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Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out 2000 50/2000 3 11
Elvis Presley King Of The Whole Wide World 1961 45/1962 1 10
Gompie Alice, Who The X Is Alice? 1995 25/1995 4 18
Six There's A Whole Lot Of Loving 2002 14/2003 3 15
The Warlocks Those Who Never Saw This   45/1998 16 4
The Who Happy Jack 1966 03/1967 4 7
The Who I'm A Boy 1966 41/1966 4 6
...And The Eighth Sin Is Called Pop! To All Who Resigned        
[Ellington's] Whoopee Makers The Mooche 1928      
100 Voices He's Got The Whole World In His Hands        
100% Whole Wheat Girl In The Second Row 1977      
100% Whole Wheat Heart Of The Mountain 1978      
100% Whole Wheat Queen Of The Pizza Parlour 1977      
100% Whole Wheat Savin' The World For Our Children 1977      
100% Whole Wheat The Tables Are Turned 1978      
2Elements Who The F*** Is Barbra Streisand        
4 Non Tops The Whole World In Our Hands 2002      
4Him Who's At The Wheel 1998      
5 Seconds Of Summer The Girl Who Cried Wolf 2015      
5th Sonic Brigade The Whooo Song        
95 South Whoot, There It Is        
A II Z I'm The One Who Loves You 1981      
A Perfect Circle The Nurse Who Loved Me 2003      
A Rocket To The Moon Whole Lotta You        
Abu Who The F**k Is Lost 2011      
Ada Who Pays The Bill        
Adam Agin The Man Who Knows It All        
Adolph Deutsch Sugar Blues / Tell The Whole Darn World 1959      
Aesop Rock Gun For The Whole Family 2007      
AFI The Boy Who Destroyed The World        
After The Fire Who's Gonna Love You (When You're Old And Fat And Ugly) 1980      
Age Of Chance Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Noise! 1987      
Agnetha Fältskog The One Who Loves You Now 2013      
Agnetha Fältskog with Peter Cetera I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye) 1987      
Air Supply That's How The Whole Thing Started 1977      
Akala Who's The Gangsta?        
Al Jolson The Spaniard Who Blighted My Life 1913      
Alan O'Day People Who Talk To Themselves 1978      
Alanis Morissette The Guy Who Leaves 2008      
Alasdair Roberts The Whole House Is Singing 2003      
Albert West And The Dutch Scouts Choir Gospel Medley (He's Got The Whole World In His Hands / Old Time Religion / WHen The Saints Go Marching In) 1995      
Alborosie Who Run The Dance 2013      
Alison Krauss & Union Station The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn 2001      
Allan Clarke The Man Who Manufactures Daydreams 1978      
Allan Clarke Who's Goin' Out The Back Door 1978      
Allan Stewart He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 1974      
Allan Stewart Who Turned The Light Out On My Life 1975      
Ally Michel & The Four Blue Stars Baby Shake (Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On)        
Alternative TV Who Are They 1981      
Amanda Palmer Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass        
Amazing Rhythm Aces Who Will The Next Fool By 1975      
Amberian Dawn Knock Knock Who's There? 2015      
Ammonia You're Not The Only One Who Feels This Way 1997      
Amos Lee The Man Who Wants You 2013      
Amy Ray Who Sold The Gun 2008      
Amy Sky Love, Pain And The Whole Damn Thing        
Anastacia Who's Gonna Stop The Rain 2000      
And Then She Came Who's Gonna Save You? 2016      
Andy Kim Who Has The Answer 1972      
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy The Lady Who Swings The Band 1936      
Andy White The Whole Love Story 1990      
Andy Williams He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 1960      
Andy Williams When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) 1963      
Angelic Upstarts The Man Who Came In From The Beano 1980      
Angelic Upstarts Who's Got The Money 1984      
Anhken Who's There        
Anika Moa I Am The Woman Who Loves You        
Anika Moa You Make The Whole World Smile        
Anita Bryant He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 1965      
Annette Tell Me Who's The Girl 1960      
Anthony And The Camp Who Do You Love (What's It Gonna Be)        
Apocalyptica For Whom The Bell Tolls 1998      
April Wine The Whole World's Goin' Crazy 1976      
Arctic Monkeys Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? 2006      
Arf Thunderwall (The One Who Shaves Me)        
Artful Dodger [US] Who In The World        
Arthemis The Man Who Killed The Sun 2012      
Ashbury Faith Who's The Criminal        
Ashford & Simpson I'll Take The Whole World On 1982      
Ashford & Simpson Street Opera Part 2: Who Will They Look To 1982      
Ashford & Simpson Who Will They Look To 1982      
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke Hollis' Women 1971      
Asia Who Will Stop The Rain? 1992      
Asian Dub Foundation Who Runs The Place 2005      
Attitudes The Whole World's Gone Crazy 1975      
Audioweb Who, Are They? 1997      
Augie March Men Who Follow Spring The Planet 'Round        
Austin Howard I'm The One Who Really Loves You 1986      
Ayọ Who Are They? 2011      
Azad Who The Bozz? 2016      
Azad feat. Tone & Manuellsen Who The Fuck 2009      
Azuma The Man Who Is Watching The Air        
B Boyz Who Let The Dogs Out 2000      
B.B. Seaton The Whole World's Down On Me 1973      
B.O.D.Y. Who's The Man        
Baby Amphetamine Chernobyl Baby (Who Needs The Government) 1987      
Babyshambles The Man Who Came To Stay 2004      
Bacchus Who Put The Bomp 1975      
Bake Turner Who Put The Leaving In Your Eyes 1969      
Balthazar The Man Who Owns The Place 2012      
Barbara Dickson Who Knows Where The Time Goes 1995      
Barbra Streisand Pretty Women / The Ladies Who Lunch 1985      
Barbra Streisand Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf 1963      
Barrington Pheloung Eirl Theme (From 'Who Killed Harry Field') 1993      
Barry Man Who Put The Bomb (In The Bomb-A Bomb-A Bomb) 1972      
Barry Mann Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp) 1961      
Barry Martin With The H. B. Barnum Group Got A Whole Lot Of Loving To Do 1961      

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