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Entry:18/1988 (Position 7)
Last week in charts:35/1988 (Position 11)
Peak:2 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:682 (647 points)
World wide:
ch  Peak: 13 / weeks: 8
de  Peak: 64 / weeks: 1
se  Peak: 24 / weeks: 5
no  Peak: 2 / weeks: 18

CBS 460125 1

LP Notes From America
Columbia FC 44163 (us)

LP CBS 460125 1 / EAN 5099746012526
Notes From America - LP Columbia FC 44163 [us]
1. Notes From America
2. Hide Your Heart
3. Don't Turn Around
4. Save Up All Your Tears
5. To Love Somebody
6. Take Another Look At Your Heart
7. The Best
8. Shy With You
9. Streets Of Little Italy
10. Turtle Blues

18/1988: N 7.
19/1988: 3.
20/1988: 3.
21/1988: 3.
22/1988: 4.
23/1988: 4.
24/1988: 3.
25/1988: 2.
26/1988: 3.
27/1988: 3.
28/1988: 3.
29/1988: 5.
30/1988: 8.
31/1988: 6.
32/1988: 8.
33/1988: 8.
34/1988: 7.
35/1988: 11.
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It's A Heartache07/1978124
Here Am I22/197849
Total Eclipse Of The Heart17/1983112
Faster Than The Speed Of Night27/198395
A Rockin' Good Way (Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie Tyler)07/198446
The Best10/1988101
Fools Lullaby40/199265

The Hits Of Bonnie Tyler09/1978125
Natural Force23/1978313
Diamond Cut10/1979142
Goodbye To The Island10/1981382
Faster Than The Speed Of Night17/1983122
Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire18/1986122
Hide Your Heart18/1988218
Greatest Hits32/1989226
Angel Heart42/1992416
Silhouette In Red42/199366
Free Spirit41/1995223
Heart & Soul - 13 Rock Classics46/2002291
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
A Rockin' Good Way (Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie Tyler)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Against All Odds (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Against The Wind
All I Ever Wanted
All I Need Is Love
All Night To Know You
All We Have Is Tonight
Amazed (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Amour éternel (Bonnie Tyler & Laura Zen)
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Angel Heart
Angel Of The Morning
Baby Goodnight
Baby I Just Love You
Baby I Remember You
Back Home
Back In My Arms
Bad Dreams
Bad For Loving You
Band Of Gold
Battle Of The Sexes (Bonnie Tyler with Rod Stewart)
Before This Night Is Through
Before We Get Any Closer
Believe In Me
Between The Earth And The Stars
Blame Me
Born To Be A Winner
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love
Call Me
Cappuccino Girls
Careless Heart
Chante avec moi
Clouds In My Coffee
Come On, Give Me Loving
Cryin' A Little
Crying In Berlin
Daytime Friends
Die wilden Tränen (Salty Rain) (Matthias Reim feat. Bonnie Tyler)
Don't Push Your Luck
Don't Stop The Music
Don't Turn Around
Driving Me Crazy
Driving Me Wild
Endless Night
Everybody Hurts (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Faster Than The Speed Of Night
Fire In My Soul
First Love
Flat On The Floor
Fools Lullaby
Forget Her
Forget It (Reim & Bonnie Tyler)
Fortune (Spike [UK] / Bonnie Tyler)
From The Bottom Of My Lonely Heart
Funky Christmas
Georgia On My Mind
Get Out Of My Head
Getting So Excited
Give Me Your Love
Given It All
God Gave Love To You
Goin' Through The Motions
Gonna Get Better
Goodbye To The Island
Got So Used To Loving You
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Heaven [1998]
Heaven Is Here (Bonnie Tyler & Giorgio Moroder)
Here Am I
Here She Comes
Here's Monday
He's Got A Hold On Me
He's The King
Hey Love (It's A Feelin')
Hide Your Heart
Hold On
Hold Out Your Heart
Holding Out For A Hero
Human Touch (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
I Believe In Your Sweet Love
I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
I Can't Make You Love Me (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
I Climb Every Mountain
I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night
I Do It For You
I Put A Spell On You
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
I Want You
I Won't Look Back
If I Sing You A Love Song
If You Ever Need Me Again
If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)
I'll Never Let You Down
I'll Stand By You
I'm A Fool
I'm Just A Woman
I'm Not Foolin'
I'm Only A Lonely Child
In My Life (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Into The Sunset (Mike Batt (With Bonnie Tyler))
Is Anybody There?
Islands (Mike Oldfield feat. Bonnie Tyler)
It's A Heartache
It's A Jungle Out There
It's About Time
It's In The Back Of My Mind
It's Not Enough
It's Over (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
I've Got So Used To Loving You, Baby
James Dean
Keep Your Love Alive
Lean On Me (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Learning To Fly (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Let The Show Begin
Let's Go Crazy Tonight
Like An Ocean
Little Superstar
Living For The City
Lord Help Me
Lost In France
Louise (Il est mon homme)
Louisiana Rain
Love Is In Love Again
Love Is The Knife
Love Of A Rolling Stone
Love Tangle
Lovers Again
Love's Holding On (Axel Rudi Pell / Bonnie Tyler)
Loving You's A Dirty Job But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Bonnie Tyler & Todd Rundgren)
Make It Right Tonight
Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All)
Married Men
Merry Christmas
Missing You
More Than A Lover
My Guns Are Loaded
My! My! Honeycomb
Need Your Love So Bad (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
No Way To Treat A Lady
Nobody Better
Notes From America
Nothing Is Gonna Stop Us Now (Albert Hammond with Bonnie Tyler)
Nothing To Do With Love
Open Your Eyes
Petheno stin erimia (The Desert Is In Your Heart) (Sofía Arvaníti & Bonnie Tyler)
Piece Of My Heart
Race To The Fire
Reaching For The Infinite Heart (Fábio Jr. & Bonnie Tyler)
Rebel Without A Clue
Return To Blue
Right Here Waiting (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Rock Theme (Kareen Antonn / Bonnie Tyler)
Run Run Run
Sally Comes Around
Save Me
Save Up All Your Tears
Save Your Love (Bonnie Tyler & Frankie Miller)
Say Goodbye
Sayonara Tokyo
Sem limites pra sonhar (Reaching For The Infinite Heart) (Fábio Jr. & Bonnie Tyler)
Send Me The Pillow
Sending Me Angels
Seven Waves Away
Sexual Device
Shy With You
Si demain (Bonnie Tyler & Fanny Llado)
Si demain... (Turn Around) (Kareen Antonn / Bonnie Tyler)
Si tout s'arręte (It's A Heartache) (Kareen Antonn / Bonnie Tyler)
Silent Night
Silhouette In Red
Simply Believe
Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean
Slow Walk
Sola a la orilla del mar
Someone's Rockin' Your Heart (Bonnie Tyler with Francis Rossi)
Something Going On (Wayne Warner feat. Bonnie Tyler)
Sometimes When We Touch
Soon Will Be Too Late
Stand Up
Straight From The Heart
Streets Of Little Italy
Streets Of Stone
Tables Turn (Bonnie Tyler & Mal Pope)
Take A Chance
Take Another Look At Your Heart
Take Me Back
Taking Control (Bonnie Tyler with Cliff Richard)
Tell Me The Truth
The Best
The Closer You Get
The Desert Is In Your Heart (Bonnie Tyler & Sofia Arvaniti)
The Eyes Of A Fool
The Fire Below
The Reason Why
The Rose
The World Starts Tonight
This Is Gonna Hurt
Till The End Of Time (Bonnie Tyler & Dan Hartman)
Time Mends A Broken Heart
Tire Tracks And Broken Hearts
To Love Somebody
To The Moon And Back
Too Good To Last
Too Hot
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (BabyPinkStar vs. Bonnie Tyler)
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Only Men Aloud feat. Bonnie Tyler)
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Turtle Blues
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
Under One Sky
Under Suspicion
Vergiss' es (Forget It) (Reim & Bonnie Tyler)
We Can Start Here
We Danced On The Ceiling
What A Way To Treat My Heart
What You Got
What You Need From Me (Bonnie Tyler feat. Vince Gill)
When I Close My Eyes
Whenever You Need Me
Where Were You
Wild Love
Wild Side Of Life
Words Can Change Your Life
Years May Come
Yesterday Dreams
You Always Saw The Blue Skies
You Are So Beautiful
You Try
You Won't See Me Cry
You're Breaking My Heart Again
You're The Greatest Love
You're The One
All In One Voice
All The Best
All The Hits
Angel Heart
Beautys Best
Best Of - 3 CD
Between The Earth And The Stars
Comeback Single-Collection '90-'94
Diamond Cut
Faster Than The Speed Of Night
Free Spirit
From The Heart - Greatest Hits
Golden Hits Of Bonnie Tyler
Golden Stars
Goodbye To The Island
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits [2001]
Heart & Soul - 13 Rock Classics
Heart Strings (Bonnie Tyler with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
Heaven & Hell (Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler)
Hide Your Heart
Hit Collection
Holding Out For A Hero
It's A Heartache
It's A Heartache [2006]
La sélection - Best Of 3CD
Live - Bonnie On Tour
Live And Lost In France
Live Europe Tour 2006 / 2007
Live In Germany 1993
Lo mejor de Bonnie Tyler
Lost In Love
Natural Force
Power & Passion - The Very Best Of Bonnie Tyler
Ravishing: The Best Of
Remixes And Rarities
Rocks And Honey
Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire
Silhouette In Red
Simply Believe
So Emotional
Super Hits
The Beauty & The Best
The Best
The Best Of
The Best Of [1979]
The Best Of Bonnie Tyler
The Collection
The Collection [2003]
The Collection [2009]
The Collection [2013]
The Collection [2017]
The Greatest Hits
The Hits Of Bonnie Tyler
The Very Best Of
The Very Best Of - Volume 2
The Very Best Of Bonnie Tyler
The Very Best Of Bonnie Tyler - 20 Classic Tracks
The Very Best Of Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero
The Very Best Of Bonnie Tyler [2001]
The World Starts Tonight
Total Eclipse - The Bonnie Tyler Anthology
Live - Bonnie On Tour
Average points: 4.8 (Reviews: 10)
dieses Album gehörte im 1988 zu meinem absoluten Lieblingsalbum, und noch heute alles Knaller-Songs drauf, nachher ging es mit der guten Bonnie langsam bergab, wenn man bedenkt dass in den 90ier unter Bohlen gesungen hat
knalliges Album mit riesig bekannten Songs: the best, save up all your tears, hide your heart, to love somebody und Ihrem geilen Live-Knaller turtle blues (von Janis Joplin). Wirklich top. Die Alben Free Spirit und Simply Believe sind von ähnlichem Kaliber und gehörten eigentlich auch in die Charts.
...sehr gut...
eines der besten Alben von Bonnie
Für mich das bis dato schwächste Album von Bonnie mit zu viel Cover-Versionen, und dazu noch schlecht ausgewählte.
Ein weiteres ganz starkes Album von Bonnie, das seinerzeit bis auf wenige Länder floppte und auf den Grabbeltischen landete. Es wurde relativ flott aus dem Programm genommen und ist bis heute nicht wieder aufgelegt worden. Dennoch kann man es immer noch gut käuflich erwerben, im Internet hat fast jedes 2nd-Hand-Haus das rockige Werk im Angebot. Das sagt viele über die damalige Auflage aus. Stimmlich ist die Tyler erneut top, auch die Songs sind stark, so der Titelsong, das später durch Cher und Robin Beck erfolgreicher aufgenommene "Save Up All Your Tears", die dramatische Ballade "Streets of Little Italy", "The Best" - ebenfalls als Cover berühmter von Tina Turner und natürlich "Don't Turn Around" (bizarrer Weise im Original von Turner). Fans der Reibeisenstimme und 80s-Arena-Rock kommen hier voll auf ihre Kosten. Nur mit dem "Turtle Blues" am Schluss werde ich nicht so warm.
Kommt nicht ganz an die beiden Tyler-Alben aus der Werkstatt von Jim Steinman heran, doch immer noch gut genug für 5 Sterne.<br>Bonnies Reibeisenstimme kommt sehr gut zur Geltung und der kommerzielle Mißerfolg des Albums in den meisten Ländern ist mir unverständlich.
Trotz Starproduzent gefällt mir diese Platte überhaupt nicht. Für mich war es essentiell wegen dem Titletrack (das, da kann noch 100x stehen original von bla-bla, immer noch ein KISS Original ist, Paul Stanley hat den Song auch geschrieben), was zwar besser ist als so ziemlich alles hier, aber auch nur lauwarm ist.<br>#78 in GB.
Ungewöhnliches Album von BT. Einerseits viele Coverversionen, andererseits viele Lieder, die bei ihr mehr oder minder unbeachtet blieben und erst bei anderen Interpreten (Tina Turner, Robin Beck, Ace Of Base) zu Hits wurden. <br><br>Vier Punkte halte ich für vertretbar.
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