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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Hal Cosby, Hank Cosby
Andy WilliamsMy Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
Bar-KaysI Was Made To Love Her1972Music/Lyrics
Bar-KaysWith A Child's Heart1967Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
BassixTears Of A Clown1987Music/Lyrics
Ben JamieMy Cherie Amor2016Music/Lyrics
(Hank Cosby)
Bill CosbyA Nut In Every Car1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyBen1976Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyDance Of The Frozen Lion1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyDedicated To Phyllis1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyFunky North Philly1967Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyGreasy Kid Stuff1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyHoof And Mouth1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyIt's Strange1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyKarate1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyKiss Me1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyLittle Ole Man (Uptight, Everything's Alright)1967Music/Lyrics
Bill CosbyLittle Tiny Hairs1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyNo One Can Love The Way You Do1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyNoah: And The Neighbor1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyNoah: Me And You, Lord1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyNoah: Right!1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyPep Talk1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyPut Love In Its Proper Place1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbySpecial Lady Sweetness1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyStop, Look & Listen1967Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbySuperman1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyTake Your Time1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyThe Difference Between Men And Women1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyToss Of The Coin1963Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyTrain To Memphis1974Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Bill CosbyYes, Yes, Yes1976Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Billy EckstineMy Cherie Amour1970Music/Lyrics
Billy PrestonUptight1966Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Boney M.My Chérie Amour1985Music/Lyrics
Booker T. & The M.G.'sI Was Made To Love Her2003Music/Lyrics
Booker T. & The M.G.'sLove Child1969Music/Lyrics
Booker T. JonesI Was Made To Love Her1978Music/Lyrics
Boyz II MenI Was Made To Love Her2007Music/Lyrics
BoyzoneThe Tears Of A Clown2014Music/Lyrics
Brainstorm [US]Everytime I See You, I Go Wild!1978Music/Lyrics
Brenda HollowayHurt A Little Everyday1966Music/Lyrics
Brenda HollowayThink It Over (Before You Break My Heart)2005Music/Lyrics
CaligulaTears Of A Clown1993Music/Lyrics
(Hank Cosby)
Carolyn CrawfordKeep Stepping (Never Look Back)2005Music/Lyrics
Chaka KhanI Was Made To Love Him1978Music/Lyrics
Charlie McCoyFingertips1968Music/Lyrics
Charlie McCoyUp Tight1968Music/Lyrics
CJ LewisEverything Is Alright (Uptight)1994Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisBernadette1971Producer
Claude FrançoisC'est la même chanson1971Producer
Claude FrançoisRéveille-moi1971Producer
Claude FrançoisRien, rien, rien1967Music/Lyrics
Darrell BanksAngel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)1967Music/Lyrics
David & Jimmy RuffinDidn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)1970Producer
David & Jimmy RuffinHe Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother1970Producer
David & Jimmy RuffinSteppin' On A Dream1970Producer
David & Jimmy RuffinTurn Back The Hands Of Time1970Producer
David RuffinEach Day Is A Lifetime1971Music/Lyrics
David RuffinI Can't Be Hurt Anymore1971Music/Lyrics
David RuffinSomebody Stole My Dream1969Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
David RuffinThe Forgotten Man1969Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
David RuffinYou Make Me Do Things I Don't Want To Do1973Music/Lyrics
DeodatoTears Of A Clown1982Music/Lyrics
Diana Ross & Bill CosbyLove Story1971Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Diana Ross & The SupremesI'm Livin' In Shame1969Music/Lyrics
Diana Ross & The SupremesLove Child1968Producer
Diana Ross & The SupremesNo Matter What Sign You Are1969Music/Lyrics
Diana Ross & The SupremesWith A Child's Heart1969Music/Lyrics
Diana Ross & The Supremes & The TemptationsUptight (Everything's Alright)1969Music/Lyrics
Diana Ross with The Jackson 5Feelin' Alright1971Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Donnie ElbertMy Cherie Amour1972Music/Lyrics
Donny Osmond / Stevie WonderMy Cherie Amour2014Music/Lyrics
Earl Van Dyke & The Soul BrothersAll For You1965Music/Lyrics
Edmundo Ros & His OrchestraMy Cherie Amour1970Music/Lyrics
Edwin StarrAdios Senorita1970Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Edwin StarrLove Is My Destination1968Music/Lyrics
Eliane EliasMon amour2011Music/Lyrics
EngelbertMy Cherie Amour1970Music/Lyrics
Fancy [1970s]I Was Made To Love Him1975Music/Lyrics
Fantastic FourI Shall Not Be Moved1970Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherMy Cherie Amour1974Music/Lyrics
FFFLes coups2017Music/Lyrics
George BensonMy Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
George CarrowAngel Baby1967Music/Lyrics
Gipsy VagabondsMi querido amor1995Music/Lyrics
Human NatureUptight (Everything's Alright)2006Music/Lyrics
J.J. BarnesEvery Time I See You, I Go Wild!2005Music/Lyrics
Jackie Wilson & Count BasieI Was Made To Love Her1968Music/Lyrics
Jackie Wilson & Count BasieUptight (Everything's Alright)1968Music/Lyrics
Jackson 5My Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
(Hank Cosby)
Jackson 5Never Had A Dream Come True1970Music/Lyrics
Jazmine SullivanFear2008Music/Lyrics
Jimmy BarnesI Was Made To Love Her2009Music/Lyrics
Joe StubbsUptight1992Music/Lyrics
John DavidsonMy Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
Johnny FarnhamMa cherie amour1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayLes coups1966Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversUptight (Everything's Alright)1966Music/Lyrics
Jr. Walker & The All StarsDo The Boomerang1965Music/Lyrics
Jr. Walker & The All StarsHome Cookin'1968Music/Lyrics
Jr. Walker & The All StarsMutiny1968Music/Lyrics
Kathie & Donald With The Raving FiveTears Of A Clown1970Music/Lyrics
King Curtis & The KingpinsI Was Made To Love Her1968Music/Lyrics
La Toya JacksonTears Of A Clown1995Music/Lyrics
Lenny WilliamsI Was Made To Love Her2000Music/Lyrics
Leo SayerNever Had A Dream Come True1983Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Little Eva HarrisGet Ready - Uptight1968Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Little Stevie WonderContract On Love1962Producer
Little Stevie WonderFingertips1962Music/Lyrics
Little Stevie WonderFingertips - Pt 21963Music/Lyrics
Little Stevie WonderPaulsby1962Music/Lyrics
Little Stevie WonderSome Other Time1962Music/Lyrics
Marc CohnTears Of A Clown2010Music/Lyrics
MarquessMi querido amor2016Music/Lyrics
Martha ReevesDedicated To Be Your Woman1978Producer
Martha ReevesFree Again1978Producer
Martha ReevesI Feel Magic1978Producer
Martha ReevesIf It Wasn't For My Baby1980Producer
Martha ReevesLove Don't Come No Stronger1978Producer
Martha ReevesOne Line From Every Love Song1978Music/Lyrics
Martha ReevesReally Like Your Rap 1980Producer
Martha ReevesSkating In The Streets1980Producer
Martha ReevesSkating In The Streets (Dancing In The Streets)1979Producer
Martha ReevesSpecial To Me1978Producer
Martha ReevesThat's What I Want1980Producer
Martha ReevesThen You Came1979Producer
Martha ReevesWhat Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life1978Producer
Martha ReevesYou're Like Sunshine 1978Producer
Martha Reeves & The VandellasI Should Be Proud1970Music/Lyrics
Martha Reeves & The VandellasI'm In Love (And I Know It)1968Music/Lyrics
Martha Reeves & The VandellasSomething1970Producer
Marv JohnsonI'm Not A Plaything1965Producer
Marvin GayeLucky Lucky Me1964Music/Lyrics
Marvin GayeTry My True Love1969Music/Lyrics
Marvin Gaye & Kim WestonIt Takes Two1966Producer
Melanie BlattMy Cherie Amour2000Music/Lyrics
Michael JacksonShoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day1972Music/Lyrics
Michael JacksonWith A Child's Heart1973Music/Lyrics
Michael McDonald feat. Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love Her2004Music/Lyrics
O.C. SmithMy Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
OasisStep Out1995Music/Lyrics
Paradise ExpressDance1978Producer
Paradise ExpressHold On1978Producer
Paradise ExpressPoinciana1978Producer
Paradise ExpressReverend Lee1978Producer
Paradise ExpressStar In My Life1978Producer
Petula ClarkTears Of A Clown1971Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkThe Tears Of A Clown1971Music/Lyrics
(Hank Cosby)
Phil CollinsUptight (Everything's Alright)2010Music/Lyrics
Philip GeorgeWish You Were Mine2014Music/Lyrics
Ramsey LewisMy Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Ramsey LewisUptight (Everything's Alright)1966Music/Lyrics
Rhythm HeritageMy Cherie Amour1976Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Rhythms Del Mundo feat. Eros RamazzottiMi Cherie Amour2009Music/Lyrics
Rita WrightSince You Came Back2016Music/Lyrics
Roland KirkMy Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Medley: Uptight / You've Got Your Troubles1968Music/Lyrics
SandrineUptight (Everything's Alright)2010Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Scanty SandwichBecause Of You2000Music/Lyrics
Sister SledgeI Was Made To Love Her (Him)1977Music/Lyrics
Smokey Robinson & Sheryl CrowThe Tears Of A Clown2014Music/Lyrics
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesAfter You Put Back The Pieces (I'll Still Have A Broken Heart)1967Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesCecilia1971Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesCrazy About The La La La1971Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesDancing's Alright1967Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesDon't Think It's Me1967Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesFaces1971Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Don't Blame You At All1971Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI Love You, Dear1971Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesI'm On The Outside (Looking In)1967Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMore Love1967Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMy Cherie Amour1970Music/Lyrics
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMy Love For You1967Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesMy Love Is Your Love (Forever)1967Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesNo Wonder, Love's A Wonder1971Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThat Girl1971Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Hunter Gets Captured By The Game1971Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Soulful Shack1967Producer
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesThe Tears Of A Clown1967Music/Lyrics
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesYou Must Be Love1967Producer
Stars On 45Stars On Stevie1982Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderA Fool For You1967Producer
Stevie WonderA House Is Not A Home1968Producer
Stevie WonderA Warm Little Home On A Hill1968Producer
Stevie WonderAin't No Lovin'1968Producer
Stevie WonderAin't That Asking For Trouble1965Producer
Stevie WonderAlfie1968Producer
Stevie WonderAngel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)1966Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderAngie Girl1968Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderAt Last1969Producer
Stevie WonderAve Maria1967Producer
Stevie WonderBaby Don't You Do It1967Producer
Stevie WonderBang Bang1966Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderBe Cool Be Calm (And Keep Yourself Together)1966Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderBeach Stomp1964Producer
Stevie WonderBedtime For Toys1968Producer
Stevie WonderBeyond The Sea1964Producer
Stevie WonderBlowin' In The Wind1966Producer
Stevie WonderBye Bye World1968Producer
Stevie WonderCa' Purange Producer
Stevie WonderCan I Get A Witness1967Producer
Stevie WonderChristmas Time1968Producer
Stevie WonderDo I Love Her1968Producer
Stevie WonderDown To Earth1966Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderEbb Tide1964Producer
Stevie WonderEvery Time I See You I Go Wild1967Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderEverybody Needs Somebody (I Need You)1967Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderEverybody's Talkin'1970Producer
Stevie WonderFor Once In My Life1968Producer
Stevie WonderGive Your Love1969Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderGod Bless The Child1968Producer
Stevie WonderGrazing In The Grass1968Producer
Stevie WonderHello Young Lovers1969Producer
Stevie WonderHey Love1966Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderHow Can You Believe1968Producer
Stevie WonderI Don't Know Why1968Producer
Stevie WonderI Pity The Fool1967Producer
Stevie WonderI Wanna Make Her Love Me1968Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderI Want My Baby Back1965Producer
Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love Her1967Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderI'd Be A Fool Right Now1968Producer
Stevie WonderI'd Cry1966Producer
Stevie WonderIf I Ruled The World1968Producer
Stevie WonderI'm More Than Happy (I'm Satisfied)1968Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderI'm Wondering1967Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderI've Got You1969Producer
Stevie WonderLight My Fire1969Producer
Stevie WonderLove A Go-Go1965Producer
Stevie WonderLove Theme From Romeo And Juliet (A Time For Us) Producer
Stevie WonderMi querido amor1970Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderMore Than A Dream1968Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderMr. Tambourine Man1966Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderMy cherie amor [ital.]1969Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderMy Cherie Amour1968Music/Lyrics
(Hank Cosby)
(Hank Cosby)
Stevie WonderMy Girl1967Producer
Stevie WonderMy World Is Empty Without You1966Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderNever Had A Dream Come True1969Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderNever My Love/Ask The Lonely1968Producer
Stevie WonderNon sono un angelo1968Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderNothing's Too Good For My Baby1965Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderOne Little Christmas Tree1967Producer
Stevie WonderPearl1969Producer
Stevie WonderPlease, Please, Please1967Producer
Stevie WonderPor primera vez1970Producer
Stevie WonderPretty Little Angel1964Producer
Stevie WonderPretty World Producer
Stevie WonderRed Sails In The Sunset1964Producer
Stevie WonderRespect1967Producer
Stevie WonderRuby1968Producer
Stevie WonderSe tu ragazza mia1969Producer
Stevie WonderSend Me Some Lovin'1967Producer
Stevie WonderShoo-Be Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day1968Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderSilver Bells1968Producer
Stevie WonderSixteen Tons1966Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderSomebody Knows, Somebody Cares1969Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderSomeday At Christmas1966Producer
Stevie WonderSunny1968Producer
Stevie WonderSylvia1966Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderThank You Love1966Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderThe Beachcomber1964Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderThe Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)1968Producer
Stevie WonderThe Day That Love Began1968Producer
Stevie WonderThe House On The Hill1968Producer
Stevie WonderThe Little Drummer Boy1967Producer
Stevie WonderThe Lonesome Road1966Producer
(Hal Cosby)
Stevie WonderThe Miracle Of Christmas1966Producer
Stevie WonderThe Party At The Beach House1964Producer
Stevie WonderThe Shadow Of Your Smile1969Producer
Stevie WonderThis Little Girl1964Producer
Stevie WonderTwinkle, Twinkle Little Me1967Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderUptight (Everything's Alright)1965Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderWhat Christmas Means To Me1967Producer
Stevie WonderWhich Was The Wind1968Producer
Stevie WonderWhy Don't You Lead Me To Love1968Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderWith A Child's Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderYou And Me1969Producer
The 3 1/2Angel Baby1967Music/Lyrics
The American BreedUp Tight (Everything Is Alright)1966Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
The Beach BoysI Was Made To Love Her1967Music/Lyrics
The BeatTears Of A Clown1979Music/Lyrics
The ChequersAngie Girl1974Music/Lyrics
The Electric IndianMy Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
(Hank Cosby)
The Flying PicketsThe Tears Of A Clown1983Music/Lyrics
(Hank Cosby)
The Four TopsCan't Get Out Of This Mood1999Producer
The Four TopsDiscovered1999Producer
The Four TopsEnd Of A Beautiful Friendship1999Producer
The Four TopsFascinating Rhythm1999Producer
The Four TopsGee Baby Ain't I Good To You1999Producer
The Four TopsI Could Have Danced All Night1999Producer
The Four TopsI Left My Heart In San Francisco1999Producer
The Four TopsIf My Heart Could Sing1999Producer
The Four TopsI'm Falling For You1999Producer
The Four TopsMaybe Today1999Producer
The Four TopsOn The Streets Where You Live1967Producer
The Four TopsStranger On The Shore1999Producer
The Four TopsThis Can't Be Love1999Producer
The Four TopsUntil I Met You1999Producer
The Four TopsWhen I'm Alone I Cry1999Producer
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirMy Cherie Amour1969Music/Lyrics
The MonitorsGreetings (This Is Uncle Sam)1965Producer
(Hal Cosby)
The MonitorsTears Of A Clown1990Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
The OriginalsMoment Of Truth1969Producer
The OriginalsYou May Not Like The Change1970Music/Lyrics
(Hal Cosby)
The SupremesMake It With You2002Producer
The SupremesTake A Closer Look At Me1970Music/Lyrics
The Supremes & The Four TopsIf You Could See Me Now1971Music/Lyrics
Tight FitBack To The Sixties Volume Two - Medley 11981Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettMy Cherie Amour1970Music/Lyrics
Yannick BovyMy Cherie Amour2012Music/Lyrics
Yvonne FairYou Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover1975Music/Lyrics

I Was Made To Love Her (Stevie Wonder)36/196771
Dance (Paradise Express)94.89
The Tears Of A Clown (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)664.88
Sunny (Stevie Wonder)54.8
My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder)504.66
It Takes Two (Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston)394.62
Uptight (Everything's Alright) (Stevie Wonder)394.62
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Me (Stevie Wonder)54.6
For Once In My Life (Stevie Wonder)454.56
Love Child (Diana Ross & The Supremes)604.52
I'm Livin' In Shame (Diana Ross & The Supremes)264.5
Lucky Lucky Me (Marvin Gaye)64.5
Nothing's Too Good For My Baby (Stevie Wonder)64.5
C'est la même chanson (Claude François)94.44
More Love (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)74.43
Christmas Time (Stevie Wonder)54.4
Angie Girl (Stevie Wonder)54.4
With A Child's Heart (Michael Jackson)204.35
Little Ole Man (Uptight, Everything's Alright) (Bill Cosby)64.33
Never Had A Dream Come True (Stevie Wonder)164.31
I Was Made To Love Her (Stevie Wonder)354.23
The Tears Of A Clown (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)664.88
Love Child (Diana Ross & The Supremes)604.52
My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder)504.66
My Chérie Amour (Boney M.)473.68
For Once In My Life (Stevie Wonder)454.56
Wish You Were Mine (Philip George)453.49
It Takes Two (Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston)394.62
Uptight (Everything's Alright) (Stevie Wonder)394.62
I Was Made To Love Her (Stevie Wonder)354.23
Tears Of A Clown (The Beat)303.77
Someday At Christmas (Stevie Wonder)284.21
Fingertips - Pt 2 (Little Stevie Wonder)283.36
I'm Livin' In Shame (Diana Ross & The Supremes)264.5
Blowin' In The Wind (Stevie Wonder)233.87
I Don't Know Why (Stevie Wonder)214.05
With A Child's Heart (Michael Jackson)204.35
What Christmas Means To Me (Stevie Wonder)173.94
Stars On Stevie (Stars On 45)173.88
Never Had A Dream Come True (Stevie Wonder)164.31
Everything Is Alright (Uptight) (CJ Lewis)163.25

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