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Slade Everyday 1974 18/1974 3 19
Slade Far Far Away 1974 45/1974 1 25
Slade Gudbuy T'Jane 1972 04/1973 7 1
Slade Merry Xmas Everybody 1973 50/1973 4 11
Slade My Friend Stan 1973 43/1973 5 8
Slade My Oh My 1983 05/1984 1 13
Slade Run Runaway 1983 15/1984 7 5
Slade Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me 1973 29/1973 3 14
Slade Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam) 1975 22/1975 5 13
Slade The Bangin' Man 1974 29/1974 4 10
Alex Eugster S'Lädeli 1991      
Chaka Khan feat. B. Slade I Love Myself        
Danijela Da je slađe zaspati 1998      
Dixie Chicks Lil' Jack Slade 2002      
Frankie Knuckles feat. B. Slade You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)        
Freescha Old Age For Duke Of Slade        
Max Harris Gurney Slade        
Milo Hrnić Slađe od vina 1980      
Prentis Slade I Gotta Have You 1960      
Prentis Slade I Lied To You 1958      
Prentis Slade My Lonely Heart 1960      
Prentis Slade Scrapiron 1958      
Sara Evans with Isaac Slade Can't Stop Loving You 2014      
Slade (And Now - The Waltz) C'est la vie 1982      
Slade 7 Year Bitch 1984      
Slade 9 To 5 1980      
Slade A Night To Remember 1981      
Slade Ain't Got No Heart 1969      
Slade All Join Hands 1984      
Slade All The World Is A Stage 1976      
Slade Angelina 1970      
Slade Auld Lang Syne/You'll Never Walk Alone 1985      
Slade Be 1977      
Slade Big Apple Blues 1977      
Slade Black And White World 2002      
Slade Born To Be Wild 1969      
Slade Burning In The Heat Of Love 1977      
Slade Can Just Imagine 1975      
Slade Candidate 1972      
Slade Can't Tame A Hurricane 1984      
Slade Chakeeta 1979      
Slade Cheap 'N' Nasty Luv 1983      
Slade C'mon, C'mon 1970      
Slade Cocky Rock Boys (Rule O.K.) 1983      
Slade Could I 1970      
Slade Coz I Luv You 1971      
Slade Cum On Feel The Noize 1973      
Slade Daddio 1978      
Slade Dapple Rose 1970      
Slade Darling Be Home Soon        
Slade Dead Men Tell No Lies 1977      
Slade Did Your Mama Ever Tell You 1976      
Slade Dirty Joker 1970      
Slade Dizzy Mamma 1979      
Slade Do The Dirty 1976      
Slade Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed The World) 1985      
Slade Do We Still Do It 1974      
Slade Do You Believe In Miracles 1985      
Slade Do You Want Me 1972      
Slade Dogs Of Vengeance 1977      
Slade Don't Blame Me 1973      
Slade Don't Talk To Me About Love 1987      
Slade Don't Tame A Hurricane 2007      
Slade Don't Waste Your Times 1979      
Slade Everybody's Next One 1969      
Slade Find Yourself A Rainbow 1974      
Slade Fly Me High 1969      
Slade Fools Go Crazy 1987      
Slade Forest Full Of Needles 1976      
Slade Funk, Punk And Junk 1982      
Slade Genesis 1969      
Slade Get Down And Get With It 1971      
Slade Get On Up 1976      
Slade Ginny Ginny 1979      
Slade Give Us A Goal 1978      
Slade Good Time Gals 1974      
Slade Gospel According To Rasputin 1971      
Slade Gotta Go Home 1987      
Slade Gudbuy Gudbuy 1972      
Slade Gypsy Roadhog 1976      
Slade Harmony 1985      
Slade Hear Me Calling 1972      
Slade Heaven Knows 1974      
Slade Here's To... (The New Year) 1984      
Slade Hey Ho, Wish You Well 1985      
Slade Hi Ho Silver Lining 1985      
Slade High And Dry 1983      
Slade Hold On To Your Hats 1979      
Slade How Can It Be 1974      
Slade How Does It Feel 1974      
Slade How D'you Ride 1972      
Slade I Don't Mind 1972      
Slade I Remember 1970      
Slade I Win, You Lose 1985      
Slade I Won't Let It 'appen Agen 1972      
Slade If This World Were Mine 1969      
Slade I'll Be There 1985      
Slade I'm A Rocker 1979      
Slade I'm A Talker 1976      
Slade I'm Mad 1979      
Slade I'm Mee, I'm Now, An' That's Orl 1973      
Slade In For A Penny 1975      
Slade In Like A Shot From My Gun        
Slade In The Doghouse 1983      
Slade It Ain't Love But It Ain't Bad 1977      
Slade It's Alright Buy Me 1978      
Slade It's Hard Having Fun Nowadays 1987      
Slade It's Your Body Not Your Mind 1981      
Slade Journey To The Center Of Your Mind 1969      
Slade Just Want A Little Bit 1974      

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