (Theme From Molly Maguires)1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSandwiches And Tea (Theme From Molly Maguires)1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSession At Pete's Pad1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSiesta1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSlow And Easy1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSoft Sounds1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSoftly1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSomething For Sellers1964Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSorta Blue1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSpeedy Gonzales1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniSwing Lightly1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniTango Americano1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThat's It And That's All1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Brothers Go To Mother's1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Dancing Cat1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe End (Theme From Molly Maguires)1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Floater1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Girl In No Man's Land1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Hills Of Yesterday1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Inspector Clouseau Theme1977Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Lonely Princess1964Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Mollys Strike1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Mollys Strike Again1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Party1968Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Sound Of Silver1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniThe Sweetheart Tree1965Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniTheme From "Cade's County"1971Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniTheme From "The Molly Maguires"1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniTheme From Molly Maguires (Pennsylvania, 1876)1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniTinpanola1961Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniTipsy1960Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniTrip To Town1970Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniTwo For The Road1967Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniWe've Loved Before (Yasmin's Theme)1966Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniWhat's Happening!!1976Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniWork Montage1970Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini & His OrchestraHub Caps And Tail Lights2011Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His Orchestra(Theme From) Hatari!1962Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraBig Band Bwana1981Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraBreakfast At Tiffany's1961Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraCandlelight On Crystal1968Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraCharade1963Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraCrocodile, Go Home!1981Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraDays Of Wine And Roses1962Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraHow Soon?1964Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraIt's Easy To Say1979Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraLatin Snowfall1963Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraLove Theme For Laura1973Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraLuke And Meggie1983Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraMr. Yunioshi1961Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraNight Side1981Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraOrange Tamouré1963Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraThe Pink Panther Theme1963Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraThe Soft Touch1981Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraThe Sounds Of Hatari!1981Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraWalkin' Bass1959Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraYour Father's Feathers1981Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini und sein OrchesterDie Dornenvögel1983Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini und sein OrchesterSheriff Cade1971Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassMoon River1969Music/Lyrics
Holly ColeCharade2006Music/Lyrics
Hollywood Studio OrchestraBreakfast At Tiffany's / Moonriver Music/Lyrics
HooverphonicNo More Sweet Music2005Music/Lyrics
Horst JankowskiDays Of Wine And Roses1967Music/Lyrics
Horst JankowskiMoon River1967Music/Lyrics
Ibernice MacBeanMoonriver2013Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Jack JonesDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Jackie GleasonDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Jackie TrentHow Soon1964Music/Lyrics
James GalwayPennywhistle Jig1984Music/Lyrics
James LastTrue Love / Moon River1965Music/Lyrics
James Last BandMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Jazz Club TrioDays Of Wine And Roses2005Music/Lyrics
Jean-Claude BorellyMoon River1982Music/Lyrics
Jerry ButlerMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Jewel AkensDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Jim ReevesMoon River1963Music/Lyrics
Jimi HendrixPeter Gunn Catastrophe1966Music/Lyrics
Jimmy SmithThe Night Visitor1971Music/Lyrics
Joanie SommersDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
John AltmanMoon River2004Music/Lyrics
John WilliamsMoon River1996Music/Lyrics
John Williams & The Boston Pops OrchestraPops Salutes The Oscars1989Music/Lyrics
John Williams & The Boston Pops OrchestraThe Pink Panther - Main Theme1988Music/Lyrics
Johnny HartmanCharade1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisLoss Of Love1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisMoon River1968Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisThe Sweetheart Tree1965Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Johnny Reimar med The ScarletsDon't You Forget It1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversDays Of Wine And Roses1966Music/Lyrics
Juan MartinLiebesthema aus "Die Dornenvögel"1984Music/Lyrics
Juan MartinLove Theme From "The Thorn Birds"1983Music/Lyrics
Judy LynnBaby Elephant Walk1965Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsLe Jazz Hot1982Music/Lyrics
Julie AndrewsThe Shady Dame from Seville1982Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonFree And Easy1957Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI Love You And Don't You Forget It1963Music/Lyrics
Julie RogersHow Soon1964Music/Lyrics
Jumpin' SevenThe Days Of Wines And Roses1982Music/Lyrics
Kai WindingExperiment In Terror1962Music/Lyrics
Karel GottMěsíční řeka1965Music/Lyrics
Karel GottMoon River1968Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichMoon River1974Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichThe Last Waltz / Moon River Music/Lyrics
Lana CantrellTwo For The Road1967Music/Lyrics
Lawrence WelkBaby Elephant Walk1962Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneIt Had Better Be Tonight1965Music/Lyrics
LiberaceMoon River1979Music/Lyrics
Louchie Lou & Michie OneShout (It Out)1993Music/Lyrics
Louis ArmstrongMoon River1964Music/Lyrics
Lucky BlondoSois gentille1963Music/Lyrics
Luis Fernandez & His OrchestraDie Dornenvögel (The Thornbirds Theme)1985Music/Lyrics
Lys AssiaFür immer1961Music/Lyrics
Manfred Krug & Charles BrauerGoody Goody1997Music/Lyrics
MantovaniMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Manuel & His Music Of The MountainsMoon River1969Music/Lyrics
Maria MarkesiniSlow Hot Wind2011Music/Lyrics
Marianna CataldiMeggie's Theme2015Music/Lyrics
Marianta PieridiAn figis2002Music/Lyrics
Martin Böttcher & sein OrchesterCharade1970Music/Lyrics
Martin Böttcher & sein OrchesterMoon River1967Music/Lyrics
Marvin GayeDays Of Wine And Roses1964Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroDays Of Wine And Roses1968Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroIn The Arms Of Love1967Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroMoment To Moment1967Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléIt Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio stasera)2007Music/Lyrics
Michael DanzingerI Love You Music/Lyrics
Michael HirteMoon River2009Music/Lyrics
Michel LegrandMoon River1974Music/Lyrics
Mike Auldridge - Jerry Douglas - Rob IckesTill There Was You / Moon River2014Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniIt Had Better Be Tonight (meglio stasera)2000Music/Lyrics
Monica ManciniThe Days Of Wine And Roses1998Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Mrs. MillerMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Mundell Lowe And His All StarsPeter Gunn1959Music/Lyrics
Neglected LordsPeter Gunn1990Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondMoon River1998Music/Lyrics
Neil ReidThe Sweetheart Tree1971Music/Lyrics
Nels ClineThe Search For Cat2016Music/Lyrics
Nelson RiddleCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Nini RossoMoon River1977Music/Lyrics
Orchester Ambros SeelosThe Pink Panther Theme2014Music/Lyrics
(Henry Nicola Mancini)
Orchester Claudius AlznerMoon River1989Music/Lyrics
Orchester Werner TwardyMoon River1974Music/Lyrics
Oscar Harris & The Twinkle StarsTwinke Stars Boo Galoo/Moon River1970Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonDreamsville1971Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonSally's Tomato1971Music/Lyrics
Pat MethenySlow Hot Wind2011Music/Lyrics
Patricia DahlquistDon't Call It Love1982Music/Lyrics
Patti PageDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Patti PageMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Paul Carrack with the Royal Philharmonic OrchestraMoon River2010Music/Lyrics
Paul PottsMoon River2010Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeSometimes1974Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeTwo For The Road1967Music/Lyrics
Pepe Lienhard OrchestraThe Pink Panther Theme2006Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
Perry Como(I Love You) Don't You Forget It1963Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Pete TexPeter Gunn1975Music/Lyrics
Peter BeilFür immer1964Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausVerzeih mir2009Music/Lyrics
Pilots On DopeMelhor esta noite (meglia stasera)2014Music/Lyrics
Pink Martini feat. Gus Van SantMoon River2011Music/Lyrics
Quincy Jones(I Love You) And Don't You Forget It1964Music/Lyrics
Quincy JonesMoon River1964Music/Lyrics
Quincy JonesMr. Lucky1964Music/Lyrics
Quincy Jones & His OrchestraBird Brain1964Music/Lyrics
Quinteto FantasíaSally's Tomato1962Music/Lyrics
Ray ConniffMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Ray ConniffMystery Movie Theme1976Music/Lyrics
Ricardo Sanz & The Swan Big BandMoon River2015Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Richard ChamberlainDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanMoon River1978Music/Lyrics
Ricky KingMoon River1978Music/Lyrics
Rod McKuenMoon River1979Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartMoon River2010Music/Lyrics
Roger MillerDear Heart1968Music/Lyrics
Roland Shaw & His OrchestraPeter Gunn1971Music/Lyrics
Ronnie CarrollDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Rosy SingersDer Wind singt ein Lied1965Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonWait Until Dark1967Music/Lyrics
Royal Romantic OrchestraMoon River1997Music/Lyrics
Rudi Madsius BandHills Of Yesterday2009Music/Lyrics
Rufus HarleyMoon River1970Music/Lyrics
Ruth & VolkmarI Love You1963Music/Lyrics
Saint PrivatNothing To Lose2004Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Six Bridges To Cross1954Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyDays Of Wine And Roses1967Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyMaria, Maria1967Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
Sarah McKenzieMoon River2015Music/Lyrics
Sarah Vaughan(I Love You And) Don't You Forget It1964Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanDays Of Wine And Roses1965Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Sarah VaughanDreamsville1965Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanSlow Hot Wind1964Music/Lyrics
Scott EngelThe Livin' End1958Music/Lyrics
(Hank Mancini)
Scott WalkerAll His Children1972Music/Lyrics
Scott WalkerHills Of Yesterday1970Music/Lyrics
Scott WalkerLoss Of Love1969Music/Lyrics
Scott WalkerWait Until Dark1968Music/Lyrics
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Slow Hot Wind1966Music/Lyrics
ShaggyNice And Lovely1993Music/Lyrics
ShaggyOh Carolina1992Music/Lyrics
Shelly Manne & His MenA Bluish Bag1967Music/Lyrics
Shelly Manne & His MenA Quiet Happening1967Music/Lyrics
Shelly Manne & His MenNight Owl1967Music/Lyrics
Shelly Manne & His MenPeter Gunn1967Music/Lyrics
Shelly Manne & His MenSilver Tears1967Music/Lyrics
Shelly Manne & His MenSweet1967Music/Lyrics
Shelly Manne & His MenTheme From Sam1967Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyMoon River1968Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseySometimes1977Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyWe1969Music/Lyrics
Shirley Scott TrioA Shot In The Dark1964Music/Lyrics
Shirley Scott Trio feat. Jerry Graff, Lillian ClarkShadows In Paris1964Music/Lyrics
Sir James GalwayPie In The Face Polka1984Music/Lyrics
Sly & RobbiePeter Gunn Theme1986Music/Lyrics
(Henry Nicola Mancini)
Sound BankPeter Gun1973Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Spyder TurnerMoon River1967Music/Lyrics
Stacey KentDreamsville2000Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Stereo MC'sBreeze2001Music/Lyrics
The Art Farmer Quartet feat. Jim HallDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
The Art Of Noise feat. Duane EddyPeter Gunn1986Music/Lyrics
The AstronautsBanzai Pipeline1963Music/Lyrics
The AtlanticsPeter Gunn1992Music/Lyrics
The Bloodfire PosseThe Pink Panther1986Music/Lyrics
The Blues BrothersPeter Gunn Theme1980Music/Lyrics
The Fontane SistersDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
The Fontane SistersMoon River1963Music/Lyrics
The Four LadsMoon River1962Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsThe Sweetheart Tree1968Music/Lyrics
The George Duke QuartetDays Of Wine And Roses1966Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
The Granville Williams OrchestraThe Philly Dog1965Music/Lyrics
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirTwo For The Road1967Music/Lyrics
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirWait Until Dark1968Music/Lyrics
The LettermenDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
The LettermenMoon River1966Music/Lyrics
The LordsPeter Gunn1999Music/Lyrics
The Mantovani OrchestraThe Days Of Wine And Roses1968Music/Lyrics
The OvertonesMoon River2013Music/Lyrics
The Piltdown MenThe Great Imposter1961Music/Lyrics
The Puppini SistersMoon River2011Music/Lyrics
The Remo FourPeter Gunn1964Music/Lyrics
The RiffburglarsWho Do You Love / Peter Gunn1983Music/Lyrics
The Seymour Studio Orchestra, LondonDer rosarote Panther1989Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsA Fine Mess1986Music/Lyrics
The TubesCrime Medley1978Music/Lyrics
The Universal-International OrchestraBorderline Montuna1958Music/Lyrics
Those Fantabulous StringsPink Panther Theme1965Music/Lyrics
Thunder RoadPeter Gunn1973Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerMoon River2014Music/Lyrics
Tim FischerMoon River1994Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesCome To Me1977Music/Lyrics
Tommy SeebachElephant Walk1975Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettDays Of Wine And Roses1966Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett / Bill EvansDays Of Wine And Roses1975Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieMoon River2006Music/Lyrics
Toots ThielemansDays Of Wine And Roses1974Music/Lyrics
Ulla WiesnerCharade1964Music/Lyrics
Van McCoyMoon River / Over The Rainbow / Gone With The Wind / Somewhere1977Music/Lyrics
Vanessa CalcagnoMoon River2010Music/Lyrics
Vic DamoneNothing To Lose1968Music/Lyrics
Vince GuaraldiMoon River1961Music/Lyrics
Vince GuaraldiMr. Lucky1964Music/Lyrics
Vince GuaraldiThe Days Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Voice MaleMoon River2009Music/Lyrics
Walter JacksonMoon River1965Music/Lyrics
Walter ScholzDie Dornenvögel1986Music/Lyrics
Walter Wanderley feat. Marge DodsonWait Until Dark1967Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)
Wayne NewtonThe Days Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
Wes MontgomeryDays Of Wine And Roses1963Music/Lyrics
WestBamPink Panther Mix1990Music/Lyrics
WestlifeMoon River2004Music/Lyrics
Yvan GuiliniMoon River1976Music/Lyrics
(Henri Mancini)

Oh Carolina (Shaggy)17/1993412
The Pink Panther Theme (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)835.36
Moon River (Andy Williams)315.16
Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini)275.15
Moon River (Audrey Hepburn)85.12
Moon River (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)475.02
Peter Gunn Theme (The Blues Brothers)265
Moon River (Barbra Streisand)115
Peter Gunn (Duane Eddy)374.95
Dreamsville (Henry Mancini)54.8
Moon River (Frank Sinatra)244.79
Moon River (Louis Armstrong)84.75
Baby Elephant Walk (Henry Mancini)334.7
Moon River (Danny Williams)224.55
Peter Gunn (The Art Of Noise feat. Duane Eddy)744.51
Charade (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)74.43
Baby Elephant Walk (Lawrence Welk)54.4
Peter Gunn (Live) (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)364.39
Lujon (Henry Mancini)124.33
(I Love You) Don't You Forget It (Perry Como)64.33
It Had Better Be Tonight (Henry Mancini)104.2
Oh Carolina (Shaggy)1253.33
The Pink Panther Theme (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)835.36
Peter Gunn (The Art Of Noise feat. Duane Eddy)744.51
Die Dornenvögel (Henry Mancini und sein Orchester)484.06
Moon River (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)475.02
Peter Gunn (Duane Eddy)374.95
Peter Gunn (Live) (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)364.39
Baby Elephant Walk (Henry Mancini)334.7
Moon River (Andy Williams)315.16
Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini)275.15
Peter Gunn Theme (The Blues Brothers)265
Moon River (Frank Sinatra)244.79
Moon River (Danny Williams)224.55
Moon River (Jerry Butler)194.11
Lujon (Henry Mancini)124.33
It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio stasera) (Michael Bublé)123.83
Moon River (Barbra Streisand)115
Moon River (Greyhound)113.91
Days Of Wine And Roses (Henry Mancini And His Orchestra)113.64
It Had Better Be Tonight (Henry Mancini)104.2

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