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Angela BofillGotta Make It Up To You1983Producer
Angela Bofill & Johnny MathisYou're A Special Part Of Me1983Producer
B.B. KingThere's Something On Your Mind1993Producer
Barbra StreisandSome Good Things Never Last1988Producer
Barbra StreisandWhy Let It Go?1988Producer
Bill WithersDon't Make Me Wait1985Producer
Bill WithersHeart In Your Life1984Producer
Bill WithersOh Yeah!1985Producer
Bill WithersWhatever Happens1983Producer
Bill WithersYou Try To Find A Love1984Producer
Bobby GoldsboroA Butterfly For Bucky1976Producer
Bobby GoldsboroAll The Woman I've Wanted1975Producer
Bobby GoldsboroAnd Then There Was Gina1974Producer
Bobby GoldsboroAnother Night Alone1976Producer
Bobby GoldsboroBehind Closed Doors1975Producer
Bobby GoldsboroBest To Be Free1976Producer
Bobby GoldsboroChippin' Away1976Producer
Bobby GoldsboroCuddle Up1975Producer
Bobby GoldsboroI Believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again1975Producer
Bobby GoldsboroI Wrote A Song (Sing Along)1975Producer
Bobby GoldsboroKids Are People Too1975Producer
Bobby GoldsboroLove Me The American Way1976Producer
Bobby GoldsboroQuicksand1974Producer
Bobby GoldsboroReunion1975Producer
Bobby GoldsboroShe Taught Me How To Live Again1976Producer
Bobby GoldsboroYou Pull Me Down (Into Sweet, Sweet Love)1975Producer
CornicheCalifornia Hustle1979Producer
CornicheTheme From "Chips"1979Producer
Glenn Medeiros feat. Bobby BrownShe Ain't Worth It1990Producer
Hidden StrengthHappy Song1975Producer
Hidden StrengthI Don't Want To Be A Lone Ranger1976Producer
Ike & Tina TurnerBaby, Baby Get It On1974Producer
Johnny MathisFalling In Love1985Producer
Johnny MathisHere We Go Again1985Producer
Johnny MathisHold On1985Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisHooked On Goodbye1985Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisI Need You (The Journey)1985Producer
Johnny MathisIt's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas1986Producer
Johnny MathisJust One Touch1985Producer
Johnny MathisLove Shock1985Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisRight From The Heart1985Producer
Johnny MathisStep By Step1985Producer
Johnny MathisThe Christmas Waltz1986Producer
Johnny MathisTouch By Touch1985Producer
Johnny Mathis with Deniece WilliamsLove Won't Let Me Wait1991Producer
Julia Migenes And Paul AnkaNo Way Out1987Music/Lyrics
Lea RobertsAll Over Again1975Producer
Lea RobertsAll Right Now1975Producer
Lea RobertsChained To This Memory1975Producer
Lea RobertsDon't Let It Mess Your Mind1975Producer
Lea RobertsI'm Goin' Left1975Producer
Lea RobertsLaughter In The Rain1974Producer
Lea RobertsLost In Your Love1975Producer
Lea RobertsLoving You Gets Better With Me1975Producer
Lea RobertsShe Will Break Your Heart1974Producer
Lea RobertsYou're Gonna Need A Man1975Producer
Maxine Nightingale(Bringing Out) The Girl In Me1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleAll Night With Me1980Producer
Maxine NightingaleAsk Billy1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleDarlin' Dear1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleDidn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleGet It Up For Love1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleHideaway1979Producer
Maxine NightingaleHow Much Love1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleI Wonder Who's Waiting Up For You Tonight1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleI'm Givin' It All To You1980Producer
Maxine NightingaleJust Because1980Producer
Maxine NightingaleLead Me On1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleLove Hit Me1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleLove Me Like You Mean It1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleLove Or Let Me Be Lonely1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleNever Enough1980Producer
Maxine NightingaleNo One Like My Baby1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleRight Now1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleSomeone Like Me1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleTake Your Heart1980Producer
Maxine NightingaleTight Spot1980Producer
Maxine NightingaleWhy Did You Turn Me On1980Producer
Maxine NightingaleWill You Be My Lover1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleWork On It1980Producer
Maxine NightingaleYou1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleYou Are Everything1977Producer
Maxine NightingaleYou Are The Most Important Person In Your Life1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleYou Got To Me1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleYou Made My Life Beautiful1978Producer
Maxine NightingaleYour Love Is Too Strong1978Producer
Merrilee RushA Fool In Love1977Producer
Merrilee RushAngel Of The Morning [Version 77]1977Producer
Merrilee RushBe True To You1977Producer
Merrilee RushCould It Be Love I Found Tonight1976Producer
Merrilee RushEasy, Soft And Slow1977Producer
Merrilee RushLove Birds1977Producer
Merrilee RushMama1977Producer
Merrilee RushRainstorm1977Producer
Merrilee RushSave Me1977Producer
Merrilee RushSpare Me A Little Of Your Love1977Producer
Merrilee RushYou1977Producer
Paul Anka(You Bring Out) The Best In Me1976Producer
Paul AnkaAldous1976Producer
Paul AnkaAnytime (I'll Be There)1975Producer
Paul AnkaClosing Doors1976Producer
Paul AnkaDarlin', Darlin'1983Producer
Paul AnkaDo I Love You? (Yes, In Every Way) [1976]1976Producer
Paul AnkaGolden Boy1983Producer
Paul AnkaHappier1976Producer
Paul AnkaI'll Help You1976Producer
Paul AnkaLiving Isn't Living1976Producer
Paul AnkaNever Gonna Fall In Love Again (Like I Fell In Love With You)1976Producer
Paul AnkaNo Way Out1983Producer
Paul AnkaSecond Chance1983Producer
Paul AnkaTake Me In Your Arms1983Producer
Paul AnkaThe Painter1976Producer
Paul AnkaTheme From New York, New York1984Producer
Paul AnkaThis Is The First Time1983Producer
Paul AnkaWalk A Fine Line1983Producer
Paul AnkaWildflower1976Producer
Paul Anka & Odia CoatesMake It Up To Me In Love1976Producer
Paul Anka with Karla DeVitoGimme The Word1983Producer
Paul Anka with Peter CeteraHold Me 'Til The Mornin' Comes1983Producer
Peter McCannDo It Over1982Producer
Peter McCannDream Lover1982Producer
Peter McCannShe's A Woman1982Producer
Rainbow [US]Open Up Your Heart1972Producer
Rainbow [US]Your Love Keeps Comin' On1972Producer
Sheena EastonLet Me Go Through This Alone1997Producer
Sheena EastonLove Me With Freedom1997Producer
Sheena EastonModern Girl '971997Producer
Sheena EastonMy Cherie1995Producer
Sheena EastonNow That My Baby's Gone1997Producer
Sheena EastonOne Man1997Producer
Sheena EastonOne More Reason1997Producer
Sheena EastonPlease Don't Be Scared1995Producer
Sheena EastonWhat Comes Naturally1991Producer
Sheena EastonWhen You Speak My Name1997Producer
StabilizersOne Simple Thing Producer
Sylvie VartanDance To The Rhythm Of Your Love1979Producer
Sylvie VartanDistant Shores1979Producer
Sylvie VartanDon't You Worry1979Producer
Sylvie VartanEasy Love1979Producer
Sylvie VartanHot Time Tonight1979Producer
Sylvie VartanI Don't Want The Night To End1979Producer
Sylvie VartanKeep On Rockin'1979Producer
Sylvie VartanPlease Stay1979Producer
Sylvie VartanPure Love1979Producer
Sylvie VartanThe Rest Of My Life1979Producer
The VenturesLive And Let Die1975Producer
The VenturesMoonlight Serenade1976Producer
The VenturesSuperstar Revue1975Producer
Tina TurnerAcid Queen1975Producer
Tina TurnerBootsy Whitelaw1975Producer
Tina TurnerI Can See For Miles1975Producer
Tina TurnerLet's Spend The Night Together1975Producer
Tina TurnerPick Me Tonight1975Producer
Tina TurnerRockin' And Rollin'1975Producer
Tina TurnerUnder My Thumb1975Producer
Tina TurnerWhole Lotta Love1975Producer
Vernon BurchAnd You Call That Love1975Producer
Vernon BurchChanges (Messin' With My Mind)1975Producer
Vernon BurchDreamin'1975Producer
Vernon BurchFrame Of Mind1975Producer
Vernon BurchGive Love A Try1975Producer
Vernon BurchI'll Be Your Sunshine1975Producer
Vernon BurchLoving You Gets Better With Time1975Producer
Vernon BurchSit, Sigh And Wonder Why1975Producer
Under My Thumb (Tina Turner)64.83
Happier (Paul Anka)74.71
Rockin' And Rollin' (Tina Turner)54.6
My Cherie (Sheena Easton)54.6
I Can See For Miles (Tina Turner)74.57
Whole Lotta Love (Tina Turner)194.53
Bootsy Whitelaw (Tina Turner)54.4
Pick Me Tonight (Tina Turner)54.4
Baby, Baby Get It On (Ike & Tina Turner)314.35
Acid Queen (Tina Turner)284.29
Some Good Things Never Last (Barbra Streisand)54.2
One Simple Thing (Stabilizers)54.2
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Johnny Mathis)144.14
Heart In Your Life (Bill Withers)74.14
Oh Yeah! (Bill Withers)74.14
Let's Spend The Night Together (Tina Turner)74.14
Love Hit Me (Maxine Nightingale)124.08
Lead Me On (Maxine Nightingale)164.06
Anytime (I'll Be There) (Paul Anka)54
You Try To Find A Love (Bill Withers)63.83
She Ain't Worth It (Glenn Medeiros feat. Bobby Brown)383.61
Baby, Baby Get It On (Ike & Tina Turner)314.35
Acid Queen (Tina Turner)284.29
What Comes Naturally (Sheena Easton)253.8
Whole Lotta Love (Tina Turner)194.53
Lead Me On (Maxine Nightingale)164.06
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Johnny Mathis)144.14
Love Hit Me (Maxine Nightingale)124.08
Happier (Paul Anka)74.71
I Can See For Miles (Tina Turner)74.57
Heart In Your Life (Bill Withers)74.14
Oh Yeah! (Bill Withers)74.14
Let's Spend The Night Together (Tina Turner)74.14
Under My Thumb (Tina Turner)64.83
You Try To Find A Love (Bill Withers)63.83
Rockin' And Rollin' (Tina Turner)54.6
My Cherie (Sheena Easton)54.6
Bootsy Whitelaw (Tina Turner)54.4
Pick Me Tonight (Tina Turner)54.4
Some Good Things Never Last (Barbra Streisand)54.2

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