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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Charles Edward Berry, E. Anderson
13th Floor ElevatorsRoll Over Beethoven1966Music/Lyrics
38 SpecialAround And Around1977Music/Lyrics
Aaron CarterSurfin' USA1997Music/Lyrics
Aaron NevilleYou Never Can Tell1993Music/Lyrics
Adam FaithLittle Queenie1965Music/Lyrics
Al GreenMemphis, Tennessee1969Music/Lyrics
Alain SouchonMemphis Tennessee2011Music/Lyrics
Alex HarveyReeling And Rocking1964Music/Lyrics
Alternative TVMemphis1977Music/Lyrics
Alvin StardustSweet Little Rock 'N' Roller1976Music/Lyrics
Angy Burri & The ApachesSchool Days1983Music/Lyrics
Au Bonheur Des DamesQuand arrive l'été1975Music/Lyrics
Background-GamblersRock N Roll Music2015Music/Lyrics
Barry & The RemainsI'm Talking 'Bout You1965Music/Lyrics
Beacon Street UnionBeautiful Delilah1998Music/Lyrics
Bel AmiMemphis1979Music/Lyrics
Bernd SpierMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
Bernd SpierOhne ein bestimmtes Ziel1964Music/Lyrics
Bernie's Autobahn BandSüße sechszehn Jahre jung1979Music/Lyrics
Big Bill [BE]Ene mee hesp1974Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboBrown Eyed Handsome Man1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboCarol1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboJohnny B. Goode1961Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboLittle Queenie1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboMaybellene1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboNadine1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboReelin' And Rockin'1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboRoll Over Beethoven1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboSchool Days1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboSweet Little Sixteen1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboThirty Days1964Music/Lyrics
Bill Haley And His CometsJohnny B. Goode1968Music/Lyrics
Bill StamperLet It Rock1965Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
Billie Jo SpearsYou Never Can Tell1983Music/Lyrics
Billy Lee RileyGeraldine1966Music/Lyrics
Billy Peek And His "Fantabulous" GuitarTwistin' Johnny B. Goode1961Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnMemphis1964Music/Lyrics
Blind GuardianSurfin' USA1996Music/Lyrics
Bo DiddleyMemphis1963Music/Lyrics
Bo Diddley & Chuck BerryChuck's Beat1964Music/Lyrics
Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods(You Never Can Tell) C'est la vie1976Music/Lyrics
Bob LumanBrown Eyed Handsome Man1970Music/Lyrics
Bob LumanMaybellene1970Music/Lyrics
Bob LumanMemphis Tennessee1968Music/Lyrics
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandC'est la vie1994Music/Lyrics
Bobby BareMemphis, Tennessee1966Music/Lyrics
Bobby PrinsJohnny B. Good1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby RydellLittle Queenie1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeBreaking Up Is Hard To Do / Please Help Me I'm Falling / Nadine / Ruby Baby / Needles And Pins1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeBrown-Eyed Handsome Man1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeMemphis / Love Me Do / Twist And Shout / Hey! Baby / P.S. I Love You1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeSchool Days1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby Vee & The CricketsLittle Queenie1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby Vee & The CricketsSweet Little Sixteen1962Music/Lyrics
Bruce SpringsteenJohnny Bye Bye1983Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsRock And Roll Music2014Music/Lyrics
Bryan AdamsRun Rudolph Run1987Music/Lyrics
Buck OwensJohnny B. Goode1969Music/Lyrics
Buddy HollyBrown Eyed Handsome Man1958Music/Lyrics
Buddy HollyRock-A-Bye-Baby1958Music/Lyrics
Buddy KnoxMaybelline1957Music/Lyrics
BulldogBrown Eyed Handsome Man1974Music/Lyrics
BulldogToo Much Monkey Business1972Music/Lyrics
ByfĺnarnaNo Particular Place To Go1980Music/Lyrics
Canned HeatRock & Roll Music1972Music/Lyrics
Carl PerkinsMaybelline Music/Lyrics
Carl PerkinsMemphis Tennessee1988Music/Lyrics
Carl PerkinsRoll Over Beethoven1977Music/Lyrics
Casey Jones & The GovernorsBeautiful Delilah1966Music/Lyrics
Casey Jones & The GovernorsToo Much Monkey Business1965Music/Lyrics
Cat [1970s]Johnny B. Goode1970Music/Lyrics
Cat Mother And The All Night NewsboysGood Old Rock 'N' Roll1969Music/Lyrics
CCSWhole Lotta Rock 'N' Roll1972Music/Lyrics
Charlie StarrMemphis Tennessee1972Music/Lyrics
Chas & DaveRoll Over Beethoven1981Music/Lyrics
Chely WrightC'est la vie (You Never Can Tell)2005Music/Lyrics
ChildrenMemphis Tennessee1974Music/Lyrics
ChildrenRock 'N' Roll Music1974Music/Lyrics
ChildrenRoll Over Beethoven1974Music/Lyrics
Chris Evans / Walter Wigand & Neil LandonRock 'N' Roll Medley (High-School-Confidential / Sweet Little Sixteen / Jenny, Jenny / At The Hop)1985Music/Lyrics
Chris RobertsRock And Roll Music1972Music/Lyrics
Chris White [UK]Surfin USA1976Music/Lyrics
Christian AndersJohnny Be Good1973Music/Lyrics
Christoff & Robby LongoC'est la vie (You Never Can Tell)2013Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry212007Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry21 Blues2007Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry3/4 Time (Enchiladas)2017Producer
Chuck BerryA Deuce1975Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryAfter It's Over1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryAimlessly Driftin'1973Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryAll Aboard1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryAlmost Grown1959Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryAnthony Boy1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryAround And Around1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryAway From You1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBack In The U.S.A.1959Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBack To Memphis1967Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBeautiful Delilah1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBerry Pickin'1955Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBetty Jean1960Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBig Boys2017Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBio1973Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBlue Feeling1957Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBlue On Blue1974Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBlues For Hawaiians1959Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBordeaux In My Pirough1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBound To Lose1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBrenda Lee1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBroken Arrow1959Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
Chuck BerryBrown-Eyed Handsome Man1956Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryButterscotch1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryBye Bye Johnny1960Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryCalifornia1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryCarol1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryCheck Me Out1967Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryChildhood Sweetheart1959Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
Chuck BerryChristmas1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryChuckwalk1992Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryClub Nitty Gritty1959Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryCome On1960Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryConcerto In B Goode1969Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryCounty Line1974Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryDarlin'2017Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryDear Dad1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryDeep Feeling1956Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryDiploma For Two1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryDo You Love Me2005Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryDon't You Lie To Me1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryDrifting Heart1957Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryDutchman2017Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryEyes Of Man2017Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryFestival1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryFish And Chips1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryFlyin' Home1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryGo Bobby Soxer1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryGo Go Go1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryGood Looking Woman1969Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryGot It And Gone1973Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryGuitar Boogie1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryGun1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHail, Hail, Rock And Roll1978Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHavana Moon1956Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHavana Moon [Version '79]1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHave Mercy Judge1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHello Little Girl, Goodbye1973Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHey Pedro1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHis Daughter Caroline1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHouse Lights1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryHow You've Changed1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Can't Believe1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Do Really Love You1967Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Got A Booking1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Got To Find My Baby1960Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Love Her I Love Her1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Love You1972Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Need You Baby1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Never Thought1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Want To Be Your Driver1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI Will Not Let You Go1972Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryIf I Were1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI'm A Rocker1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI'm Just A Name1975Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI'm Talking About You1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryIngo1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryInstrumental1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryIt Don't Take But A Few Minutes1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryIt Hurts Me Too1967Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryIt Wasn't Me1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryIt's My Own Business1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryIt's Too Dark in There1969Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryI've Changed2007Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryJaguar And Thunderbird1960Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryJamaica Moon2017Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryJo Jo Gunne1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryJohnny B. Goode1957Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLa Jaunda1957Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLady B. Goode2017Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLaugh And Cry1966Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLet It Rock1959Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
Chuck BerryLet's Boogie1972Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLet's Do Our Thing Together1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLittle Fox1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLittle Marie1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLittle Queenie1959Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLittle Star1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLiverpool Drive1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLondon Berry Blues1972Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLonely All The Time1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLonely School Days1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLong Fast Jam2007Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLong Slow Jam2007Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLouie To Frisco1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLove I Lost1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryLow Feeling1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMa Dear1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMan And The Donkey1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMaybellene1955Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMean Old World1972Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMemphis1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMemphis Tennessee1959Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMisery1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMove It1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMum's The Word1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMy Ding-A-Ling1972Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMy Dream1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMy Heart Will Always Belong To You1967Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMy Little Love Light1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMy Tambourine1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryMy Woman1969Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryNadine (Is It You?)1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryNight Beat1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryNo Money Down1956Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryNo Particular Place To Go1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryO Rangutang1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryOh Baby Doll1957Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryOh Captain1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryOh Louisina1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryOh What A Thrill1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryOh Yeah1974Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryOur Little Rendezvous1960Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryPass Away1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryPromised Land1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryPut Her Down1969Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRain Eyes1973Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRamona, Say Yes1966Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryReelin' And Rockin'1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryReelin' And Rockin' [live]1972Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRock And Roll Music1957Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRock Cradle Rock1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRockin' At The Philharmonic1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRocking On The Railroad1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRoll Over Beethoven1956Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRoly Poly1955Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRound And Round1976Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRun Around1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryRun Rudolph Run1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySan Francisco Dues1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySchool Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) 1956Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryShe Once Was Mine1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryShe Still Loves You2017Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySome People Lives1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySoul Rockin'1968Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryStill Got The Blues1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryStop And Listen1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySue Answer1975Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySurfin' U.S.A.1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySurfing Steel1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySweet Little Rock And Roller1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerrySweet Little Sixteen1957Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryTalkin' About My Buddy1973Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryThe Song Of My Love1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryThe Way It Was Before1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryThirteen Question Method1961Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryToo Late1975Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryToo Much Monkey Business1956Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryToo Pooped To Pop1959Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryTrick Or Treat1963Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryTulane1970Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryUntitled Instrumental2007Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryVacation Time1958Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryViva Rock And Roll1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryWee Wee Hours1955Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryWelcome Back Pretty Girl1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryWhy Should We End This Way1965Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryWonderful Woman2017Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryWoodpecker1973Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryWuden't We1979Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryYou Can't Catch Me1955Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryYou Go To My Head2017Producer
Chuck BerryYou Never Can Tell1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryYou Two1964Music/Lyrics
Chuck BerryYour Lick1971Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry & The Steve Miller BandFeelin' It1967Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry & The Steve Miller BandFillmore Blues1967Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry & The Steve Miller BandRockin' At The Fillmore / Everyday I Have The Blues1967Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry And His ComboDownbound Train1955Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry And His ComboDrifting Heart1956Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry And His ComboNo Money Down1955Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry and His ComboThirty Days (To Come Back Home)1955Music/Lyrics
Chuck Berry and His ComboTogether (We'll Always Be)1955Music/Lyrics
Claudio, Rik und RogerMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
Clean LivingSweet Little Sixteen1972Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardForty Days1961Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardJohnny B. Goode2013Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardMemphis, Tennessee2016Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardReelin' And Rockin'1962Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardRoll Over Beethoven2016Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardSchool Days2013Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardSweet Little Sixteen2016Music/Lyrics
Conny & Danny FabryZo is het leven (C'est la vie)1985Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyJohnny B. Goode1969Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyReelin' And Rockin'1960Music/Lyrics
Crystal VoyagerJohnny B. Goode1987Music/Lyrics
Daddy CoolYou Never Can Tell1994Music/Lyrics
Danyel GérardMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
Dave BerryMemphis Tennessee1963Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsDear Dad1982Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsIt's My Own Business1978Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsLet It Rock1973Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsNo Money Down1974Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsSweet Little Rock'n'Roller1972Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsThe Promised Land1971Music/Lyrics
David BowieRound And Round1973Music/Lyrics
David Byron BandRoll Over Beethoven1980Music/Lyrics
David CassidyRock Medley1974Music/Lyrics
De GrungblaversJohnny B. Goode2019Music/Lyrics
Dean Reed & Kati KovácsSweet Little Sixteen1980Music/Lyrics
Del ShannonMemphis1964Music/Lyrics
DetroitLet It Rock1971Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
Dick Brave & The BackbeatsCome On2011Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeNadine1965Music/Lyrics
Dickie Rock And The Miami Show BandRock 'N Roll Music1965Music/Lyrics
Didi ZillBye Bye Daddy1978Music/Lyrics
Die SchlümpfeSurfen auf dem Schlumpfensee1998Music/Lyrics
Die StrandjungsSurfen auf'm Baggersee1984Music/Lyrics
DionJohnny B. Goode1964Music/Lyrics
Don BackyUna ragazza facile1965Music/Lyrics
Don CovayMemphis1973Music/Lyrics
Don FardonRock And Roll Medley: Roll Over Beethoven/Route 66/Johnny B. Goode/Travelling Band1971Music/Lyrics
Don Lang & The Frantic FiveSchool Day1957Music/Lyrics
Donna FargoJohnny B. Goode1972Music/Lyrics
Downliners SectToo Much Monkey Business1964Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodBeautiful Delilah1982Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodI'm Talking About You2013Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodJohnny B. Goode1975Music/Lyrics
Drafi Deutscher And His MagicsMedley [Shake Hands / Roll Over Beethoven / What'd I Say / Good Golly Miss Molly / Memphis, Tennesseee]1964Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Baby It's You1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Dear Dad1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Johnny B. Goode1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Little Marie1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Little Things1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Memphis Tennessee1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Nadine1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]No Particular Place To Go1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Promised Land1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Reelin' And Rockin'1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]Roll Over Beethoven1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]The Crying Game1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]This Strange Effect1974Music/Lyrics
Dragonfly [US]You Never Can Tell (C'est la vie)1974Music/Lyrics
Duke & PSS Party-Super-ShowbandJohnny B. Good Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellŔ crédit et en stéréo1974Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellBye, bye, Johnny B. Good1974Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellC'est la vie mon chéri1974Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellC'est un rocker1974Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellDétective privé1964Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellDonne moi une idée1964Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellFrançais, Made In U.S.A.1979Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellJ'aime le rock'n'roll1971Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellLes traines-tard et les rôdeurs1975Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellMaybellene1964Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellRepose Beethoven1964Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellRock'n'road1980Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellSirop rock'n'roll1976Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellUne terre promise1975Music/Lyrics
Eddy Mitchell avec ArnoŔ crédit et en stéréo2018Music/Lyrics
Eddy Mitchell avec Johnny HallydayC'est un rocker2017Music/Lyrics
Eddy Mitchell avec Laurent GerraC'est la vie mon chéri2018Music/Lyrics
Edgar Winter's White TrashBack In The U.S.A.1972Music/Lyrics
Elise LeGrowYou Can't Judge A Book By The Cover / You Can't Catch Me2018Music/Lyrics
Elise LeGrowYou Never Can Tell2018Music/Lyrics
Elton JohnJohnny B. Goode1979Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyMaybellene1955Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyPromised Land1973Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyToo Much Monkey Business1968Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris(You Never Can Tell) C'est la vie1977Music/Lyrics
Ernest TubbThirty Days (To Come Back Home)1955Music/Lyrics
ExileRun Rudolph Run2016Music/Lyrics
Fats and his CatsSweet Little Sixteen1965Music/Lyrics
Flying SaucersJohnny B. Goode1978Music/Lyrics
FoghatRun, Run, Rudolph1978Music/Lyrics
Four Jacks And A JillRock And Roll Medley [Yesterday Once More / Sixteen Candles / That'll Be The Day / Locomotion / Young Love / Who Put The Bomp / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Rock And Roll Music]1975Music/Lyrics
Frank MichaelLa terre promise2003Music/Lyrics
Franny And The FireballsSweet Little Sixteen1976Music/Lyrics
Franz K.Bye, Bye Johnny1977Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersJohnny B. Goode1964Music/Lyrics
Freddy WellerMaybelline1982Music/Lyrics
Freddy WellerThe Promised Land1971Music/Lyrics
Freddy WellerToo Much Monkey Business1973Music/Lyrics
Frijid PinkSchool Day1974Music/Lyrics
Gary GlitterSchool Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)1972Music/Lyrics
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSweet Little Rock And Roller1965Music/Lyrics
Gebrüder BlattschussHoliday auf Sylt1977Music/Lyrics
Gene VincentRoll Over Beethoven Music/Lyrics
Geoff & Maria MuldaurHavana Moon1972Music/Lyrics
George HarrisonRoll Over Beethoven1992Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood & The DestroyersNadine1974Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood & The DestroyersYou Can't Catch Me1988Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood And The DestroyersLet It Rock2011Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood And The DestroyersLet's Go Go Go1985Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood And The DestroyersMemphis1985Music/Lyrics
GermsRound And Round1981Music/Lyrics
Gerry & The PacemakersMaybellene1963Music/Lyrics
Gerry & The PacemakersReelin' And Rockin'1964Music/Lyrics
Gidea ParkBeach Boy Gold1978Music/Lyrics
Gordie Sullivan40 Days1964Music/Lyrics
Gottfried BöttgerMy Dingaling1973Music/Lyrics
Graham BonnetAnthony Boy1981Music/Lyrics
Graham BonnetDon't Tell Me To Go1981Music/Lyrics
Grateful DeadJohnny B. Goode1971Music/Lyrics
Günther NeefsYou Never Can Tell2019Music/Lyrics
Guru GuruDas lebendige Radio: e. Bye, Bye Johnny1976Music/Lyrics
Hardin & YorkRock 'N' Roll Music1971Music/Lyrics
HarpoRulla över Beethoven1978Music/Lyrics
Harry Dean StantonPromised Land2014Music/Lyrics
HeadCatLet It Rock2011Music/Lyrics
Helene DixonRoll Over Beethoven1956Music/Lyrics
Horst Jankowski und sein Rias-TanzorchesterMemphis Tennessee1977Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale singt Welt-Hits - Medley2005Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleMemphis Tennessee1980Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleRock-Medley1980Music/Lyrics
Hoyt AxtonMaybelline1974Music/Lyrics
Hugues AufrayPrends la vie comme telle1981Music/Lyrics
Humble PieNo Money Down1974Music/Lyrics
Humble PieRock And Roll Music1975Music/Lyrics
Ian & The ZodiacsRoll Over Beethoven1964Music/Lyrics
Ian GommCome On1978Music/Lyrics
Imperial State ElectricSweet Little Sixteen2011Music/Lyrics
Ingo IngwersenLolli-Pops I1978Music/Lyrics
J. Frank Wilson And The CavaliersSchool Days1964Music/Lyrics
Jacques DutroncRepose Beethoven2004Music/Lyrics
James Arp And The TempestLet It Rock1964Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
James TaylorMemphis2009Music/Lyrics
James TaylorThe Promised Land1974Music/Lyrics
Jan & DeanMemphis, Tenessee1963Music/Lyrics
Jan & DeanSchool Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)1964Music/Lyrics
Jan & DeanSurfin' USA Music/Lyrics
Jay & The AmericansJohnny B. Goode1970Music/Lyrics
Jeff LynneLet It Rock2012Music/Lyrics
Jerry GarciaLet It Rock1974Music/Lyrics
Jerry JayeBrown-Eyed Handsome Man1967Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisBrown Eyed Handsome Man1963Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisJohnny B. Goode1965Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisLittle Queenie1959Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisMaybelline1965Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisMemphis, Tennessee1973Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisNo Particular Place To Go1964Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisPromised Land2014Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisRoll Over Beethoven1965Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee LewisSweet Little Sixteen1962Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee Lewis & FriendsSweet Little Sixteen1979Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee Lewis & Linda Gail LewisRoll Over Beethoven1969Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping PianoLittle Queenie1959Music/Lyrics
Jerry Lee Lewis with Ringo Starr/John Mayer/Jon BrionRoll Over Beethoven2010Music/Lyrics
Jerry ReedChuck Berry Medley [The Promised Land / Johnny B. Goode / School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) / Mabellene / Memphis, Tennessee]1972Music/Lyrics
Jesse Colin YoungSweet Little Sixteen1972Music/Lyrics
Jigsaw [AU]Sweet Little Rock And Roller1971Music/Lyrics
Jim Lowe With Norm Leydon's OrchestraMaybellene1955Music/Lyrics
Jimi HendrixJohnny B. Goode1968Music/Lyrics
Jimmy And The RacketsRock'n Roll Music Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Doyle PayneSweet Little Sixteen Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Mitchell (And The Terry Tunes)Little Queenie Music/Lyrics
Jive Bunny And The MastermixersCan Can You Party1990Music/Lyrics
Jive Bunny And The MastermixersThat's What I Like1989Music/Lyrics
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsTulane1988Music/Lyrics
Joe JacksonCome On1979Music/Lyrics
John BlairRoll Over Beethoven1977Music/Lyrics
John CaleMemphis1977Music/Lyrics
John DenverJohnny B. Goode1978Music/Lyrics
John Hamilton BandAround And Around / Little By Little / Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow Music/Lyrics
John Hamilton BandI Wanna Be Your Man / Carol Music/Lyrics
John HammondBrown Eyed Handsome Man1968Music/Lyrics
John HammondNadine1992Music/Lyrics
John LennonSweet Little Sixteen1975Music/Lyrics
John LennonYou Can't Catch Me1975Music/Lyrics
John PrineYou Never Can Tell1975Music/Lyrics
Johnnie AllanPromised Land1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny & Edgar WinterRock & Roll Medley1976Music/Lyrics
Johnny Cash with Carl PerkinsBrown-Eyed Handsome Man2014Music/Lyrics
Johnny FarnhamJohnny 'B' Goode1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny FarnhamMemphis Tennessee1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayAu rythme et au blues1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayDouces filles de seize ans1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayJohnny, reviens!1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayJolie petite rock'n'rolleuse1996Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayLa terre promise1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayMaybelline1961Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayMemphis est loin d'ici1996Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayMemphis, USA1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayNadine1974Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayÔ Carole1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayRien que huit jours1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayRock and roll musique1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny Hallyday & Stray Cats & Carl PerkinsJohnny B Goode1984Music/Lyrics
Johnny MopedLittle Queenie1978Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversBrown-Eyed Handsome Man1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversBye Bye Johnny1974Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversJohnny B. Goode1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversMaybelline1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversMemphis '721972Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversPromised Land1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny RiversRoll Over Beethoven1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny WinterGood Morning Little School Girl1969Music/Lyrics
Johnny WinterJohnny B. Goode1969Music/Lyrics
Johnny WinterThirty Days1974Music/Lyrics
Johnny Winter feat. Vince GillMaybellene2011Music/Lyrics
Jon ParisDeep Feeling1996Music/Lyrics
Jonathan Richman & The Modern LoversBack In The U.S.A.1976Music/Lyrics
Jonathan Richman & The Modern LoversOh Carol1978Music/Lyrics
Judas PriestJohnny B Goode1988Music/Lyrics
Juicy LucyNadine1969Music/Lyrics
Juicy LucyPromised Land1972Music/Lyrics
Jules BlattnerNo Money Down1964Music/Lyrics
Kaleidoscope(You Never Can Tell) C'est la vie1976Music/Lyrics
KarthagoJohnny B. Goode1974Music/Lyrics
Keith AllisonSweet Little Rock'n Roller1965Music/Lyrics
Kim & The CadillacsRock 'N' Roll Medley1977Music/Lyrics
Kim & The CadillacsSweet Little Sixteen1977Music/Lyrics
King CurtisMemphis1964Music/Lyrics
Kirby St. RomainOh Baby Doll1964Music/Lyrics
Larry and The GentsLittle Queenie1964Music/Lyrics
Lee TowersBeach Boys Medley2013Music/Lyrics
Leif GarrettJohnny B. Goode1977Music/Lyrics
Leif GarrettSurfin' USA1977Music/Lyrics
LeinemannSweet Little Sixteen1974Music/Lyrics
Leon RussellToo Much Monkey Business1992Music/Lyrics
Les Bourgeois De CalaisJe veux parler de toi1995Music/Lyrics
Les Chaussettes NoiresEddie sois bon1961Music/Lyrics
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsMemphis Music/Lyrics
Linda RonstadtBack In The USA1978Music/Lyrics
Linda Ronstadt & Chuck BerryBack In The U.S.A.1987Music/Lyrics
Little JoeLittle Queenie1983Music/Lyrics
Lloyd ArnoldSchool Days1963Music/Lyrics
Loggins & Messina(You Never Can Tell) C'est la vie1975Music/Lyrics
Lonnie MackMemphis1963Music/Lyrics
Lord Nelson & His CrewSchool Days1968Music/Lyrics
Love SculptureYou Can't Catch Me1969Music/Lyrics
Lyle LovettBrown Eyed Handsome Man2012Music/Lyrics
Manic Street PreachersRock 'n' Roll Music2000Music/Lyrics
Martin CircusRock 'N' Roll Circus1977Music/Lyrics
Martin MannHello Rock 'N' Roll / Roll Over Beethoven1975Music/Lyrics
Martin MannRock-Medley (Roll Over Beethoven / High School Rock / Hound Dog)1976Music/Lyrics
Marty Jay And The JaybirdsRoll Over Beethoven1973Music/Lyrics
Marty McFly & The StarlightersJohnny B. Goode1985Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsMaybelline1955Music/Lyrics
MatchboxIt Don't Take But A Few Minutes1977Music/Lyrics
Matt LucasMaybellene1964Music/Lyrics
Matthias LensYou Never Can Tell (C'est la vie)2015Music/Lyrics
MC5Back In The U.S.A.1970Music/Lyrics
Mental As AnythingRock And Roll Music1988Music/Lyrics
Michael CoxSweet Little Sixteen1961Music/Lyrics
Michael NesmithNadine (Is It You)1978Music/Lyrics
Mickie MostJohnny B. Goode1960Music/Lyrics
Mike BloomfieldWee Wee Hours1981Music/Lyrics
Mike KennedyRoll Over Beethoven1971Music/Lyrics
Mike KrügerIch geh' heut' surfen1978Music/Lyrics
Mike KrügerJohnny1977Music/Lyrics
Mike KrügerSchuss in den Ofen1977Music/Lyrics
Mike SmithNo Particular Place To Go1990Music/Lyrics
Mike SmithReelin' And Rockin'1990Music/Lyrics
Miraculous MuleDownbound Train2011Music/Lyrics
Mitch RyderBrown-Eyed Handsome Man1967Music/Lyrics
Mitchell TorokNo Money Down1956Music/Lyrics
MontyLe collčge1966Music/Lyrics
Moon MartinHavana Moon1981Music/Lyrics
Mos DefCome On2008Music/Lyrics
Mos DefMaybellene2008Music/Lyrics
Mos DefNadine2008Music/Lyrics
Mos DefNo Particular Place To Go2008Music/Lyrics
Mos DefPromised Land2008Music/Lyrics
MountainDream Sequence1971Music/Lyrics
MountainRoll Over Beethoven1971Music/Lyrics
Mr. Airplane ManHang Up2004Music/Lyrics
Mrs. MillerMemphis1967Music/Lyrics
MudBye Bye Johnny1974Music/Lyrics
New AdventuresCome On1979Music/Lyrics
Nick MacKenzieSweet Little Sixteen1974Music/Lyrics
Nilda FernándezLa terre promise1999Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneBrown Eyed Handsome Man1967Music/Lyrics
NormaalOh deerne1977Music/Lyrics
Orkestra feat. Groucutt, Kaminski & McDowellRoll Over Beethoven1993Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneSweet Little Sixteen1964Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneWay Down Yonder1964Music/Lyrics
Pat McGlynnRock 'N' Roll Medley1980Music/Lyrics
Pat TraversMaybellene1976Music/Lyrics
Patti Labelle & The BluebellesC'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)1975Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaMemphis, Tennessee1966Music/Lyrics
Paul McCartneyBrown Eyed Handsome Man1999Music/Lyrics
Paul Revere & The RaidersLouie, Louie1963Music/Lyrics
Peter & GordonMemphis1966Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausGo Billy Go2007Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausJohnny B. Goode2006Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausLange hab'n wir uns nicht mehr geseh'n2007Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausMemphis Tennessee Music/Lyrics
Peter KrausNo Particular Place To Go2006Music/Lyrics
Peter ReeseSweet Little Rock'n Roller1964Music/Lyrics
Peter ToshJohnny B. Goode1983Music/Lyrics
Powder BluesRoll Over Beethoven1983Music/Lyrics
PuhdysBrown Eyed Handsome Man1976Music/Lyrics
PuhdysLong Tall Sally / Party / Rock And Roll Music1976Music/Lyrics
QuartzRoll Over Beethoven1976Music/Lyrics
R. Dean TaylorWalkin' In The Sun1975Music/Lyrics
RabaueBeach Boys Medley2012Music/Lyrics
Radio StarsTalking 'Bout You1982Music/Lyrics
Ray ManzarekDownbound Train1974Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonLittle Queenie1972Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonRock & Roll Music1979Music/Lyrics
Richard ThompsonGuitar Heroes2015Music/Lyrics
Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandI'm Talking About You1972Music/Lyrics
Ricky KingJohnny B. Goode1984Music/Lyrics
Ricky KingMemphis Tennessee1984Music/Lyrics
Ricky KingRock And Roll Music1984Music/Lyrics
Ricky KingRock'N' Roll Is Back1984Music/Lyrics
Rob HoekeMemphis Tennessee1973Music/Lyrics
Rob HoekeSchool Day1973Music/Lyrics
Robby LongoC'est la vie (You Never Can Tell)2013Music/Lyrics
Roch VoisineJohnny B. Goode2009Music/Lyrics
(Charles Edward Berry)
Roch VoisineYou Never Can Tell2008Music/Lyrics
RockersWe Are The Boys (Who Make All The Noise)1983Music/Lyrics
RockpileOh, What A Thrill1980Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysToo Much Monkey Business1981Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartSweet Little Rock 'N' Roller1974Music/Lyrics
Roger CollinsPromise Land1967Music/Lyrics
Ronnie HawkinsMaybellene1972Music/Lyrics
Ronnie HawkinsMemphis, Tennessee1972Music/Lyrics
Ronnie Hawkins And The HawksForty Days1959Music/Lyrics
Ronnie LaneYou Never Can Tell1975Music/Lyrics
Ronnie MilsapSweet Little Rock And Roller1971Music/Lyrics
Ronnie Wood With His Wild FiveBack In The USA Music/Lyrics
Roy BlackMemphis Tennessee1972Music/Lyrics
Roy BlackSweet Little Sixteen1972Music/Lyrics
Roy BuchananReelin' And Rockin'1975Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonMemphis Tennessee1972Music/Lyrics
Ry Cooder13 Question Method1987Music/Lyrics
SantanaHavana Moon1983Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnySchool Day1959Music/Lyrics
Saskia & SergeThe Country Disco Train1983Music/Lyrics
Satin WhaleSweet Little Sixteen1977Music/Lyrics
Savoy BrownSavoy Brown Boogie1969Music/Lyrics
Scotty McKayBrown Eyed Handsome Man1960Music/Lyrics
Screamin' Lord SutchRoll Over Beethoven1962Music/Lyrics
Sex PistolsJohnny B. Goode1979Music/Lyrics
Shadows Of KnightLet It Rock1965Music/Lyrics
Shakin' StevensDon't Lie To Me1985Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsLittle Queenie1971Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsMaybelline1972Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsRoll Over Beethoven1972Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsSchool Day1970Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsSweet Little Rock And Roller1972Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsSweet Little Sixteen1976Music/Lyrics
Shakin' Stevens & The SunsetsThirty Days1970Music/Lyrics
ShivareeI Wanna Be Your Driver2007Music/Lyrics
ShowaddywaddyRock And Roll Music1976Music/Lyrics
Silicon TeensMemphis Tennessee1979Music/Lyrics
SkyblastersJohnny B. Goode1987Music/Lyrics
SkyhooksLet It Rock1976Music/Lyrics
SladeI'm A Rocker1979Music/Lyrics
Sleepy LaBeefYou Can't Catch Me1965Music/Lyrics
Sonny SpencerGilee Music/Lyrics
Space Truck And The Freight Yard MarshallsJohnny B. Goode1972Music/Lyrics
Spider Murphy GangAutostop1980Music/Lyrics
Spider Murphy GangSchuitog1981Music/Lyrics
Splinter [UK]Round And Round1977Music/Lyrics
Starland Vocal BandHail! Hail! Rock And Roll!1976Music/Lyrics
Status QuoBye Bye Johnny1975Music/Lyrics
Status QuoCarol1981Music/Lyrics
Status QuoMemphis Tennessee2000Music/Lyrics
Status QuoRoll Over Beethoven2000Music/Lyrics
Status QuoThe Anniversary Waltz (Part One)1990Music/Lyrics
Status QuoYou Never Can Tell (It Was A Teenage Wedding)1996Music/Lyrics
Stefanie HempelRock And Roll Music2014Music/Lyrics
Steve AlaimoSweet Little Sixteen1965Music/Lyrics
Steve HackettGuitar Boogie2007Music/Lyrics
StrandjungsSurf Fieber1987Music/Lyrics
StretchSchool Days1978Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanJe ne suis pas d'ici1981Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Surfin' USA1978Music/Lyrics
Taj MahalBrown Eyed Handsome Man1975Music/Lyrics
Tanya TuckerBrown Eyed-Handsome Man1978Music/Lyrics
Ten Years AfterSweet Little Sixteen1970Music/Lyrics
Teresa BrewerSchool Days1973Music/Lyrics
Texas LightningC'est la vie2005Music/Lyrics
The Air MailJohnny B. Goode1973Music/Lyrics
The Air MailRoll Over Beethoven1973Music/Lyrics
The Amboy DukesMaybellene1974Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsAround And Around1964Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsBye-Bye Sonny, Bye-Bye1963Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsGotta Find My Baby1963Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsHow You've Changed1965Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsLet It Rock1963Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsMemphis Tennessee1964Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsSweet Little Sixteen1965Music/Lyrics
The Astronauts [US]Johnny B. Goode1964Music/Lyrics
The Astronauts [US]Roll Over Beethoven1964Music/Lyrics
The BandThe Promised Land1973Music/Lyrics
The BarbariansMemphis, Tennessee1966Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysJohnny B. Goode Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysRock'n'Roll Music1976Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysSchool Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)1980Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysSurfin' USA1962Music/Lyrics
The Beach BoysThe Beach Boys Medley1981Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesCarol1963Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesI Got To Find My Baby1963Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesJohnny B. Goode1964Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesLittle Queenie1982Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesMemphis1979Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesMemphis, Tennessee1962Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesRock And Roll Music1964Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesRoll Over Beethoven1963Music/Lyrics
The BeatlesToo Much Monkey Business1963Music/Lyrics
The Blues BandCome On1981Music/Lyrics
The Blues BandNadine1980Music/Lyrics
The Blues ProjectBrown Eyed Handsome Man1971Music/Lyrics
The Blues ProjectI Want To Be Your Driver1966Music/Lyrics
The Blues ProjectYou Can't Catch Me1966Music/Lyrics
The ByrdsRoll Over Beethoven1990Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesRock 'N' Roll Music1976Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesRoll Over Beethoven1976Music/Lyrics
The CarnabeesSurfin' USA1978Music/Lyrics
The Chambers BrothersJohnny B. Goode1969Music/Lyrics
The CrawdaddysOh Baby Doll1979Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FiveMemphis Tennessee1969Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FivePlay Good Old Rock 'n' Roll1969Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FivePlay Good Old Rock 'n' Roll [B]1969Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FivePlay More Good Old Rock 'n' Roll1970Music/Lyrics
The Dave Clark FiveReelin' And Rockin'1965Music/Lyrics
The DoorsCarol2007Music/Lyrics
The Dynamic Drifters40 Days1964Music/Lyrics
The EasybeatsLittle Queenie1977Music/Lyrics
The EcuadorsLet Me Sleep Woman1959Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
The EcuadorsSay You'll Be Mine1959Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
The Electric Light OrchestraRoll Over Beethoven1972Music/Lyrics
The EqualsJohnny B. Goode1973Music/Lyrics
The Everly BrothersMaybelline1965Music/Lyrics
The Fabulous JokersMemphis, Tennessee1966Music/Lyrics
The Fabulous PoodlesDon't You Lie To Me1981Music/Lyrics
The Fabulous Silver TonesWee Wee Hours1960Music/Lyrics
The Flamin' GrooviesDon't You Lie To Me1976Music/Lyrics
The Flamin' GrooviesLittle Queenie1977Music/Lyrics
The Flamin' GrooviesSweet Little Rock 'n' Roller Music/Lyrics
The Flamingos [DE]Mein Beatle Baby1964Music/Lyrics
The FlippersLouie Louie1965Music/Lyrics
The Flying Burrito BrothersRoll Over Beethoven1972Music/Lyrics
The Fred Banana ComboJohnny B. Goode1980Music/Lyrics
The Georgia SatellitesLet It Rock (Bye Bye Johnny)1997Music/Lyrics
The Georgia SatellitesLet it Rock (Live)1989Music/Lyrics
The Gisha BrothersMaybelline1964Music/Lyrics
The Gisha BrothersMemphis Tennessee1965Music/Lyrics
The Hep StarsSweet Little Sixteen1965Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesRoll Over Beethoven1973Music/Lyrics
The HitmakersBack In U.S.A.1965Music/Lyrics
The HolliesI'm Talking About You1964Music/Lyrics
The HolliesMemphis1963Music/Lyrics
The HolliesSweet Little Sixteen1966Music/Lyrics
The HolliesToo Much Monkey Business1964Music/Lyrics
The HubsMemphis1963Music/Lyrics
The Ivy LeagueAlmost Grown1965Music/Lyrics
The JackysMemphis Tennessee1980Music/Lyrics
The JackysSweet Little Sixteen1976Music/Lyrics
The James BoysRoly Poly1973Music/Lyrics
The Johnson Brothers [1970s]Roll Over Beethoven1971Music/Lyrics
The KinksBeautiful Delilah1964Music/Lyrics
The KinksToo Much Monkey Business1964Music/Lyrics
The KoffersRock 'n Roll Music1989Music/Lyrics
The La De DasToo Pooped To Pop1974Music/Lyrics
The Les Humphries SingersJohnny B. Good1975Music/Lyrics
The Les Humphries SingersRock And Roll Music1975Music/Lyrics
The Les Humphries SingersRoll Over Beethoven1975Music/Lyrics
The LiverbirdsAround And Around1966Music/Lyrics
The LiverbirdsJohnny B. Goode1965Music/Lyrics
The LiverbirdsTalking About You1965Music/Lyrics
The LiverbirdsToo Much Monkey Business1965Music/Lyrics
The Long HairsGo-Go-Go1964Music/Lyrics
The LordsMemphis Tennessee1965Music/Lyrics
The Lovin' SpoonfulAlmost Grown1966Music/Lyrics
The MoltosRock And Roll Music1975Music/Lyrics
The MoltosRoll Over Beethoven1975Music/Lyrics
The New Riders Of The Purple SageSchool Days1973Music/Lyrics
The New Riders Of The Purple SageYou Never Can Tell1976Music/Lyrics
The OsmondsThe Promised Land1971Music/Lyrics
The Phantom BrothersBeautiful Delilah1966Music/Lyrics
The Pink FairiesJohnny B. Goode1971Music/Lyrics
The PlaybackReelin' And Rockin'1973Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsDon't Lie To Me1965Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsOh, Baby Doll1965Music/Lyrics
The QuireboysLittle Queenie2017Music/Lyrics
The RainbowsBeautiful Delilah1965Music/Lyrics
The RainbowsCarol1965Music/Lyrics
The RainbowsSweet Little Sixteen1965Music/Lyrics
The RainbowsToo Much Monkey Business1965Music/Lyrics
The RattlesBetty Jean1963Music/Lyrics
The RattlesBye Bye Johnny1963Music/Lyrics
The RattlesJohnny B. Goode1963Music/Lyrics
The RattlesLittle Queenie1965Music/Lyrics
The RattlesRoll Over Beethoven1964Music/Lyrics
The RattlesSweet Little Sixteen1964Music/Lyrics
The RattlesToo Much Monkey Business1964Music/Lyrics
The Remo FourNo Money Down1967Music/Lyrics
The RevelatorsEl Salvador1991Music/Lyrics
The Rockin' RebelsSweet Little Sixteen1962Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesAround And Around1964Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesBye Bye Johnny1964Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesCarol1964Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesCome On1963Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesLet It Rock1971Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesLittle Queenie1970Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesTalkin' 'bout You1965Music/Lyrics
The Rolling StonesYou Can't Catch Me1965Music/Lyrics
The Scorpions [UK]Bye Bye Johnny1966Music/Lyrics
The Scorpions [UK]Johnny B. Goode1964Music/Lyrics
The Scorpions [UK]Too Much Monkey Business1965Music/Lyrics
The SearchersBye Bye Johnny1964Music/Lyrics
The SearchersMaybelline1963Music/Lyrics
The SearchersRoll Over Beethoven1964Music/Lyrics
The SearchersSweet Little Sixteen1963Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsJohnny B. Goode1970Music/Lyrics
The ShakersMemphis, Tennessee1963Music/Lyrics
The ShakersSweet Little Sixteen1963Music/Lyrics
The SonicsRoll Over Beethoven1965Music/Lyrics
The Statler BrothersMemphis1966Music/Lyrics
The Steve Gibbons BandNo Money Down1982Music/Lyrics
The Steve Gibbons BandTulane1977Music/Lyrics
The StrypesBeautiful Delilah2013Music/Lyrics
The SurfarisMemphis, Tennessee1963Music/Lyrics
The Swinging Blue JeansAround And Around1964Music/Lyrics
The SyndicatsMaybellene1964Music/Lyrics
The TonicsYou Never Can Tell1968Music/Lyrics
The TractorsThirty Days1994Music/Lyrics
The TremeloesRound And Round1967Music/Lyrics
The TroggsJaguar And Thunderbird1966Music/Lyrics
The TroggsLittle Queenie1966Music/Lyrics
The VelairesRoll Over Beethoven1961Music/Lyrics
The VenturesMemphis1963Music/Lyrics
The WalkersMemphis Tennessee1975Music/Lyrics
The WhiskersRock And Roll Music1965Music/Lyrics
The YardbirdsLet It Rock1964Music/Lyrics
The YardbirdsTalkin' About You1964Music/Lyrics
The YardbirdsToo Much Monkey Business1964Music/Lyrics
The YoungbloodsMonkey Business1967Music/Lyrics
The YoungbloodsToo Much Monkey Business1969Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesMemphis, Tennessee1965Music/Lyrics
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersJaguar And Thunderbird1976Music/Lyrics
Tommy CastroTulane2003Music/Lyrics
Tommy LeeMemphis Music/Lyrics
Tommy RoeBrown Eyed Handsome Man1971Music/Lyrics
Tommy RoeCarol1963Music/Lyrics
Tommy RoeMaybellene1962Music/Lyrics
Tommy SandsMaybelline1958Music/Lyrics
Tommy SteeleJohnny B. Goode1975Music/Lyrics
Tony WegasSchucka tschai1994Music/Lyrics
TorfrockKarola Petersen1977Music/Lyrics
Travis WammackMemphis, Tennessee1967Music/Lyrics
TritonsLet It Rock1973Music/Lyrics
Truck StopLet It Rock1973Music/Lyrics
(E. Anderson)
Truck StopNadine1974Music/Lyrics
Turley RichardsToo Much Monkey Business1965Music/Lyrics
TyggegummibandenRocke til musikken1975Music/Lyrics
Udo LindenbergSüße kleine Sechzehn1978Music/Lyrics
UK SubsTalking 'bout You1991Music/Lyrics
Unit GloriaJohnny B. Good1971Music/Lyrics
Uriah HeepRock 'N' Roll Medley1973Music/Lyrics
Uriah HeepRoll Over Beethoven1973Music/Lyrics
Vince TaylorMaybellene1999Music/Lyrics
Vince TaylorMemphis Tennessee1963Music/Lyrics
Vince Taylor et ses PlayboysSweet Little Sixteen1961Music/Lyrics
W.A.S.P.Promised Land2009Music/Lyrics
Wanda JacksonBrown Eyed Handsome Man1961Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsBrown-Eyed Handsome Man1969Music/Lyrics
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterYou Never Can Tell (C'est la vie)1980Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersJaguar And Thunderbird1964Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersMemphis Tennessee1965Music/Lyrics
Wayne Fontana & The MindbendersToo Much Monkey Business1964Music/Lyrics
William HungSurfin' USA2005Music/Lyrics
Willie And The Poor BoysYou Never Can Tell1985Music/Lyrics
Wilson PickettMemphis, Tennessee1973Music/Lyrics
Wishbone AshCome On1979Music/Lyrics
Zither-ManäLago di Bonzo (Tegernsee)1993Music/Lyrics

Roll Over Beethoven (The Beatles)25/196427
Rock And Roll Music (The Beatles)06/1965114
My Ding-A-Ling (Chuck Berry)52/197277
That's What I Like (Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers)42/1989213
Surfin' USA (Aaron Carter)27/1998134
Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)1245.32
Good Morning Little School Girl (Johnny Winter)65.17
Sweet Little Sixteen (Ten Years After)85.12
Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller (Dave Edmunds)105.1
You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry)745.05
You Never Can Tell (It Was A Teenage Wedding) (Status Quo)155
The Promised Land (Dave Edmunds)105
You Can't Catch Me (The Rolling Stones)85
Little Marie (Chuck Berry)55
Bye Bye Johnny (Status Quo)294.97
Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)794.92
Memphis Tennessee (Status Quo)124.92
Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Buddy Holly)344.91
Surfin' USA (The Beach Boys)1824.89
Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry)674.87
Carol (Chuck Berry)304.83
Bye Bye Johnny (The Rolling Stones)64.83
Maybellene (Chuck Berry)534.83
Johnny B. Goode (Johnny Winter)94.78
Roll Over Beethoven (Status Quo)124.75
Surfin' USA (The Beach Boys)1824.89
Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)1245.32
Roll Over Beethoven (The Electric Light Orchestra)994.75
Surfin' USA (Aaron Carter)951.53
Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)794.92
Rock And Roll Music (The Beatles)774.64
You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry)745.05
Johnny B. Goode (Peter Tosh)744.74
The Anniversary Waltz (Part One) (Status Quo)744.11
Surfin' USA (Leif Garrett)722.64
That's What I Like (Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers)683.79
Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry)674.87
Roll Over Beethoven (The Beatles)584.28
Maybellene (Chuck Berry)534.83
Little Queenie (The Rolling Stones)493.51
My Ding-A-Ling (Chuck Berry)422.86
Rock And Roll Music (Chuck Berry)394.49
No Particular Place To Go (Chuck Berry)384.5
Can Can You Party (Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers)383.45
School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) (Chuck Berry)374.7

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