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Madness Absolutely 1980 43/1980 26 4
Madness One Step Beyond... 1979 06/1980 24 7
Madness The Heavy Heavy Hits   30/1998 20 7
Madness The Rise & Fall 1982 47/1982 34 1
Sheena Easton Madness, Money And Music 1982 38/1982 5 7
The Weeknd Beauty Behind The Madness 2015 36/2015 1 71
All That Remains Madness 2017      
Allman Brothers Madness Of The West 2012      
Amduscia Madness In Abyss        
An Assfull Of Love Monkey Madness        
Animals As Leaders The Madness Of Many 2016      
Antipeewee Madness Unleashed 2015      
Art Of Anarchy The Madness 2017      
Aslan Waiting For This Madness To End        
Autopsy Critical Madness: The Demo Years 2018      
Avian Ashes And Madness 2009      
Axemaster Overture To Madness 2015      
Badaam & The Angel Days Of Madness        
Bapi Das Baul / Baul Bishwa Sufi Baul - Madness & Happiness 2009      
Bene Gesserit Half-Unreleased Madness        
Beoga A Lovely Madness 2017      
Birtha Birtha / Can't Stop The Madness 1997      
Birtha Can't Stop The Madness 1973      
Blackfeather At The Mountains Of Madness        
Bride Silence Is Madness 2011      
Calmus Ensemble Madrigals Of Madness 2014      
Carolyn Sampson / Joseph Middleton Reason In Madness 2019      
Chris Connelly Artificial Madness 2011      
Civil Disobedience In A Few Hours Of Madness [EP] 1993      
Clare Wilkinson | Sofie Vanden Eynde | Moneim Adwan Divine Madness 2014      
Coheed And Cambria Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness 2017      
David Krakauer & Socalled with Klezmer Madness! Bubbemeises Lies My Gramma Told Me 2013      
David Krakauer feat. Klezmer Madness! And Socalled Live In Krakow 2013      
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Bringing Home The Madness 2013      
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Bringing The Madness 2016      
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Bringing The World The Madness 2014      
Doctors Of Madness Doctors Of Madness        
Doctors Of Madness Figments Of Emancipation 1976      
Doctors Of Madness Into The Strange        
Doctors Of Madness Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms 1976      
Doctors Of Madness Perfect Past - The Complete Doctors Of Madness 2017      
Doctors Of Madness Sons Of Survival        
Dorothee Mields Love's Madness - Henry Purcell        
Edguy Kingdom Of Madness 1997      
Elegy Of Madness Brave Dreams 2014      
E-Rotic Sexual Madness 1997      
Evil Madness Demoni Paradiso 2008      
Evil Madness Super Great Love 2011      
Gaskin Edge Of Madness 2012      
GBH Midnight Madness And Beyond 2014      
Guy Sebastian Madness 2014      
Hardside The Madness 2015      
Hellsingland Underground Madness & Grace 2010      
High Tension Master Of Madness 1987      
Hog Hoggidy Hog Method To The Madness 2011      
Illnath Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness 2011      
Izzy Bizu A Moment Of Madness 2016      
Jane Age Of Madness 1978      
Johanna Demker Madness        
Johansson & Speckmann From The Mount Of Madness 2018      
John Zorn Madness, Love And Mysticism        
Jordan Rudess Wired For Madness 2019      
José James Love In A Time Of Madness 2017      
Kim Fowley Let The Madness In        
King Hot March Madness        
Lee Perry Divine Madness...Definitely        
Life Crime Ordinary Madness Excess 2014      
Madness 7 1981      
Madness A Guided Tour Of Madness 2011      
Madness Can't Touch Us Now 2016      
Madness Complete Madness 1982      
Madness Divine Madness 1992      
Madness Forever Young - The Ska Collection 2012      
Madness Full House - The Very Best Of Madness 2017      
Madness It's... Madness        
Madness It's... Madness Too        
Madness Keep Moving 1984      
Madness Mad Not Mad 1985      
Madness Madness 1983      
Madness Madstock 2015      
Madness On Board The Nutty Express - Live At The Astoria 2007      
Madness Oui oui si si ja ja da da 2012      
Madness Our House - The Original Songs        
Madness Take It Or Leave It        
Madness The Business        
Madness The Dangermen Sessions - Volume One 2005      
Madness The Liberty Of Norton Folgate 2009      
Madness The Peel Sessions 1989      
Madness The Very Best Of 2014      
Madness Total Madness - All The Greatest Hits & More! 2010      
Madness Total Madness - The Very Best Of Madness        
Madness Ultimate Collection        
Madness Ultimate Madness - 21 Of Their Finest        
Madness Universal Madness - Live In Los Angeles        
Madness Utter Madness 1986      
Madness Wonderful 1999      
Madness Work Rest & Play 1980      
Mädness Als hätt ich nix getan 2 2010      
Mädness Zuckerbrot & Peitsche 2009      
Mädness & Döll Ich und mein Bruder 2017      
Madness Of The Night The Asgarda 2013      
Maggie's Madness Pushed To The Limit 2018      
Maggie's Madness Waking Up The Dead 2014      
Magic Lantern At The Mounains Of Madness [EP]        
Magnum Kingdom Of Madness 1978      
Maidavale Madness Is Too Pure 2018      

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