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Ann ChristyMa première chanson1994Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandA Christmas Love Song2001Producer
Barbra StreisandA Piece Of Sky1983Producer
Barbra StreisandAlone In The World2011Producer
Barbra StreisandAnswer Me1977Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandAs If We Never Said Goodbye1993Producer
Barbra StreisandAve Maria Op. 52 No. 62014Producer
Barbra StreisandAvinu Malkeinu1997Producer
Barbra StreisandBeing Alive1985Producer
Barbra StreisandBeing Alive (Live 2016)2017Producer
Barbra StreisandBeing Good Isn't Good Enough1985Producer
Barbra StreisandBest I Could1984Producer
Barbra StreisandBut Beautiful2003Producer
Barbra StreisandBy The Way1975Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandCalling You2003Producer
Barbra StreisandCan't Help Lovin' That Man1985Producer
Barbra StreisandChildren Will Listen1993Producer
Barbra StreisandChristmas Lullaby2001Producer
Barbra StreisandChristmas Mem'ries2001Producer
Barbra StreisandDon't Believe What You Read1977Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandDon't Lie To Me2018Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandEmily2003Producer
Barbra StreisandEverything1976Producer
Barbra StreisandEverything Must Change1997Producer
Barbra StreisandFor All We Know1992Producer
Barbra StreisandGoodbye For Now2003Producer
Barbra StreisandHere We Are At Last1984Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandHigher Ground1997Producer
Barbra StreisandHome2012Producer
Barbra StreisandHow Do You Keep The Music Playing?2003Producer
Barbra StreisandI Believe / You'll Never Walk Alone1997Producer
Barbra StreisandI Believe In Love1976Producer
Barbra StreisandI Didn't Know What Time It Was2016Producer
Barbra StreisandI Have Dreamed / We Kiss In A Shadow / Something Wonderful1985Producer
Barbra StreisandI Know Him So Well1991Producer
Barbra StreisandI Loves You Porgy / Porgy, I's Your Woman Now1985Producer
Barbra StreisandI Remember2001Producer
Barbra StreisandIf I Could1997Producer
Barbra StreisandIf I Loved You1985Producer
Barbra StreisandIf I Never Met You1999Producer
Barbra StreisandIf It's Meant To Be2011Producer
Barbra StreisandI'll Be Home For Christmas2001Producer
Barbra StreisandI'll Never Say Goodbye2011Producer
Barbra StreisandI'm In The Mood For Love2003Producer
Barbra StreisandImagine / What A Wonderful World2018Producer
Barbra StreisandIsn't It A Pity?1999Producer
Barbra StreisandIt Must Have Been The Mistletoe2001Producer
Barbra StreisandI've Dreamed Of You1999Producer
Barbra StreisandLady Liberty2018Producer
Barbra StreisandLeading With Your Heart1997Producer
Barbra StreisandLet's Start Right Now1999Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandLosing My Mind2016Producer
Barbra StreisandLost Inside Of You1976Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandLove Like Ours1999Producer
Barbra StreisandLove Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen)1976Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandLove's Never Wrong2018Producer
Barbra StreisandMa première chanson1966Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandMoon River2003Producer
Barbra StreisandMore In Love With You2003Producer
Barbra StreisandMother And Child1973Producer
Barbra StreisandNice 'n' Easy2011Producer
Barbra StreisandNo Matter What Happens1983Producer
Barbra StreisandNo Wonder1983Producer
Barbra StreisandNot A Day Goes By2016Producer
Barbra StreisandOn Holy Ground1997Producer
Barbra StreisandOne God2001Producer
Barbra StreisandPapa, Can You Hear Me?1983Producer
Barbra StreisandPlaces That Belong To You1991Producer
Barbra StreisandPretty Women / The Ladies Who Lunch1985Producer
Barbra StreisandPutting It Together1985Producer
Barbra StreisandQueen Bee1976Producer
Barbra StreisandSend In The Clowns1985Producer
Barbra StreisandSmile2003Producer
Barbra StreisandSnowbound2001Producer
Barbra StreisandSo Many Stars2011Producer
Barbra StreisandSolitary Moon2011Producer
Barbra StreisandSome Good Things Never Last1988Producer
Barbra StreisandSomeday My Prince Will Come2002Producer
Barbra StreisandSomething New in My Life2011Producer
Barbra StreisandTake Care Of This House2018Producer
Barbra StreisandThat Face2011Producer
Barbra StreisandThe Music That Makes Me Dance1964Producer
Barbra StreisandThe Rain Will Fall2018Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandThe Same Hello, The Same Goodbye2011Producer
Barbra StreisandThe Second Time Around2003Producer
Barbra StreisandThe Water Is Wide / Deep River1997Producer
Barbra StreisandThe Way He Makes Me Feel1983Producer
Barbra StreisandThe Windmills Of Your Mind2011Producer
Barbra StreisandThe Woman In The Moon1976Producer
Barbra StreisandThis Is One Of Those Moments1983Producer
Barbra StreisandTomorrow Night1983Producer
Barbra StreisandTwo People1987Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWait1999Producer
Barbra StreisandWalls2018Producer
Barbra StreisandWet1979Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWhat Are You Doing New Year's Eve?2001Producer
Barbra StreisandWhat Matters Most2011Producer
Barbra StreisandWhat The World Needs Now2018Producer
Barbra StreisandWhat Were We Thinking Of1988Producer
Barbra StreisandWhat's On My Mind2018Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWhere Is It Written?1983Producer
Barbra StreisandWhy Let It Go?1988Producer
Barbra StreisandWild Is The Wind2003Producer
Barbra StreisandWill Someone Ever Look At Me That Way?1983Producer
Barbra StreisandWith One Look1993Producer
Barbra StreisandWith One More Look At You / Watch Closely Now1976Producer
Barbra StreisandYou'll Never Walk Alone2002Producer
Barbra StreisandYou're A Step In The Right Direction1984Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandYou're Gonna Hear From Me2003Producer
Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbAbove The Law2005Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand & Bryan AdamsI Finally Found Someone1996Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand / Kris KristoffersonLost Inside Of You1976Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand with Alec BaldwinThe Best Thing That Ever Has Happened2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Anne Hathaway & Daisy RidleyAt The Ballet2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Anthony NewleyWho Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Antonio BanderasTake Me To The World2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with BabyfaceEvergreen2014Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand with BabyfaceLost Inside Of You2014Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand with Barbra Streisand & James BrolinFifty Percent2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Chris PineI'll Be Seeing You / I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Hugh JackmanAny Moment Now2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Jamie FoxxClimb Ev'ry Mountain2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Melissa McCarthyAnything You Can Do2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Patrick WilsonLoving You2016Producer
Barbra Streisand with Seth MacFarlanePure Imagination2016Producer
Bobby ShortEvergreen1982Music/Lyrics
Charlie McCoyLove Theme From A Star Is Born1977Music/Lyrics
Christopher John and His OrchestraA Star Is Born Music/Lyrics
Edith LefelNo Matter What Happens1996Music/Lyrics
Facts Of LifeLost Inside Of You1977Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherLove Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen)1977Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanEvergreen1983Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniEvergreen1977Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesEvergreen1979Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisEvergreen (Love Theme From "A Star Is Born")1977Music/Lyrics
Kelly MarieEvergreen2003Music/Lyrics
Kris KristoffersonCrippled Crow1976Producer
Kris KristoffersonHellacious Acres1976Producer
Kris KristoffersonWatch Closely Now1976Producer
Lee TowersEvergreen2012Music/Lyrics
Lena ValaitisBleib hier - bleib bei mir1977Music/Lyrics
Lorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawI Finally Found Someone2001Music/Lyrics
Luther VandrossEvergreen1994Music/Lyrics
Marie Denise PelletierMa première chanson2003Music/Lyrics
Marti PellowEvergreen2015Music/Lyrics
Mireille MathieuDe rêve en rêverie1980Music/Lyrics
Paul MauriatEvergreen1977Music/Lyrics
Paul Parker and Angie GoldI Finally Found Someone1997Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsEvergreen2004Music/Lyrics
Ramsey LewisLove Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen)1977Music/Lyrics
Roger WhittakerEvergreen1978Music/Lyrics
Ruthie HenshallWet2001Music/Lyrics
See Siang WongEvergreen2014Music/Lyrics
The LettermenEvergreen1981Music/Lyrics
Van McCoyLove Theme From A Star Is Born / Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)1977Music/Lyrics
Vince HillEvergreen1982Music/Lyrics
The Rain Will Fall (Barbra Streisand)65.5
A Piece Of Sky (Barbra Streisand)185.11
Send In The Clowns (Barbra Streisand)345.03
With One Look (Barbra Streisand)125
This Is One Of Those Moments (Barbra Streisand)75
Lady Liberty (Barbra Streisand)65
I Have Dreamed / We Kiss In A Shadow / Something Wonderful (Barbra Streisand)55
Moon River (Barbra Streisand)124.92
Places That Belong To You (Barbra Streisand)84.88
Being Alive (Barbra Streisand)64.83
Don't Lie To Me (Barbra Streisand)114.82
Leading With Your Heart (Barbra Streisand)54.8
Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way? (Barbra Streisand)54.8
I'll Be Home For Christmas (Barbra Streisand)54.8
I Believe / You'll Never Walk Alone (Barbra Streisand)84.75
Love Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen) (Barbra Streisand)544.74
Wet (Barbra Streisand)74.71
The Windmills Of Your Mind (Barbra Streisand)74.71
Where Is It Written? (Barbra Streisand)104.7
As If We Never Said Goodbye (Barbra Streisand)264.69
I Finally Found Someone (Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams)923.66
Love Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen) (Barbra Streisand)544.74
Send In The Clowns (Barbra Streisand)345.03
Papa, Can You Hear Me? (Barbra Streisand)324.53
As If We Never Said Goodbye (Barbra Streisand)264.69
Evergreen (Hazell Dean)194.42
A Piece Of Sky (Barbra Streisand)185.11
Putting It Together (Barbra Streisand)174.65
I've Dreamed Of You (Barbra Streisand)164.31
You'll Never Walk Alone (Barbra Streisand)154.6
The Way He Makes Me Feel (Barbra Streisand)154.53
With One Look (Barbra Streisand)125
Moon River (Barbra Streisand)124.92
Lost Inside Of You (Barbra Streisand / Kris Kristofferson)124.5
Smile (Barbra Streisand)124.42
Children Will Listen (Barbra Streisand)124.25
Someday My Prince Will Come (Barbra Streisand)124.08
Don't Lie To Me (Barbra Streisand)114.82
Where Is It Written? (Barbra Streisand)104.7
Here We Are At Last (Barbra Streisand)104.2

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