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Alice In ChainsAngry Chair1992Producer
Alice In ChainsBleed The Freak1990Producer
Alice In ChainsConfusion1990Producer
Alice In ChainsDam That River1992Producer
Alice In ChainsDied1999Producer
Alice In ChainsDirt1992Producer
Alice In ChainsDown In A Hole1992Producer
Alice In ChainsGet Born Again1999Producer
Alice In ChainsGod Smack1992Producer
Alice In ChainsHate To Feel1992Producer
Alice In ChainsI Can't Remember1990Producer
Alice In ChainsI Know Something ('Bout You)1990Producer
Alice In ChainsIt Ain't Like That1990Producer
Alice In ChainsJunkhead1992Producer
Alice In ChainsKilling Yourself1990Producer
Alice In ChainsLove, Hate, Love1990Producer
Alice In ChainsMan In The Box1990Producer
Alice In ChainsPut You Down1990Producer
Alice In ChainsRain When I Die1992Producer
Alice In ChainsReal Thing1990Producer
Alice In ChainsRooster1992Producer
Alice In ChainsSea Of Sorrow1990Producer
Alice In ChainsSickman1992Producer
Alice In ChainsSunshine1990Producer
Alice In ChainsThem Bones1992Producer
Alice In ChainsWe Die Young1990Producer
Alice In ChainsWould?1992Producer
AnthraxLooking Down The Barrel Of A Gun1993Producer
AnthraxPoison My Eyes1993Producer
Armored SaintAnother Day1991Producer
Armored SaintBurning Question1991Producer
Armored SaintDropping Like Flies1991Producer
Armored SaintHalf Drawn Bridge1991Producer
Armored SaintHanging Judge1991Producer
Armored SaintLast Train Home1991Producer
Armored SaintReign Of Fire1991Producer
Armored SaintSpineless1991Producer
Armored SaintSymbol Of Salvation1991Producer
Armored SaintTainted Past1991Producer
Armored SaintThe Truth Always Hurts1990Producer
Armored SaintTribal Dance1991Producer
Armored SaintWarzone1991Producer
Big WreckAll By Design2001Producer
Big WreckAll Our Days Are Numbered2001Producer
Big WreckBreakthrough2001Producer
Big WreckDefined By What We Steal2001Producer
Big WreckEverything Is Fine2001Producer
Big WreckHead In The Girl2001Producer
Big WreckLadylike2001Producer
Big WreckMistake2001Producer
Big WreckNo Fault2001Producer
Big WreckUndersold2001Producer
Big WreckWest Virginia2001Producer
Jane's AddictionBeen Caught Stealing1990Producer
Jane's AddictionMountain Song1988Producer
Jane's AddictionStop!1990Producer
Love Spit LoveAm I Wrong1995Producer
Public Image Ltd.Acid Drops1992Producer
Public Image Ltd.Covered1991Producer
Public Image Ltd.Cruel1991Producer
Public Image Ltd.Emperor1991Producer
Public Image Ltd.God1991Producer
Public Image Ltd.Good Things1991Producer
Public Image Ltd.Love Hope1991Producer
Public Image Ltd.Luck's Up1991Producer
Public Image Ltd.Think Tank1991Producer
Public Image Ltd.Unfairground1991Producer
Social Distortion99 To Life1992Producer
Social DistortionA Place In My Heart1990Producer
Social DistortionBad Luck1992Producer
Social DistortionBall And Chain1990Producer
Social DistortionBorn To Lose1992Producer
Social DistortionBye Bye Baby1992Producer
Social DistortionCold Feelings1992Producer
Social DistortionDrug Train1990Producer
Social DistortionGhost Town Blues1992Producer
Social DistortionIt Coulda Been Me1990Producer
Social DistortionKing Of Fools1992Producer
Social DistortionLet It Be Me1990Producer
Social DistortionMaking Believe1992Producer
Social DistortionRing Of Fire1990Producer
Social DistortionShe's A Knockout1990Producer
Social DistortionSick Boys1990Producer
Social DistortionSo Far Away1990Producer
Social DistortionSometimes I Do1992Producer
Social DistortionStory Of My Life1990Producer
Social DistortionThis Time Darlin'1992Producer
Social DistortionWhen She Begins1992Producer
Stabbing WestwardSave Yourself1998Producer
The OffspringAll I Want1996Producer
The OffspringAmazed1997Producer
The OffspringAmericana1998Producer
The OffspringChange The World1997Producer
The OffspringCool To Hate1997Producer
The OffspringD.U.I.1997Producer
The OffspringDisclaimer1997Producer
The OffspringDon't Pick It Up1997Producer
The OffspringFeelings1998Producer
The OffspringGone Away1997Producer
The OffspringHave You Ever1998Producer
The OffspringI Choose1997Producer
The OffspringI Wanna Be Sedated1999Producer
The OffspringIntermission1997Producer
The OffspringLeave It Behind1997Producer
The OffspringMe And My Old Lady1997Producer
The OffspringMota1997Producer
The OffspringNo Brakes1998Producer
The OffspringPay The Man1998Producer
The OffspringPretty Fly (For A White Guy)1998Producer
The OffspringShe's Got Issues1998Producer
The OffspringStaring At The Sun1998Producer
The OffspringThe End Of The Line1998Producer
The OffspringThe Kids Aren't Alright1998Producer
The OffspringThe Meaning Of Life1997Producer
The OffspringWalla Walla1998Producer
The OffspringWay Down The Line1996Producer
The OffspringWhy Don't You Get A Job?1998Producer
The ShrineAcid Drop2015Producer
The ShrineComing Down Quick2015Producer
The ShrineDeath To Invaders2015Producer
The ShrineDusted & Busted2015Producer
The ShrineNever More Than Now2015Producer
The ShrinePull The Trigger2015Producer
The ShrineRare Breed2015Producer
The ShrineSavage Skulls & Nomads2015Producer
The ShrineSpace Stepping2015Producer
The ShrineThe Vulture2015Producer
The ShrineWhat's Left For Me2015Producer

All I Want (The Offspring)05/1997611
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (The Offspring)53/1998118
Why Don't You Get A Job? (The Offspring)18/199968
Down In A Hole (Alice In Chains)145
I Wanna Be Sedated (The Offspring)75
Gone Away (The Offspring)424.98
The Kids Aren't Alright (The Offspring)664.82
Have You Ever (The Offspring)144.79
All I Want (The Offspring)354.71
The Meaning Of Life (The Offspring)124.67
Would? (Alice In Chains)374.62
Mota (The Offspring)54.6
Amazed (The Offspring)54.6
Angry Chair (Alice In Chains)164.56
Rooster (Alice In Chains)254.52
Ring Of Fire (Social Distortion)64.5
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (The Offspring)1834.43
Story Of My Life (Social Distortion)154.4
Way Down The Line (The Offspring)54.4
Am I Wrong (Love Spit Love)54.4
The End Of The Line (The Offspring)114.36
I Choose (The Offspring)114.27
Man In The Box (Alice In Chains)164.25
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (The Offspring)1834.43
Why Don't You Get A Job? (The Offspring)1204.18
The Kids Aren't Alright (The Offspring)664.82
Gone Away (The Offspring)424.98
Would? (Alice In Chains)374.62
All I Want (The Offspring)354.71
She's Got Issues (The Offspring)334.21
Rooster (Alice In Chains)254.52
Been Caught Stealing (Jane's Addiction)244.12
Americana (The Offspring)174.06
Angry Chair (Alice In Chains)164.56
Man In The Box (Alice In Chains)164.25
Them Bones (Alice In Chains)163.88
Story Of My Life (Social Distortion)154.4
Staring At The Sun (The Offspring)154.2
Walla Walla (The Offspring)154
Down In A Hole (Alice In Chains)145
Have You Ever (The Offspring)144.79
Feelings (The Offspring)144
The Meaning Of Life (The Offspring)124.67

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