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Al Hirt12th Street Rag1964Producer
Al HirtAl Di La1962Producer
Al HirtAlley Cat1964Producer
Al HirtAl's Place1965Producer
Al HirtBack Home Again In Indiana1964Producer
Al HirtBig Man1964Producer
Al HirtButterball1964Producer
Al HirtCotton Candy1964Producer
Al HirtDanny Boy1964Producer
Al HirtDear Old Southland1963Producer
Al HirtDjango's Castle1964Producer
Al HirtDown By The Riverside1960Producer
Al HirtFancy Pants1964Producer
Al HirtFiddler On The Roof1964Producer
Al HirtFlowers And Candy1964Producer
Al HirtFly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)1963Producer
Al HirtHello Dolly1964Producer
Al HirtHooray For Santa Claus1964Producer
Al HirtI Can't Get Started1959Producer
Al HirtI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus / Here Comes Santa Claus1965Producer
Al HirtI'm Movin' On1963Producer
Al HirtJava1963Producer
Al HirtLast Date1964Producer
Al HirtLong Walk Home1964Producer
Al HirtLooking For The Blues1964Producer
Al HirtMalibu1963Producer
Al HirtMan With A Horn1963Producer
Al HirtMelissa1964Producer
Al HirtMilano1964Producer
Al HirtMister Sandman1965Producer
Al HirtMoo Moo1964Producer
Al HirtMuskrat Ramble1963Producer
Al HirtNew Orleans, My Hometown1964Producer
Al HirtNight Life1964Producer
Al HirtNight Theme1963Producer
Al HirtNone But The Lonely Heart1964Producer
Al HirtNutty Jingle Bells1965Producer
Al HirtO Holy Night1965Producer
Al HirtOut Of Nowhere1961Producer
Al HirtOver The Rainbow1964Producer
Al HirtPink Confetti1964Producer
Al HirtPoupee Brisee (Broken Doll)1964Producer
Al HirtRed, White And Blue1964Producer
Al HirtRudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer1965Producer
Al HirtRumpus1962Producer
Al HirtSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town1965Producer
Al HirtSeptember Song1964Producer
Al HirtSilent Night1965Producer
Al HirtSilver Bells1965Producer
Al HirtSleigh Ride1965Producer
Al HirtStar Dust1959Producer
Al HirtSugar Lips1964Producer
Al HirtSwanee River Rock1962Producer
Al HirtSweet Sue Just You1961Producer
Al HirtTalkin' 'Bout That River1962Producer
Al HirtTansy1963Producer
Al HirtTenderly1964Producer
Al HirtThe Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)1965Producer
Al HirtThe Contrary Waltz1964Producer
Al HirtThe Girl From Ipanema1964Producer
Al HirtTheme From A Dream1963Producer
Al HirtTo Be In Love1963Producer
Al HirtToo Late1964Producer
Al HirtUp Above My Head1964Producer
Al HirtWalkin'1964Producer
Al HirtWalkin' With Mr. Lee1964Producer
Al HirtWhite Christmas1964Producer
Al HirtYou Took Advantage Of Me1964Producer
Alison Krauss & James TaylorHow's The World Treating You2003Music/Lyrics
Autry InmanDream Boat1957Producer
Autry InmanMary Nell1958Producer
Autry InmanRemember The Night1958Producer
Autry InmanThe Hard Way1958Producer
Bob Callaway And The ChicksLookout For The Clothesline1959Producer
Bob Callaway And The ChicksNative1959Producer
Bobby Bare(For A While) We Helped Each Other Out1966Producer
Bobby BareA Little Bit Later On Down The Line1966Producer
Bobby BareAll The Good Times Are Past And Gone1966Producer
Bobby BareChangin' My Mind1966Producer
Bobby BareCold And Lonely City1966Producer
Bobby BareDear Waste Basket1963Producer
Bobby BareEarly Morning Rain1966Producer
Bobby BareGot Leavin' On Her Mind1966Producer
Bobby BareGreen, Green Grass Of Home1966Producer
Bobby BareHe Was A Friend Of Mine1964Producer
Bobby BareHeaven Help My Soul1966Producer
Bobby BareHouston1966Producer
Bobby BareI Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today1962Producer
Bobby BareI'd Fight The World1963Producer
Bobby BareIt Ain't Me, Babe1966Producer
Bobby BareMemphis, Tennessee1966Producer
Bobby BareOne Day At A Time1965Producer
Bobby BarePassin' Through1966Producer
Bobby BareSaginaw, Michigan1966Producer
Bobby BareSalt Lake City1966Producer
Bobby BareTake Me Home To Mama1966Producer
Bobby BareTalk Me Some Sense1966Producer
Bobby BareThat's How I Wanted It To Be1966Producer
Bobby BareThe Long Black Veil1966Producer
Bobby BareThe Streets Of Baltimore1966Producer
Bobby BareThere Ain't No Fun In This Town1966Producer
Bobby BareTimes Are Gettin' Hard1965Producer
Bobby BareTo Whom It May Concern1962Producer
Bobby BareVincennes1966Producer
Bobby BareWhat Color (Is A Man)1966Producer
Bobby BareWhen I'm Gone1964Producer
Bobby BareYou Can't Stop The Wild Wind From Blowing1966Producer
Charley PrideA Girl I Used To Know1968Producer
Charley PrideA Good Woman's Love1967Producer
Charley PrideA Word Or Two To Mary1968Producer
Charley PrideAbove And Beyond (The Call Of Love)1968Producer
Charley PrideAct Naturally1967Producer
Charley PrideAll The Time1968Producer
Charley PrideApartment #91967Producer
Charley PrideAtlantic Coastal Line1965Producer
Charley PrideBaby Is Gone1968Producer
Charley PrideBanks Of The Ohio1968Producer
Charley PrideBefore I Met You1966Producer
Charley PrideBefore The Next Teardrop Falls1968Producer
Charley PrideBest Banjo Picker1967Producer
Charley PrideBoth Of Us Love You1968Producer
Charley PrideBusted1966Producer
Charley PrideCrystal Chandeliers1967Producer
Charley PrideDetroit City1966Producer
Charley PrideDistant Drums1966Producer
Charley PrideDoes My Ring Hurt Your Finger1967Producer
Charley PrideFolsom Prison Blues1966Producer
Charley PrideGone, On The Other Hand1967Producer
Charley PrideGot Leavin' On Her Mind1966Producer
Charley PrideGreen Green Grass Of Home1966Producer
Charley PrideGuess Things Happen That Way1968Producer
Charley PrideI Could Have Saved You The Time1968Producer
Charley PrideI Know One1967Producer
Charley PrideI Threw Away The Rose1967Producer
Charley PrideIf You Should Come Back Today1968Producer
Charley PrideI'll Wander Back To You1967Producer
Charley PrideI'm Not The Boy I Used To Be1967Producer
Charley PrideIn The Middle Of Nowhere1967Producer
Charley PrideJust Between You And Me1966Producer
Charley PrideLet Me Help You Work It Out1968Producer
Charley PrideLie To Me1968Producer
Charley PrideLife Turned Her That Way1967Producer
Charley PrideLittle Folks1967Producer
Charley PrideMama Don't Cry For Me1967Producer
Charley PrideMiller's Cave1966Producer
Charley PrideMy Heart Is A House1968Producer
Charley PrideNow I Can Live Again1968Producer
Charley PrideOne Of These Days1968Producer
Charley PrideShe Made Me Go1968Producer
Charley PrideSilence1967Producer
Charley PrideSomeday You Will1968Producer
Charley PrideSpell Of The Freight Train1967Producer
Charley PrideTake Me Home1967Producer
Charley PrideThat's The Chance I'll Have To Take1966Producer
Charley PrideThe Day The World Stood Still1967Producer
Charley PrideThe Day You Stop Loving Me1968Producer
Charley PrideThe Easy Part's Over1968Producer
Charley PrideThe Last Thing On My Mind1967Producer
Charley PrideThe Right To Do Wrong1968Producer
Charley PrideThe Snakes Crawl At Night1965Producer
Charley PrideThe Top Of The World1968Producer
Charley PrideToo Hard To Say I'm Sorry1967Producer
Charley PrideTouch My Heart1967Producer
Charley PrideWhy Didn't I Think Of That1968Producer
Charley PrideWings Of A Dove1968Producer
Charley PrideYonder Comes A Sucker1966Producer
Charley PrideYou Can Tell The World1967Producer
Charlie RichBig Boss Man1963Producer
Charlie RichBig Jack1970Producer
Charlie RichGentleman Jim1965Producer
Charlie RichI Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore1967Producer
Charlie RichIf I Knew Then What I Know Now1967Producer
Charlie RichI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter1967Producer
Charlie RichIs Goodbye That East To Say1967Producer
Charlie RichI've Got You Under My Skin1967Producer
Charlie RichLady Love1964Producer
Charlie RichLet Me Go My Merry Way1963Producer
Charlie RichMy Mountain Dew1964Producer
Charlie RichNo Room To Dance1974Producer
Charlie RichOl' Man River1964Producer
Charlie RichRiver, Stay Away From My Door1964Producer
Charlie RichShe Called Me Baby1974Producer
Charlie RichShe Loved Everybody But Me1963Producer
Charlie RichTen Dollars And A Clean White Shirt1974Producer
Charlie RichThe Grass Is Always Greener1963Producer
Charlie RichThe Twelfth Of Never1968Producer
Charlie RichThe Ways Of A Woman In Love1964Producer
Charlie RichThere Won't Be Anymore1965Producer
Charlie RichTomorrow Night1967Producer
Charlie RichWays Of Woman In Love1968Producer
Charlie RichWhy, Oh Why1964Producer
Chet AtkinsA Mouse In The House1985Producer
Chet AtkinsAcutely Cute1967Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsAfter Midnight1972Producer
Chet AtkinsAmazing Grace1972Producer
Chet AtkinsAn Old Fashioned Love Song1972Producer
Chet AtkinsArmen's Theme1959Producer
Chet AtkinsBonita1958Producer
Chet AtkinsCosmic Square Dance1985Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsCountry Champagne1970Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsEstrelita1959Producer
Chet AtkinsFlatt Did It1980Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsGreensleeves1959Producer
Chet AtkinsI'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)1972Producer
Chet AtkinsJitterbug Waltz1959Producer
Chet AtkinsLet It Be Me1959Producer
Chet AtkinsLimelight1959Producer
Chet AtkinsLittle Old Lady1959Producer
Chet AtkinsLove Theme From "The Godfather"1972Producer
Chet AtkinsMan Of Mystery1961Producer
Chet AtkinsMe And Julio Down By The Schoolyard1972Producer
Chet AtkinsMeet Mr. Callaghan1959Producer
Chet AtkinsPlease Stay Tuned1985Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsSanta Lucia1959Producer
Chet AtkinsSome Leather And Lace1985Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsSong Sung Blue1972Producer
Chet AtkinsSunrise1985Producer
Chet AtkinsSweet Caroline1972Producer
Chet AtkinsThe Masterpiece1972Producer
Chet AtkinsThe Three Bells1959Producer
Chet AtkinsTheme From "Picnic"1959Producer
Chet AtkinsTheme From A Dream1959Producer
Chet AtkinsTo Be In Love1967Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsVincent1972Producer
Chet AtkinsWildwood Flower1966Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsWindy And Warm1961Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedAll I Ever Need Is You1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedBridge Over Troubled Water1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedCannonball Rag1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedFlying South1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedGood Stuff1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedI Saw The Light1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedJerry's Breakdown1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedLiebestraum1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedLimehouse Blues1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedMac Arthur Park1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedMystery Train1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedNashtown Ville1972Music/Lyrics
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedNut Sundae1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedOl' Man River1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedSerenade To Summertime1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedSomething1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedStumpwater1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedTennessee Stud1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedThe January February March1970Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedThe Mad Russian1972Producer
Chet Atkins with Jerry ReedWreck Of The John B.1970Producer
Chris IsaakHow's The World Treating You2011Music/Lyrics
Dallas Frazier(I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again1970Producer
Dallas FrazierAll I Have To Offer You (Is Me)1970Producer
Dallas FrazierBig Mable Murphy1971Producer
Dallas FrazierCalifornia Cotton Fields1969Producer
Dallas FrazierGot My Mind On The Border Of Mexico1971Producer
Dallas FrazierI Just Got Tired Of Being Poor1970Producer
Dallas FrazierIf My Heart Had Windows1970Producer
Dallas FrazierI'm Finally Over You1971Producer
Dallas FrazierLord Is That Me1970Producer
Dallas FrazierMy Baby Packed Up My Mind And Left Me1971Producer
Dallas FrazierOde To A Child Of The Wind1971Producer
Dallas FrazierShe Wakes Me With A Kiss Every Morning1971Producer
Dallas FrazierShe Wants To Be Good1970Producer
Dallas FrazierSon Of Hickory Holler's Tramp1970Producer
Dallas FrazierSweetheart Don't Throw Yourself Away1969Producer
Dallas FrazierThere Goes My Everything1970Producer
Dallas FrazierTouching Home1971Producer
Dallas FrazierWhere Did They Go, Lord1971Producer
Dallas FrazierWhere Is My Castle1971Producer
Dallas FrazierWhite Fences And Evergreen Trees1971Producer
Dallas FrazierWill You Visit Me On Sunday1970Producer
Daniel AgeeHow's The World Treating You2017Music/Lyrics
Dave RichRosie Let's Get Cozy1957Producer
Dave RichSunshine In My Heart1958Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsA Tour Of Tijuana1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsAnita, You're Kidding1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsBully For You (Surfin' Senorita)1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsCounty Agent Report1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsEl Matador1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsHave Bull Will Book1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsMexican Horns (Mexican Corn)1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsSpanish Weed1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsTijuana Cab Driver (Tijuana Taxi)1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsTijuana Drum And Bugle Corps1967Producer
Don GibsonA Stranger To Me1959Producer
Don GibsonBaby We're Really In Love1962Producer
Don GibsonBig Hearted Me1959Producer
Don GibsonDon't Rob Another Man's Castle1968Producer
Don GibsonDon't Tell Me Your Troubles1959Producer
Don GibsonForget Me1968Producer
Don GibsonFunny, Familiar, Forgotten, Feelings1966Producer
Don GibsonGive Myself A Party1958Producer
Don GibsonHalf A Man1968Producer
Don GibsonHeartbreak Avenue1958Producer
Don GibsonI Can't Stop Loving You1957Producer
Don GibsonI Couldn't Care Less1959Producer
Don GibsonI May Never Get To Heaven1960Producer
Don GibsonI Think It's Best (To Forget Me)1961Producer
Don GibsonI Walk Alone1968Producer
Don GibsonI'm Movin' On1959Producer
Don GibsonI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry1968Producer
Don GibsonIt Was Worth It All1963Producer
Don GibsonIt's A Long, Long Way To Georgia1968Producer
Don GibsonJust One Time1960Producer
Don GibsonLonesome Number One1961Producer
Don GibsonLonesome Old House1959Producer
Don GibsonLook Who's Blue1958Producer
Don GibsonLow And Lonely1968Producer
Don GibsonOh Lonesome Me1957Producer
Don GibsonSea Of Heartbreak1961Producer
Don GibsonShe's Looking Good1968Producer
Don GibsonSo How Come (No One Loves Me)1962Producer
Don GibsonSomeday (You'll Want Me To Want You)1968Producer
Don GibsonSomeday You'll Call My Name1968Producer
Don GibsonThe Same Old Trouble1961Producer
Don GibsonThe World Is Waiting For The Sunrise1961Producer
Don GibsonWhat About Me1961Producer
Don GibsonWho Cares1958Producer
Don GibsonYou Can't Pick A Rose in December1968Producer
Dottie West(How Can I Face) These Heartaches Alone1964Music/Lyrics
Dottie WestA Way To Survive1967Producer
Dottie WestAll The World Is Lonely Now1965Producer
Dottie WestAlmost Persuaded1967Producer
Dottie WestAnother Heart For You To Break1966Producer
Dottie WestBaby1966Producer
Dottie WestBefore The Ring On Your Finger Turns Green1965Producer
Dottie WestChildhood Places1967Producer
Dottie WestCountry Girl1968Producer
Dottie WestDidn't I1965Producer
Dottie WestDon't Keep Me Lonely Too Long1967Producer
Dottie WestDon't Touch Me1967Producer
Dottie WestDon't You Ever Get Tired1965Producer
Dottie WestFaded Love1968Producer
Dottie WestFair Weather Lover1966Producer
Dottie WestGettin' Married Has Made Us Strangers1965Producer
Dottie WestHappiness Lives Next Door1965Producer
Dottie WestHere Comes My Baby1964Producer
Dottie WestHis Eye Is On The Sparrow1967Producer
Dottie WestHold Me Together1968Producer
Dottie WestHow Great Thou Art1967Producer
Dottie WestHow Many Lifetimes Will It Take?1966Producer
Dottie WestI Believe1967Producer
Dottie WestI Can Turn You Every Way But Loose1965Producer
Dottie WestI Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair1965Producer
Dottie WestI Wish You Wouldn't Do That1964Producer
Dottie WestIf I Can Stay Away Long Enough1965Producer
Dottie WestI'll Pick Up My Heart And Go Home1965Producer
Dottie WestI'm Grateful1967Producer
Dottie WestIn God's Eyes1967Producer
Dottie WestIn Its Own Little Way1965Producer
Dottie WestIs This Me?1966Producer
Dottie WestIt Just Takes Practice1965Producer
Dottie WestIt's Teardrop Time1967Producer
Dottie WestJust Call Me Lonesome1968Producer
Dottie WestJust Out Of Reach1966Producer
Dottie WestKing Of Kings1967Producer
Dottie WestLeft Over Corner Of Your Heart1965Producer
Dottie WestLess Of Me1968Producer
Dottie WestLet Me Off At The Corner1964Producer
Dottie WestLet Me Talk To You1966Producer
Dottie WestLittle Things1968Producer
Dottie WestLord, Is It I1967Producer
Dottie WestLoving On Borrowed Time1967Producer
Dottie WestMama, Kiss The Hurt Away1965Producer
Dottie WestMama, You'd Been Proud Of Me1965Producer
Dottie WestMommy, Can I Still Call Him Daddy1966Producer
Dottie WestMore Than I Meant To1963Producer
Dottie WestMy Goal For Today1968Producer
Dottie WestNight Life1965Producer
Dottie WestNo One1967Producer
Dottie WestNo One To Cry To1967Producer
Dottie WestNo One Will Ever Know1965Producer
Dottie WestNo Sign Of Living1965Producer
Dottie WestPaper Mansions1967Producer
Dottie WestSavior, Again To Thy Dear Name We Raise1967Producer
Dottie WestSomeone's Gotta Cry1967Producer
Dottie WestSuffer Time1966Producer
Dottie WestTake Me As I Am1965Producer
Dottie WestTake These Chains From My Heart1968Producer
Dottie WestThat's Where Our Love Must Be1965Producer
Dottie WestThe Healing Hands Of Time1968Producer
Dottie WestThe Lord's Prayer1967Producer
Dottie WestThe Tip Of My Fingers1967Producer
Dottie WestThen I Met The Master1967Producer
Dottie WestToo Far Gone1968Producer
Dottie WestTouch Me1963Producer
Dottie WestWear Away1965Producer
Dottie WestWhat's Come Over My Baby1966Producer
Dottie WestWhen1968Producer
Dottie WestWhen Two Worlds Collide1965Producer
Dottie WestWhere No One Stands Alone1967Producer
Dottie WestWith All My Heart And Soul1967Producer
Dottie WestWould You Hold It Against Me1966Producer
Dottie WestYou Took The Easy Way Out1965Producer
Dottie WestYou'll Never Walk Alone1967Producer
Dottie WestYou're The Only World I Know1965Producer
Dottie WestYou've Still Got A Place In My Heart1968Producer
Duane Eddy And The RebelsTrambone1962Music/Lyrics
Eddy Arnold(Jim) I Wore A Tie Today1961Producer
Eddy ArnoldA Cowboy's Dream1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldA Little Heartache1962Producer
Eddy ArnoldA Million Years Or So1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldA Thing Called Sadness1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldAfter Loving You1962Producer
Eddy ArnoldAfter The Laughter (Comes The Tears)1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldAll I Have To Do Is Dream1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldApples, Raisins And Roses1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldAs Usual1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldCalling Mary Names1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldCarry Me Back To The Lone Prairie1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldCastle Made Of Walls1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldCattle Call1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldCool Water1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldCowpoke1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldDoes He Mean That Much To You?1962Producer
Eddy ArnoldDon't Keep Me Lonely Too Long1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldDon't Touch Me1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldHere Comes My Baby1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldI Guess I'll Never Understand1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldIf You Were Mine Mary1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldI'll Love You More1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldI'll Never Smile Again1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldI'm Letting You Go1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldI'm Walking Behind You1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldIt Comes And Goes1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldIt's Such A Pretty World Today1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldJust Across The Mountain1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldJust Call Me Lonesome1955Producer
Eddy ArnoldLeanin' On The Old Top Rail1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldLittle Girls And Little Boys1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldLong, Long Friendship1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldLove Finds A Way1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldMake The World Go Away1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldMary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldMillions Of Roses1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldMisty Blue1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldMy Dream1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldMy Home Town Sweetheart1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldOle Faithful1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldRelease Me (And Let Me Love Again)1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldSierra Sue1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldStreets Of Laredo1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldTaking Chances1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldTender Touch1962Producer
Eddy ArnoldThat's A Lie1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldThat's All That's Left Of My Baby1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldThe Days Gone By1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldThe Last Word In Lonesome Is Me1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldThe Olive Tree1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldThe Other Side Of Lonely1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldThe Summer Wind1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldThe Tip Of My Fingers1966Producer
Eddy ArnoldThe Wayward Wind1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldThen You Can Tell Me Goodbye1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldThere's This About You1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldToo Many Rivers1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldTumbling Tumbleweeds1962Producer
Eddy ArnoldTurn Around, Look At Me1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldTurn The World Around1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldUntil It's Time For You To Go1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldWalk With Me1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldWalkin' In Love Land1968Producer
Eddy ArnoldWhat's He Doing In My World1965Producer
Eddy ArnoldWhen There's A Fire In Your Heart1967Producer
Eddy ArnoldWhere The Mountain Meets The Sky1963Producer
Eddy ArnoldWhy1964Producer
Eddy ArnoldYou Still Got A Hold On Me1965Producer
Eddy Arnold, The Tennesee Plowboy And His GuitarHow's The World Treating You1953Music/Lyrics
Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy And His GuitarI Really Don't Want To Know1953Producer
Elvis PresleyHow's The World Treating You1956Music/Lyrics
Floyd Cramer(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song1975Producer
Floyd Cramer(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone1967Producer
Floyd Cramer(These Are) The Young Years1963Producer
Floyd Cramer(They Long To Be) Close To You1970Producer
Floyd Cramer(You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture1967Producer
Floyd CramerA House Of Gold1962Producer
Floyd CramerA Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You1967Producer
Floyd CramerA Man And A Woman1968Producer
Floyd CramerA Song Of Joy1970Producer
Floyd CramerA String Of Pearls1962Producer
Floyd CramerA Swingin' Safari1963Producer
Floyd CramerA Taste Of Honey1963Producer
Floyd CramerA Walk In The Black Forest1966Producer
Floyd CramerAgain1962Producer
Floyd CramerAlfie1967Producer
Floyd CramerAll Keyed Up1963Producer
Floyd CramerAll Night Long1966Producer
Floyd CramerAll The Time1968Producer
Floyd CramerAlma Mater1961Producer
Floyd CramerAlmost Persuaded1967Producer
Floyd CramerAlone And Forsaken1962Producer
Floyd CramerAmazing Grace1971Producer
Floyd CramerAmen1971Producer
Floyd CramerAnd I Love You So1973Producer
Floyd CramerAre You Sincere1961Producer
Floyd CramerAutumn Of My Life1968Producer
Floyd CramerBack In The Saddle Again1963Producer
Floyd CramerBand Of Gold1966Producer
Floyd CramerBattle Hymn Of The Republic1957Producer
Floyd CramerBattle Of New Orleans1973Producer
Floyd CramerBehind Closed Doors1974Producer
Floyd CramerBirth Of The Blues1964Producer
Floyd CramerBlue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain1979Producer
Floyd CramerBlue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain / Afraid / Waltz Of The Wind / No One Will Ever Know1965Producer
Floyd CramerBlue Moon Of Kentucky1972Producer
Floyd CramerBlue Yodel ("T" For Texas) / Any Old Time / Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel #8)1965Producer
Floyd CramerBlues Stay Away From Me1960Producer
Floyd CramerBonaparte's Retreat1964Producer
Floyd CramerBoogie, Boogie, Boogie1974Producer
Floyd CramerBorn Free1967Producer
Floyd CramerBorn To Lose1970Producer
Floyd CramerBoth Sides Now1970Producer
Floyd CramerBrian's Song1972Producer
Floyd CramerBridge Over Troubled Water1970Producer
Floyd CramerBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Producer
Floyd CramerCanadian Sunset1963Producer
Floyd CramerCandy Man1972Producer
Floyd CramerCandy Pants1976Producer
Floyd CramerCasino Royale Theme1967Producer
Floyd CramerCast Your Fate To The Wind1965Producer
Floyd CramerChattanooga Choo Choo1962Producer
Floyd CramerChattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy1964Producer
Floyd CramerCherish1967Producer
Floyd CramerChristmas Song / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / White Christmas1967Producer
Floyd CramerCocoanut Grove1964Producer
Floyd CramerCold, Cold Heart1957Producer
Floyd CramerCorinna Corinna1961Producer
Floyd CramerCorn Crib Symphony1972Producer
Floyd CramerCotton Fields1964Producer
Floyd CramerCountry Gentlemen1957Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerCrying1966Producer
Floyd CramerCrystal Chandelier1973Producer
Floyd CramerDaddy Sang Bass1970Producer
Floyd CramerDanny Boy1961Producer
Floyd CramerDay After Day1972Producer
Floyd CramerDear Heart1965Producer
Floyd CramerDeck The Halls / O Come All Ye Faithful / The Little Drummer Boy1967Producer
Floyd CramerDetour1972Producer
Floyd CramerDetroit City1973Producer
Floyd CramerDiary1972Producer
Floyd CramerDixie1957Producer
Floyd CramerDizzy Fingers1975Producer
Floyd CramerDo You Know The Way To San José1968Producer
Floyd CramerDon't Get Around Much Anymore1966Producer
Floyd CramerDon't Give Up1968Producer
Floyd CramerDowntown1965Producer
Floyd CramerDream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)1972Producer
Floyd CramerDrown In My Own Tears1963Producer
Floyd CramerEres tu / Touch The Wind1973Producer
Floyd CramerEverlasting Love1970Producer
Floyd CramerEverything Is Beautiful1970Producer
Floyd CramerFaded Love1961Producer
Floyd CramerFancy Free1970Producer
Floyd CramerFancy Pants1953Producer
Floyd CramerFire And Rain1971Producer
Floyd CramerFirst Impression1961Producer
Floyd CramerFlip Flop And Bop1958Producer
Floyd CramerFlip Flop And Bop [live]1974Producer
Floyd CramerFor All We Know1971Producer
Floyd CramerFor Lovers' Sake1968Producer
Floyd CramerFor No One1967Producer
Floyd CramerFor The Good Times1970Producer
Floyd CramerFor Those That Cry1962Producer
Floyd CramerForever1960Producer
Floyd CramerFour Walls1972Producer
Floyd CramerFunny Familiar Forgotten Feelings1967Producer
Floyd CramerGames People Play1969Producer
Floyd CramerGentle On My Mind1968Producer
Floyd CramerGeorgia On My Mind1963Producer
Floyd CramerGoin' Home1966Producer
Floyd CramerGoin' Out Of My Head / Can't Take My Eyes Off You1968Producer
Floyd CramerGood Time Cake Walk1956Producer
Floyd CramerGood Time Cake Walk / I Can't Go On This Way / Roly Poly / Texarkana Baby / Bringin' In The Georgia Mail1965Producer
Floyd CramerGood Vibrations1967Producer
Floyd CramerGoodnight Irene1976Producer
Floyd CramerGreen Door1963Producer
Floyd CramerGreen, Green Grass Of Home1968Producer
Floyd CramerGroovin'1967Producer
Floyd CramerHalf As Much1967Producer
Floyd CramerHang On1961Producer
Floyd CramerHang On Sloopy1966Producer
Floyd CramerHave I Stayed Away Too Long1960Producer
Floyd CramerHave You Ever Been Lonely1964Producer
Floyd CramerHave You Never Been Mellow1975Producer
Floyd CramerHe1966Producer
Floyd CramerHeart And Soul1960Producer
Floyd CramerHeartaches By The Number1970Producer
Floyd CramerHeartless Heart1964Producer
Floyd CramerHere Comes My Baby1967Producer
Floyd CramerHere Comes Santa Claus / Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town / Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer / Frosty, The Snowman1967Producer
Floyd CramerHey, Good Lookin'1962Producer
Floyd CramerHi-De-Ho1970Producer
Floyd CramerHold On Girl1967Producer
Floyd CramerHoney1968Producer
Floyd CramerHong Kong1966Producer
Floyd CramerHonky Tonk1972Producer
Floyd CramerHot Pepper1962Producer
Floyd CramerHow Great Thou Art1971Producer
Floyd CramerHow High The Moon1963Producer
Floyd CramerHowdy Ma'am1957Producer
Floyd CramerHurting Each Other1972Producer
Floyd CramerI Can Just Imagine1961Producer
Floyd CramerI Can't Help It1962Producer
Floyd CramerI Can't Stop Loving You1964Producer
Floyd CramerI Feel Fine1965Producer
Floyd CramerI Got Rhythm1967Producer
Floyd CramerI Honestly Love You1975Producer
Floyd CramerI Just Can't Help Believing1970Producer
Floyd CramerI Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself1967Producer
Floyd CramerI Love You Because1964Producer
Floyd CramerI Need You Now1960Producer
Floyd CramerI Really Don't Want To Know1970Producer
Floyd CramerI Saw The Light1962Producer
Floyd CramerI Say A Little Prayer1969Producer
Floyd CramerI Wanna Be Free1967Producer
Floyd CramerI Wanna Go Bummin' Around1968Producer
Floyd CramerIf You've Got A Heart1966Producer
Floyd CramerI'll Be Home For Christmas1967Producer
Floyd CramerI'll Be There1965Producer
Floyd CramerI'll Follow The Sun1965Producer
Floyd CramerI'll Never Be Free1960Producer
Floyd CramerI'll Never Fall In Love Again1970Producer
Floyd CramerI'm A Believer1967Producer
Floyd CramerI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry1962Producer
Floyd CramerI'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes1976Producer
Floyd CramerIn The Jailhouse Now / Waiting For A Train / Travelin' Blues1965Producer
Floyd CramerIs Anybody Goin' To San Antone1973Producer
Floyd CramerIs This Tomorrow1970Producer
Floyd CramerIt Makes No Difference Now1964Producer
Floyd CramerIt Never Hurts To Ask1969Producer
Floyd CramerIt's A Sin1973Producer
Floyd CramerIt's All In The Game1970Producer
Floyd CramerIt's Impossible1971Producer
Floyd CramerJambalaya1962Producer
Floyd CramerJambalaya / Honky Tonkin' / Why Don't You Love Me / Move It On Over / Long Gone Lonesome Blues1965Producer
Floyd CramerJava1962Producer
Floyd CramerJealous Heart1957Producer
Floyd CramerJingle Bell Rock1967Producer
Floyd CramerJordu1962Producer
Floyd CramerJoy To The World1971Producer
Floyd CramerJulie, Do Ya Love Me1970Producer
Floyd CramerJust Out Of Reach1968Producer
Floyd CramerKaapsedraai1963Producer
Floyd CramerKaw-Liga1962Producer
Floyd CramerKentucky1976Producer
Floyd CramerKilling Me Softly With His Song1973Producer
Floyd CramerKing Of The Road1965Producer
Floyd CramerKiss An Angel Good Mornin'1973Producer
Floyd CramerKisses And Tears1966Producer
Floyd CramerKodachrome1973Producer
Floyd CramerLaid Back1974Producer
Floyd CramerLast Date1960Producer
Floyd CramerLast Train To Clarksville1967Producer
Floyd CramerLaura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)1968Producer
Floyd CramerLeaving On A Jet Plane1970Producer
Floyd CramerLet It Be1970Producer
Floyd CramerLet It Be Me1961Producer
Floyd CramerLet Me Be There1974Producer
Floyd CramerLet's Go1962Producer
Floyd CramerLet's Pretend1973Producer
Floyd CramerLittle Green Apples1969Producer
Floyd CramerLonely Again1961Producer
Floyd CramerLonely Street1973Producer
Floyd CramerLonesome Whistle1964Producer
Floyd CramerLong Walk Home1967Producer
Floyd CramerLosers Weepers1962Producer
Floyd CramerLouie, Louie1967Producer
Floyd CramerLove Is Blue1968Producer
Floyd CramerLove Letter1966Producer
Floyd CramerLove Theme From "Love Story"1971Producer
Floyd CramerLover's Concerto1966Producer
Floyd CramerLovesick Blues1962Producer
Floyd CramerLovin' Season1969Producer
Floyd CramerLullaby Of Birdland1962Producer
Floyd CramerMacArthur Park1968Producer
Floyd CramerMaiden's Prayer1970Producer
Floyd CramerMake It With You1970Producer
Floyd CramerMake Love To Me1963Producer
Floyd CramerMakin' Up1970Producer
Floyd CramerMaking Believe1964Producer
Floyd CramerMandy1975Producer
Floyd CramerMaple Leaf Rag1975Producer
Floyd CramerMarilyn1965Producer
Floyd CramerMelissa1962Producer
Floyd CramerMercy, Mercy, Mercy1974Producer
Floyd CramerMessage To Michael1966Producer
Floyd CramerMidnight1958Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerMidnight Cowboy1970Producer
Floyd CramerMission: Impossible Theme1968Producer
Floyd CramerMisty Blue1968Producer
Floyd CramerMoments To Remember1960Producer
Floyd CramerMonday, Monday1966Producer
Floyd CramerMood Indigo1960Producer
Floyd CramerMood Mist1963Producer
Floyd CramerMoon River1964Producer
Floyd CramerMoonlight Serenade1963Producer
Floyd CramerMorning Has Broken1972Producer
Floyd CramerMr. Bojangles1971Producer
Floyd CramerMr. Lonely1965Producer
Floyd CramerMumble Jumble1960Producer
Floyd CramerMusic To Watch Girls By1967Producer
Floyd CramerMy Blue Heaven1962Producer
Floyd CramerMy Cup Runneth Over1967Producer
Floyd CramerMy Funny Valentine1962Producer
Floyd CramerMy Love1973Producer
Floyd CramerMy Melody Of Love1975Producer
Floyd CramerMy Way1970Producer
Floyd CramerNaomi1964Producer
Floyd CramerNear You1964Producer
Floyd CramerNever My Love1968Producer
Floyd CramerNight Theme1965Producer
Floyd CramerNight Train1967Producer
Floyd CramerNight Train To Memphis1964Producer
Floyd CramerOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da1969Producer
Floyd CramerOde To Billy Joe1968Producer
Floyd CramerOh Happy Day1971Producer
Floyd CramerOklahoma Hills1973Producer
Floyd CramerOld Man River1963Producer
Floyd CramerOn A Fling Ding1967Producer
Floyd CramerOn The Rebound1961Producer
Floyd CramerOne Toke Over The Line1971Producer
Floyd CramerOne, Two, Three1966Producer
Floyd CramerOur Winter Love1968Producer
Floyd CramerOut On A Limb1961Producer
Floyd CramerPapa Gene's Blues1967Producer
Floyd CramerPaper Maché1970Producer
Floyd CramerPaperback Writer1966Producer
Floyd CramerPeace In The Valley1971Producer
Floyd CramerPerdido1962Producer
Floyd CramerPianjo Rag1957Producer
Floyd CramerPiano Roll Blues1975Producer
Floyd CramerPiano Roll Rock1963Producer
Floyd CramerPlease Come To Boston1975Producer
Floyd CramerPortrait Of My Love1967Producer
Floyd CramerPortuguese Washerwoman1961Producer
Floyd CramerPrecious Memories / In The Garden / Take My Hand Precious Lord / Softly And Tenderly / Lord, I'm Coming Home1971Producer
Floyd CramerPretty Blue Jeans1956Producer
Floyd CramerProud Mary1971Producer
Floyd CramerPut A Little Love In Your Heart1970Producer
Floyd CramerQuiet Girl1972Producer
Floyd CramerRain On The Roof1967Producer
Floyd CramerRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head1970Producer
Floyd CramerRed Roses For A Blue Lady1965Producer
Floyd CramerRe-enlistment Blues1958Producer
Floyd CramerRejoice1961Producer
Floyd CramerRelax And Enjoy1972Producer
Floyd CramerRelease Me1967Producer
Floyd CramerRemembering1969Producer
Floyd CramerRockin' On1974Producer
Floyd CramerRumpus1958Producer
Floyd CramerSan Antonio Rose1961Producer
Floyd CramerSatan's Doll1963Producer
Floyd CramerSeasons In The Sun1975Producer
Floyd CramerSeattle1969Producer
Floyd CramerSecrets1967Producer
Floyd CramerSend Me The Pillow That You Dream On1970Producer
Floyd CramerSentimental Journey1962Producer
Floyd CramerShaggy Bop1967Producer
Floyd CramerShenandoa1976Producer
Floyd CramerShenandoah Waltz1957Producer
Floyd CramerShrum1965Producer
Floyd CramerSilent Night / Away In A Manger / It Came Upon A Midnight Clear / The First Noël1967Producer
Floyd CramerSilver Bells / Winter Wonderland1967Producer
Floyd CramerSleep Save And Warm1968Producer
Floyd CramerSmile1972Producer
Floyd CramerSoftly As I Love You1970Producer
Floyd CramerSomeone Else Not Me1961Producer
Floyd CramerSomething1970Producer
Floyd CramerSometime In The Morning1967Producer
Floyd CramerSomewhere1967Producer
Floyd CramerSophisticated Swing1958Producer
Floyd CramerSoul And Inspiration1966Producer
Floyd CramerSoulful Strut1969Producer
Floyd CramerSouth Paw1972Producer
Floyd CramerSpanish Eyes1972Producer
Floyd CramerSpanish Flea1966Producer
Floyd CramerStanding On The Promises / Bringing In The Sheaves / I Am Bound For The Promised Land / Shall We Gather At The River / Leaning On The Everlasting Arms1971Producer
Floyd CramerStay Awhile1971Producer
Floyd CramerSteel Guitar Rag1963Producer
Floyd CramerStood Up1967Producer
Floyd CramerStormy1969Producer
Floyd CramerStormy Weather1960Producer
Floyd CramerStranger On The Shore1963Producer
Floyd CramerStrangers In The Night1966Producer
Floyd CramerStreets Of Laredo1964Producer
Floyd CramerSuccotash1957Producer
Floyd CramerSuddenly There's A Valley1965Producer
Floyd CramerSugarfoot Rag1973Producer
Floyd CramerSunny1968Producer
Floyd CramerSunrise Serenade1975Producer
Floyd CramerSunshine On My Shoulders1975Producer
Floyd CramerSweet Adeline1957Producer
Floyd CramerSweet Pea1966Producer
Floyd CramerSweetie Baby1960Producer
Floyd CramerSwing Low1962Producer
Floyd CramerTake Me1964Producer
Floyd CramerTake Me Home, Country Roads1972Producer
Floyd CramerTake These Chains From My Heart / You Win Again / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight / Mansion On The Hill1965Producer
Floyd CramerTammy1961Producer
Floyd CramerTennessee Central (Number 9)1957Producer
Floyd CramerTennessee Waltz1956Producer
Floyd CramerThe Big Chihuahua1958Producer
Floyd CramerThe Chase1963Producer
Floyd CramerThe Dreamer1962Producer
Floyd CramerThe End Of The World1970Producer
Floyd CramerThe Entertainer1975Producer
Floyd CramerThe First Hurt1962Producer
Floyd CramerThe Glory Of Love1963Producer
Floyd CramerThe Gospel Theme1962Producer
Floyd CramerThe Green Leaves Of Summer1964Producer
Floyd CramerThe Huckle Buck1963Producer
Floyd CramerThe Impossible Dream1968Producer
Floyd CramerThe In-Crowd1966Producer
Floyd CramerThe Last Farewell1975Producer
Floyd CramerThe Lonesome Road1960Producer
Floyd CramerThe Look Of Love1968Producer
Floyd CramerThe Morning After1973Producer
Floyd CramerThe Most Beautiful Girl1974Producer
Floyd CramerThe Odd Couple1968Producer
Floyd CramerThe Precious Jewel / The Wreck On The Highway / Streamlined Cannonball / Low And Lonely1965Producer
Floyd CramerThe Shadow Of Your Smile1966Producer
Floyd CramerThe Star Spangled Banner1974Producer
Floyd CramerThe Summer Wind1966Producer
Floyd CramerThe Swingin' Shepherd Blues1958Producer
Floyd CramerThe Three Bells1963Producer
Floyd CramerThe Tide And the Sea1961Producer
Floyd CramerThe Twelfth Of Never1963Producer
Floyd CramerThe Waltz You Saved For Me1961Producer
Floyd CramerThe Young And The Restless1974Producer
Floyd CramerTheme For Sam1967Producer
Floyd CramerTheme From "Valley Of The Dolls"1968Producer
Floyd CramerTheme From 2-20-21970Producer
Floyd CramerTheme From A Dream1967Producer
Floyd CramerTheme From The Monkees1967Producer
Floyd CramerThis Guy's In Love With You1968Producer
Floyd CramerThis World Is Not My Home (I'm Just A Passing Thru) / I'll Fly Away / Down In My Heart / Do Lord / Give The World A Smile1971Producer
Floyd CramerTie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree1973Producer
Floyd CramerTime In A Bottle1975Producer
Floyd CramerToday I Started Loving You Again1976Producer
Floyd CramerTogether Forever1972Producer
Floyd CramerTomorrow's Gone1966Producer
Floyd CramerTomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day1967Producer
Floyd CramerTonight's The Night1976Producer
Floyd CramerToo Young1960Producer
Floyd CramerTop Of The World1974Producer
Floyd CramerTown Square1967Producer
Floyd CramerTragedy1969Producer
Floyd CramerTricky1958Producer
Floyd CramerTrouble In Mind1960Producer
Floyd CramerTry To Remember1965Producer
Floyd CramerTurn Around, Look At Me1968Producer
Floyd CramerTuxedo Junction1966Producer
Floyd CramerTwo Of A Kind1961Producer
Floyd CramerUnchained Melody1961Producer
Floyd CramerUp On The Housetop / Jingle Bells1967Producer
Floyd CramerUp, Up And Away1968Producer
Floyd CramerVaja con dios1964Producer
Floyd CramerWabash Cannonball1976Producer
Floyd CramerWabash Cannonball / As Long As I Live / Pins And Needles / Once More1965Producer
Floyd CramerWaltz With Me1957Producer
Floyd CramerWant Me1967Producer
Floyd CramerWe Had All The Time In The World1970Producer
Floyd CramerWelcome To My World1968Producer
Floyd CramerWe've Got To Get It On Again1972Producer
Floyd CramerWhat A Friend / Where Could I Go / It Is No Secret / Hide Me, Rock Of Ages / The Old Time Religion1971Producer
Floyd CramerWhat Locks The Door1968Producer
Floyd CramerWhat The World Needs Now Is Love1969Producer
Floyd CramerWhat'd I Say1963Producer
Floyd CramerWhat's New Pussycat1966Producer
Floyd CramerWhen A Man Loves A Woman1966Producer
Floyd CramerWhen Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)1967Producer
Floyd CramerWhen There's No You1971Producer
Floyd CramerWhere No One Stands Alone1971Producer
Floyd CramerWhite Silver Sands1964Producer
Floyd CramerWho Am I1967Producer
Floyd CramerWhy Don't You Love Me1962Producer
Floyd CramerWildwood Flower1970Producer
Floyd CramerWill It Go Round In Circles1973Producer
Floyd CramerWillow Weeps For Me1965Producer
Floyd CramerWinchester Cathedral1967Producer
Floyd CramerWindy1967Producer
Floyd CramerWith One Exception1968Producer
Floyd CramerWith Pen In Hand1970Producer
Floyd CramerWithout You1972Producer
Floyd CramerWonderland By Night1961Producer
Floyd CramerWoodchopper's Ball1967Producer
Floyd CramerWork Song1967Producer
Floyd CramerWorried Mind1970Producer
Floyd CramerYesterday1966Producer
Floyd CramerYesterday Once More1973Producer
Floyd CramerYesterdays1960Producer
Floyd CramerYou Are The Sunshine Of My Life1973Producer
Floyd CramerYou Don't Know Me1964Producer
Floyd CramerYou Win Again1961Producer
Floyd CramerYour Cheatin' Heart1957Producer
Floyd CramerYour Last Goodbye1961Producer
Floyd CramerYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1966Producer
Floyd CramerYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'1965Producer
Floyd CramerYou've Still Got A Place In My Heart1968Producer
Floyd RobinsonOut Of Gas1959Producer
Floyd RobinsonThe Magic Lamp1959Producer
George Hamilton IVAbilene1963Producer
George Hamilton IVAnd You Wonder Why1967Producer
George Hamilton IVBallad Of The Yarmouth Castle1967Producer
George Hamilton IVBreak My Mind1967Producer
George Hamilton IVColours1967Producer
George Hamilton IVDarcy Farrow1967Producer
George Hamilton IVGentle On My Mind1967Producer
George Hamilton IVGo Go Round1967Producer
George Hamilton IVI'll Be Gone1967Producer
George Hamilton IVMan Of Constant Sorrow1967Producer
George Hamilton IVMy Body's At Home (But My Heart's On The Road)1967Producer
George Hamilton IVOh So Many Years1963Producer
George Hamilton IVRuby, Don't Take Your Love To Town1967Producer
George Hamilton IVSomething Special To Me1967Producer
George Hamilton IVUrge For Going1967Producer
Gordon TerryIt Ain't Right1958Producer
Hank LocklinHappy Journey1961Producer
Hank LocklinI Need You Now1961Producer
Hank LocklinMy Old Hometown1960Producer
Hank LocklinPlease Help Me, I'm Falling1960Producer
Hank LocklinSend Me The Pillow You Dream On1949Producer
Hank SnowBeggar To A King1961Producer
Hank SnowHello Love1974Producer
Hank SnowPoor Little Jimmie1961Producer
Hank SnowUntil The End Of Time1974Producer
Homer And JethroAt The Flop (At The Hop)1958Producer
Homer And JethroDon't Sing Along (On Top Of Old Smoky)1959Producer
Homer And JethroMiddle-Aged Teenager1959Producer
Homer And JethroMy Special Angel1958Producer
Hoyt JohnsonBella Renee1959Producer
Hoyt JohnsonEca-La1960Producer
Hoyt JohnsonLittle Boy Blue1956Producer
Hoyt JohnsonMy Special Girl1959Producer
Hoyt JohnsonSylvia1959Producer
Hoyt JohnsonToo Shy1960Producer
Janis And Her BoyfriendsBang Bang1958Producer
Janis And Her BoyfriendsPlease Be My Love1958Producer
Jerry Reed(I'm Just A) Redneck In A Rock And Roll Bar1977Producer
Jerry Reed(Love Is) A Stranger To Me1971Producer
Jerry ReedA Brand New Day1971Producer
Jerry ReedA Friend1975Producer
Jerry ReedA Good Woman's Love1974Producer
Jerry ReedA Thing Called Love1968Producer
Jerry ReedAlabama Jubilee1970Producer
Jerry ReedAlabama Wild Man1968Producer
Jerry ReedAll Day Ride1974Producer
Jerry ReedAlmost Crazy1968Producer
Jerry ReedAmos Moses1970Producer
Jerry ReedAnother Puff1971Producer
Jerry ReedAunt Maudie's Fun Garden1970Producer
Jerry ReedBack Home In Georgia1973Producer
Jerry ReedBad, Bad Leroy Brown1975Producer
Jerry ReedBig Daddy1970Producer
Jerry ReedBlues Land1969Producer
Jerry ReedBroken Heart Attack1968Producer
Jerry ReedBully Of The Town1977Producer
Jerry ReedCaribbean1973Producer
Jerry ReedChuck Berry Medley: a. The Promised Land1973Producer
Jerry ReedChuck Berry Medley: b. Johnny B. Goode1973Producer
Jerry ReedChuck Berry Medley: c. School Day (Ring, Ring! Goes The Bell)1973Producer
Jerry ReedChuck Berry Medley: d. Mabellene1973Producer
Jerry ReedChuck Berry Medley: e. Memphis, Tennessee1973Producer
Jerry ReedCity Of New Orleans1975Producer
Jerry ReedComing Up Roses1969Producer
Jerry ReedCountry Boy's Dream1971Producer
Jerry ReedDon´t Let The Good Life Pass You By1972Producer
Jerry ReedDon't Get Heavy1972Producer
Jerry ReedDon't Think Twice, It's All Right1970Producer
Jerry ReedDream Sweet Dream About Me1970Producer
Jerry ReedEarly Morning Rain1971Producer
Jerry ReedEight More Miles To Louisville1970Producer
Jerry ReedEndless Miles Of Highway1972Producer
Jerry ReedEverybody Has Those Kind Of Days1974Producer
Jerry ReedEverybody Needs Someone1974Producer
Jerry ReedFightin' For The U.S.A.1965Producer
Jerry ReedFine On My Mind1968Producer
Jerry ReedFolsom Prison Blues1973Producer
Jerry ReedFramed1971Producer
Jerry ReedFree Born Man1968Producer
Jerry ReedGator1976Producer
Jerry ReedGeorgia Sunshine1970Producer
Jerry ReedGomyeyonyo1970Producer
Jerry ReedGood For Him1976Producer
Jerry ReedGood Friends And Neighbors1970Producer
Jerry ReedGoodnight, Irene1973Producer
Jerry ReedGrab Bag1975Producer
Jerry ReedGuitar Man1966Producer
Jerry ReedHallelujah, I Love Her So1968Producer
Jerry ReedHome Sweet Home Revisited1974Producer
Jerry ReedHonkin'1974Producer
Jerry ReedHouse Of The Rising Sun1968Producer
Jerry ReedHow Many Tomorrows1970Producer
Jerry ReedHurry Home1974Producer
Jerry ReedI Feel For You1967Producer
Jerry ReedI Just Don't Understand1973Producer
Jerry ReedI Shoulda Stayed Home1970Producer
Jerry ReedIf I Ever1972Producer
Jerry ReedIf I Promise1967Producer
Jerry ReedIf It Comes To That1967Producer
Jerry ReedI'll Be Around (In All The Old Places)1970Producer
Jerry ReedI'm Happy Man1969Producer
Jerry ReedI'm Gonna Write A Song1973Producer
Jerry ReedI'm Not Playing Games1973Producer
Jerry ReedIt Ain´t Home, But It Aint Bad1972Producer
Jerry ReedIt Don't Work That Way1967Producer
Jerry ReedIt's My Time1977Producer
Jerry ReedIt's Tough All Over1974Producer
Jerry ReedJohn Henry1968Producer
Jerry ReedJohnny Wants To Be A Star1969Producer
Jerry ReedJust To Satisfy You1970Producer
Jerry ReedKentucky1976Producer
Jerry ReedKo-Ko Joe1971Producer
Jerry ReedLast Train1976Producer
Jerry ReedLast Train To Clarksville1968Producer
Jerry ReedLay It On My Lady (What's On My Mind)1974Producer
Jerry ReedLet's Sing Our Song1975Producer
Jerry ReedLightning Rod1975Producer
Jerry ReedLong Gone1967Producer
Jerry ReedLord, Mr. Ford1973Producer
Jerry ReedLosing Your Love1968Producer
Jerry ReedLove Man1967Producer
Jerry ReedLove Prints1968Producer
Jerry ReedMaybe In Time1968Producer
Jerry ReedMiller's Cave1976Producer
Jerry ReedMind Your Love1975Producer
Jerry ReedMule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8)1970Producer
Jerry ReedMy Guitar And My Song1972Producer
Jerry ReedMy Kinda Love1970Producer
Jerry ReedMy Next Impersonation1970Producer
Jerry ReedMystery Train1974Producer
Jerry ReedNashville Woman1973Producer
Jerry ReedNavy Blues1965Producer
Jerry ReedNobody1974Producer
Jerry ReedNorth Of Chicago1974Producer
Jerry ReedNot As A Sweetheart (But Just As A Friend)1971Producer
Jerry ReedOh Shenandoah1974Producer
Jerry ReedOh, What A Woman!1969Producer
Jerry ReedOklahoma Sunshine1976Producer
Jerry ReedOne Sweet Reason1973Producer
Jerry ReedPatches Of Blue1969Music/Lyrics
Jerry ReedPave Your Way Into Tomorrow1972Producer
Jerry ReedPhantom Of The Opry1977Producer
Jerry ReedPickie, Pickie, Pickie1973Producer
Jerry ReedPlastic Saddle1970Producer
Jerry ReedPointer's Rock1976Producer
Jerry ReedPride Today1969Producer
Jerry ReedRainbow Ride1973Producer
Jerry ReedRemembering1968Producer
Jerry ReedRight String But The Wrong Yo Yo1977Producer
Jerry ReedRollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms1974Producer
Jerry ReedRooster Jones1976Producer
Jerry ReedRoving Gambler1969Producer
Jerry ReedRuby, Don't Take Your Love To Town1970Producer
Jerry ReedSaint Louis Blues1974Producer
Jerry ReedSeasons Of My Mind1971Producer
Jerry ReedSee Your Dreams1968Producer
Jerry ReedSemolita1977Producer
Jerry ReedShe Understands Me1970Producer
Jerry ReedSixteen Tons1973Producer
Jerry ReedSmell The Flowers1972Producer
Jerry ReedSo Fine1977Producer
Jerry ReedSome Of These Days1974Producer
Jerry ReedSomeday You'll Call My Name1969Producer
Jerry ReedSomething 'bout You Baby I Like1977Producer
Jerry ReedSometimes Feelin'1970Producer
Jerry ReedStruttin'1975Producer
Jerry ReedSweet Memories1973Producer
Jerry ReedSwingin' '691969Producer
Jerry ReedTake A Walk1967Producer
Jerry ReedTake It Easy1972Producer
Jerry ReedTalk About The Good Times1970Producer
Jerry ReedThank You Girl1970Producer
Jerry ReedThat Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolled Around Heaven All Day)1973Producer
Jerry ReedThat's Old Part Of Losing1970Producer
Jerry ReedThe Claw1966Producer
Jerry ReedThe Crude Oil Blues1974Producer
Jerry ReedThe Lady Is A Woman1973Producer
Jerry ReedThe Likes Of Me1969Producer
Jerry ReedThe Preacher And The Bear1970Producer
Jerry ReedThe Semi-Great Predictor1970Producer
Jerry ReedThe Telephone1975Producer
Jerry ReedThe Uptown Poker Club1973Producer
Jerry ReedThere's Better Things In Life1969Producer
Jerry ReedToday Is Mine1968Producer
Jerry ReedTravelin' Music1974Producer
Jerry ReedTupelo Mississippi Flash1968Producer
Jerry ReedTurn It Around In Your Mind1970Producer
Jerry ReedTurned On1970Producer
Jerry ReedTwelve Bar Midnight1968Producer
Jerry ReedTwo-Timin'1973Producer
Jerry ReedU.S. Male1967Producer
Jerry ReedUgly Woman1970Producer
Jerry ReedWabash Cannonball1968Producer
Jerry ReedWayfaring Strangers1970Producer
Jerry ReedWe've Called It Everything Else1977Producer
Jerry ReedWhen My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again1975Producer
Jerry ReedWhen You're Hot, You're Hot1970Producer
Jerry ReedWith Pen In Hands1977Producer
Jerry ReedWith You (Missing You)1970Producer
Jerry ReedWoman Shy1967Producer
Jerry ReedYou Can't Keep Me Here In Tennessee1973Producer
Jerry ReedYou Took All The Ramblin' Out Of Me1971Producer
Jerry ReedYou Wouldn't Know A Good Thing1968Producer
Jerry ReedYou'd Better Take Time1968Producer
Jerry ReedYou'll Never Walk Alone1971Producer
Jerry ReedYou're Young1967Producer
Jerry ReedYou've Been Cryin' Again1968Producer
Jerry ReedYou've Got It1974Producer
Jerry WoodardShe's A Housewife, That's All1959Producer
Jerry WoodardWho's Gonna Rock My Baby?1958Producer
Jessi ColterCry Softly1970Producer
Jessi ColterDon't Let Him Go1970Producer
Jessi ColterHe Called Me Baby1970Producer
Jessi ColterHealing Hands Of Time1970Producer
Jessi ColterIf She's Where You Like Livin'1970Producer
Jessi ColterIt's All Over Now1970Producer
Jessi ColterIt's Not Easy1970Producer
Jessi ColterThat's The Chance I'll Have To Take1970Producer
Jessi ColterToo Many Rivers1970Producer
Jessi ColterWhy You Been Gone So Long1970Producer
Jim Reeves(Now And Then There's A) Fool Such As I1959Producer
Jim ReevesA Beautiful Life1958Producer
Jim ReevesA Fallen Star1962Producer
Jim ReevesA Letter To My Heart1962Producer
Jim ReevesA Railroad Bum1962Producer
Jim ReevesAccording To My Heart1956Producer
Jim ReevesAcross The Bridge1973Producer
Jim ReevesAdios Amigo1961Producer
Jim ReevesAfter Awhile1960Producer
Jim ReevesAlmost1960Producer
Jim ReevesAm I Losing You1956Producer
Jim ReevesAngels Don't Lie1964Producer
Jim ReevesAnna Marie1957Producer
Jim ReevesBeyond The Shadow Of A Doubt1956Producer
Jim ReevesBilly Bayou1958Producer
Jim ReevesBlue Boy1958Producer
Jim ReevesBlue Christmas1962Producer
Jim ReevesBlue Side Of Lonesome1961Producer
Jim ReevesBlue Without My Baby1967Producer
Jim ReevesBlues In My Heart1957Producer
Jim ReevesBreeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)1956Producer
Jim ReevesCarolina Moon1964Producer
Jim ReevesCharmaine1958Producer
Jim ReevesCrying Is My Favorite Mood1967Producer
Jim ReevesDanny Boy1960Producer
Jim ReevesDark Moon1960Producer
Jim ReevesDear Hearts And Gentle People1959Producer
Jim ReevesDeep Dark Water1967Producer
Jim ReevesDistant Drums1966Producer
Jim ReevesEach Time You Leave1956Producer
Jim ReevesEvening Prayer1958Producer
Jim ReevesEverywhere You Go1957Producer
Jim ReevesFinal Affair1957Producer
Jim ReevesFour Walls1957Producer
Jim ReevesGod Be With You ('Til We Meet Again)1958Producer
Jim ReevesGood Morning Self1963Producer
Jim ReevesGood Night Irene1958Producer
Jim ReevesGuilty1963Producer
Jim ReevesHave I Stayed Away Too Long?1960Producer
Jim ReevesHave I Told You Lately That I Love You1956Producer
Jim ReevesHave Thine Own Way, Lord1973Producer
Jim ReevesHe Will1971Producer
Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go1959Producer
Jim ReevesHighway To Nowhere1956Producer
Jim ReevesHome1959Producer
Jim ReevesHoney, Won't You Please Come Home1960Producer
Jim ReevesHow Long Has It Been1958Producer
Jim ReevesHow The World Treating You1959Music/Lyrics
Jim ReevesI Care No More1957Producer
Jim ReevesI Catch Myself Crying1967Producer
Jim ReevesI Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore1957Producer
Jim ReevesI Get The Blues When It Rains1957Producer
Jim ReevesI Guess I'm Crazy1964Producer
Jim ReevesI Heard A Heart Break Last Night1967Producer
Jim ReevesI Know One1960Producer
Jim ReevesI Love You More1958Producer
Jim ReevesI Missed Me1960Producer
Jim ReevesI Was Just Walking Out The Door1960Producer
Jim ReevesI Won't Come In While He's There1964Producer
Jim ReevesI Won't Forget You1961Producer
Jim ReevesIchabod Crane1956Producer
Jim ReevesI'd Like To Be1958Producer
Jim ReevesI'd Rather Have Jesus1973Producer
Jim ReevesIf Heartache Is The Fashion1959Producer
Jim ReevesI'll Fly Away1962Producer
Jim ReevesI'm Beginning To Forget You1959Producer
Jim ReevesI'm Crying Again1968Producer
Jim ReevesI'm Gettin' Better1960Producer
Jim ReevesI'm Glad You're Better1968Producer
Jim ReevesI'm Gonna Change Everything1962Producer
Jim ReevesIn A Mansion Stands My Love1959Producer
Jim ReevesIn The Garden1958Producer
Jim ReevesIs This Me?1962Producer
Jim ReevesIt Hurts So Much (To See You Go)1961Producer
Jim ReevesIt Is No Secret (What God Can Do)1958Producer
Jim ReevesIt's Only A Paper Moon1964Producer
Jim ReevesJust Call Me Lonesome1959Producer
Jim ReevesLinda1958Producer
Jim ReevesLonesome Waltz1968Producer
Jim ReevesLosing Your Love1961Producer
Jim ReevesLove Me A Little Bit More1956Producer
Jim ReevesMaking Believe1959Producer
Jim ReevesMargie1958Producer
Jim ReevesMaria Elena1958Producer
Jim ReevesMarie1958Producer
Jim ReevesMaureen1965Producer
Jim ReevesMay The Good Lord Bless You And Keep You1959Producer
Jim ReevesMexicali Rose1964Producer
Jim ReevesMona Lisa1958Producer
Jim ReevesMoon River1963Producer
Jim ReevesMoonlight And Roses (Bring Mem'ries Of You)1964Producer
Jim ReevesMost Of The Time1962Producer
Jim ReevesMy Happiness1957Producer
Jim ReevesMy Juanita1958Producer
Jim ReevesMy Lips Are Sealed1956Producer
Jim ReevesMy Mary1958Producer
Jim ReevesNeed Me1957Producer
Jim ReevesNo One To Cry To1960Producer
Jim ReevesOh! What It Seemed To Be1964Producer
Jim ReevesOh, How I Miss You Tonight1960Producer
Jim ReevesOklahoma Hills1956Producer
Jim ReevesOne Dozen Roses1964Producer
Jim ReevesOvernight1958Producer
Jim ReevesPadre Of Old San Antone1954Producer
Jim ReevesPartners1959Producer
Jim ReevesPrecious Memories1958Producer
Jim ReevesRamona1958Producer
Jim ReevesRoly Poly1956Producer
Jim ReevesRoom Full Of Roses1960Producer
Jim ReevesRosa Rio1964Producer
Jim ReevesRoses1964Producer
Jim ReevesRoses Are Red1964Producer
Jim ReevesSatan Can't Hold Me1959Producer
Jim ReevesScarlet Ribbons1959Producer
Jim ReevesSeabreeze1967Producer
Jim ReevesSnow Flake1959Producer
Jim ReevesSomeday (You'll Want Me To Want You)1958Producer
Jim ReevesStand At Your Window1960Producer
Jim ReevesSuppertime1959Producer
Jim ReevesSweet Sue, Just You1958Producer
Jim ReevesTake Me In Your Arms And Hold Me1960Producer
Jim ReevesTake My Hand Precious Lord1962Producer
Jim ReevesTeach Me How To Pray1958Producer
Jim ReevesTeardrops In My Heart1957Producer
Jim ReevesTeardrops On The Rocks1967Producer
Jim ReevesThat's My Desire1957Producer
Jim ReevesThat's When I See The Blues (In Your Pretty Brown Eyes)1968Producer
Jim ReevesThe Blizzard1960Producer
Jim ReevesThe Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees1958Producer
Jim ReevesThe Night Watch1973Producer
Jim ReevesTheme Of Love (I Love To Say, "I Love You")1958Producer
Jim ReevesThere's A New Moon Over My Shoulder1964Producer
Jim ReevesThere's That Smile Again1965Producer
Jim ReevesThis Is It1964Producer
Jim ReevesThis World Is Not My Home1962Producer
Jim ReevesThrow Another Log On The Fire1959Producer
Jim ReevesTill The End Of The World1959Producer
Jim ReevesTrying To Forget1966Producer
Jim ReevesTweedle O'Twill1956Producer
Jim ReevesTwo Shadows On Your Window1957Producer
Jim ReevesWaltzing On Top Of The World1956Producer
Jim ReevesWe Could1960Producer
Jim ReevesWe Thank Thee1973Producer
Jim ReevesWelcome To My World1961Producer
Jim ReevesWhat's In It For Me1964Producer
Jim ReevesWhen I Lost You1964Producer
Jim ReevesWhen Two Worlds Collide1961Producer
Jim ReevesWhen You Are Gone1962Producer
Jim ReevesWhere Do I Go From Here1973Producer
Jim ReevesWhere Do I Go To Throw A Picture Away1965Producer
Jim ReevesWhere We'll Never Grow Old1973Producer
Jim ReevesWhispering Hope1958Producer
Jim ReevesWishful Thinking1960Producer
Jim ReevesYou Belong To Me1957Producer
Jim ReevesYou Kept Me Awake Last Night1968Producer
Jim ReevesYour Old Love Letters1956Producer
Jim ReevesYour Wedding1968Producer
Jim ReevesYou're Free To Go1960Producer
Jim ReevesYou're The Only Good Thing (That's Happened To Me)1960Producer
Jim ReevesYours1957Producer
Jim Reeves & Dottie WestLook Who's Talking1964Producer
Jim Reeves & Dottie WestLove Is No Excuse1963Producer
Jimmy Dean(Jim) I Wore A Tie Today1967Producer
Jimmy DeanA Tiny Drop Of Sadness1967Producer
Jimmy DeanI Got Your Word (You Got Mine)1967Producer
Jimmy DeanIf The Whole World Stopped Lovin'1967Producer
Jimmy DeanI'll Fly Away1967Producer
Jimmy DeanI'll Never Stand In Your Way1967Producer
Jimmy DeanIn The Same Old Way1967Producer
Jimmy DeanIt Is No Secret1967Producer
Jimmy DeanJust A Closer Walk With Thee1967Producer
Jimmy DeanJust A Little Talk With Jesus1967Producer
Jimmy DeanLord, I'm Coming Home1967Producer
Jimmy DeanMost Richly Blessed1967Producer
Jimmy DeanMy Way Of Life1967Producer
Jimmy DeanOld Time Religion1967Producer
Jimmy DeanPeace In The Valley1967Producer
Jimmy DeanPrecious Memories1967Producer
Jimmy DeanStand Beside Me1967Producer
Jimmy DeanStanding In The Need Of Prayer1967Producer
Jimmy DeanThere Goes My Last Reason For Living1967Producer
Jimmy DeanThese Hands1967Producer
Jimmy DeanTo Get To You1967Producer
Jimmy DeanYou Only Think Of Me (When You're Lonely)1967Producer
Jimmy DeanYour Country Boy1967Producer
Jimmy DeanYou're Not Home Yet1967Producer
John D. LoudermilkAbilene1971Producer
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John D. LoudermilkEverybody Knows1962Producer
John D. LoudermilkEveryone But You1968Producer
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John D. LoudermilkHere Comes My Baby1968Producer
John D. LoudermilkHe's Just A Scientist (That's All)1962Producer
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John D. LoudermilkI Can't Stop Loving You1968Producer
John D. LoudermilkI Hear It Now1966Producer
John D. LoudermilkI Wanna Live1971Producer
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John D. LoudermilkInterstate 401966Producer
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John D. LoudermilkOh How Sad1962Producer
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John D. LoudermilkThe Great Snowman1961Producer
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John D. LoudermilkThe Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indians1966Producer
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John D. LoudermilkThe Wind Knows The Truth1967Producer
John D. LoudermilkThou Shalt Not Steal1961Producer
John D. LoudermilkTo Hell With Love1966Producer
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John D. LoudermilkTwo Strangers In Love1961Producer
John D. LoudermilkWe Wasted Our Time1968Producer
John D. LoudermilkWelcome To My World1968Producer
John D. LoudermilkWhat Would You Take For Me1961Producer
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John D. LoudermilkWhere Have They Gone1966Producer
John D. LoudermilkYou Reap Just What You Sow1961Producer
John D. LoudermilkYou're Lookin'1966Producer
John D. LoudermilkYou're The Guilty One1966Producer
Johnnie & JackPoison Love1958Producer
Johnnie & JackThat's The Way The Cookie Crumbles1958Producer
Lane BrothersLittle Brother1958Producer
Lane BrothersSo Satisfied1958Producer
Lawton WilliamsDon't Destroy Me1963Producer
Lawton WilliamsRock Of Gibraltar1963Producer
Marlin GreeneBallad Of Love1958Producer
Marlin GreeneMarlene1958Producer
Marlin GreeneNever Been Kissed1958Producer
Melvin EndsleyGettin' Used To The Blues1958Producer
Melvin EndsleyI'd Just Be Fool Enough1958Producer
Melvin EndsleyJust Want To Be Wanted1958Producer
Melvin EndsleyLet's Fall Out Of Love1958Producer
Morgan TwinsLet's Get Goin'1958Producer
Morgan TwinsThis Feelin's Bound To Be Love1958Producer
Morgan TwinsTV Hop1958Producer
Patty Anne With The (Hollywood) Flames And Maxwell DavisMidnight1952Music/Lyrics
Pee Wee KingJanie1958Producer
Pee Wee KingUnbreakable Heart1958Producer
Perry ComoAnd I Love You So1973Producer
Perry ComoAubrey1973Producer
Perry ComoBeady Eyed Buzzard1969Producer
Perry ComoBuongiorno Teresa1969Producer
Perry ComoDeep In Your Heart1969Producer
Perry ComoFor The Good Times1973Producer
Perry ComoHappiness Comes, Happiness Goes1969Producer
Perry ComoHearts Will Be Hearts1969Producer
Perry ComoHere, There And Everywhere1976Producer
Perry ComoI Believe In Music1973Producer
Perry ComoI Thought About You1973Producer
Perry ComoI Want To Give1973Producer
Perry ComoIt All Seems To Fall Into Line1973Producer
Perry ComoJust Out Of Reach1975Producer
Perry ComoKilling Me Softly With Her Song1973Producer
Perry ComoLet It Be Love1976Producer
Perry ComoLet Me Call You Baby Tonight1976Producer
Perry ComoLet's Do It Again1976Producer
Perry ComoLove Put A Song In My Heart1975Producer
Perry ComoLoving Her Was Easier1976Producer
Perry ComoMake Love To Life1976Producer
Perry ComoNobody But You1969Producer
Perry ComoSeattle1969Producer
Perry ComoSing1973Producer
Perry ComoSunshine Wine1969Producer
Perry ComoThat's All This Old World Needs1969Producer
Perry ComoThe Grass Keeps Right On Growin'1976Producer
Perry ComoThen You Can Tell Me Goodbye1976Producer
Perry ComoTie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree1973Producer
Perry ComoTogether Forever1969Producer
Perry ComoTurnaround1969Producer
Perry ComoWalk Right Back1973Producer
Perry ComoWonderful Baby1975Producer
Perry ComoWorld Of Dreams1975Producer
Randy RandolphBlue Guitar1959Producer
Randy RandolphDifficult1958Music/Lyrics
Randy RandolphGreenback Dollar1959Producer
Randy RandolphI'm Gettin' Your Message Baby1958Producer
Randy RandolphPercolator1958Producer
Randy RandolphYakety Sax1958Producer
Ray CharlesMidnight1962Music/Lyrics
Red FoleyMidnight1956Music/Lyrics
Roger MillerHitch-Hiker1962Producer
Roger MillerI Know Who It Is (And I'm Gonna Tell On Him)1963Producer
Roger MillerLock, Stock And Teardrops1963Producer
Roger MillerSorry, Willie1962Producer
Roger WhittakerAlbany [english]1981Producer
Roger WhittakerBar Room Country Singer1981Producer
Roger WhittakerChanges1981Producer
Roger WhittakerChicago Girl1984Music/Lyrics
Roger WhittakerHonolulu City Lights1981Producer
Roger WhittakerHow Does It Feel1981Producer
Roger WhittakerI Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me1981Producer
Roger WhittakerLove Still Means You To Me1989Producer
Roger WhittakerRivers Run Stills1981Producer
Roger WhittakerRocky Top1981Producer
Roger WhittakerSmooth Sailing1981Producer
Roger WhittakerSo Good, So Bad, So Soon1981Producer
Roger WhittakerWhen I Dream1981Producer
Roy OrbisonAlmost Eighteen1958Producer
Roy OrbisonJolie1959Producer
Roy OrbisonSeems To Me1958Producer
Roy OrbisonSweet And Innocent1958Producer
Sammy Salvo With The JubilairesAm I Lucky1958Producer
Sammy Salvo With The JubilairesHere I Go Again1958Producer
Sandy & DonnaBlowin' In The Wind1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaFully Prepared1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaI Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaI Wanna Be Free1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaIt's Rainin' Anyway1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaLove Is1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaMake Like The Wind (And Blow)1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaNot This Time1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaNothin' But Heartaches Here1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaThe Last Thing On My Mind1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaThe Least You Could Have Done1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaYour Overpowerin' Love1968Producer
Shel SilversteinA Boy Named Sue1969Producer
Shel SilversteinAlimoney1969Producer
Shel SilversteinBigtime1969Producer
Shel SilversteinCloudy Sky1969Producer
Shel SilversteinComin' After Jenny1969Producer
Shel SilversteinDaylight Dreamer1969Producer
Shel SilversteinDirty Ol' Me1969Producer
Shel SilversteinKick It Again1969Producer
Shel SilversteinPathetic Way Of Getting Over Me1969Producer
Shel SilversteinSomebody Stole My Rig1969Producer
Shel SilversteinSomeday's Here1969Producer
Shel SilversteinTime1969Producer
Skeeter Davis(I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too1960Producer
Skeeter DavisAm I That Easy To Forget?1959Producer
Skeeter DavisAnother You1964Producer
Skeeter DavisAsk Me1964Producer
Skeeter DavisBlueberry Hill1961Producer
Skeeter DavisCan't Get Used To Losing You1963Producer
Skeeter DavisCloudy, With Occasional Tears1963Producer
Skeeter DavisDidn't I?1964Producer
Skeeter DavisDon't Let It Happen To Us1963Producer
Skeeter DavisDon't Let Me Cross Over1962Producer
Skeeter DavisEasy To Love So Hard To Find1964Producer
Skeeter DavisFace Of A Clown1964Producer
Skeeter DavisGive Me Death1959Producer
Skeeter DavisGonna Get Along Without You Now1964Producer
Skeeter DavisHe Called Me Baby1962Producer
Skeeter DavisHe Says The Same Things To Me1964Producer
Skeeter DavisHe'll Have To Stay1961Producer
Skeeter DavisHomebreaker1959Producer
Skeeter DavisI Can't Stay Mad At You1963Producer
Skeeter DavisI Really Want You To Know1961Producer
Skeeter DavisI Want To Go Where Nobody Knows Me1962Producer
Skeeter DavisI Want To See You Too (Just One Time)1961Producer
Skeeter DavisI Will1963Producer
Skeeter DavisI Will Follow Him1963Producer
Skeeter DavisI'm Saving My Love1963Producer
Skeeter DavisIt Was Only A Heart1963Producer
Skeeter DavisKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1962Producer
Skeeter DavisLadder Of Success1964Producer
Skeeter DavisLet Me Get Close To You1964Producer
Skeeter DavisLittle Music Box1962Producer
Skeeter DavisLonging To Hold You Again1962Producer
Skeeter DavisLost To A Geisha Girl1957Producer
Skeeter DavisMoonlight Promises1963Producer
Skeeter DavisMy Coloring Book1962Producer
Skeeter DavisMy Happiness1964Producer
Skeeter DavisMy Last Date (With You)1960Producer
Skeeter DavisMy Sweet Loving Man1964Producer
Skeeter DavisNo, Never1960Producer
Skeeter DavisNow I Lay Me Down To Weep1964Producer
Skeeter DavisOnce Upon A Time1962Producer
Skeeter DavisOptimistic1961Producer
Skeeter DavisSet Him Free1959Producer
Skeeter DavisSomebody Else On Your Mind1963Producer
Skeeter DavisSomebody Loves You1962Producer
Skeeter DavisSomething Precious1961Producer
Skeeter DavisTell Tommy I Miss Him1961Producer
Skeeter DavisThe End Of The World1962Producer
Skeeter DavisThe One You Slip Around With1959Producer
Skeeter DavisThey Listened While You Said Goodbye1963Producer
Skeeter DavisWalk Softly Darling1957Producer
Skeeter DavisWhere I Ought To Be1961Producer
Skeeter DavisWhy I'm Walkin'1962Producer
Skeeter DavisWhy, Why, Why1963Producer
Skeeter DavisWishful Thinking1960Producer
Skeeter DavisYou, You, You1963Producer
Sonny James(The Legend Of) Brown Mountain Light1962Producer
Sonny JamesApache1961Producer
Sonny JamesBroken Wings1962Producer
Sonny JamesDance Her By1962Producer
Sonny JamesHey Little Ducky1961Producer
Sonny JamesHow's The World Treating You1957Music/Lyrics
Sonny JamesInnocent Angel1961Producer
Sonny JamesListen To My Heart1962Producer
Sonny JamesMagnetism1961Producer
Sonny JamesNo Lana1962Producer
Sonny JamesThe Day's Not Over Yet1962Producer
Sonny JamesTime's Running Backwards For Me1962Producer
Stu PhillipsAnother Day Has Gone1966Producer
Stu PhillipsBad Seed1967Producer
Stu PhillipsEach Season Changes You1967Producer
Stu PhillipsFour Initials On A Tree1967Producer
Stu PhillipsGreen, Green Grass Of Home1967Producer
Stu PhillipsGuess Things Happen That Way1967Producer
Stu PhillipsI'd Just Be A Fool Enough1967Producer
Stu PhillipsShe Loves The Love I Give Her1967Producer
Stu PhillipsSoft Spot In My Heart1967Producer
Stu PhillipsThat's Why I Still Love You1967Producer
Stu PhillipsThe Great El Tigre1966Producer
Stu PhillipsThe Last Thing On My Mind1967Producer
Stu PhillipsThrough The Night1967Producer
Stu PhillipsWalk Me To The Station1967Producer
Tammy WynetteSally Trash1970Music/Lyrics
Ted HarrisJust Thought I'd Set You Straight1958Producer
Ted HarrisPlease Don't Say Take Me Home1958Producer
The Anita Kerr QuartetCopper Kettle1965Producer
The Anita Kerr QuartetSummer Green And Winter White1965Producer
The Beaver Valley SweetheartsHow's The World Treatin' You1953Music/Lyrics
The BrownsA Rusty Old Halo1967Producer
The BrownsHe Will Set Your Fields On Fire1967Producer
The BrownsJezebel1967Producer
The BrownsSorry I Never Knew You1967Producer
The BrownsTaller Than Trees1967Producer
The BrownsThe Mocking Bird1967Producer
The BrownsThe Night Watch1967Producer
The BrownsThe Old Country Church1967Producer
The BrownsThe Weapon Of Prayer1967Producer
The BrownsThey Tore The Old Country Church Down1967Producer
The BrownsWhen I Lift Up My Head1967Producer
The Browns featuring Jim Edward BrownBrighten The Corner Where You Are1960Producer
The Browns featuring Jim Edward BrownWhiffenpoof Song1960Producer
The Davis SistersI Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know1953Producer
The Everly BrothersA Nickel For The Fiddler1973Producer
The Everly BrothersGood Hearted Woman1973Producer
The Everly BrothersHusbands And Wives1973Producer
The Everly BrothersLadies Love Outlaws1972Producer
The Everly BrothersLay It Down1972Producer
The Everly BrothersNot Fade Away1972Producer
The Everly BrothersParadise1973Producer
The Everly BrothersRocky Top1973Producer
The Everly BrothersSomebody Nobody Knows1973Producer
The Everly BrothersSweet Memories1973Producer
The Everly BrothersWatchin' It Go1973Producer
The Everly BrothersWoman Don't You Try To Tie Me Down1973Producer
The Lane BrothersBoppin' In A Sack1958Producer
The Lane BrothersSomebody Sweet1958Producer
The McCoys [US]Daddy's Geisha Girl1958Producer
The McCoys [US]Full-Grown Cat1958Producer
The McCoys [US]Our Love Goes On And On1958Producer
The McCoys [US]Throwing Kisses1958Producer
The SpotnicksTrambone1964Music/Lyrics
The SproutsEvery Little Once In A While1958Producer
The SproutsSkinny Minnie1958Producer
Tommy LeonettiSomebody Loves You1963Producer
Tommy LeonettiSoul Dance1963Producer
Troy Cassar-Daley & Adam HarveyFor The Good Times Music/Lyrics
Wanda JacksonMidnight1965Music/Lyrics
Waylon Jennings(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me1966Producer
Waylon JenningsAlone1969Producer
Waylon JenningsAnita, You're Dreaming1966Producer
Waylon JenningsAnother Bridge To Burn1965Producer
Waylon JenningsBaby, Don't Be Looking Into My Mind1966Producer
Waylon JenningsBeautiful Annabel Lee1967Producer
Waylon JenningsBlackjack County Chain1967Producer
Waylon JenningsBorn To Love You1967Producer
Waylon JenningsBrown-Eyed Handsome Man1969Producer
Waylon JenningsBusted1967Producer
Waylon JenningsBut That's Alright1966Producer
Waylon JenningsCalifornia Sunshine1968Producer
Waylon JenningsChange My Mind1969Producer
Waylon JenningsChristina1968Producer
Waylon JenningsCindy Of New Orleans1965Producer
Waylon JenningsDestiny's Child1967Producer
Waylon JenningsDoesn't Anybody Know My Name1966Producer
Waylon JenningsDon't Play The Game1969Producer
Waylon JenningsDon't Waste Your Time1967Producer
Waylon JenningsDown Came The World1965Producer
Waylon JenningsDream Baby1964Producer
Waylon JenningsEverglades1967Producer
Waylon JenningsFalling For You1966Producer
Waylon JenningsFarewell Party1969Producer
Waylon JenningsFolsom Prison Blues1968Producer
Waylon JenningsFoolin' Around1967Producer
Waylon JenningsFot The Kids1969Producer
Waylon JenningsGreen River1966Producer
Waylon JenningsHeartaches By The Number1967Producer
Waylon JenningsHeartaches For A Dime1967Producer
Waylon JenningsHoodlam1966Producer
Waylon JenningsHow Long Have You Been There1967Producer
Waylon JenningsHow Much Rain Can One More Man Stand1968Producer
Waylon JenningsI Don't Mind1965Producer
Waylon JenningsI Fall In Love So Easily1967Producer
Waylon JenningsI Got You1969Producer
Waylon JenningsI May Never Pass This Way Again1969Producer
Waylon JenningsI Tremble For You1967Producer
Waylon JenningsI Wonder Just Where I Went Wrong1966Producer
Waylon JenningsIf You Really Want Me To, I'll Go1966Producer
Waylon JenningsIf You Were Mine To Lose1968Producer
Waylon JenningsI'm A Long Way From Home1966Producer
Waylon JenningsI'm Doing This For You1968Producer
Waylon JenningsIn This Very Same Room1967Producer
Waylon JenningsIs The Shoes Fit1967Producer
Waylon JenningsIt's All Over Now1967Producer
Waylon JenningsI've Been Needing So Me One Like You1969Producer
Waylon JenningsI've Got A Tiger By The Tail1967Producer
Waylon JenningsJohn's Back In Town1967Producer
Waylon JenningsJust Arcoss The Way1969Producer
Waylon JenningsJust For You1965Producer
Waylon JenningsJust To Satisfy You1964Producer
Waylon JenningsKentucky Woman1968Producer
Waylon JenningsLang's Mansion1966Producer
Waylon JenningsLang's Theme1966Producer
Waylon JenningsLeavin' Town1966Producer
Waylon JenningsListen, They Playing My Song1967Producer
Waylon JenningsLock, Stock And Teardrops1967Producer
Waylon JenningsLonely Weekend1969Producer
Waylon JenningsLong Gone1968Producer
Waylon JenningsLook Into My Teardrops1965Producer
Waylon JenningsLove Me1969Producer
Waylon JenningsLove Of The Common People1967Producer
Waylon JenningsMan of Constant Sorrow1965Producer
Waylon JenningsMental Revenge1968Producer
Waylon JenningsMoney Cannot Make The Man1967Producer
Waylon JenningsMy Ramona1968Producer
Waylon JenningsNashville Burn1966Producer
Waylon JenningsNashville Rebel1966Producer
Waylon JenningsNew York City, RFD1968Producer
Waylon JenningsNorwegian Wood/This Bird Has Flown1966Producer
Waylon JenningsNow Everybody Knows1965Producer
Waylon JenningsOnly Daddy That'll Walk The Line1968Producer
Waylon JenningsRight Before My Eyes1967Producer
Waylon JenningsRings Of Gold1969Producer
Waylon JenningsRuby, Don't Take Your Love To Town1967Producer
Waylon JenningsRush Street Blues1966Producer
Waylon JenningsSee You Around (On Your Way Down)1968Producer
Waylon JenningsShe Called Me Baby1967Producer
Waylon JenningsShe Loves Me (She Don't Love You)1967Producer
Waylon JenningsShe's Gone, Gone, Gone1967Producer
Waylon JenningsShutting Out The Light1969Producer
Waylon JenningsSilver Ribbons1966Producer
Waylon JenningsSing The Blues To Daddy1969Producer
Waylon JenningsSix Strings Away1968Producer
Waylon JenningsSorrow (Breaks A Good Man Down)1968Producer
Waylon JenningsSpanish Penthouse1966Producer
Waylon JenningsStop The World (And Let Me Off)1965Producer
Waylon JenningsStraigthen Up My Mind1969Producer
Waylon JenningsSuch A Waste Of Love1968Producer
Waylon JenningsSunset And Vine1967Producer
Waylon JenningsTaos, New Mexico1967Producer
Waylon JenningsTennessee1966Producer
Waylon JenningsThat's The Chance I'll Ever Have To Take1965Producer
Waylon JenningsThe Chokin' Kind1967Producer
Waylon JenningsThe Dark Side Of Fame1967Producer
Waylon JenningsThe Road1967Producer
Waylon JenningsThe Thirty-Third Of August1969Producer
Waylon JenningsThis Time Tomorrow (I'll Be Gone)1969Producer
Waylon JenningsTime To Burn Again1966Producer
Waylon JenningsTime Will Tell The Story1966Producer
Waylon JenningsToday I Started Loving You Again1968Producer
Waylon JenningsToo Far Gone1968Producer
Waylon JenningsTwo Streaks Of Steel1967Producer
Waylon JenningsWalk On Out Of My Mind1968Producer
Waylon JenningsWave Goodbye To Me1968Producer
Waylon JenningsWeakness In A Man1968Producer
Waylon JenningsWhat Makes A Man Wander1965Producer
Waylon JenningsWhat's Left Of Me1965Producer
Waylon JenningsWhere Love Has Died1969Producer
Waylon JenningsWoman, Let Me Sing You A Song1967Producer
Waylon JenningsYellow Haired Woman1969Producer
Waylon JenningsYes, Virginia1967Producer
Waylon JenningsYou Beat All I Ever Saw1967Producer
Waylon JenningsYou Love The Ground I Walk On1968Producer
Waylon JenningsYou'll Think Of Me1968Producer
Waylon JenningsYoung Widow Brown1967Producer
Waylon JenningsYour Love1968Producer
Waylon JenningsYou're Gonna Wonder About Me1966Producer
Waylon JenningsYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away1967Producer
Waylon Jennings & Anita CarterAll Of Me Belongs To You1969Producer
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterI Ain't The One1970Producer
Willie NelsonA Moment Isn't Very Long1967Producer
Willie NelsonA Wonderful Yesterday1969Producer
Willie NelsonAnd So Will You My Love1965Producer
Willie NelsonAny Old Arms Won't Do1968Producer
Willie NelsonAre You Sure1965Producer
Willie NelsonAshamed1969Producer
Willie NelsonBeautiful Texas1968Producer
Willie NelsonBlackjack County Chain1967Producer
Willie NelsonBring Me Sunshine1968Producer
Willie NelsonBuddy1969Producer
Willie NelsonColumbus Stockade Blues1966Producer
Willie NelsonDallas1968Producer
Willie NelsonDarkness On The Face Of The Earth1962Producer
Willie NelsonDecember Day1969Producer
Willie NelsonDid I Ever Love You1969Producer
Willie NelsonDon't Say Love Or Nothing1968Producer
Willie NelsonDon't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)1966Producer
Willie NelsonDown To Our Last Goodbyes1969Producer
Willie NelsonFraulein1966Producer
Willie NelsonFunny (How Time Slips Away)1962Producer
Willie NelsonGo Away1967Producer
Willie NelsonGo On Home1966Producer
Willie NelsonGood Times1968Producer
Willie NelsonHealing Hands Of Time1965Producer
Willie NelsonHeartaches By The Number1966Producer
Willie NelsonHello Walls1962Producer
Willie NelsonHold Me Tighter1967Producer
Willie NelsonHome In San Antone1966Producer
Willie NelsonI Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye1965Producer
Willie NelsonI Just Don't Understand1968Producer
Willie NelsonI Just Dropped By1968Producer
Willie NelsonI Let My Mind Wander1968Producer
Willie NelsonI Love You Because1966Producer
Willie NelsonI Walk Alone1968Producer
Willie NelsonI'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows (For Just One Yesterday)1966Producer
Willie NelsonI'll Stay Around1967Producer
Willie NelsonIt Should Be Easier Now1965Producer
Willie NelsonIt Will Come To Pass1968Producer
Willie NelsonJimmy's Road1968Producer
Willie NelsonJohnny One Time1968Producer
Willie NelsonLittle Things1967Producer
Willie NelsonLove Has A Mind Of Its Own1968Producer
Willie NelsonMaking Believe1966Producer
Willie NelsonMr. Record Man1965Producer
Willie NelsonMy Own Peculiar Way1998Producer
Willie NelsonMy Window Faces The South1966Producer
Willie NelsonNatural To Be Gone1968Producer
Willie NelsonNight Life1963Producer
Willie NelsonNo Tomorrow In Sight1967Producer
Willie NelsonOnce Alone1967Producer
Willie NelsonOne Day At A Time1965Producer
Willie NelsonPages1969Producer
Willie NelsonPermanently Lonely1965Producer
Willie NelsonPretty Paper1964Producer
Willie NelsonRemember The Alamo1968Producer
Willie NelsonSan Antonio1967Producer
Willie NelsonSan Antonio Rose1966Producer
Willie NelsonSeasons Of My Heart1966Producer
Willie NelsonShe's Not For You1965Producer
Willie NelsonShe's Still Gone1968Producer
Willie NelsonSo Much To Do1965Producer
Willie NelsonStreets Of Laredo1968Producer
Willie NelsonSuffer In Silence1967Producer
Willie NelsonSweet Memories1968Producer
Willie NelsonTexas In My Soul1968Producer
Willie NelsonThat's All1968Producer
Willie NelsonThe End Of Understanding1967Producer
Willie NelsonThe Ghost1967Producer
Willie NelsonThe Hill County Theme1968Producer
Willie NelsonThe Local Memory1968Producer
Willie NelsonThe Message1968Producer
Willie NelsonThe Party's Over1966Producer
Willie NelsonThere Goes A Man1967Producer
Willie NelsonThere's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas1968Producer
Willie NelsonTo Make A Long Story Short (She's Gone)1967Producer
Willie NelsonTravis Letter1968Producer
Willie NelsonWaltz Across Texas1968Producer
Willie NelsonWhat A Merry Christmas This Could Be1964Producer
Willie NelsonWho Put All My Ex's In Texas1968Producer
Willie NelsonWithin Your Crowd1965Producer
Willie NelsonYesterday1966Producer
Willie NelsonYou Ought To Hear Me Cry1967Producer

I Can't Stop Loving You (Don Gibson)11/1960222
He'll Have To Go (Jim Reeves)14/1960129
Please Help Me, I'm Falling (Hank Locklin)38/1960415
Sea Of Heartbreak (Don Gibson)45/1961101
You're The Only Good Thing (That's Happened To Me) (Jim Reeves)01/1962216
Adios Amigo (Jim Reeves)28/1962216
Welcome To My World (Jim Reeves)32/1963312
I Won't Forget You (Jim Reeves)29/1964118
I Guess I'm Crazy (Jim Reeves)41/1964216
Rosa Rio (Jim Reeves)07/196538
It Hurts So Much (To See You Go) (Jim Reeves)10/196549
This Is It (Jim Reeves)19/196594
How Long Has It Been (Jim Reeves)30/196591
Snow Flake (Jim Reeves)09/1966210
Distant Drums (Jim Reeves)37/1966219
I Won't Come In While He's There (Jim Reeves)09/196771
The End Of The World (Skeeter Davis)595.22
Last Date (Floyd Cramer)355.06
Guitar Man (Jerry Reed)104.9
A Railroad Bum (Jim Reeves)54.8
Chattanooga Choo Choo (Floyd Cramer)54.8
My Last Date (With You) (Skeeter Davis)84.75
Oh Lonesome Me (Don Gibson)344.74
Blue Side Of Lonesome (Jim Reeves)114.73
Sea Of Heartbreak (Don Gibson)294.69
This World Is Not My Home (Jim Reeves)64.67
San Antonio Rose (Floyd Cramer)194.63
Java (Al Hirt)234.61
Flip Flop And Bop (Floyd Cramer)54.6
How's The World Treating You (Alison Krauss & James Taylor)54.6
Percolator (Randy Randolph)124.58
Billy Bayou (Jim Reeves)74.57
Guilty (Jim Reeves)74.57
Night Life (Willie Nelson)114.55
Danny Boy (Jim Reeves)64.5
Roses Are Red (Jim Reeves)64.5
The End Of The World (Skeeter Davis)595.22
He'll Have To Go (Jim Reeves)404.35
Last Date (Floyd Cramer)355.06
Oh Lonesome Me (Don Gibson)344.74
Sea Of Heartbreak (Don Gibson)294.69
And I Love You So (Perry Como)284.25
Distant Drums (Jim Reeves)264.23
Please Help Me, I'm Falling (Hank Locklin)264
Adios Amigo (Jim Reeves)244.38
Java (Al Hirt)234.61
Amos Moses (Jerry Reed)214.1
I Can't Stop Loving You (Don Gibson)204.1
San Antonio Rose (Floyd Cramer)194.63
Language Of Love (John D. Loudermilk)194.42
On The Rebound (Floyd Cramer)184.33
Welcome To My World (Jim Reeves)184.17
Funny (How Time Slips Away) (Willie Nelson)164.38
Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Skeeter Davis)154.47
I Can't Stay Mad At You (Skeeter Davis)144.36
Make The World Go Away (Eddy Arnold)143.71

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