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Music/Lyrics:Tim Mosley
Hannon Lane
Tramar Dillard
World wide:
ch  Peak: 92 / weeks: 1
de  Peak: 34 / weeks: 9
at  Peak: 69 / weeks: 4
be  Peak: 47 / weeks: 2 (Vl)
  Tip (Wa)
se  Peak: 19 / weeks: 6
au  Peak: 13 / weeks: 17
nz  Peak: 10 / weeks: 12



CD-Maxi Atlantic 7567899041 (Warner) [ger] / EAN 0075678990410
1. Elevator
2. Flo Rida feat. T-Pain - Low (Travis Barker Remix)
3. Flo Rida - Gotta Eat
4. Flo Rida - Jealous (Ray Seay Mix - Explicit)
5. Elevator (Video)
CD-Single Atlantic 7567899040 (Warner) [us] / EAN 0075678990403
1. Elevator
2. Flo Rida feat. T-Pain - Low (Travis Barker Remix)

3:49Mail On SundayAtlantic
3:50Bravo Hits 62 [Swiss Edition]Polystar
06007 5310996
3:50Bravo Hits 62 [Austrian Edition]Polystar
06007 5310999
Radio Edit3:27NOW: The Hits Of Spring 2008Rhino
3:53Bravo Black Hits Vol. 19Polystar
06007 5311729 (3)
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Promiscuous (Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland)37/2006312
Give It To Me (Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake)15/2007416
The Way I Are (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson)30/2007128
Apologize (Timbaland Presents OneRepublic)38/2007234
Scream (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger)12/2008173
Morning After Dark (Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & SoShy)02/2010135
If We Ever Meet Again (Timbaland feat. Katy Perry)11/2010710

Timbaland Presents: Shock Value15/20071844
10 Bands (Joyner Lucas feat. Timbaland)
15 After Da' Hour (Timbaland & Magoo)
2 Man Show (Timbaland feat. Elton John)
2 Many Hoes (Jay-Z feat. Timbaland)
3:30 In The Morning
9th Inning (Missy Elliott feat. Timbaland)
All Men Lie (Monica feat. Timbaland)
All Night Long (Demi Lovato feat. Missy Elliott and Timbaland)
All Y'All (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Tweet)
Amnesia (Ian Carey & Rosette feat. Timbaland & Brasco)
Anonymous (Bobby Valentino feat. Timbaland)
Apologize (Timbaland Presents OneRepublic)
Baby Bubba (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Petey Pablo)
Beat Club (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Sin)
Beep Beep (Timbaland & Magoo)
Birthday (Timbaland feat. Playa)
Boardmeeting (Timbaland feat. Magoo)
Bombay (Timbaland feat. Amar & Jim Beanz)
Bounce (Timbaland feat. Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott & Justin Timberlake)
Bout 2 Blow (Empire Cast feat. Yazz and Timbaland)
Break Ya Back (Timbaland feat. Dev)
Bringin' It
Can You Feel It (Timbaland with Esthero and Sebastian)
Can't Nobody (Timbaland feat. 1 Life 2 Live)
Carry Out (Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake)
Ching Ching (Ms. Jade feat. Timbaland & Nelly Furtado)
Chop Me Up (Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland and Three 6 Mafia)
Clock Strikes (Timbaland & Magoo)
Clock Strikes Remix (Timbaland & Magoo)
Come And Get Me (Timbaland feat. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo)
Come Around (Timbaland feat. M.I.A.)
Considerate Brotha (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Ludacris)
Cop That Sh#! (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Missy Elliott)
Crazy Girl (Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake)
Dangerous (M. Pokora feat. Timbaland & Sebastian)
Deep In Your Memory (Timbaland & Magoo)
Don't Get No Betta (Timbaland feat. Mila J)
Don't Hurt It (Dev feat. Timbaland)
Drop (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Fat Man Scoop)
Dynasty (Empire Cast feat. Yazz and Timbaland)
Ease Off The Liquor
Elevator (Flo Rida feat. Timbaland)
Fantasy (Timbaland feat. Money)
Fat Rabbit (Timbaland feat. Ludacris)
Feel It (Timbaland & Magoo)
Get Involved (Ginuwine feat. Timbaland & Missy Elliott)
Get Me Bodied (Beyoncé & Timbaland vs. Voltio)
Get On The Bus (Destiny's Child feat. Timbaland)
Getaway (Michelle Branch feat. Timbaland)
Give It A Go (Timbaland feat. Veronica)
Give It To Me (Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake)
Good Foot (Justin Timberlake and Timbaland)
Grab The Wheel (Timbaland feat. 6lack)
Grey Goose Chase (Brad Paisley feat. Timbaland)
Hands In The Air (Timbaland feat. Ne-Yo)
Hello (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & Attitude)
Here We Come (Timbaland feat. Missy Elliott & Magoo)
I Am Music (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Aaliyah & Static Of Playa)
I Get It On
I Just Wanna F. (David Guetta & Afrojack feat. Timbaland & Dev)
If We Ever Meet Again (Timbaland feat. Katy Perry)
In Time (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Ms. Jade & Mad Skillz)
Indian Carpet (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Static Of Playa)
Indian Flute (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Sebastian & Raje Shwari)
Intro Buddha (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Buddha Brother, Big B & DJ Law)
It Won't Be Long (Keri Hilson feat. Timbaland)
It's Your Night (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Sin)
John Blaze (Timbaland feat. Aaliyah & Missy Elliott)
Joy (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Ginuwine & Playa)
Keep It Real (Timbaland feat. Ginuwine)
Kill Yourself (Timbaland feat. Sebastian & Attitude)
Laff At Em (Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z)
Last Hangover (Keyshia Cole feat. Timbaland)
Lie To Me (Keri Hilson feat. Timbaland)
Lobster & Scrimp (Timbaland feat. Jay-Z)
Long Way Down (Timbaland with Daughtry)
Lose Control (Timbaland feat. JoJo)
Lose Control (Daryela feat. Timbaland)
Love Just Ain't Enough (Monica feat. Timbaland)
Love Me (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Tweet & Petey Pablo)
Luv 2 Luv U (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Shaunta Montgomery & Playa)
Man Undercover (Timbaland feat. Aaliyah)
Meet In Tha Middle (Timbaland with Bran' Nu)
Mi declaración (Maluma feat. Timbaland & Sid)
Miscommunication (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & Sebastian)
Morning After Dark (Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & SoShy)
Mr. Richards (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Petey Pablo)
Ms. Parker (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Love Jon)
Not All About The Money (Timati & La La Land feat. Timbaland & Grooya)
Oh Timbaland
One And Only (Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy)
P. Diddy Rock (P. Diddy feat. Timbaland, Twista and Shawnna)
Paper, Scissors, Rock (Chris Brown feat. Big Sean & Timbaland)
Party People (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Jay-Z & Twista)
Pass At Me (Timbaland feat. Pitbull)
Passa Da Blunt (Missy Misdemeanor Elliott feat. Timbaland)
Peepin' My Style (Timbaland & Magoo)
People Like Myself (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Static Of Playa)
Promiscuous (Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland)
Put' Em On (Timbaland feat. Static)
Release (Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake)
Return The Favor (Keri Hilson feat. Timbaland)
Roll Out (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Petey Pablo)
Ryde Or Die, Chick (The Lox feat. Timbaland & Eve)
Say Something (Timbaland with Drake)
Scream (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger)
Serious (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Petey Pablo)
Shennanigans (Timbaland & Magoo)
Smile (V. Bozeman + Timbaland)
Smile (Yo Gotti feat. Timbaland)
Smoke In Da' Air (Timbaland & Magoo feat. Playa)
Solar Power Girl (Brad Paisley feat. Timbaland)
Symphony (Timbaland with Attitude, Bran' Nu and D.O.E)
Take Ur Clothes Off (Timbaland feat. Missy Elliott)
Talking On The Phone (Timbaland feat. Missy Elliott)
The One I Love (Timbaland with Keri Hilson and D.O.E)
The Way I Are (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson)
The Way I Are (Timbaland feat. Tyssem)
They Don't Wanna Fuck Wit Me (Missy Misdemeanor Elliott feat. Timbaland)
Throw It On Me (Timbaland feat. The Hives)
Time (Timbaland feat. She Wants Revenge)
Timothy Where You Been (Timbaland with Jet)
To My (Timbaland feat. Nas & Static)
Tomorrow In The Bottle (Timbaland with Chad Kroeger and Sebastian)
Too Much (Zayn feat. Timbaland)
Triple Threat (Missy Elliott feat. Timbaland)
Twerk It A Little (Bubba Sparxxx feat. Timbaland)
Undertow (Timbaland with The Fray and Esthero)
Up Jumps Da' Boogie (Timbaland & Magoo feat Aaliyah & Missy Elliott)
Voice Mail (Timbaland & Magoo)
Wait A Minute (The Pussycat Dolls feat. Timbaland)
Walk It Out (Jennifer Hudson feat. Timbaland)
We At It Again (Timbaland & Magoo)
We Belong To The Music (Timbaland feat. Miley Cyrus)
We Need A Resolution (Aaliyah feat. Timbaland)
What Cha Know About This (Timbaland feat. Mocha & Baby Blue)
What Cha Talkin' Bout (Timbaland feat. Static)
Whatcha Gon' Do (Missy Misdemeanor Elliott feat. Timbaland)
Who Am I (Timbaland feat. Twista)
Whoever We Are (Timbaland starring Rachel Assil)
Wit' Yo' Bad Self
Won't Be Long (Keri Hilson feat. Timbaland)
Writtin' Rhymes (Timbaland & Magoo)
You Cheated, You Lied (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson)
You Don't Want These Problems (DJ Khaled feat. Big Sean, Rick Ross, French Montana, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Ace Hood & Timbaland)
You Lied, You Cheated (Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson)
2 For 1: Shock Value / Shock Value II
Indecent Proposal (Timbaland & Magoo)
Remix & Soundtrack Collection
Timbaland Presents: Shock Value
Timbaland Presents: Shock Value II
Tim's Bio
Under Construction Part II (Timbaland & Magoo)
Welcome To Our World (Timbaland & Magoo)

Low (Flo Rida feat. T-Pain)13/20081211
Right Round (Flo Rida feat. Ke$ha)09/2009218
Bad Boys (Alexandra Burke feat. Flo Rida)03/201075
Club Can't Handle Me (Flo Rida feat. David Guetta)33/2010714
Where Them Girls At (David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)19/2011417
Good Feeling38/2011719
Hangover (Taio Cruz feat. Flo Rida)45/2011313
Wild Ones (Flo Rida feat. Sia)01/2012121
I Cry34/2012116

Wild Ones27/2012391
My House17/2015153
21 (Flo Rida feat. Laza Morgan)
A Prayer (A-Roma feat. Flo Rida & Shawn Lewis)
Ack Like You Know
All My Life
Always Need You (State Of Mind feat. Flo Rida)
American Superstar (Flo Rida feat. Lil' Wayne)
Anywhere (Kevin Lyttle feat. Flo Rida & Benjamin Million)
Available (Flo Rida feat. Akon)
Baby It's The Last Time (RJ, Flo Rida & Qwote)
Bad Boys (Alexandra Burke feat. Flo Rida)
Bam Bam (BadVice DJ feat. Flo Rida, Honorebel & Raphael)
Basketball (Jean Marie feat. Flo Rida)
Be On You (Flo Rida feat. Ne-Yo)
Birthday (Flo Rida feat. T-Pain)
Birthday (DJ Khaled feat. Flo-Rida & Rick Ross)
Booty On The Floor (Marc Mysterio & Jesse Voorn feat. Flo Rida)
Broke It Down
Cake (Flo Rida & 99 Percent)
Can't Believe It (Flo Rida feat. Pitbull)
Change Your Life (Far East Movement feat. Flo Rida + Sidney Samson)
Club Can't Handle Me (Flo Rida feat. David Guetta)
Club Rocker (Inna feat. Flo Rida)
Come With Me
Counting The Seconds (Lisa Aberer feat. Flo Rida & Nathan)
Dance For Life (Gold 1 feat. Flo Rida & Shun Ward)
Dance With Me (Justice Crew feat. Flo Rida)
Danse (Tal feat. Flo Rida)
Dirty Mind (Flo Rida feat. Sam Martin)
Don't Know How To Act (Flo Rida feat. Yung Joc)
Elevator (Flo Rida feat. Timbaland)
Fast Life
Feel It (Three 6 Mafia vs. Tiësto with Sean Kingston & Flo Rida)
Feel It (DJ Felli Fel feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul, Flo Rida & Pitbull)
Finally Here
Freaky Deaky (Flo Rida feat. Trey Songz)
Fresh I Stay (Flo Rida feat. Lil Wayne)
Fresh I Stay
G.D.F.R. (Flo Rida feat. Sage The Gemini & Lookas)
Get It Tonight (Erika Jayne feat. Flo Rida)
Get Low (Waka Flocka Flame feat. Nicki Minaj, Tyga & Flo Rida)
Girl's Mine
Goin' In (Jennifer Lopez feat. Flo Rida)
Good Feeling
Good Girls Go Bad (Cobra Starship feat. Flo Rida & Leighton Meester)
Good Girls Like Bad Boys (Jadyn Maria feat. Flo Rida)
Got Me Runnin' Round (Nickelback feat. Flo Rida)
Gotta Eat
Gotta Get A (Dancer)
Greenlight (Pitbull feat. Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis)
Hangover (Taio Cruz feat. Flo Rida)
Hello Friday (Flo Rida feat. Jason Derulo)
Here It Is (Flo Rida feat. Chris Brown)
Hey Jasmin
Higher (The Saturdays feat. Flo Rida)
Hola (Flo Rida feat. Maluma)
How I Feel
How I Feel (Wolfpack Remix) (Flo Rida feat. Wolfpack)
I Belong 2 U (Mo-No feat. Sara Cruz & Flo Rida)
I Bet (Flo Rida feat. T-Pain)
I Cry
I Don't Like It, I Love It (Flo Rida feat. Robin Thicke & Verdine White)
I Gotta Get Ya (Flo Rida feat. Ne-Yo)
I Know You Got A Man (Ludacris feat. Flo Rida)
I'm Alright (Jean-Roch feat. Kat DeLuna & Flo Rida)
In My Mind (Part 2) (Flo Rida feat. Georgi Kay)
In The Ayer (Flo Rida feat. will.i.am)
iYiYi (Cody Simpson feat. Flo Rida)
Jealous (Flo-Rida)
Jump (Flo Rida feat. Nelly Furtado)
Keep Playing (Rico Bernasconi & Lotus feat. Flo Rida)
La cintura (Remix) (Alvaro Soler feat. Flo Rida & Tini)
Let It Roll
Let It Roll (Part 2) (Flo Rida feat. Lil Wayne)
Let's Do Something Crazy (Ashanti feat. Flo Rida)
Low (Flo Rida feat. T-Pain)
Make A Wish
Me & U
Mind On My Money
Money Right (Flo Rida feat. Rick Ross & Brisco)
Ms. Hangover
My House
O.G. (Flo-Rida)
On And On (Flo Rida feat. Kevin Rudolf)
Once In A Lifetime
Priceless (Flo Rida feat. Birdman)
Rewind (Flo Rida feat. Wyclef Jean)
Right Round (Flo Rida feat. Ke$ha)
Roll (Flo Rida feat. Sean Kingston)
Run (Flo Rida feat. RedFoo)
Running Back (Jessica Mauboy feat. Flo Rida)
Say You're Just A Friend (Austin Mahone feat. Flo Rida)
Shone (Flo Rida feat. Pleasure P)
Sing La La La (Carolina Marquez feat. Flo Rida & Dale Saunders)
Starstruck (Lady Gaga feat. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida)
Still Missin
Sugar (Flo Rida feat. Wynter)
Sunshine (Rich Gang feat. Limp Bizkit, Flo Rida, Birdman & Caskey)
Sweet Sensation
Sweet Spot (Flo Rida feat. Jennifer Lopez)
Sweet Spot (Flo Rida feat. May J)
Tell Me When You Ready (Flo Rida feat. Future)
That's What I Like (Flo Rida feat. Fitz)
There Goes My Baby (Enrique Iglesias feat. Flo Rida)
Thinking Of You
Till The Morning (Ian Thomas feat. Flo Rida & LiLana)
Tonight Belongs To U! (Jeremih feat. Flo Rida)
Touch Me
Troublemaker (Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida)
Turn Around (5 4 3 2 1)
Turn Around: Till The Morning Part 2 (Ian Thomas feat. Flo Rida & LiLana)
We Break The Dawn (Part 2) (Michelle Williams feat. Flo Rida)
We Gon Ride (B-Goss feat. Flo Rida, T-Pain & J Rand)
What The Girls Like (Jay Kay feat. Flo Rida, Smokey & Git Fresh)
Where Them Girls At (David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)
White Girl (Trina feat. Flo Rida & Git Fresh)
Who Dat Girl (Flo Rida feat. Akon)
Who Did You Love (Arianna and Flo Rida)
Who That Girl (Flo Rida feat. Claude Kelly)
Who's With Me
Why You Up In Here (Flo Rida feat. Ludacris, Git Fresh & Gucci Mane)
Wild Ones (Flo Rida feat. Sia)
Work (Flo-Rida feat. Sophia Fresh)
You Can Be My Shone (Flo-Rida & Rico Love)
You Don't Know Me (Sigala, Shaun Frank & Flo Rida feat. Delaney Lane)
You Make The Rain Fall (Kevin Rudolf feat. Flo Rida)
Zoosk Girl (Flo Rida feat. T-Pain)
Good Feeling EP
Hits Mix EP
Mail On Sunday
My House
Only One Flo - Part 1
R.O.O.T.S. (Route Of Overcoming The Struggle)
Welcome To Florida
Wild Ones
Average points: 3.06 (Reviews: 95)
gar nicht mal so schlecht!
Fahrstuhlmusik! Hiphoppige!
ganz ok. timbo könnte mehr.
mit dem Lied geht's im "Elevator" wahrscheinlich nach oben
mein Gott...wieder dieser Timbaland....schon schlimm!
Last edited: 28.01.2010 20:01
eh nicht schlecht
Timbo soll's bei den Beats lassen... Ein billigeres Video hab ich ja seit langem nicht mehr gesehen. down low
Last edited: 12.07.2008 10:41
Fahrstuhl zur Hölle (mir kommt grad der Film in den Sinn)
Anfang mit Klavier (One Republic lässt grüssen) sonst eigentlich nicht schlecht
Schröcklich, nur die ersten Sekunden am Anfang scheinen Musik zu sein
Last edited: 16.08.2009 00:45
Scheiss Nummer!
fällt nicht wirklich in seinem Gesamtwerk auf
nix dolles
Ich glaube dem guten Timbaland gehen langsam aber sicher die Ideen aus...irgendwie habe die Produktionen schon in anderen seiner hits wahr genommen...
find ich ganz gut
ey geht einfach nur ab,das beste zurzeit
Lekkere plaat van Flo Rida die samenwerkte met Timbaland.. Echt zàlig
Naja, ned schlecht ,aber auch ned gut
Last edited: 19.07.2008 17:44
also nix gegen den song - ich find das klingt echt cool - aber das ist doch 1:1 der beat von madonna's "4 minutes", dass ebenfalls von timbaland produziert wurde! daher nur 2 punkte
Elevator ist der richtige Titel für diesen Song. Fährt in den keller und niemand merks bzw stört sich daran
La petite touche de Timbaland n'est jamais de refus !
Last edited: 29.09.2014 20:24
Na, wenn das keine Fahrstuhlmusik ist...
Gefält mir gut<br>
...typische Timbaland-Nummer...
na endlich.<br>jetzt hab ichs gefunden, mein lieblngslied.<br><br>bumm bumm kawumm kawumm bumm bumm kawumm<br><br>hoffentlich bleibt der timbaschund mit seinem elevator im schacht hängen.
Der Titel ist Programm....typische Timbaland Fahrstuhlmusik
Dass der Song als Single rauskommt überrascht mich, in den Billboard-Charts kam der Song nicht mal in die Top 20, wenn ich mich recht erinnere. Na ja ... wird wohl auch hier nur mässig Erfolg generieren, obwohl die beiden Namen deutlich mehr versprechen!
Yep, it's Timbaland! Gute nummer, wie immer eigentlich bei Timb
Typischer Timbaland-Song.Nicht schlecht.
ier kunde goe op scheef goan!
Follow up to "Low" was always going to be a difficult task. Churn out some typical fast rapping with yet another dull backing beat and hey presto! The lyrics are oh so cliche and a tad corny. Timbaland's effort is very poor, we have simply heard it all before. Flo Rida will fade unless he gives us some second quality.
net so schlecht.
Last edited: 18.05.2011 18:40
Die Strophen sind ja nicht zum Aushalten, der Refrain ist aber cool.
Einzigst der Chorus verdient diese Bewertung.
Und wieder eine Timbaland-Produktion, wie man sie von ihm schon x-fach gehört hat, doch der ziemlich geile Refrain verhindert eine gelangweilt-genervte Negativbewertung ...
Last edited: 20.01.2009 11:53
dank Timbaland gibts eine 4!!
More meaningless stuff from Flo Rida.<br><br>Peaked at #10 on my personal chart.
Last edited: 04.11.2012 12:14
Timbaland hat schon einige richtig geile Hits am Start. Das hier gehört weder zur Kategorie geil, noch zur Kategorie "Hit". Ist schnell wieder vergessen.
This song was big on MTV.
sehr gut
...echt billiger Schrott von zwei "Möchtergern-Coolen", die glauben, das wäre was besonderes... Nichts dahinter... Das sieht man überrall... (2)
chasmr o nid so...
eine Qual..
Schlicht scheußlich, ist ein Witz das Timberland denkt, alles was er anfässt wird zu Gold...<br><br>Und dann noch ein maßlos übertriebenes, witzolses Porno Cover mit 2 scharfen Miezen zur Unterstützung.<br>Rida ist ein peinlicher Nichtsnutz, dessen Drecksgehopse mir gewaltig an die Nieren geht..
Etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig...
Fängt interessant an. Und bleibt - zumindest rhythmisch - ungewöhnlich. Ich habe schon deutlich Schlechteres bzw. Langweiligeres in diesem Soundsegment gehört.<br>
Sehr gut.
mäßig gelungener HipHop-Track, da war die erste Single "Low" eindeutig besser. 3*
▒ Verschrikkelijke plaat uit het voorjaar van 2008 !!! Kan meteen de kliko in ☺!!!
niet goed
Even though it has Timbaland the song is really average.
Klingt eher nach einem Fahrstuhl des Grauens => <br>Der 'Song' ist einfach nur ein schreckliches Machwerk des Teufels (mE).
You know you're in dire straits when not even Timbaland's 'fricka fricka's can save your song. Whenever I finish hearing this song, the only lyric I can remember from the verses is something about someone having downloaded the "Low" ringtone. The chorus got so lame so fast.
Last edited: 02.06.2012 19:49
Absolutely awful. Over time I have warmed to much of his singles but this one is just totally bad. All over.
Last edited: 27.10.2018 17:50
Flo Rida is horrible!
Kind of stupid, kind of funny.
Not a bad effort, but it is a pretty average song. 3.5
nichts für mich
mässiger HipHop-Track, im Juli 2008 auf #20 in UK gestanden, #16 in den Billboard Hot 100 – 3*…
Sexy zweites Cover, dafür gibt's nen Pluspunkt :)<br><br>4*
Yep, this sucks.
I like this for some reason. I think it's the intro, the beat, and the chorus (Timbaland's part). <br><br>Flo Rida's second best after 'Club Can't Handle Me'.
Last edited: 08.07.2013 16:19
Das finde ich ein Mega song, im Sommer noch mehr.
Schrott... einer der Tiefpunktphasen von Timbaland..
One word to sum it up, AWFUL!
beginnt vielversprechend, wiederholt sich später aber zu oft. knappe 4*.
Einen Song über einen Fahrstuhl? Also, in einem Fahrstuhl wäre das noch verständlich, aber ausserhalb ist das mit schon etwas fremd.
Can barely even remember it now days.
nervig<br><br>CDN: #10, 2008<br>USA: #16, 2008
Steamy dance-pop hip-hop track. I think of the irony that this is not your typical elevator music. Is Timbaland singing 'fricka' or 'icky'? 2.5*
Both Timbaland and Flo Rida by the numbers. Even though Timbaland beats usually grab my attention easily, I have little interest in anything going on here. The hook could maybe work but it's surrounding in all that noise that it's barely even noticeable. Timbaland's beat is easily the best part about this song, but it can't save it from being one of the most mediocre hits of the late '00s. What a pile of nothing.
Last edited: 27.09.2015 06:14
I actually enjoy this still but only the Timbaland parts. Flo Rida makes it a mess.
So schlecht ist das nicht.
Da fehlt einfach noch was zu 5*! Timbaland hat das geliefert, was man von ihm erwarten konnte, nur halt eben nicht mehr! Das klingt mir nämlich alles etwas zu vorhersehbar! <br>So sind es aber trotzdem noch sehr gute 4*!
Last edited: 17.04.2016 12:48
So much hate, Its a good song
Ich kann mich nicht damit anfreunden.
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