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The forum dedicated to the norwegian chart and music fans is finally opened. Have fun with your postings!
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i need to some help to find a song for a friend all she can remember its called the one she thinks it was number 1 in norway approx 2 years a go she would like it for her wedding.
hi,im from swizerland
schade schreibt hier nie ein norweger
Es gibt doch Norweger hier Eine Norweger wie in diesem Jahr in Schweiz gewesen haben. Och wie ein Schweizische Mächen geliebt hatte..
smile - vienna waits for u!
Did Scooter get gold or platinum awards for one of their singles and albums in Norway? Thanks for answering.
Me too, I'm waitin' for awards archive!
In special way, I'm lookin' for Neil Young certifications.
@ tr doch doch es schriibet scho norweger wie zb. ich! nur ich bi us de Schwiiz.

men jeg har ikke lert og skrive riktig norsk, ie sveits

Jeg har en spörsmal, kem er den mest kjente norsk Band / musik?

jeg liker veldi Röyksopp og Maria Mena, men di synger desvere ikke po norsk. og Ravi er
in Norway existed some years ago a chart-book from Tore Gilde: ''Den store Norske Hitboka''.
Can somebody tell me where I could buy it new or used or does somebody has this book for sale?
hallo together,
does someone know something about tony andre HANSEN:
he must be a norwegian singer with band, and he rides also.
has he a homepage? or does someone knows something about getting information about him?!
thanks steffi
Hej,nino why Norway not a Top 60 Singles like Sweden and when Norway have a Top 60 Singles ?
Only VG (Publisher of the charts) can decide if it's a Top 20 or Top 60...
hey I'm trying to find a song I heard a couple times this summer. I think it was Sandviken Laget - Et Navn but I haven't found anything like that on the internet at all.
hi, did you hear marquess - voyamos companeros? you should hear this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very nice song!
Kan noen hjelpe meg med teksten til en vise av Alf Prøysen; med blanke ark??Hvor kan jeg finne den?
Hey Where can I buy the CD single Captured by a Lovestorm/Fangad Av En Stormvind by Carola, released in 1991?
Years ago I heard a song in the Norwegian radio performed by a lady and I can only remember a part of the text "the blue of your eyes, the blue of the water". Could anybody help me to identify song and singer?
Thank you!!!
hi! my name isa alex and i'm interested in charts from balcan countries an easter europe like moldova, georgia etc
so if you know any site please email me back :my email is:aceofbasesweden@hotmail.com

So much good music but so hard to buy it overseas!

Anyone know of some online music stores in Norway I can use to buy CD's

- Stuart

Anyone know concert calendar of Tone Damli for the present year ?

im fan

You could check out this:

And to the webmaster - nice site !
Whatts 500 reviews
The only reason i became a member her was to add the Screaming Trees albums.
Be Black Hole Sun: Please fill out this form and mail us: http://hitparade.ch/cdvorlage.xls

Then we will add it.
Whats your mail addresse?
Screw this, if you havn't manage to add it, i'm not adding it.
You see my mail address in the profile or in the Excel sheet.
Steffen Hung i can't send you it, i'm having problems with mail thing. Can't you do it, you'll find all the sources on english wikipedia.
Then send me the CD to our address (under contact).
Why should i send the CD, you can find all information here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Oblivion or http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:frm8b5m4tsqk~T1.
I don't own a copy of the CD.
Happy Rakcha Bandhan d
Your missing norwegian chart positions for Bryan Adams. According to this site www.ifpi.no "Inside Out" peaked at 38, Here I Am at 17, Open Road at 12, Flying at 41 and "I Thought I'd Seen Everything" peaked at 8 on the norwegian singles chart. All of this comes from the IFPI.no site so its fuly reliable if i new how i could add it i would.
You can see on ifpi.no 2 different types of charts:
- VG-Lista (the official charts we put on this site)
- Hit40 (Airplay-Charts from the radios)

You can see the titles "Inside Out" oder "Here I Am" only charted into the "Hit40"-Charts, so we don't put them on this site
Claude your right about Bryan Adams but the album Vapor Trails by Rush charted on VG-lista and peaked at 47 and their compilation album Gold peaked at 10 on the norwegian album chart (VG-lista). So your missing two Rush chart positions. Oh by the way great job finding all these chart positions.

Another thing when are we able to see the british chart positions and will you ever open one for Scotland or Poland
hmm... Is it possible, that albums without a year ("År") are not listed in the official charts?

And "VG-Lista" and "VG-Lista - Lavpris" could be different charts?

(sorry, we're from Switzerland, so we don't know everything about the different norwegian charts)

It is very difficult or almost impossible to receive an offical permission to publish the official charts of UK, because they've got their own site (theofficialcharts.com).
The sales of Scotland are added to the charts of UK, so it isn't possible to build a special page for Scotland. If Poland would be interested to have their own site, we could do a page sometimes in the future
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Well i'm Norwegian and i've read about this and VG-lista lavpris is the same chart. Its dum that we can't have the officially UK chart here but okay. Oh another thing why can we only see the irish chart positions here? http://irish-charts.com/showinterpret.asp?interpret=Rush and not here? http://irish-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Rush&titel=Snakes+%26+Arrows&cat=a And again great job.

Jeg er fra Norge
Your missing these norwegian charts published by vg-lista.

Album Topp 40
Samleplate Topp 5
Lavpris Topp 15
Norsk Topp 30
Klassisk Topp 5
DVD Topp 10

These charts are the same as the swiss airplay chart.
hy,i'm a norwegian andi locks for irish music--please send me information-i wanna learning irisch leang. and so i locks for simple song of irisch
does somebody know what happened with the Norwegian Chartlist 53/1997?
Is it a mistake list, because every song on the Top 20 was a New Entry?
Please help!
it is a few yaers ago they steel from me a hand full of papers,with songs and ideers for songs they wrote it a little bit others,and maked million with it i heaert it every day in radio and was going tortely sick ,no excuses at all nothing at all,iI can not say thank you for steeling my love ,fantasys and dreams,hi hi
I'm looking for T.REX chart positions in the Norwegian charts - 1971-1977 - can anyone help?
Good day! Can I ask you, if singles "Lost Highway" by Willie Nelson & Kurt Nilsen had any sales certification? Thank you, sincerely, Allan
T. Rex' chart pos. in Norway:
Entry Name High Weeks
15.09.71 Get it on 6 2
23.02.72 Telegram Sam 6 6
14.06.72 Metal Guru 3 10
31.03.73 Solid Gold Easy 5 8
11.04.73 20th Century Boy9 4
Remember that Norway's singles chart was only a Top 10,
hence few weeks. Source: Den Store Norske Hitboka,
which seems to be sold out everywhere. Publ. 1994
I think, that week [# 53-2003] in singles chart is wrong.

Where I can find real chart for this week?
Bonnie's recent duets with the French singer Laura Zen bring back memories of the absolutely amazing duets with Kareen Antonn. Have not seen any information on Kareen Antonn in years. Does anyone have anything to share on her current situation. Still in the music business, location, anything? Cheers!
Is there anyone of the staff of norwegiancharts.com or any other chartexpert who knows exactly on which day of the week the vg-lista charts (from 1958 till now) were published and did this publication date (as i think) changed over the years? For example the first chart is from week 42 in 1958. The calendar week 42 goes from 13.10. until 19.10.1958. So the publication date can be any day between 13.10. and 20.10.1958. I hope that anyone has the correct answer. Ps.: I found a chart list from 1986. It shows the date of a thursday, another chart list from 2008 shows the date of a tuesday. Another problem is the chart of week 41 in 1974. In the VG-lista archive on the VG site there is no week 41 and in week 42 all chart positions are shown as re-entrys but were different to the charts of week 40. In the archive of norwegiancharts.com week 41 is listed but it is the same chart as shown in week 42. So, week 41 and 42 in the norwegiancharts.com archive are the same as week 42 in VG-lista archive. Maybe there were no charts in week 41/1974 or/and the publication/compilation date changed? Anyone really knows?
2019 top playlist song https://urlzs.com/pK1U8

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