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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Christopher Brown [II], Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown, Christopher Maurice Brown
A$AP Ferg feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ignI Love You2016Music/Lyrics
Ace Hood feat. Chris BrownBody 2 Body2011Music/Lyrics
Afrojack feat. Chris BrownAs Your Friend2013Music/Lyrics
Aline Barros feat. Lukas AgustinhoA bno2020Music/Lyrics
Allstar WeekendYeah 3X2011Music/Lyrics
Benny Benassi & Chris BrownParadise2016Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
Big Sean feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ignPlay No Games2015Music/Lyrics
Bob WayneDisturbia2015Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
Brandy feat. Chris BrownPut It Down2012Music/Lyrics
Chipmunk feat. Chris BrownChampion2011Music/Lyrics
Chle & Chris BrownHow Does It Feel2023Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown20122012Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown4 Years Old2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownAdd Me In2014Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownAll On Me2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownAngel Numbers / Ten Toes2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownAnyway2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBack To Love2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBack To Sleep2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBassline2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBiggest Fan2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBite My Tongue2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBlow It In The Wind2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBody Shots2014Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBouncing / G52023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownBP / No Judgement2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownChase Our Love2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownCheetah2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownCloser2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownConfidence2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownCovered In You2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownCrawl2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownDamage2007Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownDay One2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownDear God2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownDiscover2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownDon't Be Gone Too Long2014Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownDon't Judge Me2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownDon't Wake Me Up2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownDream2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownEmotions2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownEnemy2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownEven2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownEverybody Knows2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownFallin Down2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownFamous Girl2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownFeel Something2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownFeelings Don't Lie2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownFine By Me2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownFine China2013Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownFor Ur Love2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownForbidden2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownForever2008Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownFrustrated2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownGirl Of My Dreams2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownGotta Be Ur Man2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownGraffiti2010Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownGrass Ain't Greener2016Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHangover2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHarder2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHate Being Human2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHate Me Tomorrow2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHeartbreak On A Full Moon2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHelp Me2007Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHit My Line2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHope You Do2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownHurt The Same2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownI Love Her2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownI Love U2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownI.Y.A.2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownIf You're Down2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownIffy2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownIn The City2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownIndigo2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownIt's Giving Christmas2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownJuice2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownKae2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownLet's Smoke2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownLiquor2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownLittle Bit2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownLittle More (Royalty)2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownLost & Found2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownLuckiest Man2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownLucky Me2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownMake Love2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownMake Up Your Mind2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownMessed Up2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownMidnight Freak2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownMoonlight2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNatural Disaster / Aura2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNeed A Friend2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNext To You2011Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNo Bullshit2011Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNo Exit2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNo Filter2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNo Time Like Christmas2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNobody's Perfect2013Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownNowhere2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownOh My Love2011Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownOn Me2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownOn Some New Shit2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownOtha N***as2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownParadise2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPart Of The Plan2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPassing Time2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPetty2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPicture Me Rollin'2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPitch Black2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPlay Catch Up2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPress Me2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPrivacy2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownProof2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownPull Up2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownQuestions2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownRed2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownRed Flags2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownReddi Wip2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownRock Your Body2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownRoses2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownRun Away2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSay It With Me2011Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSee You Around2014Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownShe Ain't You2011Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownShooter2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownShould've Kissed You2011Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSide Nigga2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSing Like Me2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSip2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSleep At Night2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSlide2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSo Cold2009Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSorry Enough2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSpecial Delivery2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownStereotype2014Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownStrip2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownStuck On Stupid2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownStutter2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSummer Breeze2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSummer Too Hot2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSurvive The Night2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownSweet Love2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTake A Risk2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTake You Down2007Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTalm' Bout2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTell Me What To Do2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTell Somebody2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTempo2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownThis Ain't2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownThis Way2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownThrow It Back2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownThrowed2007Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTime For Love2014Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTo My Bed2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTough Love2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTroubled Waters2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTrust Issues / Act In2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownTurn Up The Music2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownUndecided2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownUnder The Influence2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownVery Special2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownViews2023Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownWait For You2012Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownWE (Warm Embrace)2022Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownWho's Gonna (Nobody)2015Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownX2014Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownYeah 3X2010Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownYellow Tape2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownYou Like2017Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownYou Like That2019Music/Lyrics
Chris BrownZero2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Tyga feat. Schoolboy QBitches N Marijuana2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young ThugAnimal2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young ThugCity Girls2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young ThugGo Crazy2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young ThugI Ain't Tryin'2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young ThugSay You Love Me2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young ThugStolen2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young Thug feat. GunnaShe Bumped Her Head2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young Thug feat. Gunna & Lil DukeBig Slimes2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young Thug feat. Major NineTrap Back2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown & Young Thug feat. Shad Da GodI Got Time2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat HoodybabyNo Such Thing2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. A1Sensei2017Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. AkonCame To Do2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Anderson .PaakInner Peace2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Benny BenassiBeautiful People2011Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Big Sean & Wiz KhalifaTill I Die2012Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. BlxstShow It2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. BrandyDo Better2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Bryson TillerNeed You Right Here2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Byron MessiaNightmares2023Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Cal ScrubyWelcome To My Life2017Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. DavidoNobody Has To Know2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Davido & LojaySensational2023Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Dej Loaf & Lil YachtyHandle It2017Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. DrakeNo Guidance2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Ella MaiSex Memories2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Est GeeHmhmm2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Eva SimonsPass Out2009Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Fivio ForeignC.A.B. (Catch A Body)2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. FridayyNo One Else2023Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. FutureThat's On You2023Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. FutureU Did It2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Future & Young ThugHigh End2017Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. GunnaHeat2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. H.E.R.Closure2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. H.E.R.Come Together2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Jack HarlowPsychic2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Jhen AikoDrunk Texting2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Jhen Aiko & R. KellyJuicy Booty2017Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Justin BieberNext To You2011Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber & InkDon't Check On Me2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Juvenile & Juicy JEmerald / Burgandy2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Kendrick LamarAutumn Leaves2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Kevin K-Mac McCallStrip2011Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil BabyAddicted2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil Durk & Capella GreyTill The Wheels Fall Off2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil JonTemporary Lover2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil' WayneGimme Whatcha Got2007Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & BleuPossessive2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta RhymesLook At Me Now2011Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & French MontanaLoyal2013Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Joyner LucasNeed A Stack2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz BeatzI Can Transform Ya2009Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Too $hortLoyal2013Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & TygaLoyal2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. LudacrisWet The Bed2011Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Lupe FiascoGirlfriend2009Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. MaetaBest Ever2023Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. NasMirage2012Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Nicki MinajLove More2013Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
Chris Brown feat. Nicki Minaj & G-EazyWobble Up2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. PliesWhat I Do2009Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. R. KellyDrown In It2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Sabrina AntoinetteTrumpet Lights2012Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Sean PaulBrown Skin Girl2009Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. SevynRemember My Name2012Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. SevynTouch Me2012Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Solo LucciWrist2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. TankEarly 2K2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. TankTake My Time2009Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Tayla ParxAnyway2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Too $hort & E-40Undrunk2020Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Tory LanezBad Then A Beach2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Tory LanezLurkin'2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. T-PainKiss Kiss2007Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Trey SongzSexy2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Trey SongzSongs On 12 Play2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Trey Songz & GameWait2009Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Verse SimmondsOnly 4 Me2017Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. TygaAll I Want2019Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Tyga & Kevin McCallDeuces2010Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Usher & Gucci ManeParty2016Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick RossNew Flame2014Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Will.I.AmPicture Perfect2007Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. WizKidCall Me Every Day2022Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown feat. Yo Gotti, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Kodak BlackPills & Automobiles2017Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x TygaAyo2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x TygaBanjo2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x TygaBetter2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x TygaGirl You Loud2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x TygaRemember Me2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x TygaShe Goin' Up2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x TygaWestside2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x TygaWrong In The Right Way2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x Tyga feat. 50 CentI Bet2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Boose BadazzReal One2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Fat TrelLights Out2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Jay 305 + T.I.Bunkin'2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Pusha TD.G.I.F.U.2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x Tyga feat. Ty Dolla $ignNothin' Like Me2015Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown x Tyga feat. WaleIt's Yo S**t2015Music/Lyrics
Ciara feat. Chris BrownTurntables2009Music/Lyrics
Dante Bowe and Essential WorshipSee A Victory2021Music/Lyrics
David Banner feat. Chris Brown, Yung Joc & Jim JonesGet Like Me2008Music/Lyrics
David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil WayneI Can Only Imagine2011Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
Davido & Chris BrownBlow My Mind2019Music/Lyrics
Deorro x Chris BrownFive More Hours2015Music/Lyrics
Diddy Dirty Money feat. Chris BrownYesterday2010Music/Lyrics
Diddy Dirty Money feat. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa & Seven Of Rich GirlI Know2010Music/Lyrics
DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina & Fetty WapGold Slugs2015Music/Lyrics
DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big SeanJealous2019Music/Lyrics
DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil WayneTake It To The Head2012Music/Lyrics
DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Wale, Wiz Khalifa & Ace HoodI'm Still2013Music/Lyrics
DJ Khaled feat. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future and Rick RossDo You Mind2016Music/Lyrics
Elevation RhythmWalk On Water2020Music/Lyrics
Elevation Worship feat. Pat BarrettThis Is The Kingdom2022Music/Lyrics
Ella Mai feat. Chris BrownWhatchamacallit2018Music/Lyrics
Estelle feat. Chris Brown & Trey SongzInternational (Serious)2012Music/Lyrics
Ester Dean + Chris BrownDrop It Low2009Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
Faul & Wad x Marcus Layton x EmieDisturbia2022Music/Lyrics
Future feat. Chris BrownPIE2017Music/Lyrics
Game feat. Chris BrownPot Of Gold2011Music/Lyrics
Game feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & Lil WayneCelebration2012Music/Lyrics
Gashi / Chris Brown / Afro B / DJ SnakeSafety 20202020Music/Lyrics
G-Eazy / Chris Brown / Mark MorrisonProvide2021Music/Lyrics
G-Eazy feat. Chris Brown & Tory LanezDrifting2015Music/Lyrics
H.E.R. feat. Chris BrownCome Through2021Music/Lyrics
Jack Harlow feat. Chris BrownAlready Best Friends Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
James JaxonYeah 3X2017Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
Jamie Foxx feat. Chris BrownYou Changed Me2015Music/Lyrics
Jennifer LopezEmotions2014Music/Lyrics
Jennifer LopezSame Girl2014Music/Lyrics
Jennifer Lopez feat. French MontanaSame Girl2014Music/Lyrics
Jennifer Lopez feat. Iggy AzaleaBooty2014Music/Lyrics
Jennifer Lopez feat. PitbullBooty2014Music/Lyrics
Jessie JI Need This2011Music/Lyrics
Joe JonasLighthouse2011Music/Lyrics
Joe JonasSee No More2011Music/Lyrics
Joey Bada$$ feat. Chris Brown & Capella GreyWelcome Back2022Music/Lyrics
Juicy J feat. Chris Brown & Wiz KhalifaTalkin' Bout2013Music/Lyrics
Justin BieberChristmas Eve2011Music/Lyrics
Keri Hilson feat. Chris BrownOne Night Stand2010Music/Lyrics
Kid Ink feat. Chris BrownHotel2015Music/Lyrics
Kid Ink feat. Chris BrownMain Chick2014Music/Lyrics
Kid Ink feat. Chris BrownShow Me2013Music/Lyrics
Killah SwaggerFive More Hours2015Music/Lyrics
Koryn HawthorneGraves Into Gardens2020Music/Lyrics
Lloyd feat. Chris Brown & VegaLuv Me Girl2011Music/Lyrics
Lydia LairdHere Again2020Music/Lyrics
Marshmello feat. Tyga & Chris BrownLight It Up2019Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeStronger2010Music/Lyrics
Meek Mill / Nicki Minaj / Chris BrownAll Eyes On You2015Music/Lyrics
Nelly feat. Plies & Chris BrownLong Gone2010Music/Lyrics
New Boyz feat. Chris BrownBetter With The Lights Off2011Music/Lyrics
Pitbull feat. Chris BrownFun2014Music/Lyrics
Pitbull feat. Chris BrownHope We Meet Again2012Music/Lyrics
Prince Royce with Spiff TV & Chris BrownJust As I Am2017Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown)
Pusha T feat. Chris BrownSweet Serenade2013Music/Lyrics
Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton, Keke Palmer, Jeremy Jordan, Andy Karl, Angela Grovey, and Dequina Moore feat. The Pacashau Sacred Divinity ChoirHigher Medley2012Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
Rich Gang feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Birdman & Lil WayneBigger Than Life2013Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Brown [II])
Rick Ross feat. Chris BrownSorry2015Music/Lyrics
Rita Ora feat. Chris BrownBody On Me2015Music/Lyrics
The Collective [AU]Yeah 3X2012Music/Lyrics
The Game feat. Lil Wayne & Chris BrownFuck Yo Feelings2014Music/Lyrics
The Pussycat DollsBad Girl2009Music/Lyrics
Tinashe feat. Chris BrownPlayer2015Music/Lyrics
Tinie Tempah feat. Ester DeanLove Suicide2011Music/Lyrics
Tory Lanez feat. Chris BrownThe Take2019Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Brown [II])
Tory Lanez feat. Chris Brown & 2 ChainzDuck My Ex2018Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
Tory Lanez feat. Chris Brown & Lil BabyFlexible2018Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
T-Pain feat. Chris BrownBest Love Song2011Music/Lyrics
T-Pain feat. Chris BrownFreeze2008Music/Lyrics
T-Pain feat. Chris BrownLook At Her Go2011Music/Lyrics
Trey SongzTakes Time To Love2009Music/Lyrics
Tyga feat. Chris BrownFor The Road2013Music/Lyrics
Tyga feat. Chris Brown & Wynter GordonFor The Fame2012Music/Lyrics
Tyga feat. J Balvin & Chris BrownHaute2019Music/Lyrics
Usai feat. LunisDisturbia2020Music/Lyrics
(Christopher Maurice Brown)
will.i.am feat. Chris BrownLet's Go2013Music/Lyrics
Wisin feat. Chris Brown & PitbullControl2014Music/Lyrics
Wisin y Yandel feat. Chris Brown & T-PainAlgo me gusta de ti2012Music/Lyrics
WizKid feat. Chris BrownAfrican Bad Gyal2017Music/Lyrics

Disturbia (Rihanna)34/2008319
Yeah 3X (Chris Brown)09/2011117
Don't Wake Me Up (Chris Brown)24/2012816
Five More Hours (Deorro x Chris Brown)12/20151017
No Guidance (Chris Brown feat. Drake)25/2019401
Don't Check On Me (Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber & Ink)27/2019183
Under The Influence (Chris Brown)33/2022319
Angel Numbers / Ten Toes (Chris Brown)01/2024186
For Ur Love (Chris Brown)65
Same Girl (Jennifer Lopez)114.64
Pass Out (Chris Brown feat. Eva Simons)84.62
Emotions (Jennifer Lopez)184.56
Provide (G-Eazy / Chris Brown / Mark Morrison)64.5
Autumn Leaves (Chris Brown feat. Kendrick Lamar)54.4
Player (Tinashe feat. Chris Brown)104.3
Hope We Meet Again (Pitbull feat. Chris Brown)114.27
Take It To The Head (DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne)84.25
Don't Be Gone Too Long (Chris Brown)54.2
Girlfriend (Chris Brown feat. Lupe Fiasco)64.17
Do You Mind (DJ Khaled feat. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future and Rick Ross)64.17
Should've Kissed You (Chris Brown)94.11
Disturbia (Rihanna)3204.1
Turntables (Ciara feat. Chris Brown)144.07
All Eyes On You (Meek Mill / Nicki Minaj / Chris Brown)134
Fine By Me (Chris Brown)104
Say It With Me (Chris Brown)84
Songs On 12 Play (Chris Brown feat. Trey Songz)64
Sing Like Me (Chris Brown)54
Disturbia (Rihanna)3204.1
Yeah 3X (Chris Brown)1573.33
Forever (Chris Brown)1273.77
Don't Wake Me Up (Chris Brown)1243.19
Beautiful People (Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi)1143.5
I Can Only Imagine (David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne)933.34
Turn Up The Music (Chris Brown)932.72
Kiss Kiss (Chris Brown feat. T-Pain)812.7
Next To You (Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber)772.78
I Can Transform Ya (Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz)632.7
Fine China (Chris Brown)603.28
Show Me (Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown)582.88
Five More Hours (Deorro x Chris Brown)563.52
Look At Me Now (Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes)522.9
Booty (Jennifer Lopez feat. Iggy Azalea)482.31
Ayo (Chris Brown x Tyga)443.09
Don't Judge Me (Chris Brown)423.24
Fun (Pitbull feat. Chris Brown)393.44
As Your Friend (Afrojack feat. Chris Brown)353.09
Crawl (Chris Brown)323.72

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