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Norway Year End Charts
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Entry:45/2017 (Position 3)
Last week in charts:27/2019 (Position 37)
Peak:3 (5 weeks)
Place on best of all time:168 (1345 points)
World wide:
ch  Peak: 34 / weeks: 1
de  Peak: 91 / weeks: 1
fr  Peak: 55 / weeks: 82
nl  Peak: 22 / weeks: 30
be  Peak: 68 / weeks: 31 (Vl)
  Peak: 68 / weeks: 8 (Wa)
se  Peak: 3 / weeks: 56
fi  Peak: 14 / weeks: 15
no  Peak: 3 / weeks: 49
it  Peak: 76 / weeks: 1
es  Peak: 87 / weeks: 1
au  Peak: 42 / weeks: 1
nz  Peak: 39 / weeks: 1

Ultra 19075802502


CD Ultra 19075802502 (Sony) / EAN 0190758025025
1. Kygo feat. John Newman - Never Let You Go
2. Kygo feat. Jason Walker - Sunrise
3. Kygo with Oliver Nelson feat. Bonnie McKee - Riding Shotgun
4. Kygo feat. OneRepublic - Stranger Things
5. Kygo feat. Wrabel - With You
6. Kygo feat. The Night Game - Kids In Love
7. Kygo feat. JHart - Permanent
8. Kygo feat. Billy Raffoul - I See You
Bonus Tracks
9. Kygo feat. Justin Jesso - Stargazing
10. Kygo & Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me
11. Kygo & Ellie Goulding - First Time
12. Kygo feat. Sasha Sloan - This Town

45/2017: N 3.
46/2017: 4.
47/2017: 6.
48/2017: 7.
49/2017: 13.
50/2017: 17.
51/2017: 23.
52/2017: 28.
01/2018: 10.
02/2018: N 8.
03/2018: N 13.
04/2018: 14.
05/2018: 15.
06/2018: 15.
07/2018: 11.
08/2018: 5.
09/2018: 6.
10/2018: 12.
11/2018: 13.
12/2018: N 8.
13/2018: N 3.
14/2018: 4.
15/2018: 3.
16/2018: 3.
17/2018: 5.
18/2018: 6.
19/2018: 5.
20/2018: 3.
21/2018: 4.
22/2018: 5.
23/2018: 6.
24/2018: 5.
25/2018: 8.
26/2018: 10.
27/2018: 11.
28/2018: 9.
29/2018: 10.
30/2018: 10.
31/2018: 11.
32/2018: 13.
33/2018: 16.
34/2018: 14.
35/2018: 11.
36/2018: 14.
37/2018: 20.
38/2018: 21.
39/2018: 29.
40/2018: 28.
41/2018: 28.
43/2018: 37.
44/2018: 36.
45/2018: 40.
08/2019: N 37.
27/2019: N 37.
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Firestone (Kygo feat. Conrad)50/2014144
Stole The Show (Kygo feat. Parson James)13/2015140
Nothing Left (Kygo feat. Will Heard)32/2015118
Here For You (Kygo feat. Ella Henderson)37/2015910
Stay (Kygo feat. Maty Noyes)50/2015222
Fragile (Kygo & Labrinth)12/2016112
Raging (Kygo feat. Kodaline)14/2016214
I'm In Love (Kygo feat. James Vincent McMorrow)17/201695
Oasis (Kygo feat. Foxes)20/2016291
Carry Me (Kygo feat. Julia Michaels)35/2016391
Cruise (Kygo feat. Andrew Jackson)08/2017257
It Ain't Me (Kygo & Selena Gomez)08/2017130
First Time (Kygo & Ellie Goulding)18/2017316
This Town (Kygo feat. Sasha Sloan)39/2017917
Stargazing (Kygo feat. Justin Jesso)39/2017224
Kids In Love (Kygo feat. The Night Game & Maja Francis)43/201784
Never Let You Go (Kygo feat. John Newman)44/2017391
Sunrise (Kygo feat. Jason Walker)45/2017371
Remind Me To Forget (Kygo feat. Miguel)12/2018223
Born To Be Yours (Kygo & Imagine Dragons)25/2018416
Happy Now (Kygo feat. Sandro Cavazza)44/2018618
Think About You (Kygo feat. Valerie Broussard)08/201955
Carry On (Kygo and Rita Ora)17/201978
Not Ok (Kygo & Chelsea Cutler)22/2019710
Higher Love (Kygo x Whitney Houston)27/2019223
Family (The Chainsmokers + Kygo)50/2019314
Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute) (Kygo, Avicii & Sandro Cavazza)05/202054
Like It Is (Kygo, Zara Larsson & Tyga)14/2020311
I'll Wait (Kygo & Sasha Sloan)15/202095
Freedom (Kygo feat. Zak Abel)17/2020112
Lose Somebody (Kygo & OneRepublic)21/2020515
The Truth (Kygo & Valerie Broussard)22/2020281
Broken Glass (Kygo & Kim Petras)23/2020157
What's Love Got To Do With It (Kygo x Tina Turner)30/202049
Hot Stuff (Kygo x Donna Summer)39/2020232
Gone Are The Days (Kygo feat. James Gillespie)16/2021714
Love Me Now (Kygo feat. Zoe Wees)33/202158
Undeniable (Kygo feat. X Ambassadors)42/202184
Dancing Feet (Kygo feat. DNCE)09/2022811
Never Really Loved Me (Kygo & Dean Lewis)27/2022143
Woke Up In Love (Kygo, Gryffin & Calum Scott)37/2022261
The Way We Were (Kygo feat. Plested)46/2022241
Say Say SˇAˇY (Kygo feat. Paul McCartney ˇ Michael Jackson)14/2023162
Whatever (Kygo with Ava Max)04/2024122
For Life (Kygo with Zak Abel & Nile Rodgers)17/2024244
Me Before You (Kygo feat. Plested)25/2024391

Cloud Nine20/2016187
Kids In Love45/2017349
Golden Hour23/2020176
Thrill Of The Chase46/2022422
All For Love (Kygo feat. Stuart Crichton)
Beautiful (Kygo & Sandro Cavazza)
Born To Be Yours (Kygo & Imagine Dragons)
Broken Glass (Kygo & Kim Petras)
Can't Do It On My Own
Carry Me (Kygo feat. Julia Michaels)
Carry On (Kygo and Rita Ora)
Coming Over (Dillon Francis & Kygo feat. James Hersey)
Could You Love Me (Kygo & Dreamlab)
Cruise (Kygo feat. Andrew Jackson)
Cut Your Teeth (Kygo & Kyla La Grange)
Dancing Feet (Kygo feat. DNCE)
Don't Give Up On Love (Kygo & Sam Tinnesz)
Fade Away (Kygo & Sandro Cavazza)
Family (The Chainsmokers + Kygo)
Feels Like Forever (Kygo & Jamie N Commons)
Fever (Kygo feat. Lukas Graham)
Fiction (Kygo feat. Tom Odell)
Firestone (Kygo feat. Conrad)
First Time (Kygo & Ellie Goulding)
Follow (Kygo & Joe Janiak)
For Life (Kygo with Zak Abel & Nile Rodgers)
For What It's Worth (Kygo feat. Angus + Julia Stone)
Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute) (Kygo, Avicii & Sandro Cavazza)
Found Another Love
Fragile (Kygo & Labrinth)
Freedom (Kygo feat. Zak Abel)
Gone Are The Days (Kygo feat. James Gillespie)
Habits (Stay High) (Kygo feat. Parson James)
Happy Birthday (Kygo feat. John Legend)
Happy Now (Kygo feat. Sandro Cavazza)
Healing (Shattered Heart) (Kygo & Jonas Brothers)
Here For You (Kygo feat. Ella Henderson)
Higher Love (Kygo x Whitney Houston)
Hold On (Kygo & Emmit Fenn)
Hot Stuff (Kygo x Donna Summer)
How Many Tears (Kygo & Sam Feldt feat. Emily Warren)
How Would I Know (Kygo & Oh Wonder)
Hurting (Kygo & Rhys Lewis)
I See You (Kygo feat. Billy Raffoul)
I'll Wait (Kygo & Sasha Sloan)
I'm In Love (Kygo feat. James Vincent McMorrow)
It Ain't Me (Kygo & Selena Gomez)
Kids In Love (Kygo feat. The Night Game & Maja Francis)
Let Go (Kygo & Sasha Alex Sloan)
Lighthouse (Kygo & Zak Abel)
Like It Is (Kygo, Zara Larsson & Tyga)
Lonely Together (Kygo feat. Dagny)
Lose Somebody (Kygo & OneRepublic)
Lost Without You (Kygo with Dean Lewis)
Louder (Kygo, Julia Michaels & Chance Peńa)
Love Me Now (Kygo feat. Zoe Wees)
Love Me Now Or Lose Me Later (Kygo & Matt Hansen)
Me Before You (Kygo feat. Plested)
Never Let You Go (Kygo feat. John Newman)
Never Really Loved Me (Kygo & Dean Lewis)
Not Alone (Kygo feat. Rhodes)
Not Ok (Kygo & Chelsea Cutler)
Nothing Left (Kygo feat. Will Heard)
Oasis (Kygo feat. Foxes)
Only Us (Kygo & Haux)
Permanent (Kygo feat. JHart)
Raging (Kygo feat. Kodaline)
Remind Me To Forget (Kygo feat. Miguel)
Riding Shotgun (Kygo with Oliver Nelson feat. Bonnie McKee)
Say Say SˇAˇY (Kygo feat. Paul McCartney ˇ Michael Jackson)
Say You Will (Kygo, Patrick Droney & Petey)
Serious (Kygo feat. Matt Corby)
Sign Of The Times (Kygo & Ellie Goulding)
Someday (Kygo & Zac Brown)
Stargazing (Kygo feat. Justin Jesso)
Stay (Kygo feat. Maty Noyes)
Stole The Show (Kygo feat. Parson James)
Stranger Things (Kygo feat. OneRepublic)
Sunrise (Kygo feat. Jason Walker)
Surrender (Kygo & Fred Well)
The Feeling (Kygo & Sigrid)
The Truth (Kygo & Valerie Broussard)
The Way We Were (Kygo feat. Plested)
Think About You (Kygo feat. Valerie Broussard)
This Town (Kygo feat. Sasha Sloan)
This Town (Gucci Mane Edit) (Kygo feat. Sasha Sloan & Gucci Mane)
Thrill Of The Chase
To Die For (Kygo & St. Lundi)
Undeniable (Kygo feat. X Ambassadors)
Whatever (Kygo with Ava Max)
What's Love Got To Do With It (Kygo x Tina Turner)
With You (Kygo feat. Wrabel)
Without You (Kygo with Hayla)
Woke Up In Love (Kygo, Gryffin & Calum Scott)
You Can Feel
Cloud Nine
Golden Hour
Kids In Love
Stargazing [EP]
Thrill Of The Chase
Average points: 3.83 (Reviews: 6)
Never Let You Go *** *<br>Sunrise *** *<br>Riding Shotgun *** *<br>Stranger Things *** *<br>With You *** *<br>Kids In Love *** *<br>Permanent *** *<br>I See You<br><br>4.0 - 4*<br><br>Ein recht komischer Release, so kurz nach der "Stargazing" EP, wirkt sich nun auch auf den Chartserfolg aus. Musikalisch ist der norwegische DJ/Produzent Kygo hier zudem recht zahm, viele Songs wollen nicht wirklich zünden. Zwar klingt alles solide, aber an seine bisherigen Hits kommt er mit keinem der Tracks ran. Einzig "Riding Shotgun" sticht leicht positiv (4+*) hervor.
Tolles Album ohne Ausfall (erst bei den Bonus-Tracks).<br><br>Anpieltipps:<br>Kygo feat. John Newman - Never Let You Go<br>Kygo feat. The Night Game - Kids In Love<br>
Ich finde, das ist ein recht gutes Album ohne wirklichen Ausfall geworden. Musikalisch sicherlich keine Revolution, aber wirklich angenehm zu hören. Interessant finde ich vor allem das ruhige (und für Kygo ungewohnte) "This Town".
The whole album "Kids in love" is not so in love. Compared to previous and forthcoming production, it is a very uninteresting and boring album.
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