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Whitesnake Here I Go Again 1982 39/2007 17 1
David Coverdale Breakdown 1977      
David Coverdale Love Is Blind 2000      
David Coverdale Only My Soul 1977      
David Coverdale Wherever You May Go 2000      
David Coverdale Whitesnake 1976      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake All In The Name Of Love 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Can't Go On 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Crying 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Don't Fade Away 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Restless Heart 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Stay With Me 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Take Me Back Again 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Too Many Tears 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Woman Trouble Blues 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake Your Precious Love 1997      
David Coverdale & Whitesnake You're So Fine 1997      
David Coverdale's Whitesnake Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 1978      
David Coverdale's Whitesnake Bloody Mary 1978      
David Coverdale's Whitesnake Come On 1978      
David Coverdale's Whitesnake Keep On Giving Me Love 1977      
David Coverdale's Whitesnake Queen Of Hearts 1977      
David Coverdale's Whitesnake Snake Bite 1978      
David Coverdale's Whitesnake Steal Away 1978      
Whitesnake A Fool In Love 2008      
Whitesnake Ain't Gonna Cry No More 1980      
Whitesnake Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City [Live] 1979      
Whitesnake All For Love 2008      
Whitesnake All I Want All I Need 2008      
Whitesnake All I Want Is You 2006      
Whitesnake All Or Nothing 1983      
Whitesnake All Out Of Luck 2011      
Whitesnake All The Time In The World 2018      
Whitesnake As Long As I Have You        
Whitesnake Bad Boys 1987      
Whitesnake Belgian Tom's Hat Trick 1978      
Whitesnake Best Years 2008      
Whitesnake Black And Blue 1980      
Whitesnake Blindman 1980      
Whitesnake Bloody Luxury 1982      
Whitesnake Burn 2015      
Whitesnake Call On Me 2008      
Whitesnake Can You Hear The Wind Blow 2008      
Whitesnake Carry Your Load 1980      
Whitesnake Cheap An' Nasty 1989      
Whitesnake Child Of Babylon 1981      
Whitesnake Children Of The Night 1987      
Whitesnake Come An' Get It 1981      
Whitesnake Comin' Home        
Whitesnake Crying In The Rain 1982      
Whitesnake Dancing Girls 1982      
Whitesnake Day Tripper 1978      
Whitesnake Dog 2006      
Whitesnake Dogs In The Street 2011      
Whitesnake Don't Break My Heart Again 1981      
Whitesnake Don't Mess With Me 1978      
Whitesnake Don't Turn Away 1987      
Whitesnake Easier Said Than Done 2011      
Whitesnake Fare Thee Well 2011      
Whitesnake Fool For Your Loving 1980      
Whitesnake Forevermore 2011      
Whitesnake Free Flight 1978      
Whitesnake Gambler 1983      
Whitesnake Girl 1981      
Whitesnake Give Me All Your Love 1987      
Whitesnake Give Me More Time 1983      
Whitesnake Good To Be Bad 2008      
Whitesnake Got What You Need 2008      
Whitesnake Guilty Of Love 1983      
Whitesnake Help Me Thro' The Day 1979      
Whitesnake Here I Go Again [1987] 1987      
Whitesnake Hit An' Run 1981      
Whitesnake Holy Man 2015      
Whitesnake Hot Stuff 1981      
Whitesnake Hungry For Love 1983      
Whitesnake I Just Died In Your Arms        
Whitesnake I Need You (Shine A Light) 2011      
Whitesnake If You Want Me (I'll Come Running) 2006      
Whitesnake Is This Love 1987      
Whitesnake Judgement Day 1989      
Whitesnake Kitten's Got Claws 1989      
Whitesnake Lady Double Dealer 2015      
Whitesnake Lady Luck        
Whitesnake Lay Down Stay Down 2015      
Whitesnake Lay Down Your Love 2008      
Whitesnake Lie Down (A Modern Love Song) 1978      
Whitesnake Lonely Days, Lonely Nights 1981      
Whitesnake Long Way From Home 1979      
Whitesnake Long Way From Home (Live Hammersmith) 1979      
Whitesnake Looking For Love 1987      
Whitesnake Love & Treat Me Right 2011      
Whitesnake Love Ain't No Stranger 1983      
Whitesnake Love An' Affection 1982      
Whitesnake Love Child 2015      
Whitesnake Love Hunter 1979      
Whitesnake Love Man 1980      
Whitesnake Love To Keep You Warm 1978      
Whitesnake Love Will Set You Free 2011      
Whitesnake Mean Business 1979      
Whitesnake Medicine Man 1979      
Whitesnake Might Just Take Your Life 2015      

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