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Donovan Mellow Yellow 1966 08/1967 7 3
Jason Donovan Too Many Broken Hearts 1989 16/1989 10 1
Kylie & Jason Especially For You 1988 04/1989 10 1
Adam Prescott feat. Donovan Kingjay Weed Anthem 2016      
Aloysius Donovan & Alexis Dubroff Brush Up Your Shakespeare 1959      
Babs Nielsen Hello Mr. Donovan 1970      
Barb Donovan Restless Soul        
Brian O'Reilly & Donovan Clouds        
Casey Donovan Big, Beautiful & Sexy        
Casey Donovan Eye 2 Eye        
Casey Donovan Flow        
Casey Donovan How Could I (Fall For That)        
Casey Donovan Listen With Your Heart 2004      
Casey Donovan Nothing Else Matters        
Casey Donovan Symphony Of Life 2004      
Casey Donovan The Flame 2005      
Casey Donovan Till I Found You        
Casey Donovan What's Going On        
Country Joe And The Fish Donovan's Reef 1969      
Declan J Donovan Pieces        
Donovan A Funny Man 1971      
Donovan A Sunny Day 1968      
Donovan A Well Known Has Been 1976      
Donovan Age Of Treason        
Donovan Appearances 1973      
Donovan As I Recall It 1968      
Donovan Astral Angel 1977      
Donovan Atlantis 1968      
Donovan Aye My Love 1968      
Donovan Ballad Of A Crystal Man 1965      
Donovan Belated Forgiveness Plea 1965      
Donovan Bert's Blues 1966      
Donovan Black Widow 1976      
Donovan Bleak City Woman 1966      
Donovan Boy For Every Girl 1973      
Donovan Brave New World 1977      
Donovan Breezes Of Patchulie 2005      
Donovan Brother Sun, Sister Moon        
Donovan Bye Bye Girl 1983      
Donovan Can Ye Dance 1965      
Donovan Candy Man 1965      
Donovan Car Car 1965      
Donovan Catch The Wind 1964      
Donovan Celeste 1966      
Donovan Celia Of The Seals 1968      
Donovan Celtic Rock 1970      
Donovan Changes 1968      
Donovan Children Of The World 1976      
Donovan Circus Of Sour 1965      
Donovan Clara Clairvoyant 1970      
Donovan Codine        
Donovan Colours 1965      
Donovan Comin' To You 1980      
Donovan Cosmic Wheels 1972      
Donovan Coulter's Candy 1971      
Donovan Cryin' Shame 1976      
Donovan Curry Land 1970      
Donovan Cuttin' Out 1965      
Donovan Dare To Be Different 1977      
Donovan Dark-Eyed Bluejean Angel 1976      
Donovan Dignity Of Man 1973      
Donovan Divine Daze Of Deathless Delight 1973      
Donovan Do You Hear Me Now 1965      
Donovan Donna Donna 1965      
Donovan Earth Sign Man 1973      
Donovan Eldorado        
Donovan Epistle To Derroll 1967      
Donovan Epistle To Dippy 1966      
Donovan Every Man Has His Chain 1965      
Donovan Every Reason 1983      
Donovan Ferris Wheel 1965      
Donovan Fishes In Love 1971      
Donovan Get Thy Bearings 1968      
Donovan Goldwatch Blues 1965      
Donovan Guinevere 1966      
Donovan Half Moon Baby 1981      
Donovan Hampstead Incident 1966      
Donovan Happiness Runs 1969      
Donovan Harmony 1980      
Donovan Henry Martin 1971      
Donovan Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) 1965      
Donovan Hi, It's Been A Long Time 1968      
Donovan Homesickness 1971      
Donovan House Of Jansch 1966      
Donovan How Silly 1974      
Donovan I Like You 1973      
Donovan I Love My Shirt 1968      
Donovan I Love You Baby 1983      
Donovan I'll Try For The Sun 1965      
Donovan In An Old-Fashioned Picturebook 1971      
Donovan International Man 1977      
Donovan Isle Of Islay 1967      
Donovan Jabberwocky 1971      
Donovan Jennifer Juniper 1967      
Donovan Jersey Thursday 1965      
Donovan Joe Bean's Theme 1970      
Donovan Johnny Tuff 1981      
Donovan Josie 1965      
Donovan Kalifornia Kiddies 1977      
Donovan Keep On Truckin' 1965      
Donovan La Moora 1971      
Donovan Lady Of The Flowers 1981      
Donovan Lady Of The Stars 1977      

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