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Entry:13/2006 (Position 5)
Last week in charts:19/2006 (Position 34)
Peak:5 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:4017 (139 points)
World wide:
ch  Peak: 1 / weeks: 13
de  Peak: 4 / weeks: 12
at  Peak: 15 / weeks: 8
fr  Peak: 8 / weeks: 13
nl  Peak: 3 / weeks: 18
be  Peak: 3 / weeks: 19 (Vl)
  Peak: 15 / weeks: 12 (Wa)
se  Peak: 18 / weeks: 6
fi  Peak: 24 / weeks: 6
no  Peak: 5 / weeks: 7
dk  Peak: 2 / weeks: 6
it  Peak: 10 / weeks: 11
es  Peak: 40 / weeks: 3
au  Peak: 18 / weeks: 4

CD Digi Pack
Legacy 19075910002

NPG 06024 9852072

LP Purple Vinyl
Legacy 19075910531

CD NPG 06024 9852072 (UMG) / EAN 0602498520727
Digi Pack - CD Legacy 19075910002 (Sony) / EAN 0190759100028
1. 3121
2. Lolita
3. Te amo corazón
4. Black Sweat
5. Incense And Candles
6. Love
7. Satisfied
8. Fury
9. The Word
10. Prince feat. Tŕmar - Beautiful, Loved And Blessed
11. The Dance
12. Get On The Boat
Purple Vinyl - LP Legacy 19075910531 (Sony) / EAN 0190759105313

13/2006: N 5.
14/2006: 12.
15/2006: 15.
16/2006: 27.
17/2006: 30.
18/2006: 25.
19/2006: 34.
PrincePrince: Discography / Become a fan

When Doves Cry39/1984101
Purple Rain (Prince And The Revolution)44/198456
Kiss (Prince & The Revolution)18/1986101
Sign "☮" The Times15/198777
Alphabet St.18/198819
Thieves In The Temple31/199047
Gett Off (Prince And The New Power Generation)36/199174
Cream (Prince And The New Power Generation)41/199135
Sexy MF (Prince And The New Power Generation)29/199257
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (The Symbol)15/199446
Purple Medley12/1995191
Te amo corazón01/2006115

Purple Rain (Prince And The Revolution)35/1984421
Around The World In A Day (Prince & The Revolution)18/1985106
Parade (Prince & The Revolution)15/1986108
Sign 'O' The Times15/1987314
Batman (Soundtrack / Prince)26/1989212
Graffiti Bridge35/199026
Diamonds And Pearls (Prince & The New Power Generation)41/199159
[Love Symbol] (Prince And The New Power Generation)42/1992103
The Hits / The B-Sides38/1993114
The Hits 238/1993143
The Hits 138/1993152
The Gold Experience (The Symbol)40/1995123
Chaos And Disorder (The Symbol)29/1996154
Emancipation (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)48/1996271
New Power Soul (The New Power Generation)28/1998401
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (The Artist)46/1999371
The Very Best Of38/200127
Planet Earth31/200794
Art Official Age41/201423
PlectrumElectrum (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)41/201481
Piano & A Microphone 198339/2018181
❤ Or $ (Prince & The Revolution)
(There'll Never B) Another Like Me
...Back 2 The Lotus
1+1+1 Is 3
100 MPH
1000 X's & O's
17 Days (Piano & A Microphone 1983 Version)
17 Days (The Rain Will Come Down, Then U Will Have 2 Choose. If U Believe, Look 2 The Dawn And U Shall Never Lose.)
2 Nigs United 4 West Compton
2 The Wire (Prince & The New Power Generation)
2 Whom It May Concern (Prince And The New Power Generation)
2 Y. 2 D.
200 Balloons
2045 Radical Man
2Gether (The New Power Generation)
3 Chains Of Gold (Prince And The New Power Generation)
319 (The Symbol)
3rd Eye
4 The Tears In Your Eyes (Prince & The Revolution)
5 Women
7 (Prince And The New Power Generation)
77 Beverly Park
A Case Of You
A Million Days
Act Of God
Affirmation III
Ain't About 2 Stop (Prince feat. Rita Ora)
AintTurnInRound (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Alexa de Paris (Prince & The Revolution)
All The Critics Love U In New York
All The Midnights In The World
Alphabet St.
America (Prince & The Revolution)
And God Created Woman (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Anna Stesia
Annie Christian
Another Lonely Christmas (Prince & The Revolution)
AnotherLove (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Anotherloverholenyohead (Prince & The Revolution)
Around The World In A Day (Prince & The Revolution)
Arrogance (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Art Official Cage
Baby I'm A Star (Prince And The Revolution)
Baby Knows (The Artist)
Baby, You're A Trip
Beautiful (The Symbol)
Beautiful Girl (The NPG)
Beautiful Strange
Beautiful, Loved And Blessed (Prince feat. Tŕmar)
Beginning Endlessly
Betcha By Golly Wow (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Betcha By Golly Wow! (The Symbol)
Better With Time
Big City
Big Fun (The New Power Generation)
Billy Jack Bitch (The Symbol)
Black Muse
Black Sweat
Blue Light (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Bob George
BoyTrouble (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl feat. Lizzo & Sophia Eris)
Breakfast Can Wait
Call My Name
Call The Law (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Can't Stop This Feeling I Got
Chaos And Disorder (The Symbol)
Chatounette Controle
Chelsea Rodgers
Cherry, Cherry (The New Power Generation)
Chocolate Box
Christopher Tracy's Parade (Prince & The Revolution)
Cindy C.
Cinnamon Girl
Cold Coffee & Cocaine
Colonized Mind
Come On (The New Power Generation)
Computer Blue (Prince And The Revolution)
Condition Of The Heart (Prince & The Revolution)
Count The Days (The New Power Generation)
Courtin' Time (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Crazy You
Cream (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Crimson And Clover
Curious Child (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Da, Da, Da (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Daddy Pop (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Damn U (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Damned If I Do (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Dance 4 Me
Dance On
Dance With The Devil
Darling Nikki (Prince And The Revolution)
Dead On It
Dear Michelangelo
Dear Mr. Man
Diamonds & Pearls (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Dig U Better Dead (The Symbol)
Digital Garden
Dinner With Delores (The Symbol)
Dirty Mind
DJ Gets Jumped (The New Power Generation)
DJ Seduces Sonny (The New Power Generation)
Do It All Night
Do Me, Baby
Do U Lie? (Prince & The Revolution)
Do Your Dance (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Dolphin (The Symbol)
Dream Factory
Dreamin' About U (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Electric Chair
Electric Intercourse
Elephants & Flowers
Emale (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Emancipation (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Endorphinmachine (The Symbol)
Erotic City (Prince & The Revolution)
Ethereal Mix (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Everybody Loves Me
Everyday Is A Winding Road (The Artist)
Eye Hate U (The Symbol)
Eye Love U, But Eye Don't Trust U Anymore (The Artist)
Face Down (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
FallInLove2Nite (Prince feat. Zooey Deschanel)
Family Name
Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful
Feel U Up
FixUrLifeUp (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
For You
Forever In My Life
Freaks On This Side (The New Power Generation)
Free The Music (The New Power Generation)
Free Urself
Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
From the Lotus...
FunkNRoll (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Funky Music (The New Power Generation)
Future Baby Mama
Future Soul Song
Gangster Glam (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Get On The Boat
Get Some Solo (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Get Wild (The New Power Generation)
Get Wild (The NPG)
Get Wild In The House (The New Power Generation)
Get Yo Groove On (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Gett Off (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Gigolos Get Lonely Too
Girl (Prince & The Revolution)
Girl 6 (The New Power Generation)
Girls & Boys (Prince & The Revolution)
Givin Em What They Love (Janelle Monáe feat. Prince)
Glam Slam
God (Prince & The Revolution)
Gold (The Symbol)
Good Love
Gotta Broken Heart Again
Gotta Stop (Messin' About)
Graffiti Bridge (Prince feat. Mavis Staples & Tevin Campbell)
Groovy Potential
Had U (The Symbol)
Hallucination Rain (The New Power Generation)
Hallucination Rain (The NPG)
Have A Heart
Hello (Prince & The Revolution)
Here On Earth
Holly Rock
Horny Pony (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Horny Toad
Hot Summer
Hot Thing
Hot Wit U (The Artist)
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore
I Can't Make U Love Me (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
I Feel For You
I Like It There (The Symbol)
I Love U In Me
I Rock, Therefore I Am (The Symbol)
I Wanna Be Your Lover
I Will (The Symbol)
I Wish U Heaven
I Wonder U (Prince & The Revolution)
I Would Die 4 U (Prince And The Revolution)
If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life
If I Love U 2 Nite
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance
I'm Yours
In Love
In This Bed I Scream (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Incense And Candles
Insatiable (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Interactive (The Symbol)
International Lover
Into The Light (The Symbol)
Irresistible Bitch
It's About That Walk
It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
It's Gonna Be Lonely
Jack U Off
Jam Of The Year (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Joint 2 Joint (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Joy In Repetition
Jughead (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Jungle Love
Just Another Sucker (94 East feat. Prince)
Just As Long As We're Together
Kiss (Prince & The Revolution)
La, La, La Means I Love U (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
La, La, La, He, He, Hee
Lady Cab Driver
Last December
Le Grind
Leader Of The Band (Sheila E. feat. Prince & The E Family)
Lemon Crush
Let's Go Crazy (Prince And The Revolution)
Let's Have A Baby (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Let's Pretend We're Married
Let's Work
Life Can Be So Nice (Prince & The Revolution)
Life 'O' The Party
Like A Mack (Prince feat. Curly Fryz)
Lion Of Judah
Little Red Corvette
Live 4 Love (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Look At Me, Look At U
Love 2 The 9's (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Love Like Jazz
Love Song (Madonna & Prince)
Love... Thy Will Be Done
Mad Sex (The New Power Generation)
Man 'O' War (The Artist)
Manic Monday
Mary Don't You Weep
Marz (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Melody Cool (Prince feat. Mavis Staples)
Million $ Show (Prince feat. Judith Hill)
Money Don't Matter 2 Night (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Moonbeam Levels
Mountains (Prince & The Revolution)
Mr. Goodnight
Mr. Happy (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Mr. Nelson (Prince feat. Lianne La Havas)
Muse 2 The Pharaoh
My Computer (Prince feat. Kate Bush)
My Computer (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
My Little Pill
My Love Is Forever
My Name Is Prince (Prince And The New Power Generation)
My Name Is Prince (Remixes) (Prince & The New Power Generation)
New Position (Prince & The Revolution)
New Power Day (The New Power Generation)
New Power Generation
New Power Generation (Pt. II) (Prince feat. Mavis Staples, Tevin Campbell, T. C. Ellis and Robin Power)
New World (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Newpower Soul (The New Power Generation)
No More Candy 4 U
Noon Rendezvous
Nothing Compares 2 U
Now (The Symbol)
NPG Bum Rush The Ship (The New Power Generation)
Objects In The Mirror
Ol' Skool Company
Old Friends 4 Sale
On The Couch
One Kiss At A Time (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
One Nite Alone...
One Of Us (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
One Song
Open Book
P Control (The Symbol)
Paisley Park (Prince & The Revolution)
Pearls B4 The Swine
Pink Cashmere
Planet Earth
Play In The Sunshine
PlectrumElectrum (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Pop Life (Prince & The Revolution)
Power Fantastic (Prince & The Revolution)
Prettyman (The Artist)
PretzelBodyLogic (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Private Joy
Purple Medley
Purple Rain (Prince And The Revolution)
Push (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Push It Up! (The New Power Generation)
Q In Doubt (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Rainbow Children
Raise Up (Larry Graham & Graham Central Station feat. Prince & Raphael Saadiq)
Raspberry Beret (Prince & The Revolution)
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (The Artist)
Return Of The Bump Squad (The New Power Generation)
Right Back Here In My Arms (The Symbol)
Right The Wrong (The Symbol)
RNR Affair
Rock And Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis) (The Symbol)
Rock And Roll Love Affair
Rockhard In A Funky Place
RocknRoll Loveaffair
Ronnie Talk To Russia
Saviour (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Scarlet Pussy (Camille [Prince])
Sea Of Everything
Sex - The 80's Are Over And The Time Has Come 4 Monogamy And Trust
Sex In The Summer (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Sex Shooter
Sexy Dancer
Sexy MF (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Sexy MF / Strollin' (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Sexy Mutha (Prince And The New Power Generation)
She Gave Her Angels
She Loves Me 4 Me
She Spoke 2 Me
She's Always In My Hair (Prince & The Revolution)
Shhh (The Symbol)
Shoo-Bed-Ooh (The New Power Generation)
Shut This Down
Shy (The Symbol)
Sign "☮" The Times
Silly Game (The Artist)
Slave (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Sleep Around (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Slow Love
So Blue
So Far, So Pleased (The Artist)
Soft And Wet
Somebody's Somebody (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
Sometimes It Snows In April (Prince & The Revolution)
Somewhere Here On Earth
Soul Sanctuary (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Starfish And Coffee
Sticky Like Glue
Still Waiting
Still Would Stand All Time
StopThisTrain (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Strange But True (The Artist)
Strange Relationship
Strays Of The World
Strollin' (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Style (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Sweet Baby (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Take Me With U
Tamborine (Prince & The Revolution)
Tangerine (The Artist)
Te amo corazón
Temptation (Prince & The Revolution)
The Arms Of Orion (Prince & Sheena Easton)
The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
The Beautiful Ones (Prince And The Revolution)
The Breakdown
The Continental (Prince And The New Power Generation)
The Cross
The Dance
The Everlasting Now
The Exodus Has Begun (The New Power Generation)
The Flow (Prince And The New Power Generation)
The Future
The Glamorous Life
The Gold Standard
The Good Life (The New Power Generation)
The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (The Symbol)
The Holy River (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
The Human Body (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
The Ladder (Prince & The Revolution)
The Latest Fashion (The Time with Prince)
The Love We Make (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
The Marrying Kind
The Max (Prince And The New Power Generation)
The Morning Papers (Prince And The New Power Generation)
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (The Symbol)
The One (The New Power Generation)
The One U Wanna C
The Plan (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
The Question Of U
The Rest Of My Life
The Sacrifice Of Victor (Prince And The New Power Generation)
The Same December (The Symbol)
The Sensual Everafter
The Song Of The Heart
The Sun, The Moon And Stars (The Artist)
The Very Best Of Prince
The Voice (Mavis Staples / Prince)
The Word
The Work Pt. 1
There Is Lonely
Thieves In The Temple
Things Have Gotta Change (Prince And The New Power Generation)
This Could B Us...
This Could Be Us [2014]
Thunder (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Tick, Tick, Bang
TicTacToe (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
U Got The Look
U Know
U Make My Sun Shine (Prince feat. Angie Stone)
Under The Cherry Moon (Prince & The Revolution)
Undisputed (The Artist)
United States Of Division
Until U're In My Arms Again (The New Power Generation)
U're Gonna C Me
Venus de Milo (Prince & The Revolution)
Vicki Waiting
Violet The Organ Grinder
Walk Don't Walk (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Walk In Sand
Wall Of Berlin
Wanna Melt With U (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Way Back Home
We Can Funk (George Clinton & Prince)
We Gets Up (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
We March (The Symbol)
Wedding Feast
What Do U Want Me 2 Do?
What It Feels Like
When 2 R In Love
When Doves Cry
When Eye Lay My Hands On U
When She Comes
When The Lights Go Down
When U Love Somebody (The New Power Generation)
When We're Dancing Close And Slow
When You Were Mine
Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do (The Artist)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Dhani Harrison & Prince)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Live) (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Dhani Harrison & Prince)
White Mansion (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
WhiteCaps (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Why The Butterflies
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
Willing And Able (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Without You
Wouldn't You Love To Love Me?
Wow (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
X's Face
Young And Beautiful
You're My Love
Zannalee (The Symbol)
[Love Symbol] (Prince And The New Power Generation)
94 East feat. Prince (94 East feat. Prince)
Anthology: 1995-2010
Around The World In A Day (Prince & The Revolution)
Art Official Age
At The Club - Miami Broadcast 1994
Back At The Club - More From Miami Glam Slam 1994
Batman (Soundtrack / Prince)
Best Ballads
Chaos And Disorder (The Symbol)
Diamonds And Pearls (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Dirty Mind
Emancipation (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)
Exodus (The New Power Generation)
For You
Girl 6 (Soundtrack / Prince)
Gold Nigga (The New Power Generation)
Graffiti Bridge
His Majesty's Pop Life: The Purple Mix Club
HitnRun - Phase One
HitnRun - Phase Two
Legendary F.M. Broadcast
Live Box
Lotusflow3r / MPLSound / Elixer
Naked In The Summer Time 1990
Naked In The Summertime - 1990 Broadcast Recording
New Power Soul (The New Power Generation)
One Last Kiss - The Legendary Radio Shows
One Man Jam
One Nite Alone... Live! (Prince & The New Power Generation)
One Nite Alone... Solo Piano And Voice By Prince
One Nite Alone... The Aftershow: It Ain't Over! (Prince & The New Power Generation)
Original Album Series
Parade (Prince & The Revolution)
Piano & A Microphone 1983
Planet Earth
PlectrumElectrum (Prince & 3rdEyeGirl)
Purple Rain (Prince And The Revolution)
Purple Rain In Concert
Purple Rain Live
Purple Reign In New York - Volume 2
Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (The Artist)
Rock In Rio 2
Sexy Mf (Prince And The New Power Generation)
Sign 'O' The Times
The Beautiful Experience (The Symbol)
The Beautiful Ones - Radio Broadcast 1985
The Black Album
The Broadcast Collection
The Broadcast Collection 1985-1991
The Gold Experience (The Symbol)
The Hits / The B-Sides
The Hits 1
The Hits 2
The Purple Era
The Rainbow Children
The Scandalous Sex Suite (Prince & Kim Basinger)
The Vault... Old Friends 4 Sale
The Versace Experience - Prelude 2 Gold
The Very Best Of
Tokyo 1990
Ultimate Rave
Under The Covers
Up All Nite With Prince - The One Nite Alone Collection
Diamonds And Pearls (Prince And The N.P.G.)
Prince Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas
Reign Of The Prince Of Ages
Sign "☮" The Times
The Hits Collection
Up Close And Personal
Average points: 4.39 (Reviews: 18)
gutes arrangement an schönen titeln mit einem sehr speziellen, "totally luxurious"-booklet... vorerst eine fünf, da sich die songs noch nicht richtig in mich "reingefressen" haben... doch die innovativen, teils auch wieder mal funky sounds gefallen mir schonmal ziemlich gut. sogar mit te amo corazon kann ich mich gut anfreunden...<br>okee, okee... wir wissen ja, prince kann eigentlich alles...<br><br>
Sehr gutes Album, hat potenzial um mit "In the Zone" mein All-Time Lieblingsalbum zu werden!<br>Kein Song fällt einem Negativ auf, und alle Songs blieben mir, auf ihre eigene Art, im Gedächtnis hängen!<br>Ich kann noch keine starken Songs von den schwächeren unterscheiden, aber ich kann sagen dass das Album sicher eines der grossen Höhepunkte dieses Jahr ist!<br>Super gemacht Prince, nach sovielen Jahren nochmal so etwas gutes rauszugeben....boah da bin ich baff!<br><br>Starke Songs: 3121, Lolita, Te amo Corazon, Black Sweat, Incense And Candles, Love, Satisfied, The Word und The Dance!<br><br>"Fury" und "Beautiful, Loved and Blessed" sind guter Durchschnitt!<br><br>Und "Get on the Boat" ist für mich ein Schwachpunkt!<br><br>Yeeaahhh, das Album ist auf Platz 3 eingestiegen, gratuliere dir Prince!
Last edited: 29.03.2006 23:24
... ein Wahnsinnsalbum!!! Der Meister ist endlich nach vielen Jahren der Irrungen und Wirrungen im Schoss seiner millionenfachen Anhängerschaft zurückgekehrt! Identitätskrisen und Rechtsstreite sind scheinbar ausgestanden! Doch bei aller Musikalität, die jetzt endlich auch wieder auf CD zu bewundern ist, muß man doch sagen, dass Prince LIVE noch zehn Klassen besser ist als auf CD! Diesen Magier MUSS man einfach live auf der Bühne erleben, alles andere ist dagegen "pipifatz"! Ich hatte das Glück, ihn bereits schon 6mal live on stage in den letzten 20 Jahren erlebt zu dürfen! Ich freue mich wie verrückt auf die anstehende Welttournee! Ich kann nur jedem in aller Dringlickkeit raten, nicht nur diese CD zu kaufen, sondern auch auf jeden Fall die Möglichkeit zu ergreifen, den "Meister aller Klassen" LIVE zu erleben! Ein solch musikalisches Genie wird wahrscheinlich nur alle 50-60 Jahre geboren! Prince 4ever ... hope 2 cu soon! <br><br>P.S. *3121* ist übrigens in den USA direkt auf Platz 1 eingestiegen! Die Fans dort bedanken sich wohl mitunter für die erfolgreichste und geilste Tournee des letzten Jahres in den USA! Leider kam die Musicology-Tour nicht zu uns nach Europa, aber bald ist er ja endlich wieder auch bei uns ...
Spitzen Album.Jeder Song ist anders.Besonders "The World" hat mir gefallen.
Absolut nix spezielles, oder besser gesagt: absolut zu speziell für mich. Voll nicht meine Musik..<br><br>Highlights: "Fury" (4*)<br><br>Durchschnitt: 2.08*
Musicology war viel besser. Er sollte nicht auf Dance, Hip-Hop und R'n'b machen. Er sollte wieder mal richtig guten Funk produzieren.
▓ Door veel Nederlandse critici de hemel in geprezen en door net zoveel met kritiek beoordeeld !!! De Fans hebben er in ieder geval lang op moeten wachten !!! Toch valt de CD niet helemaal tegen !!!
Eine ganz knappe vier von meiner Seite. Ohne die Nummer 1 Platzierung ein Album, das ich mir nie gekauft hätte.
sehr gut
Gefällt mir besonders gut ! hatte nicht mehr erwarted das er er wieder auf seine alte "Level" ein Album machen könte !
Bin zwar kein Prince-Fan diese CD gefällt mir aber nicht schlecht! ;-))
Ein sehr gutes Album! <br>Highlights: Lolita / Satisfied / Beautiful, Loved And Blessed / The Word
Last edited: 25.11.2006 00:53
"Musicology" gefiel mir noch einen Stern besser, aber gut bleibt's trotz einiger Ausfälle immer noch.
seh das wie mr. x! horroble!
Und endlich hatten wir ihn wieder. <br>Auch wieder ein gelungenes Album. Einfach Wahnsinn!
Een van mijn favoriete Prince-albums!!!! Prince is hier goed op dreef en klinkt als vanouds.
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