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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Michael Chapman [II], Michael Donald Chapman
2 DJ's & OneI Engineer2002Music/Lyrics
Ace Of BaseAlways Have, Always Will1998Music/Lyrics
Ace Of BaseWhenever You're Near Me1998Music/Lyrics
Adam und die Micky'sIch mach' die nächst' Woch'zur Alice1977Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogCan't Shake Loose1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogI Wish Tonight Could Last Forever1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogMan1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogMr. Persuasion1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogOnce Burned, Twice Shy1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogShame1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogStand By My Side1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogStay1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogTake Good Care Of Your Children1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogThe Heat Is On1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogTo Love1983Producer
Agnetha FältskogWrap Your Arms Around Me1983Music/Lyrics
Alan SilsonLay Back In The Arms Of Someone2014Music/Lyrics
Alex PezzeiStimmungsmedley2011Music/Lyrics
Altered ImagesAnother Lost Look1983Producer
Altered ImagesChange Of Heart1983Producer
Altered ImagesDon't Talk To Me About Love1983Producer
Altered ImagesLast Goodbye1983Producer
Altered ImagesLove To Stay1983Producer
Andrea Horn & Wyn HoopMedley: Andrea / Papa Joe / Die Zigeuner von Malaga1972Music/Lyrics
Andrea Horn & Wyn HoopTabu1972Music/Lyrics
Andy ScottLady Starlight1974Producer
AnimotionI Engineer1986Music/Lyrics
Anne OverathCan The Can1973Music/Lyrics
Apache [1970s]Wig-Wam Bam1972Music/Lyrics
ArrowsTouch Too Much1974Music/Lyrics
ArrowsToughen Up1974Music/Lyrics
ArrowsWalk Away Renee1974Producer
Australian CrawlDaughters Of The Northern Coast1982Producer
Australian CrawlRunaway Girls1982Producer
Australian CrawlShut Down1982Producer
Australian CrawlWaiting1982Producer
B.J. ThomasThe Part Of Me That Needs You Most1985Music/Lyrics
Baby AnimalsAin't Gonna Get1991Producer
Baby AnimalsDedicate1991Producer
Baby AnimalsEarly Warning1991Producer
Baby AnimalsImpossible To Fly1992Producer
Baby AnimalsOne Word1991Producer
Baby AnimalsPainless1991Producer
Baby AnimalsRush You1991Producer
BangbrosI Engineer2007Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowSome Girls1982Music/Lyrics
BennyWenn deine Süße einmal sauer ist1979Music/Lyrics
Bernd ClüverGib mir Zeit1977Music/Lyrics
Bernd Clüver & Marion MaerzSchau mal herein1978Music/Lyrics
Bernd StelterOber zack' 'n Helles1996Music/Lyrics
Bernhard BrinkAlles braucht seine Zeit1978Music/Lyrics
Bernhard BrinkBB's Schmuse-Hitmix1997Music/Lyrics
Bernhard BrinkBB's Tanz-Hitmix1997Music/Lyrics
Bernhard BrinkFrei und abgebrannt1979Music/Lyrics
Bernhard BrinkIch wär' so gern wie du1979Music/Lyrics
Bernhard Brink & Ireen SheerSchau mal herein2002Music/Lyrics
Bernie Paul & Bo AndersenStumblin' In1989Music/Lyrics
Berry SarluisLove For Sale / Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone1977Music/Lyrics
Berry SarluisSunny / Rock And Roll Star / Living Next Door To Alice1977Music/Lyrics
Billy SquierAngry1993Producer
Billy SquierBreak Down1993Producer
Billy SquierHercules1993Producer
Billy SquierLovin' You Ain't So Hard1993Producer
Billy SquierMind-Machine1993Producer
Billy SquierNot A Color1993Producer
Billy SquierRhythm/(A Bridge So Far)1993Producer
Billy SquierShocked Straight1993Producer
Billy SquierStranger To Myself1993Producer
Billy SquierThe Girl's All Right1993Producer
Billy SquierTime-Bomb1993Producer
Billy SquierTryin' To Walk A Straight Line1993Producer
Black LaceWig Wam Bam1984Music/Lyrics
Blondie(Can I) Find The Right Words (To Say)1982Producer
BlondieAccidents Never Happen1979Producer
BlondieAngels On The Balcony1980Producer
BlondieDie Young Stay Pretty1979Producer
BlondieDo The Dark1980Producer
BlondieEat To The Beat1979Producer
BlondieEnglish Boys1982Producer
BlondieFade Away And Radiate1978Producer
BlondieFollow Me1980Producer
BlondieFor Your Eyes Only1982Producer
BlondieGo Through It1980Producer
BlondieHanging On The Telephone1978Producer
BlondieHeart Of Glass1978Producer
BlondieHere's Looking At You1980Producer
BlondieI Know But I Don't Know1978Producer
BlondieI'm Gonna Love You Too1978Producer
BlondieIsland Of Lost Souls1982Producer
BlondieJust Go Away1978Producer
BlondieLittle Caesar1982Producer
BlondieLive It Up1980Producer
BlondieLiving In The Real World1979Producer
BlondieOne Way Or Another1978Producer
BlondieOrchid Club1982Producer
BlondiePicture This1978Producer
BlondiePretty Baby1978Producer
BlondieSlow Motion1979Producer
BlondieSunday Girl1978Producer
BlondieSunday Girl [French Version]1979Producer
BlondieSusie And Jeffrey1980Producer
BlondieThe Beast1982Producer
BlondieThe Hardest Part1979Producer
BlondieThe Hunter Gets Captured By The Game1982Producer
BlondieThe Tide Is High1980Producer
BlondieUnion City Blue1979Producer
BlondieWalk Like Me1980Producer
BlondieWar Child1982Producer
BlondieWill Anything Happen?1978Producer
Blue Rondo A La TurkChange1983Producer
Blue Rondo A La TurkCoco1983Producer
Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods(You Never Can Tell) C'est la vie1976Producer
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsBit Off More Than I Could Chew1976Music/Lyrics
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsFool Like You1976Producer
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsHello It's Me1976Producer
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsHole In My Soul1976Music/Lyrics
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsIf It Feels Good, Do It1976Producer
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsOh, Boy!1976Producer
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsShine It On1976Producer
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsTeenage Rampage1976Music/Lyrics
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsThis Is Your Captain Calling1976Producer
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsTie Me Down1976Producer
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsWatcher1976Producer
Bob LawrenceCoCo1971Music/Lyrics
Bob WelchIf You Think You Know How To Love Me1981Music/Lyrics
Boerney & die Tri TopsO tschi kaka o2013Music/Lyrics
(Michael Donald Chapman)
Bonnie St. ClaireDoe alles nog een keer over1985Music/Lyrics
Bonnie St. ClaireSla je arm om me heen1983Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerThe Best1988Music/Lyrics
Boombox KidsLove Is A Battlefield2009Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
BoukeLonely This Christmas2005Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowAphrodisiac1983Producer
Bow Wow WowBiological Phenomenon1983Producer
Bow Wow WowDo You Wanna Hold Me1982Producer
Bow Wow WowLonesome Tonight1983Producer
Bow Wow WowLove Me1983Producer
Bow Wow WowLove, Peace And Harmony1983Producer
Bow Wow WowMario (Your Own Way To Paradise)1983Producer
Bow Wow WowQuiver (Arrows In My)1983Producer
Bow Wow WowRikki Dee1983Producer
Bow Wow WowRoustabout1983Producer
Bow Wow WowThe Man Mountain1983Producer
Bow Wow WowTommy Tucker1983Producer
Bow Wow WowWhat's The Time (Hey Buddy)1983Producer
Brian ConnollyBallroom Blitz1995Music/Lyrics
Brian ConnollyBlockbuster1986Music/Lyrics
Brian ConnollyCo-Co1986Music/Lyrics
Brian ConnollyHell Raiser1986Music/Lyrics
Brian ConnollyLittle Willy1986Music/Lyrics
Brian ConnollyPoppa Joe1986Music/Lyrics
Brian ConnollyTeenage Rampage1986Music/Lyrics
Brian ConnollyThe Six Teens1986Music/Lyrics
Brian ConnollyWig Wam Bam1999Music/Lyrics
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneTür an Tür mit Alice2013Music/Lyrics
CCSPrimitive Love1973Music/Lyrics
ChartbusterThe Cat Crept In1974Music/Lyrics
Cheap TrickSpace1988Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanBabe It's Up To You2000Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanDon't Play Your Rock n' Roll To Me2000Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanFor A Few Dollars More2000Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanIf You Think You Know How To Love Me2000Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanI'll Meet You At Midnight2000Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanLay Back In The Arms Of Someone2000Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanLiving Next Door To Alice1999Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanLove Is A Battlefield1983Music/Lyrics
Chris NormanOh Carol2000Music/Lyrics
Chris Norman & C.C. CatchStumblin' In2004Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
Chris Norman & Suzi QuatroA Stranger With You1978Music/Lyrics
Chris Norman & Suzi QuatroStumblin' In1978Music/Lyrics
Chris RobertsLaß meine Hand nicht los1979Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackKiss You All Over2009Music/Lyrics
Citizens!The Best Music/Lyrics
Cliff AndersenTom, Tom, bleib bei ihr1972Music/Lyrics
Cliff Carpenter und sein OrchesterIf You Can't Give Me Love1978Music/Lyrics
Cocktail BandDs Läbe isch es Gschänk2011Music/Lyrics
Cocktail BandSpeziell normal2011Music/Lyrics
Cocktail BandTöif i mir in2011Music/Lyrics
Cusato feat. Latte MieleSto volando con te1991Music/Lyrics
DamianWig Wam Bam1989Music/Lyrics
DanceclassDon't You Know1982Producer
DanceclassSetting Myself On Fire1982Producer
DanceclassYou Talk My Head Off1982Producer
DannyaSimple The Best2016Music/Lyrics
Dave [NL]Derrière un sourire1976Music/Lyrics
De StrangersKerngezond1979Music/Lyrics
De StrangersMelksjoekkelat mè neutjes1979Music/Lyrics
Debbie HarryLiar, Liar1988Producer
(Michael Chapman [II])
Deborah HarryBike Boy1989Producer
Deborah HarryBugeye1989Producer
Deborah HarryCalmarie1989Producer
Deborah HarryComic Books1989Producer
Deborah HarryEnd Of The Run1989Producer
Deborah HarryGet Your Way1989Producer
Deborah HarryHe Is So1989Producer
Deborah HarryI'll Never Fall In Love1989Producer
Deborah HarryLovelight1989Producer
Deborah HarryMaybe For Sure1989Producer
Def LeppardHell Raiser2006Music/Lyrics
DetlevIch bin so warm wie du1980Music/Lyrics
DeviceDidn't I Read You Right1986Producer
DeviceFall Apart, Golden Heart1986Music/Lyrics
DeviceHanging On A Heart Attack1986Music/Lyrics
DeviceI've Got No Room For Your Love1986Producer
DevicePieces On The Ground1986Producer
DeviceSand, Stone, Cobwebs And Dust1986Music/Lyrics
DeviceTough And Tender1986Music/Lyrics
DeviceWhen Love Is Good1986Producer
DeviceWho Says1986Music/Lyrics
DeviceWho's On The Line1986Music/Lyrics
Die Allstar-CrewCo-Co1971Music/Lyrics
Die FlippersEs ist nur eine Nacht deines Lebens1976Music/Lyrics
Die GrubertalerIch wär' so gern wie du2009Music/Lyrics
Die HitskidsDu gibst mir den Rest1990Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
Die Party-KingsBis es wieder hell ist2014Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
Die SchlümpfeUns geht es gut1999Music/Lyrics
Die StoakoglerBier um Bier, bis hell is2007Music/Lyrics
Dieter Thomas Kuhn & BandTür an Tür mit Alice1994Music/Lyrics
Diggy Tal & The NumbersHypnosis1982Music/Lyrics
Disco Light OrchestraOh Carol1978Music/Lyrics
Disco Light OrchestraShe's In Love With You1979Music/Lyrics
DivinylsBack To The Wall1988Producer
DivinylsHey Little Boy1988Producer
DivinylsPleasure And Pain1985Music/Lyrics
DivinylsSleeping Beauty1985Producer
DJ Daddy Cool feat. Yves SegersDe Duivels gaan naar Frankrijk2016Music/Lyrics
Dolly PartonRed Hot Screaming Love1987Music/Lyrics
Eighth WonderWhen The Phone Stops Ringing1987Producer
Eighth WonderWill You Remember1987Producer
Elaine PaigeWell Almost1991Music/Lyrics
Electronic SystemTiger Feet1974Music/Lyrics
Elke TaelmanSla je arm om me heen2015Music/Lyrics
Eric, Marc, ElmarTom Tom bleib bei mir1971Music/Lyrics
Et CeteraCoco (ho chi kaka ho)2002Music/Lyrics
ExileAin't Got No Time1978Producer
ExileAll There Is1979Producer
ExileBaby, It's Me1981Producer
ExileBeing In Love With You Is Easy1979Producer
ExileCan't Love You Anymore1981Producer
ExileCome On Over1979Producer
ExileDixie Girl1981Producer
ExileDon't Do It1978Producer
ExileHeart And Soul1981Music/Lyrics
ExileHow Could This Go Wrong1979Music/Lyrics
ExileKiss You All Over1978Music/Lyrics
ExileLet's Do It Again1979Producer
ExileNever Gonna Stop1978Producer
ExileOne More Night For Love1981Producer
ExileOne Step At A Time1978Producer
ExileShow Me What You Got1976Producer
ExileSomeone Like You1981Producer
ExileStay With Me1978Producer
ExileStill So In Love With You1981Producer
ExileTake This Heart1981Producer
ExileThe Part Of Me That Needs You Most1979Music/Lyrics
ExileThere's Been A Change1978Producer
ExileTill The Very End1981Producer
ExileToo Proud To Cry1979Producer
ExileTry It On1976Music/Lyrics
ExileWerewolf Of Love1981Producer
ExileWhat Kind Of Love Is This1981Producer
ExileYou And Me1978Producer
ExileYou Thrill Me1978Music/Lyrics
ExileYour Love Is Everything1981Producer
FC Bayern & Andrew WhiteSimply The Best1994Music/Lyrics
FlorrieSpeed Of Light2011Music/Lyrics
Franz LambertStumblin' In1979Music/Lyrics
Free SouffriauLonely This Christmas2017Music/Lyrics
(Michael Donald Chapman)
Gaby BaginskyMein Freund Joe1978Music/Lyrics
Gary PuckettKiss You All Over1982Music/Lyrics
GirlschoolTiger Feet1986Music/Lyrics
Gisela Dreßler und die Electra-Combo48 Crash1974Music/Lyrics
Gisela Dreßler und die Electra-ComboCan The Can1974Music/Lyrics
GompieAlice, Who The X Is Alice?1995Music/Lyrics
Gottfried BöttgerLiving Next Door To Alice1977Music/Lyrics
Graham BonneyPapa Joe1972Music/Lyrics
Guildo Horn & die Orthopädischen StrümpfeGuildo's Party-Hitmix1997Music/Lyrics
Günter NorisIt's Your Life1977Music/Lyrics
Günter NorisOh Carol (Die Firma)1978Music/Lyrics
Gus BackusLittle Lilly1972Music/Lyrics
Hana ZagorováSliby-chyby1972Music/Lyrics
Hausmeister Hans Holzkopf & Howert CrapfendaleAlice, bring mir jetzt mei Helles!1995Music/Lyrics
Helena VondráčkováOh, Harold1979Music/Lyrics
Henry Lee SummerIf You Were My Girl1988Producer
Hermann HoffmannAlice (Ich trau' mich nur noch aus dem Haus heraus, wenn's hell ist)1977Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale's Dance-Hit-Mix1990Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleSeven Lonely Days1977Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleTür an Tür mit Alice1976Music/Lyrics
Howard Carpendale & Gregor MeyleTür an Tür mit Alice2017Music/Lyrics
Howie NuvoDu schaffst mich2012Music/Lyrics
(Michael Donald Chapman)
Huey Lewis And The NewsHeart And Soul1983Music/Lyrics
Hugo BecksVrede, het is Kerstmis2017Music/Lyrics
Ian Thomas [BE]What If Money2013Music/Lyrics
Jacco RicardoZij wil hem!2016Music/Lyrics
Jackie LeeCo Co1971Music/Lyrics
James LastPoppa Joe1972Music/Lyrics
Jettie PallettieWaar zijn de mannen?2010Music/Lyrics
Jim CapaldiIf You Think You Know How To Love Me1976Music/Lyrics
Joachim HübnerPoppa Joe1972Music/Lyrics
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsA.C.D.C.2006Music/Lyrics
John Petersen & SkylinerIt's Your Life1977Music/Lyrics
John Petersen & SkylinerLiving Next Door To Alice1977Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayJoue pas de rock'n'roll pour moi1976Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydayJoue pas de Rock'n'Roll pour moi (Tour 66)2009Music/Lyrics
(Michael Donald Chapman)
Johnny TillotsonLay Back (In The Arms Of Someone)1984Music/Lyrics
Jolina Carl & Mitch KellerSchau mal herein2012Music/Lyrics
Jolina Carl & Mitch KellerStumblin' In2012Music/Lyrics
Jon Flemming OlsenKarl-Heinz Schmitz2014Music/Lyrics
(Michael Donald Chapman)
Judith AnsemsIf You Can't Give Me Love1996Music/Lyrics
Juice NewtonLay Back In The Arms Of Someone1979Music/Lyrics
Jürgen DrewsDu schaffst mich1978Music/Lyrics
Jutta WeinholdFeuer und Eis1973Music/Lyrics
Kai LichtenbergCo-Co1971Music/Lyrics
Kai Warner SingersPoppa Joe1972Music/Lyrics
Kai Warner, Chor und OrchesterHotel California / It's Your Life / Ti amo1977Music/Lyrics
Kees VersluysIk wil met kerst niet alleen zijn1997Music/Lyrics
Kerstin MerlinKann wieder leben - kann wieder lieben1999Music/Lyrics
Kim CarnesTear Me Apart1980Music/Lyrics
Kim WildeTurn It On1985Music/Lyrics
Klaus & ServantsPapa Joe - Gi' os rom1972Music/Lyrics
Klaus DensowImmer, wenn ich Smokie hör'1992Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichCast Your Fate To The Wind / Funny Funny / Las Vegas1976Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichI Will Follow Him / Diana / Wig-Wam Bam1972Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichWaterloo / Teenage Rampage / Devil Gate Drive1974Music/Lyrics
KrokusBallroom Blitz1984Music/Lyrics
Lee TowersSimply The Best2013Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
Leena VanamoMiki1984Music/Lyrics
Lena AnderssonTom Tom käre vän1971Music/Lyrics
Lila & ChriZStumblin' In2010Music/Lyrics
Lili & SusieKiss You All Over1992Music/Lyrics
Liliane Saint-PierreDe beste1998Music/Lyrics
Linda Lee [BE]Zij is gek op jou!!1986Music/Lyrics
Lisa del BoSimply The Best2015Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
Lita FordAces & Eights1990Producer
Lita FordBack To The Cave1987Music/Lyrics
Lita FordBad Boy1990Producer
Lita FordBig Gun1990Producer
Lita FordBlueberry1987Music/Lyrics
Lita FordBroken Dreams1988Producer
Lita FordCan't Catch Me1987Producer
Lita FordCherry Red1990Producer
Lita FordDedication1990Music/Lyrics
Lita FordFalling In And Out Of Love1988Producer
Lita FordFatal Passion1988Producer
Lita FordHellraiser1990Music/Lyrics
Lita FordHungry1990Producer
Lita FordKiss Me Deadly1987Producer
Lita FordLisa1990Producer
Lita FordOnly Women Bleed1990Producer
Lita FordOutro1990Producer
Lita FordOutro [Stiletto]1990Producer
Lita FordStiletto1990Producer
Lita FordThe Ripper1990Producer
Lita FordUnder The Gun1988Producer
Lita FordYour Wake Up Call1990Music/Lyrics
Lita Ford with Ozzy OsbourneClose My Eyes Forever1987Producer
Live ElementSomething About You2005Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonYou Thrill Me1980Music/Lyrics
Mad MaxTurn It Down2013Music/Lyrics
Mama's JasjeHou vast aan je echte vrienden2007Music/Lyrics
Mama's Jasje & Claudia CaluwéVan bij het begin2007Music/Lyrics
Mama's Jasje & Voice MaleNiets zonder jou2007Music/Lyrics
Manfred Mann's Earth BandPleasure And Pain1996Music/Lyrics
Marcella BellaCan The Can1973Music/Lyrics
Marco KimsenIk wil met kerst niet alleen zijn2015Music/Lyrics
Mark EllisAlexander Graham Bell1972Music/Lyrics
Markku AroJestas sentään1973Music/Lyrics
Markku AroKeskiyön aikaan1977Music/Lyrics
Marry feat. Marc-ElThe Best2005Music/Lyrics
Material IssueLittle Willy1991Music/Lyrics
Matthias LensLay Your Love On Me2015Music/Lyrics
Max GregerLittle Willy1972Music/Lyrics
Michael DamianI Engineer1986Music/Lyrics
Michael Des Barres & Holly KnightObsession1983Producer
Mickie Krause feat. Antonia aus TirolSchau mal herein2012Music/Lyrics
(Michael Donald Chapman)
Mike JohnsonIch seh' Dich heut' abend2006Music/Lyrics
Millie JacksonKiss You All Over1979Music/Lyrics
M-KidsPoppa Joe2003Music/Lyrics
MoonbeatsIch will endlich mehr1993Music/Lyrics
MudBlue Moon1974Producer
MudBye Bye Johnny1974Producer
MudDo It All Over Again1973Producer
MudDo You Love Me1972Music/Lyrics
MudDo You Love Me / Sha La La La Lee1974Producer
MudHula Love1975Producer
MudI Can't Stand It1974Producer
MudI Love How You Love Me1975Producer
MudIn The Mood1974Producer
MudLast Tango In London1973Music/Lyrics
MudLet's Have A Party1975Producer
MudLiving Doll1975Producer
MudLonely This Christmas1974Music/Lyrics
MudMedley: Dyna-Mite / The Cat Crept In/Tiger Feet1974Music/Lyrics
MudMoonshine Sally1975Music/Lyrics
MudMr. Bagatelle1973Producer
MudOh Boy1975Producer
MudOne Night1975Producer
MudRunning Bear1974Producer
MudShake Rattle And Roll / See You Later Alligator1974Producer
MudStill Watching The Clock1975Producer
MudTallahassee Lassie1975Producer
MudThe Cat Crept In1974Music/Lyrics
MudThe End Of The World1974Producer
MudThe Hippy Hippy Shake1974Producer
MudThe Ladies1974Producer
MudThe Secrets That You Keep1974Music/Lyrics
MudTiger Feet1973Music/Lyrics
MudTobacco Road1975Producer
MudWatching The Clock1974Producer
Musical Cabaret Raffi Geili GmbH feat. SalvoWho The X Is Ogi?1995Music/Lyrics
New WorldHomemade Sunshine1976Music/Lyrics
New WorldKara Kara1971Music/Lyrics
New WorldKara Kara [Deutsch]1972Music/Lyrics
New WorldLiving Next Door To Alice1972Music/Lyrics
New WorldRooftop Singing1972Music/Lyrics
New WorldSister Jane1972Music/Lyrics
New WorldTom-Tom Turnaround1971Music/Lyrics
Nick Gilder(She's) One Of The Boys1978Producer
Nick Gilder(You Really) Rock Me1979Producer
Nick Gilder12st Century1978Producer
Nick GilderAll Because Of Love1978Producer
Nick GilderElectric Love1979Producer
Nick GilderFly High1978Producer
Nick GilderFrustration1978Producer
Nick GilderGot To Get You1978Producer
Nick GilderHere Comes The Night1978Producer
Nick GilderHold On Me Tonight1979Producer
Nick GilderHot Child In The City1978Producer
Nick GilderInto The 80's1979Producer
Nick GilderMetro Jets1979Producer
Nick GilderRockaway1978Producer
Nick GilderThe Brightest Star1979Producer
Nick GilderTime After Time1979Producer
Nick GilderWatcher Of The Night1979Producer
Nick GilderWe'll Work It Out1978Producer
Nick GilderWorlds Collide1979Producer
Nina & MikeEin paar Dollar mehr1978Music/Lyrics
Nina & MikeSchau mal herein1980Music/Lyrics
NittyHey Bitty2005Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
No MercyKiss You All Over1996Music/Lyrics
Norman SmookeLiving Next Door To Alice1977Music/Lyrics
Norman's CrisisAlice, Who The X Is Alice?1995Music/Lyrics
O. C. SmithYou Thrill Me1979Music/Lyrics
Olaf Berger(Wer verdammt ist) Alice1996Music/Lyrics
Olaf BergerHitmix 20022002Music/Lyrics
Oliver SimonKiss You All Over1988Music/Lyrics
Opus [UK]Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone1977Music/Lyrics
Orchester Anthony VenturaLiving Next Door To Alice / In The Morning Of My Life1978Music/Lyrics
Orchester Kai WarnerSome Girls1979Music/Lyrics
Orchester Tony AndersonIf You Can't Give Me Love1978Music/Lyrics
Orchester Tony AndersonStumblin' In1979Music/Lyrics
Orchester Tony AndersonTragedy1979Music/Lyrics
Orchester Tony AndersonYou Thrill Me1979Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelCora, komm nach Haus1979Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelDie Firma1978Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelFrei und abgebrannt1979Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelIch wär' so gern' wie du1980Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelImmer wenn ich Josy seh'1978Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelLaß meine Hand nicht los1980Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo ReichelSchau mal herein1979Music/Lyrics
Orchester Udo Reichel / The HiltonairesWig-Wam Bam1972Music/Lyrics
Party AnimalsPoppa Joe2000Music/Lyrics
Pat BenatarI Need A Lover1979Producer
Pat BenatarIf You Think You Know How To Love Me1979Music/Lyrics
Pat BenatarIn The Heat Of The Night1979Music/Lyrics
Pat BenatarInvincible1985Producer
Pat BenatarLove Is A Battlefield1983Music/Lyrics
Pat BenatarNo You Don't1979Music/Lyrics
Patricia DahlquistYou Thrill Me1982Music/Lyrics
Perry BadenFunny Funny1971Music/Lyrics
Peter AlexanderDie Firma1978Music/Lyrics
Peter HolmPetite sœur1973Music/Lyrics
Peter NooneShoo Be Doo Ah1972Music/Lyrics
Peter OrloffCora komm nach Haus1978Music/Lyrics
Peter OrloffDie Nacht, als Christina fortlief1977Music/Lyrics
Peter OrloffImmer wenn ich Josy seh'1977Music/Lyrics
Peter Orloff Sound OrchesterStumblin' In1979Music/Lyrics
Phyllis HymanKiss You All Over1978Music/Lyrics
Piece Of CakeAls je denkt dat je om me kan geven1997Music/Lyrics
Pitbull feat. KieszaWe Are Strong2017Music/Lyrics
PoisonLittle Willy2007Music/Lyrics
PuhdysHell Raiser1973Music/Lyrics
RaceyLay Your Love On Me1978Music/Lyrics
RaceyLove's A Riot1979Music/Lyrics
RaceySome Girls1979Music/Lyrics
Real LifeBabies1986Music/Lyrics
Rex SmithIf You Think You Know How To Love Me1979Music/Lyrics
Rick NelsonLay Back In The Arms Of Someone You Love1986Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartLove Touch1986Music/Lyrics
Roland B.Es ist nur eine Nacht1994Music/Lyrics
Roland KaiserGanz oder gar nicht1993Music/Lyrics
Rosetta StoneFree As A Bird1978Music/Lyrics
Rosetta StoneTry It On1978Music/Lyrics
Ross Antony mit Linda FähSchau mal herein2015Music/Lyrics
(Michael Donald Chapman)
Roy BlackTom Tom Turn Around1972Music/Lyrics
Sacha DistelLa porte d'en face1977Music/Lyrics
Salome ClausenThe Best2005Music/Lyrics
Sam GoorisZe is zo lief voor mij1991Music/Lyrics
Sandy KaneGib mir Zeit1977Music/Lyrics
Savoy BrownLay Back In The Arms Of Someone1981Music/Lyrics
Scandal feat. Patty SmythAll I Want1984Producer
Scandal feat. Patty SmythBeat Of A Heart1984Producer
Scandal feat. Patty SmythHands Tied1984Music/Lyrics
Scandal feat. Patty SmythLess Than Half1984Producer
Scandal feat. Patty SmythMaybe We Went Too Far1984Producer
Scandal feat. Patty SmythOnly The Young1984Producer
Scandal feat. Patty SmythSay What You Will1984Producer
Scandal feat. Patty SmythTalk To Me1984Producer
Scandal feat. Patty SmythThe Warrior1984Producer
Scandal feat. Patty SmythTonight1984Producer
SciroccoOh Carol1978Music/Lyrics
ShowaddywaddyTiger Feet2006Music/Lyrics
Sigi PopWig Wam Bam1998Music/Lyrics
SmokeyA Day At The Mother-In-Law's1974Producer
SmokeyBack To Bradford1975Producer
SmokeyChanging All The Time1975Music/Lyrics
SmokeyCouldn't Live1975Producer
SmokeyDon't Play Your Rock'n Roll To Me1975Music/Lyrics
SmokeyDon't Turn Out Your Light1974Music/Lyrics
SmokeyGive It To Me1975Producer
SmokeyGoin' Tomorrow1974Producer
SmokeyI Do Declare1974Music/Lyrics
SmokeyIf You Think You Know How To Love Me1975Music/Lyrics
SmokeyIt Makes Me Money1974Producer
SmokeyIt's Natural1975Producer
SmokeyMy Woman1974Producer
SmokeyOh Well, Oh Well1974Producer
SmokeyPass It Around1975Music/Lyrics
SmokeyShy Guy1974Producer
SmokeyTake Me In1975Producer
SmokeyTalking Her Round1975Producer
SmokeyThe Coldest Night1974Producer
Smokey'Tis Me1975Producer
SmokeyUmbrella Day1975Producer
SmokeyWe're Flying High1975Music/Lyrics
SmokeyWill You Love Me1974Producer
SmokieBaby It's You1977Producer
SmokieFor A Few Dollars More1977Music/Lyrics
SmokieGoing Home1976Producer
SmokieHere Lies A Man1977Producer
SmokieI Can't Stay Here Tonight1977Producer
SmokieI'll Meet You At Midnight1976Music/Lyrics
SmokieIn The Heat Of The Night1977Music/Lyrics
SmokieIt's Your Life1977Music/Lyrics
SmokieLay Back In The Arms Of Someone1977Music/Lyrics
SmokieLight Up My Life1978Producer
SmokieLittle Lucy1976Producer
SmokieLiverpool Docks1978Producer
SmokieLiving Next Door To Alice1976Music/Lyrics
SmokieLooking Daggers1982Music/Lyrics
SmokieMake Ya Boogie1976Producer
SmokieMexican Girl1978Producer
SmokieMiss You1976Producer
SmokieNeedles And Pins1977Producer
SmokieNo More Letters1978Producer
SmokieNo One Could Ever Love You More1977Producer
SmokieNow You Think You Know1977Producer
SmokieOh Carol1978Music/Lyrics
SmokiePetesey's Song1978Producer
SmokiePoor Lady (Midnight Baby)1976Producer
SmokiePower Of Love1978Producer
SmokieRun To You1976Producer
SmokieSomething's Been Making Me Blue1975Music/Lyrics
SmokieSunshine Avenue1977Producer
SmokieThe Dancer1977Producer
SmokieThe Girl Can't Help It1978Producer
SmokieThe Loser1976Producer
SmokieThink Of Me (The Lonely One)1977Producer
SmokieTrain Song1975Producer
SmokieWalk Right Back1977Producer
SmokieWhat Can I Do?1976Music/Lyrics
SmokieWhen My Back Was Against The Wall1976Producer
SmokieWho The F... Is Alice?1994Music/Lyrics
SmokieWild Wild Angels1976Music/Lyrics
SmokieYou Took Me By Surprise1978Producer
Spark [BE]Love Is A Battlefield2004Music/Lyrics
SpiderBetter Be Good To Me1981Music/Lyrics
Stein IngebrigtsenI mine drømmer1978Music/Lyrics
Stein Ingebrigtsen & Store StåStorholt, Stensen, Stenshjemmet og Sjøbrend åsså'n Hjallis1977Music/Lyrics
Stevie WoodsTry It On1981Music/Lyrics
Storm DaisyCo-Co1991Music/Lyrics
StreetTeenage Rampage1974Music/Lyrics
Stromstoss-Örgeler feat. Patrick CoxLiving Next Door To Alice2010Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
Sugar [1970s]Poppa Joe1972Music/Lyrics
Surprise BandMundart Oldies Medley2012Music/Lyrics
Susan Quacker48 Crash1974Music/Lyrics
Suzi Quatro48 Crash1973Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroA Shot Of Rhythm And Blues1974Producer
Suzi QuatroAll Shook Up1973Producer
Suzi QuatroAngel Flight1974Producer
Suzi QuatroBreakdown1978Producer
Suzi QuatroCan The Can1973Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroCat Size1974Producer
Suzi QuatroClose Enough To Rock'N'Roll1976Producer
Suzi QuatroCream Dream1978Producer
Suzi QuatroDaytona Demon1973Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroDevil Gate Drive1973Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroDon't Change My Luck1978Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroDon't Mess Around1975Producer
Suzi QuatroEgo In The Night1980Producer
Suzi QuatroEvie1978Producer
Suzi QuatroFever1975Producer
Suzi QuatroFour Letter Words1979Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroFriday1974Producer
Suzi QuatroGet Back Mamma1973Producer
Suzi QuatroGlad All Over1980Producer
Suzi QuatroGlycerine Queen1973Producer
Suzi QuatroHard Hearded1980Producer
Suzi QuatroHit The Road Jack1974Producer
Suzi QuatroHollywood1979Producer
Suzi QuatroI Bit Off More Than I Could Chew1975Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroI Can't Trust Love1975Producer
Suzi QuatroI May Be Too Young1975Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroI Wanna Be Free1974Producer
Suzi QuatroI Wanna Be Your Man1973Producer
Suzi QuatroIf You Can't Give Me Love1978Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroI'll Grow On You1977Producer
Suzi QuatroIn The Morning1974Producer
Suzi QuatroI've Never Been In Love1979Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroKeep A Knockin'1974Producer
Suzi QuatroKids Of Tragedy1976Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroKlondyke Kate1974Producer
Suzi QuatroLay Me Down1980Producer
Suzi QuatroLipstick1980Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroLittle Bitch Blue1973Producer
Suzi QuatroLonely Is The Hardest1980Producer
Suzi QuatroLove Hurts1979Producer
Suzi QuatroLove Is Ready1980Producer
Suzi QuatroMama's Boy1979Producer
Suzi QuatroMichael1975Producer
Suzi QuatroMind Demons1979Producer
Suzi QuatroMove It1974Producer
Suzi QuatroNew Day Woman1975Producer
Suzi QuatroNon Citizen1978Producer
Suzi QuatroOfficial Surburbian Superman1973Producer
Suzi QuatroParalysed1975Producer
Suzi QuatroPeter, Peter1974Producer
Suzi QuatroPrimitive Love1973Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroPrisoner Of Your Imagination1975Producer
Suzi QuatroRed Hot Rosie1975Producer
Suzi QuatroRock Hard1980Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroRock 'N' Roll Hoochie Coo1978Producer
Suzi QuatroRoman Fingers1973Producer
Suzi QuatroRoxy Roller1976Producer
Suzi QuatroSavage Silk1974Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroShake My Sugar1974Producer
Suzi QuatroShakin' All Over1973Producer
Suzi QuatroShe's In Love With You1979Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroShine My Machine1973Producer
Suzi QuatroSkin Tight Skin1973Producer
Suzi QuatroSpace Cadets1979Producer
Suzi QuatroStarlight Lady1979Producer
Suzi QuatroState Of Mind1980Producer
Suzi QuatroSticks And Stones1973Producer
Suzi QuatroStrip Me1975Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroSuicide1978Producer
Suzi QuatroTear Me Apart1976Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroThe Race Is On1978Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroThe Wild One1974Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroTired Of Waiting1978Producer
Suzi QuatroToo Big1974Music/Lyrics
Suzi QuatroTrouble1974Producer
Suzi QuatroWhat's It Like To Be Loved1976Producer
Suzi QuatroWiser Than You1978Producer
Suzi QuatroWish Upon Me1980Producer
Suzi QuatroWoman Cry1980Producer
Suzi QuatroYou Are My Lover1979Producer
Suzi QuatroYou Can Make Me Want You1975Producer
Suzi QuatroYour Mamma Won't Like Me1974Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanDes heures de désir1984Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanWrap Your Arms Around Me1985Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.It's Your Life1977Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Kiss You All Over1978Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Mexican Girl1978Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Oh Carol1978Music/Lyrics
T.B.C.V.Such A Night1979Music/Lyrics
Tana SchanzaraBett an Bett mit Alex1977Music/Lyrics
Tanja BergDenk nicht, ich sei ein Teil von dir1976Music/Lyrics
Tanya TuckerBetter Late Than Never1979Producer
Tanya TuckerBlind Love1979Producer
Tanya TuckerBy Day By Day1979Producer
Tanya TuckerCrossfire Of Desire1979Producer
Tanya TuckerI've Never Said No Before1979Producer
Tanya TuckerLay Back In The Arms Of Someone1979Music/Lyrics
Tanya TuckerSan Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)/I Left My Heart In San Francisco1979Producer
Tanya TuckerShady Streets1979Producer
Tanya TuckerSomebody Must Have Loved You Right Last Night1979Producer
Tanya TuckerTear Me Apart1979Music/Lyrics
Teddy ParkerWig-Wam Bam1972Music/Lyrics
Terry WilliamsWig Wam Bam1973Music/Lyrics
The Air MailFunny Funny1971Music/Lyrics
The Arcadian Kicks19 Days2010Producer
The Arcadian KicksStanding In The Road2010Producer
The Barden Bellas, The Treblemakers and The Bu HarmonicsRiff Off: Ladies Of The 80's, Songs About Sex2012Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
The CandiesCo-Co1971Music/Lyrics
The ChampionettesDyna-mite1994Music/Lyrics
The DamnedBallroom Blitz1979Music/Lyrics
The Dave "Tricky" Collins GroupPoppa Joe / Tavern In The Town / Jumpin' Joe Music/Lyrics
The Gymslips48 Crash1982Music/Lyrics
The Hiltonaires48 Crash1973Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesBlock Buster!1973Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesCan The Can1973Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesI'll Meet You At Midnight1976Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesLay Back In The Arms Of Someone1977Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesRocket1974Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesThe Six Teens1974Music/Lyrics
The Knack(Havin' A) Rave Up1979Producer
The Knack(She's So) Selfish1979Producer
The KnackBaby Talks Dirty1979Producer
The KnackEnd Of The Game1979Producer
The KnackFrustrated1979Producer
The KnackGood Girls Don't1979Producer
The KnackHeartbeat1979Producer
The KnackLet Me Out1979Producer
The KnackLucinda1979Producer
The KnackMaybe Tonight1978Producer
The KnackMy Sharona1979Producer
The KnackOh Tara1979Producer
The KnackSiamese Twins (The Monkey And Me)1979Producer
The KnackThat's What The Little Girls Go1979Producer
The KnackYour Number Or Your Name1979Producer
The Les Humphries Singers & OrchestraMouldy Old Dough / I've Seen You Walking / Wig Wam Bam1973Music/Lyrics
The Les Humphries Singers And OrchestraGet It On / The Whitch-Queen Of New Orleans / Co-co1972Music/Lyrics
The Les Humphries Singers And OrchestraPoppa Joe / How Do You Do / Mexico1972Music/Lyrics
The MarvelsCo-Co1971Music/Lyrics
The SteppersAlice, Who The F..k Is Alice?1995Music/Lyrics
The StrutsBallroom Blitz2016Music/Lyrics
(Michael Chapman [II])
The SweetAC-DC1973Music/Lyrics
The SweetAlexander Graham Bell1971Music/Lyrics
The SweetBe With You Soon1976Producer
The SweetBlock Buster1972Music/Lyrics
The SweetBreakdown1974Producer
The SweetBurn On The Flame1974Producer
The SweetChop Chop1971Music/Lyrics
The SweetCo-Co1971Music/Lyrics
The SweetFox On The Run1974Producer
The SweetFunny, Funny1970Music/Lyrics
The SweetHell Raiser1973Music/Lyrics
The SweetHell Raiser '911991Music/Lyrics
The SweetIt's It's... The Sweet Mix1984Music/Lyrics
The SweetLittle Willy1972Music/Lyrics
The SweetMan With The Golden Arm1974Producer
The SweetMiss Demeanor1975Producer
The SweetMy Generation1974Producer
The SweetNo You Don't1973Music/Lyrics
The SweetOwn Up, Take A Look At Yourself1974Producer
The SweetPoppa Joe1971Music/Lyrics
The SweetSanta Monica Sunshine1971Music/Lyrics
The SweetSolid Gold Brass1974Producer
The SweetSomeone Else Will1974Producer
The SweetSunny Sleeps Late1971Music/Lyrics
The SweetTeenage Rampage1973Music/Lyrics
The SweetThe Ballroom Blitz1973Music/Lyrics
The SweetThe Six Teens1974Music/Lyrics
The SweetThe Wigwam Willy Mix1988Music/Lyrics
The SweetTom Tom Turnaround1971Music/Lyrics
The SweetTurn It Down1974Music/Lyrics
The SweetWig-Wam Bam1972Music/Lyrics
The TattoosCo-Co1971Music/Lyrics
Tia CarrereBallroom Blitz1992Music/Lyrics
TiffanyKiss You All Over1993Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerBetter Be Good To Me1984Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerIn Your Wildest Dreams1996Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerOne Of The Living1985Producer
Tina TurnerThe Best1989Music/Lyrics
Tina Turner & Jimmy BarnesSimply The Best1992Music/Lyrics
Tina Turner feat. Barry WhiteIn Your Wildest Dreams1996Music/Lyrics
Tommy JamesDevil Gate Drive1975Music/Lyrics
Toni BasilMickey1981Music/Lyrics
Tony BlackburnChop Chop1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BlackburnCindy1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BlackburnDusty1972Music/Lyrics
Trace Adkins feat. ExileKiss You All Over2013Music/Lyrics
Uwe LenzSister Jane1972Music/Lyrics
Vince NeilAC/DC2010Music/Lyrics
VIP's For PetsAbandoned This Christmas2010Music/Lyrics
VIP's For PetsAlleen deze kerstnacht2010Music/Lyrics
WalterLonely This Christmas2000Music/Lyrics
Waterloo & RobinsonPoppa Joe1999Music/Lyrics
Wendy Van WantenSla je arm om me heen1994Music/Lyrics
Wendy Van WantenWrap Your Arms Around Me2006Music/Lyrics
Wendy Van WantenYou Know How To Love Me2006Music/Lyrics
Willy SommersM'n hele wereld betoverd2015Music/Lyrics
Wolfgang PetryCo-Co (ho chi kaka ho)2002Music/Lyrics
Wolfgang PetryMedley Goldene Stimmgabel2002Music/Lyrics
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariAmen2007Music/Lyrics

Funny, Funny (The Sweet)25/1971214
Co-Co (The Sweet)32/1971215
Poppa Joe (The Sweet)04/1972214
Little Willy (The Sweet)35/197276
Sister Jane (New World)38/197266
Wig-Wam Bam (The Sweet)40/1972611
Block Buster (The Sweet)05/1973312
Hell Raiser (The Sweet)24/197357
The Ballroom Blitz (The Sweet)40/1973214
48 Crash (Suzi Quatro)47/1973516
Teenage Rampage (The Sweet)06/1974212
Devil Gate Drive (Suzi Quatro)12/1974117
Tiger Feet (Mud)13/1974102
The Six Teens (The Sweet)32/197473
Turn It Down (The Sweet)48/1974413
Fox On The Run (The Sweet)17/1975219
If You Think You Know How To Love Me (Smokey)36/197568
I'll Meet You At Midnight (Smokie)50/197668
Living Next Door To Alice (Smokie)05/1977133
Storholt, Stensen, Stenshjemmet og Sjøbrend åsså'n Hjallis (Stein Ingebrigtsen & Store Stå)09/197739
Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone (Smokie)14/1977320
It's Your Life (Smokie)36/1977214
Needles And Pins (Smokie)45/1977415
For A Few Dollars More (Smokie)06/1978216
Kiss You All Over (Exile)43/1978512
Heart Of Glass (Blondie)09/197958
Sunday Girl (Blondie)26/1979513
Dreaming (Blondie)45/197968
She's In Love With You (Suzi Quatro)07/1980101
Atomic (Blondie)10/198058
The Tide Is High (Blondie)48/198073
Rapture (Blondie)09/198184
The Heat Is On (Agnetha Fältskog)22/1983114
The Best (Bonnie Tyler)10/1988101
The Best (Tina Turner)37/198957
Alice, Who The X Is Alice? (Gompie)25/1995418
In Your Wildest Dreams (Tina Turner feat. Barry White)26/1997151
Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Agnetha Fältskog)985.17
Turn It On (Kim Wilde)65.17
Heart Of Glass (Blondie)2615.15
Shayla (Blondie)215.05
Man With The Golden Arm (The Sweet)215.05
Stand By My Side (Agnetha Fältskog)245.04
Changing All The Time (Smokey)275.04
If You Think You Know How To Love Me (Smokey)875
Run To You (Smokie)85
Never Gonna Stop (Exile)65
Atomic (Blondie)1394.99
I'll Meet You At Midnight (Smokie)854.98
Man (Agnetha Fältskog)394.97
Invincible (Pat Benatar)714.97
Burn On The Flame (The Sweet)234.91
Simply The Best (Tina Turner & Jimmy Barnes)114.91
Fox On The Run (The Sweet)1634.9
Someone Else Will (The Sweet)104.9
Love Is A Battlefield (Pat Benatar)2184.89
Pass It Around (Smokey)264.85
Heart Of Glass (Blondie)2615.15
The Best (Tina Turner)2444.83
Love Is A Battlefield (Pat Benatar)2184.89
The Tide Is High (Blondie)2004.51
Living Next Door To Alice (Smokie)1914.45
The Ballroom Blitz (The Sweet)1764.83
My Sharona (The Knack)1704.61
Fox On The Run (The Sweet)1634.9
Stumblin' In (Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro)1534.8
Co-Co (The Sweet)1434.42
Can The Can (Suzi Quatro)1424.2
Poppa Joe (The Sweet)1404.67
Atomic (Blondie)1394.99
Kiss You All Over (Exile)1394.78
Alice, Who The X Is Alice? (Gompie)1392.68
I Engineer (Animotion)1374.8
Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone (Smokie)1334.75
Block Buster (The Sweet)1334.3
Some Girls (Racey)1324.28
If You Can't Give Me Love (Suzi Quatro)1294.72

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