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CD Fuel 3020619062 / EAN 0030206190625

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(Coming) For Your Love
27 Forever
A Day In The Life (Eric Burdon & War)
A Girl Named Sandoz (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Ain't That So (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
All I Do
All Is One (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
American Dreams
Another Brick In The Wall Pt. II
Anything (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
As The Years Go Passing By (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Atom-Most Fear
Baby What's Wrong
Bare Back Ride (Eric Burdon & War)
Be My Baby
Beautiful New Born Child (Eric Burdon & War feat. Sharon Scott & The Beautiful New Born Children Of Southern California)
Before You Accuse Me
Bird On The Beach
Black And White World
Black Bird (Eric Burdon & War)
Black On Black In Black (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: a. Birth (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: b. Mother Earth (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: b. Mother Earth - Part2 (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: c. Mr. Charlie (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: d. Danish Party (Eric Burdon & War)
Bo Diddley Special
Boom Boom (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Brand New Day
Broken Records
Can't Kill The Boogieman
Circuit Rider
City Boy
Closer To The Truth (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Coloured Rain (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Coming For Your Love
Como Se Llama Mama
Corinna, Corinna (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Crawling King Snake
Cry To Me
Darkness Darkness
Dedication (Eric Burdon & War)
Devil And Jesus
Devil Run
Devil Slide
Devil's Daughter
Dey Won't
Do You Feel It
Don't Bring Me Down (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
Don't Give A Damn (Mask Mask)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (The Eric Burdon Band)
Don't Shoot Me
Don't You Feel It
Dragon Lady
Driftin'/Geronimo's Last Stand
Factory Girl
Famous Flames
Feeling Blue
Female Terrorist
First Sight
Forty Days And Forty Nights
Forty-Four Blues
Funky Fever
Gemini (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Ghetto Child
Going Back To Memphis
Going Down Slow
Good Down Slow (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Good Times (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Good Times
Good Times '88
Gospel Singer
Gotta Get It Out
Gotta Serve Somebody
Gun (Eric Burdon & War)
Have Mercy Judge (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Have Mercy Judge
Headin' For Home
Headin' For Home (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Heart Attack
Heartbreak Hotel (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Help Me Girl
Help Me Girl (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Hey Gyp
Highway 62
Highway Dealer
Highway Mover
Hollywood Woman
Home Cookin' (Eric Burdon & War)
Home Dream (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Home Dream (Eric Burdon & War)
Hook Of Holland
Hotel Hell (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I Don't Live Today
I Don't Mind
I Have A Dream (Eric Burdon & War)
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I Used To Be An Animal
I Was Born To Live The Blues
I Will Be With You Again
I'm A Wicked Man
I'm An Animal (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I'm Crying
I'm Dying, Or Am I? (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I'm Lookin' Up
I'm Looking Up
I'm Ready
I'm Your Man
In The Ground
In The Night (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Inside Looking Out
Invitation To The White House
Is There Another World
It Hurts Me Too
It's All Meat (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
It's Been A Long Time Comin' (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
It's My Life (The Eric Burdon Band)
It's Not Easy (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
It's Too Late
I've Been Driftin' / Once Upon A Time (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
I've Been Drifting - Once Upon A Time
Jailhouse Rock (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Jamie's Last Ride
Jim Crow
Jimbo (Eric Burdon & War)
Just The Thought (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Kingsize Jones
Laurel And Hardy (Eric Burdon & War)
Leo's Place
Let It Be
Letter From The Country Farm (The Eric Burdon Band)
Lights Out
Little Queenie
Living In Fear
Losin' Control (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Love Is All Around (Eric Burdon & War)
Love is for all Time
Madman (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Magic Mountain (Eric Burdon & War)
Mama Told Me Not To Come (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Man - Woman (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Maudie (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Medicine Man
Memorial Day
Memories Of Anna
Mercy's Hand
Mind Arc
Monterey (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Motorcycle Girl
My Secret Life
Never Give Up Blues
New Orleans Rap
New York 1963 - America 1968 (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Nights In White Satin
Nights In White Satin (Part 1) (Eric Burdon & War)
Nights In White Satin (Part 2) (Eric Burdon & War)
No Man's Land (The Blue & The Grey)
No More Elmore
No More War
No Self Pity (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Nuts, Seeds And Life (Eric Burdon & War)
Old Habits Die Hard
On The Horizon
Once Upon A Time
Orange And Red Reams (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Out Of Nowhere (Eric Burdon & War)
Over The Border
P.O. Box 500
Paint It Black (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Paint It Black (Eric Burdon & War)
Paint It Black (Part 1) (Eric Burdon & War)
Paint It Black (Part 3) (Eric Burdon & War)
Pintelo Nego (Paint It Black - Part 2) (Eric Burdon & War)
Poem By The Sea (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Portrait Of A Soldier
Power Company
Pretty Colors (Eric Burdon & War)
Rat Race
Red Cross Store
Ride On
Ring Of Fire (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Ring Of Fire (Eric Burdon And The Animals)
Ring Of Fire (The Eric Burdon Band)
River Deep, Mountain High (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
River Is Rising
River Of Blood
Roadhouse Blues
Rock And Roll Shoes
Roll On Kirk (Eric Burdon & War)
Run For Your Life
S.P.C. 3 (Eric Burdon & War)
San Franciscan Nights (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
See See Rider (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Serenade To A Sweet Lady (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Shake, Rattle And Roll (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
She Stole My Heart Away
Sixteen Tons
Sky Pilot (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Slow Moving Train
So Much Love
Soledad (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Soul Of A Man
Spill The Wine (Eric Burdon & War)
Spirit (Eric Burdon & War)
St. James Infirmary (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Steam Roller (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Steam Roller
Stop What You're Doing
Sun Secret (The Eric Burdon Band)
Sun/Moon (Eric Burdon & War)
Sweet Blood Call
Take It Easy
That Ain't Where It's At (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Biggest Bundle Of Them All (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Bird And The Squirrel (Eric Burdon & War)
The Black Plague (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Dream
The House Of The Rising Sun
The Immigrant Lad (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Kid
The Last Drive
The Last Poet
The Law Must Change (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
The Laws Must Change
The Madman (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Night
The Other Side Of This Life (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Real Me (The Eric Burdon Band)
The Road
The Royal Canal
The Rubbing Out Of Long Hair
The Secret
The Time Has Come (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
The Time Has Come
The Vision Of Rassan (Eric Burdon & War)
The Way It Should Be
They Can't Take Away Our Music (Eric Burdon & War feat. Sharon Scott & The Beautiful New Born Children Of Southern California)
They Can't Take Away Our Music (Eric Burdon & War)
Third Stone From The Sun/The Story Of Life
This Side Of Goodbye (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
To Love Somebody (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Tobacco Road (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Tobacco Road (Eric Burdon & War)
Tobacco Road
Tomb Of The Unknown Singer
Too Late
True Love (Comes Only Once In A Lifetime) (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Tryin' To Get You
Uppers And Downers (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Wait 'Till Next Year (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Wall Of Silence
War Child (The Eric Burdon Band)
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
We Love You Lil (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
When I Was Young (The Eric Burdon Band)
When I Was Young (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
When We Were A Gang
White Houses (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
White Houses
Who Gives A F--k
Wicked Man
Winds Of Change (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Woman Of The Rings
Woman's Touch
Year Of The Guru (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Yes Indeed, Yeah
Yes, I Am Experienced (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
You Can't Kill My Spirit
You Got Me Floating
Young Girls
You're No Stranger (Eric Burdon & War)
30 Ańos De Música Rock - Salvat
American Dreams (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
At His Best
Athens Traffic Live
Best Of
Best Of Eric Burdon & War (Eric Burdon & War)
Darkness Darkness
Devil's Daughter
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Very Best Of
Early Days (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Eric Burdon
Eric Burdon & The Animals (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Eric Burdon [1974]
Eric Burdon And The Animals (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Eric Burdon Band
Eric Burdon Declares War (Eric Burdon & War)
Eric Is Here (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Everyone Of Us (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Golden Greats
Good Times - The Very Best Of Eric Burdon & The Animals (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits [1989]
Guilty! (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Historia De La Musica Rock 14
House Of The Rising Sun
House Of The Rising Sun (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I Used To Be An Animal
In Concert - Recorded Live 1974
In Gold
Inside Out (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Last Drive
Live 17th October 1974
Live At The Roxy
Live in Seattle 2002
Lost Within The Halls Of Fame
Love Is (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Love Is All Around (Eric Burdon & War)
Mad Man
My Secret Life
Nightwinds Dying
Once Upon A Time (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Pop Giants, Vol. 25 (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Pop Heroes
Power Company
Profile (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Rare Masters
Roadrunners! (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Rock Sensation
Soul Of A Man
Startrack Vol. 3
Sun Secrets (The Eric Burdon Band)
Tabacco Road (Eric Burdon & War)
That's Live
The Best Of Eric Burdon
The Best Of Eric Burdon And The Animals Vol. II (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Black-Man's Burdon (Eric Burdon & War)
The Greatest Hits Of Eric Burdon And The Animals (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Hits
The Last Drive
The Magic Collection
The Masters
The Story Of Eric Burdon
The Twain Shall Meet (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Very Best Of (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
'Til Your River Runs Dry
Wall Of Silence
Wild & Wicked
Winds Of Change (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Animals And Beyond
The Lost Broadcasts
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