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Lonely Are The Brave (Jorn)24/2008281
Spirit Black (Jorn)24/2009211
Dio (Jorn)29/2010371
Live In Black (Jorn)36/2011262
Bring Heavy Rock To The Land (Jorn)23/2012272
Symphonic (Jorn)06/2013231
Traveller (Jorn)25/2013121
Dracula - Swing Of Death (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)05/2015261
Heavy Rock Radio (Jorn)23/2016231
Abyss Of Evil (Jorn)
After The Dying (Jorn)
Are You Ready (Jorn)
Behind The Clown (Jorn)
Below (Jorn)
Big (Jorn)
Bittersweet (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Blackbirds (Jorn)
Blacksong (Jorn)
Bless The Child (Jorn)
Break It Up (Jorn)
Bridges Will Burn (Jorn)
Burn (Jorn)
Burn Your Flame (Jorn)
Burning Chains (Jorn)
Captured (Jorn)
Christine (Jorn)
City Inbetween (Jorn)
Cold Sweat (Jorn)
Come And Dream With Me (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Devil You Can Drive (Jorn)
Die Young (Jorn)
Don't Stop Believing (Jorn)
Don't Talk To Strangers (Jorn)
Down From The Mountain (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Dream About Tomrorow (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Dreamwalker (Jorn)
Duke Of Love (Jorn)
Edge Of The Blade (Jorn)
End Comes Easy (Jorn)
End Of Time (Jorn)
Feel Like Making Love (Jorn)
Fire To The Sun (Jorn)
Fool For Your Loving (Jorn)
Forever Yours (Jorn)
Gate Of Tears (Jorn)
Glow In The Dark (Jorn)
Hammered To The Cross (The Business) (Jorn)
Hands Of Your God (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Hellfire (Jorn)
Hotel California (Jorn)
House Of Cards (Jorn)
Hymn For The Fallen (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
I Know There's Something Going On (Jorn)
I Walk Alone
I Walked Away (Jorn)
In The Hands Of Time (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness) (Jorn)
Into The Dark (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Invisible (Jorn)
Just The Same (Jorn)
Kill The King (Jorn)
Killer Queen (Jorn)
Lady Of Winter (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Life On Death Road (Jorn)
Live To Win (Jorn)
Living With Wolves (Jorn)
Lonely Are The Brave (Jorn)
Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth (Jorn)
Lonely Nights (Jorn)
Lord Of The Last Day (Jorn)
Love Is The Remedy (Jorn)
Man Of The 80's (Jorn)
Man Of The Dark (Jorn)
Masquerade Ball (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Midnight Madness (Jorn)
Naked City (Jorn)
Night City (Jorn)
Night People (Jorn)
On And On (Jorn)
One Day We Will Put Out The Sun (Jorn)
Out To Every Nation (Jorn)
Perfect Strangers (Jorn)
Promises (Jorn)
Push (Jorn)
Queen Of The Dead (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Rainbow In The Dark (Jorn)
Reaching For The Stars (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Rev On The Red Line (Jorn)
River Of Tears (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Road Of The Cross (Jorn)
Rock And Roll Angel (Jorn)
Rock Spirit (Jorn)
Running Up That Hill (Jorn)
Sacred Heart (Jorn)
Save Me (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Shadow People (Jorn)
Shame On The Night (Jorn)
Solid Ground (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Something Real (Jorn)
Song For Ronnie James (Jorn)
Soul Of The Wind (Jorn)
Spirit Black (Jorn)
Stand Up And Shout (Jorn)
Starfire (Jorn)
Stormbringer (Jorn)
Stormcrow (Jorn)
Sunset Station (Jorn)
Sunset Superman (Jorn)
Swing Of Death (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
The Day The Earth Caught Fire (Jorn)
The Final Frontier (Jorn)
The Great Divide (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
The Inner Road (Jorn)
The Last Revolution (Jorn)
The Optimist (Jorn)
The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope) (Jorn)
The Sun Goes Down (Jorn)
Through Day And Night (Jorn)
True Love Through Blood (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Tungur Knivur (Jorn)
Under The Gun (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Vision Eyes (Jorn)
Walking On Water (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
War Of The World (Jorn)
We Brought The Angels Down (Jorn)
When Angel Wings Were White (Jorn)
World Gone Mad (Jorn)
Worldchanger (Jorn)
Young Forever (Jorn)
You're The Voice (Jorn)
50 Years On Earth - The Anniversary Box Set (Jorn)
Bring Heavy Rock To The Land (Jorn)
Dio (Jorn)
Dracula - Swing Of Death (Jorn Lande & Trond Holter)
Dukebox (Jorn)
Heavy Rock Radio (Jorn)
Life On Death Road (Jorn)
Live In America (Jorn)
Live In Black (Jorn)
Live On Death Road (Jorn)
Lonely Are The Brave (Jorn)
Out To Every Nation (Jorn)
Spirit Black (Jorn)
Starfire (Jorn)
Symphonic (Jorn)
The Duke (Jorn)
The Gathering (Jorn)
The Great Divide (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
The Showdown (Russell Allen - Jorn Lande)
Traveller (Jorn)
Unlocking The Past (Jorn)
Worldchanger (Jorn)
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